CAN slams appointment of Emefiele as Islamic liquidity corporation chairman

Godwin Emefiele, CBN Governor
Godwin Emefiele, CBN Governor

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Thursday condemned the appointment of the governor of Nigeria’s central bank as leader of the International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation (IILMC).

In a statement by CAN’s president, Samson Ayokunle, the association described the appointment of Godwin Emefiele as the IILMC chairman, as unconstitutional and totally unacceptable.

According to CAN, the government’s decision to accept the appointment amounted to denouncing Nigeria as a secular state, in negation of section 10 of the 1999 constitution.

“There have been reports that the IILMC recently appointed the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele as its Chairman during its 17th Governing Board meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“Section 10 states that The Government of the Federation or a State shall not adopt any religion as State Religion. This action by Nigeria’s government is in clear negation of the constitution, especially this section,” the statement said.

The association re-emphasised its earlier allegation that the Nigerian government plans to make the country an Islamic state.

“What is Nigeria doing in Islamic and Shariah compliant organization? Who authorized the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria to join this organization? What provision of our constitution supports our membership of a religious association as a secular state?

“When did the National Assembly pass the law to do away with our secular status? When did our Constitution change to allow this alliance that seems to portray Nigeria as Islamic? Is the National Assembly aware of all the treaties regarding these Islamic organizations to which Nigeria is now a member?

“Do we need to repeat our concern that almost all the heads of security paramilitary agencies in Nigeria today are Muslims as if Christians have become second class citizens or rather lack competent officers to in charge! Has Nigeria become an Islamic state?,” CAN queried.

CAN said the situation goes against the plans of Nigeria’s founding fathers, adding that the association’s concerns do not imply that it has any thing against Nigerian Muslims.

“This is not the Nigeria dreamt of by our founding fathers and it is high time the government woke up to its constitutional responsibilities.

“Christians have equal rights with our Muslim counterparts since the 1999 Constitution recognizes the multiplicity of religions and we will no longer pretend as if all is well with Nigeria.

“Let it be stressed here that we love our Muslim brothers and sisters in this nation and we are aware that we cannot do without one another.

“However, we need to drum it loud to the ears of this present administration to always consider our plural state in terms of ethnicity and religion and ensure balance not only on the issue of appointments but on other issues which would continue to portray the government as being partisan towards one particular religion.”

Mr. Emefiele was appointed leader of the IILMC on December 15 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As stated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, on its website, “IILMC is an international institution established by central banks’ monetary authorities and multilateral organizations to create and issue short-term Shari’ah-compliant financial instruments to facilitate effective cross-border Islamic liquidity management. By creating more liquid Shari’ah-compliant financial markets for institutions offering Islamic financial services (IIFS), the IILMC aims to enhance cross-border investment flows, international linkages and financial stability.

The body’s major mandates include developing a robust Islamic liquidity management as a catalyst for cross-border financial linkages and facilitating effective cross-border liquidity management instruments for institutions that offers Islamic financial series.

The organisation is also charged with the responsibility of enabling a future global finance industry with greater connectivity, stability and sophistication.


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  • Shahokaya

    Very cannish group, now that the free awoof is not coming ala dumbo era, they have to look for ways to instigate trouble. Did the CBN governor told them he has changed his religion?

    • Noble

      May God Almighty bless you. May right-thinking Nigerains understand like you did that our so called religous leaders are just trying to use religion for recognition (and settlement?). Save save the Motherland. amen.

    • Amor Ramos

      Shahokaya, don’t be silly. This has nothing to do with Emefiele’s religious sentiments but everything to do with the surreptitious alignment of the Nigerian State with Islamic Institutions by your Sharia sympathizers in governance. The IBB’s OIC episode will never repeat itself. Take it or leave it. There IS no Nigeria for your ilk to actualize such agenda. You’re however at liberty to introduce such once your Federal Arewa Republic comes on stream shortly. Be advised.

      • Baba

        How far is the Christian court project?

      • DanielOsazuwa

        The last time I checked, U.K. is not an Islamic country. UK is a member of that same body. Church business will continuously grow in Nigeria with chalatans like you.

        CAN is becoming a problem and nuisance.

      • Ade Omowest

        Tell CAN to facilitate the establishment of International CHRISTIAN Liquidity Management Corporation (ICLMC). If the institution will give Nigeria interest-free loan, no problem being a member. Our CBN Governor can be installed as Chairman, even if he is a Muslim or a Free-thinker.

    • obiora

      So if some one Changed his Religion he will go to NTA for that. That shows that the Northern Muslims do not even want Nigeria.

  • aboki

    CAN you are making a issue out of nonfor issue it’s purely an economic matters for the benefit of Nigeria.
    Please CAN allow economists to decide with expertise import don’t create or increase the tension in existance as no one would benifit from it
    Please pray for Nigeria in this trying time. Let US PRAISE THE LORD.

    • Noble



    Dear Mr. CAN,

    We have heard you. Thank you for the concern but we have other work for you sir.

    Please, kindly fight corruption. Corruption is killing more of your followers than the joining of Islamic Bank by the CBN Gov.

    Hunger, disease, malnutrition etc is killing your congregation and its because of corruption.

    Corruption is killing us poor people and your are silent about it. Why?.

    Sir, organize a 1 Million Christian Man March against corruption in every major city of the federation. Ground Nigeria to a halt unless the FGN passes emergency legislation that will help us kill corruption.

    CAN is a powerful organization with MILLIONS of followers, use that power to confront NASS and ask them to publish their budget or you will march on the NASS and shut them down.

    There are many other problems sir. Address those one . Be more useful sir.

  • Ade Omowest

    “1999 constitution of Nigeria, Section 10 states that The Government of the Federation or a State shall not adopt any religion as State Religion”– CAN. When Gov. Nyesome Wike declared Rivers State as a Christian State in the presence of RCCG Leader Adeboye, this useless CAN President Samson Ayokunle and other National Executive members that have lost respect of many Christian Organizations kept silence. This matter of CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele as Leader of International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation (IILMC) is Economics and not Religious.

  • Manmbombano123

    Can this CAN guys face their calling and stop dabbling into what is of no concern to them. Did the CBN Governor complain to them

  • Abdullah Musa

    It is perhaps in the spirit of this inclusiveness that Emefiele, a Christian was appointed.
    CAN should rejoice.

  • Africa

    These criminal preachers with stained cloak Known as CAN! The whole lot are a joke. Their very statement is dabbling of the church in state affairs.

  • Bamanga

    The Nigerian constitution recognises Sharia as a law for Muslims and went ahead to create Sharia courts and Sharia courts of apeal. Then what is CAN talking about? Sharia compliant products and services provides Muslims with the option of obedience to their religion and any denial of such is tantamount to a deprivation to the right to religious belief which the Nigerian constituition guarantees. Therefore, i advise CAN to look into the old testament, the new testament or even seek oritsejafor testament to also proffer a christian compliant financial products and liquidity just like they did with christian pilgrimage. Goodluck CAN!

    • Pat

      Therefore, Nigeria is no more circular state? I’m not an apostle of CAN but I think government should be more sensitive to circularity of the country especially when it comes to being a member of Islamic Nations Institutions. It could have been better if the institution is not only meant for Islamic countries. We can do anything with Islamic country but not in the name of being an Islamic country.

      • Hamza

        What is circularity? Circular state? Did you mean to type secular? It doesn’t look like a typo. It seems more like ignorance on your part. Mr Man!

        • Pat

          Whether typo or ignorance as it seems to you, the point I made remains the same. Thank you for your correction.

          • Otile

            You are quite on track. No shaking.

          • Mufu Ola

            By the way where is God?

          • Otile

            God is everywhere, not limited by space. E gbo?

          • Mufu Ola

            Who told u that? Fantasyland believe.When will Jesus come back? I expect the Russians will not blast him out d sky if he tries any gimmick of “descending from the sky”.Whatever that means.

          • Otile

            You are a blasphemer. Repent or perish.

          • Mufu Ola

            Christians don’t worship God.They worship Jesus who died over 3000 yrs ago.

        • Otile

          Oh yes, Nigeria under Buhari is a Circular State.

  • Factsay

    Ismalists must be stopped

    • Holy Warriors


      Islam is not
      a credential for leadership or a basis for public office, and will never be
      despite the Muslims’ delusion. Nigerian Muslims are allied to the global
      Islamic Jihad but can’t think that 80 million Christians can’t be conquered.

      Russians, British, French, Italians, Germans and the Spaniards will never allow

      an Islamic state of Nigeria – never! Southern Nigerian Christians will fight to
      victory in the north should the rabid Muslims want to settle Nigeria by war. A
      war between southern Christians in alliance with middle belt Christians will
      defeat the northern Muslim Caliphate. It is as simple as that.

      • Aroma Steven SWN

        U are a fan international media. It shows in ur right up. Northern Muslims and southern Christians shit!

        • Holy Warriors


          TO BE SNUFFED.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Dirty brain!

      • Factsay

        Jihadist Abdul.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          Animalistic mentality

  • jakiel


    • Otile

      He is a Christian Moslem.

  • Aroma Steven SWN

    CAN is what it’s. CAN. When CAN is empty it makes noise.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen


  • Tafida Gadzama

    Habbah, this is welcome development that a Christian was made a head of Islamic bank. But Buhari should also clear their legitimate fear by reconsider some of the appointments which gave rooms for suspicious. The power will change hands unlike before and would the other side take it if they appoint every head of military as southerners? Although, it happened during Jonathan ex-president and it was alright then.
    I can small hypocrisy here. Both sides should look at each other’s faces and retreat for a solution. For me, i don’t have problem with his appointment. Are there no Christians working in qatar? I met many. Are there no Muslims in Italy or UK? Many. Therefore, people should keep quiet and allow peace to prevail.

    • Pat

      They are two different things. There are Muslims even in US, and US is dealing with Islamic countries but not being a member of Islamic countries Institutions.

      • Otile

        You never know, Mullah Emefiele may be a good Christian Moslem. There are many people like that in Oduduwaland.

    • Otile

      Dan uwarna yanzu kuma, as you can see with good arrangements Satan can see God. Baa Rumania.

      • Otile

        Ba ruwana

    • share Idea

      Please can you substantiate your point below with the list of the Southerners or Christians that were appointed by GEJ?

      “The power will change hands unlike before and would the other side take it if they appoint every head of military as southerners? Although, it happened during Jonathan ex-president and it was alright then.”

      • Fidelis Gadzama

        Go to the service chiefs appointment of dr Goodluck.

        • share Idea

          Name them if you are not a bloody liar. The Chief of army staff under GEJ that is currently standing trial is from South or is the person no longer part of ‘service chiefs’.

          Nigeria we hail thee

  • Nafiu

    CAN should please stop creating enmity among Nigerians.

  • Simon Templar

    Wow ! Ignorance at its peak !

  • thusspokez

    Nigeria is nation without intellectuals or thinkers hence it does things without thinking of the wider implications for its self-preservation. Nigeria is a member state of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), but what most Nigerians do not know is that Nigeria has pledged, through the OIC, its support (including military support) to Muslim Azerbaijan, and against Christian Armenia in the long-standing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict — a conflict which has nothing to do with Nigeria, not to mention known by Nigerians.

    OIC Resolution № 10/11
    OIC Resolution 10/37-POL
    OIC Resolution 6/37-E
    OIC Resolution 2/37-C

    Above are the OIC resolutions and signed by Nigeria condemning the Christian Armenia in its disputes with Muslim Azerbaijan.

    That Nigeria –half-Christian country — would join a Muslim organisation to side with a Muslim country against a Christian country. The OIC support for Azerbaijan is simply because it is a Muslim and Armenia is a Christian country. And what is the ignorant people of Nigeria doing about this? Now they have the Governor of their nation’s bank heading a 100% Islamic and Shariah compliant organisation. Only the dead are not less alive as the Nigerian people

    • Otile

      SS SE are dragged willy nilly to all kinds of Satanic Islamic organizations. By the grace of God separation is the answer.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Which God are you referring to?

        • Otile

          The Almighty and Merciful, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            I thought you will go the long way. But have you tried to know what Christianity is all about? It is the religion of the terrorists,that encourages raping,maiming, killing,name any crime and I will point it to you in the Bible. Can you point out where the Quran permits crimes under whatever name?. Anyway I don’t know which faith you practice but I supposed it Christianity. Try and visit w w w , evilbible. com and see for yourself which religion is criminal in nature.

          • Netanyahu

            I know it for sure that boko haram is a Christian organization. Same as al qaeda, al shabab, etc. Teacher, teach us well o. Cow.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            So you don’t know that the Christian Americans created the terror organizations to terrorise the Muslims? Any way kindly visit w w w . evilbible. co m. For you to be double sure of how terrifying the religion of Christianity is. So you don’t know the Christian West started the most painful expeditions of slave trade and replacing our intelligent and peaceful life with mumu and violence kind of Christianity orientations. Guy,stop being biased, judge accordingly.

  • Gary

    Hello CAN, can you hear me? Time has come to do more than issue statements that are ignored by those committed to putting an Islamic face on Nigeria. Christians have been complaining since IBB dragged us into the OIC and ending Ebitu Ukiwe career for saying the matter was not discussed but a unilateral imposition.

    It has since become a fair accompli that even GEJ, accused of using CAN as political ally, showed up at an OIC summit. That did nothing to help him with the Moslem vote or from getting stoned trying to campaign in the North. His advisers had merely used him to further their agenda and set a precedent that a Christian had attended the OIC meeting.

    So stop complaining and start strategizing before the fate of the Christians of Constantinople befalls us in Nigeria. It is already happening in Southern Kaduna where the government has imposed a curfew to keep Christians indoors on Christmas. For their own safety, so says El-Rufai and Buhari concurs. “Then a Pharaoh came who did not know Joseph and put his people in bondage.”

    We will always have a Jonathan, Emefiele, Okorocha, Amaechi willing to sacrifice their faith and people to advance their own self-interests. While the likes of El-Rufai and Buhari put their own faith above the common interests of Nigeria’s diverse peoples.

    Get your membership to sensitize the international community about the war of attrition on Christianity in Nigeria. It is not only Boko Haram dedicated to wiping out Christianity from the North and projecting this country to the Arab world as a Sunni-Moslem state.

    Every major Christian denomination in Nigeria is affiliated to a mother church abroad, except the independent PFN churches. Let the world know what is going on under the current government. Build an active website and Social Media presence to catalogue the travails of Christians from past to present, relying on facts and not propaganda. The truth will indeed set us free.

    If the government thinks Christians don’t matter in Nigeria, then Christians should designate a working day off in the coming year as a Day of Prayer. Take the day off from any work to attend a church service and then go home in peace and prayer. No protests or rallies. Just stay home.

    Then let the fanatics in government see how a country without Christians will look for a day. Buhari is already seeing the results of trying to run the country with mostly his kindred around him. See how how great that is turning out for him and the Christians who voted for him in 2015.

    • thusspokez

      Every major Christian denomination in Nigeria is affiliated to a mother church abroad, except the independent PFN churches. Let the world know what is going on under the current government. Build an active website and Social Media presence to catalogue the travails of Christians from past to present, relying on facts and not propaganda. The truth will indeed set us free.

      Do you think that those Muslim-appeasing, useful-idiøts in the West care about Christians?

      You should see how they disrespect Christianity and make fun of Christians in these countries — some of their Church leaders even opening question the existence of God — whereas they are terrified of saying anything untoward about Islam and Muslims. And they wonder why people voted for Trump.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      But you soon forgot that your Almighty Jonathan was busy prostrating before every pastor and in every church. Jetting out to isreal where the 419 pastor oritsajefor was knocking on his block head in the name of prayer .

  • Wale Allen

    Nigeria is built on deceit. It’s no surprise that the country has been struggling right from inception. Without being a prophet, one can conveniently predict the future of such a contraption as Nigeria.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Gbam. you are very correct that is why i can predict what happens next in Nigeria and some Nigerians now tell me am a prophet and God has a plan for me. Abegi which God and plan?

  • Mohd Sageer

    Useless set of people

    • emmanuel

      They are at least better and more human than your renegade; riotus so-called Prophet mohammed that created your terrorist organisation called Islam!

      • Mufu Ola

        No difference between you & Boko Haram.U share the same intolerance ideology.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Just like the cultism and blood sucking religion called Christianity,the religion of the nonentities.

        • Otile

          You have just described Islamic Boko Haram.

  • emmanuel

    Where is the Oni jekuje Pator Adeboye? We warned him and his cohorts and they said their god (the god of their bely) told them to side an Islamist for Nigeria Presidency. God bless Pastor Bosun Emmanuel and Femi Aribisala. Fani Kayode left the APC because of this.
    Anyway, i pity SS, SE and some middle belt people who are at the receiving ends. As for the Yorubas, majority practise both Christian and Islam together, that way they have enough of Chicken to eat at Christmas and Ram at Sallah, so all wen Ayokunle dey talk na story.
    I also ask, wht was Ayokunle’s position before and during last election, did God tell him that an Islamist will make him serve God his own way peacefully? I dey alff

    • ps

      But when Dangote employ your people in his group of companies you never stop your christian brothers not to work him because he is ai Muslim.

      • Otile

        Dangote made his wealth using oil from Chrstian SS SE, don’t forget that.

  • Arabakpura

    If Emiefele is a good Christian, he will convert them into born-agains!

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_


    • emmanuel

      Na so una convert Buhari from a Buhari to Bokohari and getting more extremist by the day

      • Arabakpura

        You are losing your mind by the day! Watch out!

        • emmanuel

          Just realised that late. very poor state of mind really. Buhari and DSS are all one and same Islamist machinery. Same agenda.
          I am not mistaken you for someone else. My brain power is not weak

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            But twisted.

  • Muhammad

    Emefiele may be better at responding to the fear of CAN .
    The history of banking profession and the evolving adjustments being introduced by Muslims is increasingly being admitted in finance by those who are committed to financial prosperity for the wellbeing of humans .
    It is like standing that a catholic couple can receive goodly counseling on marriage and family matters only by a catholic priest . But the priest is alien to marital experience and Protestant pastors have marital experience .
    It is good for those who believe in God and submit to a revealed scripture that are related to exercise restraint in separating between what is essential and what may appear fanciful .

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Guys its just a job in a bank. thats all.

  • Mufu Ola

    With the irrational way CAN always exhibits its tolerance,I will advice moslems to demand Fridays as a work free day.How does Emefiele’s appointment disturb anybody form going to his church or perform other religious obligations?

  • Lukuti

    The most intolerant country in the world is Nigeria, countries in the world grab opportunities and use them to their advantage not minding the nomenclature of such bodies. Throughout the meetings of organisations like IILMC you will never hear anything mentioned about religion. The interest of these type of organisations is totally building economy. The ignorance with which we express ourselves and create headlines for none worthy issues is alarming. Nigeria is suffering from economic recession and struggling to borrow money to revive its economy, most of the secular financial institutions we are borrowing from are enslaving countries like ours with unbearable interest rates. It is on record that organisations like IILMC are none interest based which means borrowing from them makes a better sense for the country and its economy. Our sentiments always becloud our sense of reasoning and we over blow every issue without subjecting such issues to simple logic. Interestingly, most western countries including the USA and the UK are part of this organisation, have they all been Islamised? Its shameful how we magnify every issue, so joining a financial organisation is Islamising Nigeria, stark illiteracy!

    • Otile

      What you are preaching is nothing but taquiyya, deceit upon deceit. In any country if you give the Muslims an inch they take a mile. Ask yourself what has happened to the Christian populations in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and other countries that have tolerated Muslims to their own detriment.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        You always shoot off point. Look at your line of argument,very silly and empty

        • Otile

          Counter my argument with a reasonable one, not just saying – very silly and empty. Name calling is no substitute for good arguments.

          • isa tukur

            Was there a time that the four countries you mentioned were dominated by christians?The US, UK, Canada and others that have acknowledged islamic banking and practicing it, have their nationals converted to islam.You are merely trying to be more catholic than the pope.
            Do you have christian banking system that can give the nation the leverage that is desired.I am waiting for your response pls.Shine your eyes on what is islamic banking and how Emefiele was given that responsibility.
            CAN of today, l am afraid are beclouded in ignorance!Was it Buhari’s government that gave him the chairmanship of the global organisation?May God let the officials see the light of the day to always say the reality and comment positively for peace to reign in our nation.
            I salute the courage , temerity , understanding and foresight of some former CAN leaders of the 80’s,90’s and up to the tenure of Cardinal Onaiyekan.I doubt if the dictionary of today has elaborate word to describe
            what CAN is breeding as leaders.Too bad!

  • kumi

    You voted for it so live with and don’t complain

  • sokoto

    Mr. CAN president even if the appointment is on Islamic concern, you have act as an elite, muslims have right to economic activities internationally, so what is so important about IILMC this is going to benefit every Nigerian, you people are trying to cause religious crises, why during for government you are not commenting on issues or complaining so you are self fish. Similarly, i will like to give you people an home work go to an expart and ask what is all about it before you made a comment

  • tundemash

    CAN is full of ignoramus and people ruled by sentiments these days. Developed Western economies like UK are taking opportunities obtainable within IILMC whereas intolerant religious fanatics, whose mentality is compatible with the Boko Haram terrorists, using the garb of CAN are busy crying. Hopefully govt. would ignore them.


    • Otile

      To hell with your Islamic organizations. Islam is a bane on society. Don’t try to to islamize us using your tools of intimidation, insults and name calling. It will not work for you.

      • Olaola

        to hell with you and your clan.

        • Otile

          Why are cursing yourself and your clan, are you all bad Moslem?

          • Olaola

            You are cursed , zombie biafraud monkey son of an asewo from the cursed jungle. You can get to hell quicker by jumping in the Lagos lagoon. Get lost, never to be found. Bastard retarded ass monkey.

          • Otile

            This topic is not about me. It is about Islamic leprosy. Islamic organizations always forment violence

          • isa tukur

            Point of correction .You are wrong!When you implement sharia, you get positive result.Even in the UK, US, other western countries,islamic banking is practiced/engaged by the central govt.It is the grand finale in profitable banking.No interest/usury!Widen your scope to extract the gains from notable Nigerian christians that have invested in it.It is laudable.But, because of your mediocre, you are blinded.
            CAN is drunk!Honestly, I mean the association exco not the entire Nigerian christians.CAN is politicalised and gullible.Just take these two instances:
            1.Can you remember just last year when the then CAN Chairman, Oritsejafor’s private jet and himself were used with over 12 million dollars cash on board to South Africa to buy arms?The shame is still staggering at CAN and the so-called Pastor Oritsejafor.What is your take?
            2.The last CAN election in Abuja was a disaster.Many souls were killed, kidnapped and maimed prior to the election.On the day of the election, it was full chaos!The baptist and ECWA were at dagger heads!Not so?Till now , the brohaha is yet to be settled.It is in the court and the president is not being recognised by some groups and sects.The catholics for long are having a thought of withdrawing from the filthy and lepros asociation.Good morning and have a rethink.
            May the Almighty and Omnipotent Lord illuminate your hearts with peace of ISLAM.

        • tundemash

          I usually ignore the unfortunate “thing”. I don’t roll in the mud with the Otile pig ! Clearly he can’t read and usually copy and paste whatever the idi0t is given at the amnesty camp.

          • Otile

            Insults and name callings are your trademark, can you contribute anything good in your life?

  • Olaola

    CAN = Criminal Association of Nigeria. These bunch of fraudulent pedophiles, rapists and fake miracle fools masquerading as men of God. These fools never fails to amaze me. Bunch of religious fanatics complaining about everything that does not promote their church business center operations.

    • RestructureNigeriaNow

      I hate the money pastors. But in the one they are VERY RIGHT!

  • Rominiyis

    When they join effort to steal money they forget about religion. A country as corrupt as nigeria of what impact is religion on the country? Hypocrites

  • RestructureNigeriaNow


  • neekahan menele

    Why can’t CAN set up it’s bank and stop crying fowl. when wil your greed end/

  • Bright

    All people said about President Buhari was right, he is an ethnic and religious man than a Nationalist.