Gambia: Buhari, other West African leaders cannot intimidate me – Jammeh

Yahya Jammeh
Source:  Fatu Network
Yahya Jammeh
Source: Fatu Network

The Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh, has hit out at regional mediators urging him to step down, saying he will not be intimidated.

President Jammeh had earlier conceded defeat in the election, after a 22-year-rule, but recanted a week later, asking for fresh polls to be conducted by a “god-fearing and independent electoral commission.”

His decision not to accept the result has drawn condemnation worldwide including from the UN, ECOWAS, and the U.S.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari and Presidents Ernest Koroma, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and John Mahama of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana respectively led an ECOWAS delegation to visit Mr. Jammeh last week Tuesday.

The West African regional bloc, ECOWAS, had called on him to honour his initial pledge to accept electoral defeat.

The leaders are not expected to reveal the details of the of the mediation until all talks are concluded. However, observers believe apart from asking Mr. Jammeh to leave office, the West African leaders are also trying to save him and his loyalists from prosecution after leaving office.

ECOWAS had said military intervention might be a possibility if diplomatic efforts failed to persuade Mr. Jammeh to leave office.

Mr. Jammeh has launched a court action to annul the vote after the electoral commission changed some results.

In a 45-minute speech at the African Bar Association on Tuesday night, Mr. Jammeh defended his position, saying West African leaders had violated the ECOWAS principle of non-interference.

“Who are they to tell me to leave my country?” he said during his televised speech.

“I will not be intimidated by any power in this world. I want to make sure justice is done.

“I’m a man of peace, but I cannot also be a coward. I am a man of peace but that does not also mean that I will not defend myself and defend my country and defend my country courageously, patriotically and win.”

The BBC’s Umaru Fofana in Gambia’s capital, Banjul, says it was Mr. Jammeh’s first public reaction to last week’s intervention by ECOWAS leaders. The Gambian leader used the opportunity to reiterate his call for fresh elections as the only way to resolve the impasse.

Some analysts have suggested that reports that Mr. Jammeh could face prosecution were behind his refusal to leave office

Human rights groups have accused the Gambian leader of committing serious abuses against opponents during his 22-year rule.

The Gambia has not had a smooth transfer of power since independence from Britain in 1965.


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  • Suleiman Alatise

    Make more friends not enemies, Mr man

  • Kevin Peter

    Hahahaha…Africans Na wa! Perhaps,former President Goodluck Jonathan should have led the delegation on mediation to Gambia as a clear example of a true democrat instead of President Buhari who is a beneficiary of free and fair election.

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    One of such seat-tight African leaders tried it previously, but was successfully removed. So, you could be next seat-tight leader to taste similar fate.

    • eBusinesz

      The french forces did that removal not AU. AU has no capacity to execute such military operation without the west who currently have nothing to gain from Gambia. No free war folks

      • Chukwuka Okoroafor

        There are countries that can go it alone.

      • Ibrahim A. Aliyu

        where were you when Abacha ousted Sirre leone president in the 90s

      • paul irumundomon

        Not this time around, just watch, Gambia have no army to ward off AU army, they will not stop until everything in front stop moving, that is the AU, he wants to test.

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        Thanks for the correction. But I doubt if Gambian case will let go, whether, France, EU, UN. Since you seem to have forgotten the Libyan case.

  • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

    Buhari, other West African leaders cannot intimidate me – Jammeh. Oh yeah. You Lucky am not the president of Nigeria. You would have gotten the Gaddafi treatment and Nigerian troops would be having dinner by their Tanks in the garden of the Gambian Presidential Villa now.

    • Francis Agbali

      And why are you not yet Nigerian President? Lol

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        I am not Old enough according to constitution, i am not Corrupt, i am not a thief or killer, i dont wear traditional clothing, i am not Tribalistic, i respect no traditional rulers (emirs, sultans, oba;s Eze’s etc), I am not Religious and worst of all i am from the hated SE/SS.

  • Opekete

    This guy will go the way of Samuel Doe or Charles Taylor.

  • eBusinesz

    something tells me the mediation could have been different if Dr. Goodluck carried it out!

    • Wale Allen

      I agree with you completely! Jammeh would have listed to a true democrat like GEJ and not some impostors.

      • CeeCee1818

        How about Mahama of Ghana who had just conceded defeat. He seems more legit than all others.

      • Pat

        A true democrat that encourages stealing? To GEJ, Jammeh has done nothing beside stealing people’s mandate which is not bad.

        • Wale Allen

          But your new king encourages stealing in the most annoying way. He pretends nothing has happened once the thief is “politically correct” or from the favoured region. Now what do you call that? Shine your eyes my bro especially if you are truly “pat” and not some impostors.

    • CeeCee1818

      I doubt it, seems the guy is hell bent on staying in power at all costs. Let’s hope innocent Gambians won’t pay the price.

      • paul irumundomon

        When international communities speak with one voice, who is Gambia, let alone one man from Gambia, they can pick him up and he will be tried like a chicken, not goat because he is too small to be compared to a goat.

        • Francis Agbali

          International voice cannot justly step in if Gambians do not get out of hand. If the man can get his people to not react dramatically, this noise will go down the drain. Look at even Egypt and Libya and the places everyone use as example, that happened because there already was internal violence.

          • paul irumundomon

            Is very late, go and sleep.

  • CeeCee1818

    The Gambians have spoken, leave!

  • Deansmart

    He is just a little man with little maind

    • paul irumundomon

      And a big mouth

  • Bayo Ola


  • SAM .A

    Sgt Doe and Gbagbo will be able to tell u more about your new intimidators . It is going to take PMB 24 hours to bring u down to Kirikiri ,while Barrow mount the saddle peacefully . Your days are numbered now after 22years . Nemesis is knocking on your door , keep ranting

    • Francis Agbali

      I think it is neocolomentalist to simply look at this issues from the perspective of the single story. In the first place, if Jammeh first conceded election, that should be given to him. If in the light of informed insight still as sitting President he realizes something were wrong in the election, then he deserves to given a fair ear. That he has been on the throne 22 years does not invalidate his entitlement to justice. Look at the same PMB you are talking about using courts care of Amaechi and repeated and inconclusive elections to insist on his party’s entrenchment all because he who once wanted one tenure now ‘needs’ another. And lets come to think of it, sovereignty can only justly mediated externally not interfered except there is internal crisis. If the man keeps his country without a battle, on what grounds would ecowas go in to enforce a thing. By the way, much has Nigerian government complied with the recent judgements of the Ecowas court?

      • paul irumundomon

        After ten years, he lost his entitlement from fair hearing and justice. Gambia is for all Gambians. You probably went to the same school Francis Agbali went to. How old are you. Did you hear yourself, after ten years, as a leader of any free nation, you have lost all legitimate fair hearing period.

      • Sir Demo

        Justice after 22 years in office? Is that just to Gambian? The bastard should even be docked for TREASON and sentenced to death for forceful toppling of Dauda Jawara.

      • bbounce

        You know it not possible for a new comer to rig election this man secured the election in every single way even voted with marbles he’s just been scared of what happens to him without power. This same man is the one that change the constitution to make him be president as long as he want. Is 22 years not enough ? he’s not the only one that has ideas.

  • paul irumundomon

    Sadam, Gaddafi, spoke in the same vein, where are they today. Sadam only two sons were killed. Gaddafi’s first son was killed and this one, since they will use African law and style, his wife and all his children, are going to accompany him to the other side.

    • Francis Agbali

      Today, it is global common fact that the killing of both persons mentioned was an error on the part of the US. Why is it that people just like to be convenient. How far is CUBA from America, how come they could not take Fidel Castro out – the people of CUBA didn’t give him out.

      • paul irumundomon

        Cuba is very far from the US, what has distance got to do snyway, when you want to take any one out. Cuba doctors, makes about $120, per month. Castro is responsible for that, Cubans tried and failed severally. The most back ward village in nigeria, is better than cities in Cuba.
        When he died, after fifty something years in office, it was inside a coca cola bottle size, they put his ashes. He destroyed three generations of Cuba citizens. Do you pray to know let alone to have the kind of leader Castro was.
        I don’t know your age, Google Cuba history, is free and learn a little bit of the nation, destroyed by one family, it is sad you brought up cuba, when important nation is been talked about. If you don’t know about anything, no shame anymore, Google it and have a little knowledge of it, before you talk about it. The country not the people is a scorck, because one family made it to be that way, my brother, Cuba is not a country to compare to any nation in Africa, ok. Don’t forget again, go and read about cuba. Cuba is less than one hour flight from Florida.

      • Sir Demo

        What if? After being in power for so many years despite come in via coup to remove Dauda Jawara?

  • SK Shehu

    I think GEJ as a democrat could be a good mediator in the Gambian affair if only he has the talent to convincingly articulate a position that will make Jammeh to understand why he needs to do the right thing. However, I doubt much if GEJ himself understands that it is wrong for the Gambian leader to steal a mandate. Remember, ‘stealing has no bearing with corruption’.
    I am just lost as to what positive role can that character play, which top regional leaders couldn’t or failed to play.

    • Netanyahu

      Go siddon for dirty with your cow brain. What nonsense post is this? Next GEJ will be blamed for what is happening in the Gambia.

      • SK Shehu

        sentiments have overshadowed your sense of reasoning. why the cheap insult when superiority of argument should have shown that you have ‘human brain’! Nevertheless, I realize to my greatest dismay, that your ‘human brain’ doesn’t help you understand what I said about the role GEJ could have played assuming he was the head of the regional envoy that visited Jammey.
        Undoubtedly, those who follow you on this platform will deduce whether you have human or ‘cow’ brain, Mr Natanyahu.

    • tundemash

      Current Ghana President who just lost the Presidential election in his country same time as this Jammeh cl0wn was part of the ECOWAS delegation so what mediation would the Otuoke Cl0wn do that the Ghana President hasn’t done? Jammeh is only bragging to save face, he will leave !

      • walter enang

        I didn’t see Jonathan’s name in this article o. Your hatred has blinded you completely.

        • Read the comment he replied, maybe then you will see where GEJ’s name was mentioned

          • walter enang

            Make we just leave GEJ out of this. The ma don do him bit and is gone home to recuperate. Na aboki dey seat now. Let’s see if he can do better….as he has ma Nigerians to believe.

        • tundemash

          Mor0n, read teh comment i responded to. Olodo !

          • walter enang

            Lol. Some of you guys are already foaming in the mouth when they are online and hidden behind their cheap android phone. In reality aboki the hammer Una with poverty, insecurity and lies while their children are blowing cash like water. Na for my body you get power. The person wey make you poor like this, y no fit say kakrim to am. Dead mugu like you.

          • tundemash

            Dunce, to assume everyone depends on amnesty handout like you is f00lishness. Ask your e-ra fore-bearers , I am nowhere near your assumption!

          • Otile

            You are very dishonest. Islamist Shehu threw in the Jonathan to distract attention. Must you follow him to the grave?

          • SK Shehu

            Tundemash, you are wasting your resource on people who think of nothing more than ethnicity and differences in faith as a means of assessing performance. And ironically, they follow not the teachings of their faith, otherwise their action would have been different. They use such differences for selfish motives. What has Islam or Christianity got to do with what is been discussed here?

      • Chukwudi Kingsley

        As of today, Jonathan is towering higher than any African leader dead or alive in matters of democratic ethos. First what jameh is complaining about ,that is very difficult for him to swallow , is exactly what Jonathan swallowed with humility,patience and decency.
        Jonathan remains the best thing to ever happen to Nigeria in terms of God fearing leadership. Though those who hated him for ulterior motives will continue to prefer even devil to him.

        • tundemash

          Easy easy on cheap drugs! If a man that was perpetually drunk on ogogoro while others were looting your destiny is your mini-god, you have no hope.

        • SK Shehu

          Mr Chukwudi, it is amazing that you are associating GEJ with “God fearing leadership”! You have a lot of explanation to do but I beg of you not to ridicule any faith, please. “God fearing leadership”: chei! There is God oooo!!

      • John A

        Because the Otuoke clown is far better than your fundamentalist (jihadist) buhari who has NEVER accepted election defeat.
        buhari is not qualify to even say a word concerning Gambia.

        • tundemash

          And yet ECOWAS made him the leader to mediate ? We know u are still hurting since MArch 2015 and may the sorrow that hit you since that day never end.

          • John A

            buhari is and will ever remain a ceremonial leader, Senegal is leading ECOWAS military to Gambia incase if that your buhari look a like refuse to leave office by January 19.

          • tundemash

            Yeah right; you can assume anything in your hallucinating world. Last I checked Buhari presides over the FEC meeting and presents and executes the budget; aside in your hallucinating world, where else does a ceremonial President do that? Keep hurting; may your wound never heal!

      • Otile

        Jonathan is far better than your illiterate god who calls the VP Osimbade.

        • SK Shehu

          You need to explain what you mean by ‘illiterate’ and how you measure being literate. Equally, for your information we don’t have ‘god’ but God. Are you in any way implying that Jonathan is to you a god?

  • Sir Demo

    You will then go the way of Sankoh or Gbagboed. This is not Jonathan you are dealing with.

  • Richard Wilson

    Any country that the British is involved in their independence, you will alway see blood and tears. British shame shame shame to you.

    • tundemash

      Very soon , you will blame God. Did Ghana not get independence from same British ? Olodo, i won’t be surprised if you don’t blame British when you fail to satisfy your woman !

  • Jameh will soon be Gbagboed into oblivion, continue ranting like a madman

  • Senator D

    Jammeh are you a MONARCH? Well for your information you already intimidated… You just trying to encourage yourself. Gera ra there!

  • obiora

    Might is not Right. ECOWAS or US can remove Jammeh any time they like but that did not answer the Qestions. The problems in Afrika is that we are Managing Collonial proparty. Every thing is being teleguided from outside. So forming Government in Afrika is business for the Collonial Masters. How long will it take to count Votes in Gambia that people are rushing to WAR. As fare as Afrikans are managing collonial institutions Europe will every time see people that are ready to sell others as SLAVE. It is easier to recount the Vote than to Fight and kill Jammeh.

    • Akin

      Does he want a ‘recount’ or ‘RERUN’?

      He wants a rerun! He never expected he will lose.
      Ah ah, it is going to be won by him.

  • Truthometer

    I think Obj would have marched some battalions to Gambia’s border, before any discussion with this thug.

  • D. Aftermath

    Let him wait for Libya treatment since he is addicted to staying in power.

  • John Abayomi

    hahahaha mumu, they can’t intimidate you yet you are having sleepless nights, this jesters forgot the population of Gambia is less than a local government in Lagos, worst still all his neighbours especially Senegal is hostile and not favourable to him staying in power, you are a goner my friend, better negotiate with the people (ECOWAS leaders) you are trying to rubbish, if I were you, I will seek GEJ treatment, get non porsecution concession from Barrow and retire to your village in peace

  • Timmmi Tewo

    His a Jester…… You must leave ether you like or not if you refuse to leave by vote you will leave by bullet.