Tinubu not more than state level APC leader, Akeredolu suggests

Rotimi Akeredolu
Rotimi Akeredolu
Photo: DailyTrust

The Ondo State governor-elect, on Wednesday at the State House, suggested former Lagos Governor Bola Tinubu is not more than a state level leader of the All Progressives Congress.

So, Mr. Akeredolu said, mentioning Mr. Tinubu in his victory speech, after he specially acknowledged President Muhammadu Buhari and party chairman John Odigie-Oyegun could have necessitated inclusion of “36 or 37” leaders – referring to the 36 States of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

Mr. Akeredolu, accompanied by the deputy governor-elect, Agboola Ajayi, addressed journalists after meeting with Mr. Buhari, and explained why he didn’t mention Mr. Tinubu – reputed for his pivotal role in the formation of APC and emergence of Mr. Buhari – in his victory speech.

In his victory speech after he was declared winner of the election on Sunday, Mr. Akeredolu “profusely” thanked Mr. Buhari; Mr. Oyegun, the “indefatigable and principled Chairman”; and “loyal” governors and ministers – subtly hitting at South West APC leaders, including Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State and his Lagos counterpart, Akinwumi Ambode, who had abandoned him during campaign, allegedly supporting Olusola Oke of Alliance for Democracy instead.

Although Messrs. Tinubu and Ambode have extended congratulations to Mr. Akeredolu, it is apparent, with his subtle denigration on Wednesday, the governor-elect is still angry he was not supported by the former Lagos Governor.

He said, “On the names that were mentioned in my speech when expressing gratitude and that I didn’t specifically thank Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I thanked the President and the leader of our party profusely for the leadership which he showed leading to this election.

“I also thanked our indefatigable chairman for standing by the truth and for his position on this matter that led to this election. I have no reason to do otherwise.

“Party structure to the best of my knowledge is very clear. You have the leadership of the party and that is represented by Chief John Odigie-Oyegun.

“After the election, a chief executive emerges, he becomes a leader of the party, you don’t have to personalise and be looking for leaders all over the place.

“If we have to do that, then I will have to mention 36 or 37 leaders. So I believe the leadership as represented by the President covers all leaders and that tells me it would include Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu, it would include even Baba Akande, Onu, and so many leaders.

“But President Buhari is the leader of the party. So, that is my position there.”

He however denied rift with Mr. Tinubu.

“For me as a person, I believe he is one of the leaders of the party and I don’t see any strain relationship between us. And you would observe that he has sent in his congratulatory message after the election, so what else do you expect?

”I mean all of us see this as victory for the APC, not for Akeredolu, not for us an individual but for the party as a whole. I believe he is a member of the party. Mr. Femi Adesina had issued a release but you journalists just want to put words into our mouths,” said Mr. Akeredolu.

Mr. Akeredolu and his deputy were led to the President by the Chairman of APC Campaign Council in Ondo State, Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State.

Mr. Tinubu had backed Olusegun Abraham to clinch APC ticket eventually won by Mr. Akeredolu to contest, and win, last Saturday’s governorship election.

But Mr. Akeredolu’s emergence in the primary saw aggrieved losers like Messrs Abraham and Oke petition APC appeals panel.

The panel invalidated Mr. Akeredolu’s victory but Mr. Oyegun-led National Working Committee overruled the panel, provoking a furious Mr. Tinubu to accuse his party of injustice and demand the chairman’s resignation in a strongly worded letter in which he also renounced the “honorific title” of national leader.

Mr. Tinubu later in his congratulatory message to Mr. Akeredolu called Mr. Buhari the “national leader of the party whose stature and dignity helped guide APC to another victory.”

Bola Ilori, an ex-aide to Mr. Aregbesola, staunchly pro-Tinubu, headed Mr. Oke’s campaign, and many APC card carrying members loyal to the former Lagos Governor, citing “injustice in our party” openly mobilised support for the AD’s flag bearer, fueling allegations Mr. Tinubu backed Mr. Oke who came distant third in the elections.

But the Presidency, in a statement on Monday, said Mr. Tinubu did not work against APC in Ondo, having promised Mr. Buhari he would not be involved in anti-party politics.

The statement also denied any plot against Mr. Tinubu and acknowledged him as “a priceless asset” to the APC.

Mr. Akeredolu reached the pinnacle of his career, becoming President of the Nigerian Bar Association. But in politics, he did not count much to anything when Mr. Tinubu backed him when he first aimed at becoming Ondo Governor in 2012.

But then in the 2012 poll, he came third in that election, coming behind Olusola Oke of PDP then, and Olusegun Mimiko who used Labour Party to clinch a second term.


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  • Sean

    Kay I will disagree with you for the first time ever! Aketi isn’t a talker but a man of action. I am from Ondo State, TINUBU was a disgrace at the just concluded Ondo election and Aketi was correct in his assertions. We Ondo people don’t want to see Tinubu in our state anymore, we have our own leaders like Aketi, we do not want anyone associated with Tinubu, Tinubu should remain and die in Lagos! Ondos are angry at Tinubu and if he likes he may quit APC, he will continue to fail while APC progress

    • Mr. Bash

      I pity the like of character as you, Sean. What has Tinubu done that is undone in African politics that warrants you to talk as carelessly as this? After all Tinubu has congratulated Akeredolu and he accepted it. What is your own position? Whose interest are representing? Please I advise you to be cautious in your actions and statements on issues. Real Ondo people don’t talk recklessly.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Never mind the people like this who are not cautious with comes out of their mouth. Aketi or what do you call him,is riding a magical horse,that will hang him on the tree when his tally expires.

    • OGK

      Tinubu is still the Jagaban like or loathe him. If he is just an ordinary leader, let the so-called leaders, including Aketi come out and people line up behind them, then you would know who has more followers. Be reminded that Aketi lost his polling booth in the last presidential election

  • Patriot01

    If u look at d contents of the news he advertently included Tinubu amongst other leaders in his speech, Femi Adesina also thanked Tinubu.Premium Times are being funny with their headlines just to attract reading.

    • Abayomi

      Oh, Tinubu the FORMER so called ‘national leader’ is now amongst ‘other leaders’ and you think that’s normal?
      And what is Adesina’s ‘thanks’ worth? Thanks in the open and backstab/undercut behind the scenes?
      You guys are funny. All in an attempt to pretend all is well? Keep struggling to defend the indefensible.
      You will run out of defences when the crises becomes full blown!

      • okenwa

        Honestly yorubas can turn gold to silver. Look at how they defending a spilled milk.

        • Julius

          What spill milk ? una even get milk for una side ? The Yorubas are taking care of their own issues, why cant you do the same from your conner or you dont have issues.

          • okenwa

            Thats what i was saying that you that get milk should not cry over a spilled one.

          • Julius

            Yea, we get milk, wetin una get ? Try straitghened out ya side abeg.

          • okenwa

            We are already very strong, cant you see nigerians cant eat or sleep due to biafra and niger delta.

          • Julius

            lolz, Ibo mannnnnnnnnnn, mouth, mouth ! Why havent you rescue your leader kanu out of the cage if you are so strong ?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Patriot, I am aware of the statements by Adeshina and the subsequent congratulatory message from the Tinubu camp.

      The elections are over and this was reflected in both messages. But this recourse to the past, that should have buried, by Aketi will serve no good purpose.

      We all owe it a duty not to encourage another acrimonious relationship in South West politics unless it is to upbraid a wayward or thieving politician.

  • sammyctu ode

    Aketi is very right cos giving tinubu special attention will offend other states party leaders who supported him. Tinubu should have been more matured and know that APC was not built around him like a cult leader. Tinubu must know his limitations, he should know he’s not the only tree that makes a Forrest and that God teaches us always how to be humble no matter how rich, powerful and famous we are. It’s our God Almighty that has the absolute and everlasting power not we mete mortals.

  • olawale

    Anyway I don’t blame anybody if not for d poverty all the place that make Ondo state election to reduce to buying and selling while d highest paid win d election.

  • Tanko na Mata

    Tinubu bites the dust! Sorry oo. We warned you!
    Some clowns in a bid to defend their gOD buhari say Tinubu was greedy. REALLY??
    If Tinubu is to be accused of greed, it would be pre-2015 general elections.. where he craved for power at the centre leading him into a shaky alliance with a confirmed bigot.
    I see no greed after the elections. Where is the greed when Buhari has appointed northern Muslims to head 98% of the security org in the multi ethnic/religous society like Nigeria? Some buhari worshippers claim they don’t care about tribe or religion? LWKMD! Suddenly northern Muslims are the only qualified Nigerians?? Hahaha!
    These skewed appointments show Tinubu had been effectively sidelined before the Ondo issue.
    So many APC hypocrites had been praising buhari even when they saw his wrong moves. Till it affected them personally..like Tinubu now.
    One by one they are confessing.
    Like we discerning warned long ago, the SW-APC has been effectively used & DUMPED!
    These APC people will eat themselves raw as 2019 approaches.
    I dey laff oooo!

  • Baba Fani

    This comment by Aketi is childish, infantile and reckless. This same Tinubu is casting aspersion on single handedly sponsored him in 2012. l am sure he has not forgotten this.
    Aketi should also be told that all his pay masters in Abuja rode on the back of Tinubu to their various positions. Aketi is just trying to play to the gallery by choosing to go through the path of vendetta.
    His choice of words reducing Tinubu to a state leader is unfortunate, frivolous and acrimonious.
    This is a man yet to be sworn in and yet has started to tread where angels feared to tread. His pay masters wouldn’t even denigrate and disparage the person and status of Tinubu in the APC not to talk of a minnow like Aketi

    • AdeKunzy

      You have spoken well and hit the nail on the head.
      He was obviously disparaging Tinubu with his comments. Strangely though, one ‘patriot01’ below thinks it was an eulogy.
      All these are moves by a cabal in preparation for 2019. They might only succeed in destroying the party.

    • Nkem

      Which angel told you that he is afraid of Tinubu? Maybe perpetual hangers-on and those scrounging for crumbs around his Asokoro residence. And talking about playing to the gallery, do you know anyone who has done this more than Bola Ahmed Tinubu in this dispensation? What do you call all those his unbridled posturing and loud mouthed triumphalism in those heady days under Obasanjo when he was endlessly pontificating as the grand conqueror of the Southwest? Was that not the same unrestrained arrogance that got him into the situation he now finds himself?

      • absam777

        Never underestimate a man who was acknowledge by the King as a major kingmaker. A skilled politician will always have a set back. But he knows that there is another day.

      • OGK

        Nkem, I could see the bike your people have for Tinubu continues. You would never like him because he engineered the removal of your people from eating the crumbs from Jonadaft table. Continue your hatred pls.

        • ikenna

          So who are now eating the crumbs?

      • Julius

        What is your problem with Tinubu, Obj and the south weast politics ? Im sure you have some issues in your state or zone abi that one no concern you ?. Happ on that for a minute, leave others alone. Tinubu don do good for his people and we appreciate him tho no man is perfect. He is better than any man you can point or put fprward from ya side. Mind ya binnez !!

        • Emmanuel Maluba

          When people cant question even a councillor in their home state, they find it easier to abuse leaders in other zones. Pls let them, if that gives them a sense of fulfilment.

          • Julius

            Yes, I can see that. The hatred they have for Tinubu is becoming a desease for them. Its unbecomi ng of the so called smartest( fake ) people on the planet.

    • Julius

      You have spoken well sir !.

  • Audu

    You guys seem to be enjoying your enslavement by the Northern oligarchs APC cabal.
    Abi una never realise am? Nawa o.
    Ask Tinubu. He go yarn you.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Pull over,you dey sleep

    • Julius

      Oh wait, so Akeredolu is a Northerner ! Damn, Ididnt know that. Thanks for the info. Moron !

      • Audu

        Akeredolu is a northern stooge.

        • Julius

          yea right, dumb ass.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Sir, it is nothing about slavery or otherwise, but performance.

      If Aketi is the choice of the Ondo people and he delivers, all well and good. For all I care, the Ondo people can elect a Jaja Wachuckwu or Goodluck Jonathan as their President; provided they vote for such a person and the person delivers.

      Have you ever asked which farm produced the food you ate?

    • Daniel

      They will never know the Fulani man plays poker with this.

      The Fulani man has mastered divide and rule politics handed over by the British…

  • Sam

    I can’t disagree with you ..bro

    This fellow is displaying some tendency towards that .but I pray he proves us wrong.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Like you, I pray he proves us wrong indeed.

  • okenwa

    Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa, from apc national leader to apc state leader, tinumbu demotion continues hahahahahahahahoooooooo.

    • Julius

      And you see that as a what ? You Tinubu haters will never rest and face your own ineffectual governors in your hell homes you call biafraud .Get a life, Tinubu is better than any of your fake and fradulents leaders in his worst days. He is doing fine. He singlehandedly formed his party and saw it emerged as the ruling part. Can you point to an Ibo man who has done that in thre country ? I dey wait. Jealousy will kill you.

      • Castro

        Hahaha by next year, we the wailers will wail him to Local government APC leader.

        • Julius

          hahahaha and by next year you the wailers will be back where you belong..the republic of Congo where your ancestors came from. lolz.

      • okenwa

        And relegated to a ward leader? Please avoid fake certificates for it is now showing in tinumbu.

        • Julius

          I wish you would devote this much time to your rat holes you called states/homes. Try and do that, dont worry about Tinubu. Trust me, he doesnt even know you are alive.

          • okenwa

            Ofcause he wont know i am alive because he was busy bragging the name of natonal leader while smart and wise ones are busy taking up position in govt. Now he is a ward leader.

  • Nkem

    I think Tinubu was asking for this childish confrontation when he chose pettiness over wise counsel and responsible politics. The only reason Tinubu chose to stay away from the Ondo campaign and cause his loyalists to stay away was to prove to people that he had the power to frustrate some people’s ambitions. When he ought to have accepted the results of the primaries and move on, he chose rather to drag the matter on for no other reason than to prove that he was relevant. When the party tried to save face by making excuses for him, the wise thing to do was to have kept quiet and allow the matter to die. Yet he chose to fuel the flame by sending Afikuyomi out to insist that he deliberately stayed away from the campaign – so that his supporters would not get the wrong message and think he had made up with the party and the candidate. If Akeredolu had lost that election, just imagine the amount of gloating from Tinubu and his loyalists. Imagine the things they would be saying by now.

    • persona

      Nkem, there is something called vested interest. Had the elections been held without a tampered delegate list, do you suppose that Tinubu wouldn’t have aligned with Aketi?
      Aketi seem hurt and he appears unforgiving. My main challenge is he may not be a very good chief executive because he expect that everyone should see things from his own views. The man may someday attack a commissioner who has a different viewpoint and that is not good for a leader. A man sent you congratulatory message, called that all against you should rally round him and he goes public after the Buhari had placed a value on the same man he is upset at. I really think that even in victory, Aketi has lost his comportment.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Fair point, Bruv.

      But did you listen to Michelle Obama at the stumps when she said, “when they go low, we go high”?

      Granted, Tinubu was playing spoilsport previously by his antics, but all that should have been buried the moment he congratulated Aketi.

      The ill-advised response by Aketi is like throwing a tantrum because you just got served a pie. He doesn’t need it and should be looking to mend all fences going forward.

  • absam777

    This guy is a very politician. His comment is rather unfortunate for someone who will govern a state. Since Tinubu as a good politician congratulated him, one would expect him to be more humble and circumscribe. Now we know why Tinubu refused to support him even though he supported his last attempt. Akeredolu will eventually prove to be another Mimiko. An ineffectual governor.

    • Julius

      Lets hope not. I think he will calm down eventually and get on with governing the state with Tinubu and other party leaders and members in full support. I see this as mostly party issues where egos do clash at times. Trust me, they will be doing each other some favours in appointments.

      • persona

        That will happen eventually but Aketi seem to be trying to be Trump. He wants to denigrate and build absolute loyalties and that has its down side…people will prop your ego.
        If an adviser has a contrary viewpoint, will Aketi tolerate it? If Buhari decides to make him take orders from Tinubu, will he like it?
        Politics in the words of OBJ consist of near saints to near satans.
        Someday, Aketi will find out that if Tinubu funded his elections and never got a refund, he has a right to think twice and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and choosing to back another candidate.
        My main concern is, Aketi is trying so hard to justify the “padded” delegate list at his primaries. The addition of PDP and AD votes should likewise tell him, a gang up of his adversaries can make the state ungovernable for him.

        • Julius

          I agree with you and hopefully he will realise mine and your concerns as he moves forward. Im sure he will knows that in politics, you dont make a permanent enemy because they tends to come back and bite you hard. Trump is also trying to calm down and cvhanging his thoughtless views now.Most political first-timmers tends to act big at first but, sees things differently when they get down into governing. I hope and pray that he will do that. He doesnt need Tinubu as an enemy, trust I.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Long time Oga Kay,where have you been?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Long time indeed, Bruv.

      Have been travelling and not with sufficient time to stay in touch with Naija news.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        O GA o. Sebi you can c naija politriks at it is nose diving. Backstabbing upon backstabbing. Igbos want to die because Nigeria refuse to die. Some traitors trying to undermine the influence of our jagaban. Aketi not knowing what to do. Should he not start building his local political structure on a more friendly note,by first of all making your perceived enemy your friend,rather than starting a war you must might not be able to conquer or win.

      • Hajiya Tunsj Soyemi(mai fura)

        So that’s the new excuse huh??
        Suddenly all the soyemis, tundefarts, wahalas, julius’, amazing2012, rommel, ‘don’t have sufficient time’!
        They seem more like chickens on the run as a result of Buhari’s woeful performance!
        Ahahahahahaha! Chei!

  • Daniel

    Any good student of history should know this is the kind of politics played in that geo-political zone :

    Sucking up to the Fulani politics is the PERFECT trade mark.

    Whoever wants to succeed should either leave Nigeria or find a way to insulate themselves from this failed state.

    • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

      Oga,please you are not wanted here. Na brain dey talk no be mouth. So bring ya ears and listen.

      • Daniel


        Read some books ,ask relevant questions and be free from mental slavery.

        This trend is now transgenerational.

        • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

          Shut the smelly upper hole oozing out bad air

          • Daniel

            Pungent punch you have just received from a history graduate.

            Receive it and be free today!

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Broken record or low battery in a cassette player.

          • Daniel

            Surely you need to have the thick head operated on…


    • Emmanuel Maluba

      You are not from that region but you are complaining about that region! Better join those illegal migrants through Agadez. Nigeria definitely will not miss your type who daily preach tribal hatred as if your daily bread comes from how well you sow the seed of hatred.

      • Daniel

        Just recounting history.

        You should read some books to help you and similar characters avoid the same mistakes…

        • Emmanuel Maluba

          I have read a lot of books by reasonable people and those who preach love and speak against ethnic bigotry. But I am always willing to read more, due to an undying taste to know more from reasonable authors. Pls recommend some books, but definitely not any written by a tribalist, God forsaken character or anyone who sees nothing other than tribal supremacy. I don’t follow the crowd to read books by idiotic, self-glorifying characters.

          • Daniel

            The facts are there in the books.

            I did not not write the books.

            It is good history is returning schools.

          • Emmanuel Maluba

            Even if you write, it will be read by you and you alone! Tell me one author who is this tribalistic that ever had his/her book accepted. Tell me one tribalist in Nigeria or anywhere who did not end up in the dustbin of history. It is not a curse, it is what a tribalist works for. You cant hate God’d creation and expect to make it in life. It is practically impossible. So, if you have any tribalist who is doing well or ever did well, let me know.

          • Daniel

            Read any book on your political history and learn some lessons.

            What I am talking about has a convergence of opinion.

            This political subservience and diplomatic foolishness has to STOP.

            If I may ask, HOW does Nigeria make you proudly her citizen?

          • Emmanuel Maluba

            I respect your extraordinarily wide and encompassing knowledge! Congratulations!

          • Emmanuel Maluba

            Your opinion converges on you and you alone and has no bearing on history! Physician, heal thyself! Just one title of a book, you cant even supply! You keep hammering on convergence of opinion. Wish you are even able to change history to your personal opinion and throw to people like you. Enjoy your life! Hatred or love always comes back from whichever direction you send it. Send the one you want to receive. No matter the difference of our opinions on issues, we need to put aside hatred borne out of tribal and religious differences. Those were products freely distributed by colonial masters and we seem to have bought it too. That is why we are where we are. One love, my Brother.

          • Daniel

            Go and read!

  • persona

    Bro, longtime o.
    My concern with Aketi is, he expects that everything must be seen his way. Tinubu financed his 2012 elections, did Tinubu get a refund?
    My prayer to him is, he wants absolute loyalty and that has its challenges, lies will be told to you to prop his ego. A commissioner or adviser with a contrary view will be attacked with this demeanor of Aketi.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      True words, Bruv.

      Wish our politicians can learn to appreciate this is about service to the people and nothing personal.

  • OGK

    Aketi can never go the way of Fayose. He is bright, urbane and cultured. Fayose is thick upstairs, a psychopathic liar, drop-out and a tout. It is like comparing sleep with death.

    • Julius

      I agree 100%. There can never be another Fayose.

  • Julius

    Abi oo. O se gan jare. Well said. We dont need another eze in our mix. Fayose is ebough. lolz.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    I wonder how a supposed leader will vomit these stale statements. When the Muslims conquered the holy land of Makkah,the prophet Mohammed declared that,”this day of our conqueror, the honourables shall remain the honourables, the respected shall remain respected. Aketi just won an election that was a choice between the devil(PDP) and the deep blue sea (APC). Not because you are a special politician that has the political sagacity of sort or charisma. Tinubu is never in your range of politician. Any way,whoever that is telling you to do as you like should have reminded you of what Jonathan said to baba iyabo and what became of him. Remember he called baba iyabo a motor park tout. Remeber this same Tinubu helped mimiko into power and suddenly he turned against the finger that fed him . Today,he should be prepared for life after governance. Remeber koro when he turned against jagaban,today he is on his own. Fayose is more careless and outspoken, yet have you heard him denigraded jagaban. Watch out, a child abused an iroko and he looked backed,iroko will not fall on you immediately you insult it.

    • EKO TI BAJE O!


      ROTIMI AKEREDOLU IS ON A DISTINGUISHED ROAD. It would be the height of hypocrisy for him to say
      that he was specially grateful to Bola Tinubu for opposing his election as APc governorship candidate.
      Bola Tinubu took an irresponsible bet on Mr. Abrahams and lost the bet. He should lick his wounds.
      Rotimi Akeredolu is correct that at best Bola Tinubu is only a leader of his followers in Lagos state.
      Bola Tinubu has no role or office at all in the hierarchy of the national leadership of APC party.
      This is what happens to a man of low intellect who went into an alliance and lost everything.

    • Vincent Asimole

      Well articulated,,,I like ur line of reasonings ,,,but na God go help us from all ds their politicking,,,

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Thank you my brother. We need more friends than enemies. But the man is creating a war he cannot win.

    • Whalerolex

      You are comparing Akeredolu to established thieves like GEJ, Mimiko, Baba Iyabo, etc. Do you realise you are simply supporting God fatherism (which you know means gross corruption in Naijas context). I would have expected you to ask Akeredolu to do well for his people just like they said Fashola did in Lagos during his first term and got the nod of the people even when Thiefnubu tried to stop him from his second term bid.
      A child can abuse iroko, uproot it, burn it if the iroko obstructing where a good road is to be built.
      I do not know Akeredolu but I wish him well. If he can turn things around for his people, praise that lord and if not, we will condemn him on social media.
      I hope I have not offended you. If yes, am very sorry in advance.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        In the Quran,when Moses was sent to Pharaoh, he was instructed to address him with honour and respect. God has the power to destroy Pharaoh without any effort,yet je sent somebody. There is ability in talking but there is wisdom in knowing what to say. Knowledge says,”know it all”but wisdom says know it all and know how to use it. I think the latter is lacking in aketi. If you think you can win and take it all,well I whish you a safe journey to your four years. Those who see and chose to keep quiet are not deaf or dumb or coward,but wisdom only precedes their decisions. I guess you need to read more about wisdom.

        • Whalerolex

          I do not see any wisdom in your comment. All i see is ignorance because you reminded us of the likes of koro,GEJ, etc and also the reason for Akeredolu to respect Thiefnubu (oldskul mentality). I will stick to my comment that he (Akeredolu) do not need Thiefnubu to succeed. All he needs is good governance. I say no to Godfatherism/favouritism and we need to wise up and stop these so called so called thieves in the name of elder statesmen.

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            I am man of wisdom who only engages people of wisdom. But since your knowledge has denied you the wisdom, I guess I don’t know how to engage you. If thiefnubu is your nightmare,I guess it will haunt you for long,until you change your mentality,because I can’t help you.

          • Whalerolex

            Boy I moved on long ago. Thiefnubu is not my worry.

  • ???????????



  • Taiwo

    Did this noisy man actually win an election with Buhari, Okon Abang and INEC colluding to frustrate the PDP candidate. That’s why Buhari told his wife that he understood nigeri poliyics more than her. Fighting corruption and benefitting from it.

    • tundemash

      You ought to add Modu Sheriff, Wike, Fayose, Mimiko and yourself to that list.

  • thusspokez

    Tinubu – reputed for his pivotal role in the formation of APC and emergence of Mr. Buhari – in his victory speech.

    This PT reporter Hassan Adebayo can’t hide his biased in favour of Tinubu. hence his exaggerated tribute to Tinubu’s role in the APC. For some psychological inert cultural reasons, the likes of OBJ and Tinubu always like to claim that they are kingmakers and that, they have direct hand in the ascension to every political throne — especially the presidency — in Nigeria.

    Tinubu is nobody outside his tribal enclave and even that, is now disputable as we see in the massive denting of his enormous ego in the Ondo state. He must be leaking his wounds now.

    • Emmanuel Maluba

      Pls disprove what the reporter said about Tinubu and deal with your hatred for him somewhere else. Even Buhari acknowledge the role Tinubu played in his electoral victory. Your holier-than-thou evangelism is funny here. You can wail somewhere else, dont bring your wailing to distort what is common knowledge. If they are bickering today, it is just a facade. Politicians reconcile faster than the speed of light, leaving you to continue to sulk and swallow pain killers over someone else’s headache. Tinubu would be happy you are “leaking”, even if he is “licking” his wounds.

      • thusspokez

        “Pls disprove what the reporter said-o!”
        “…deal with your hatred-o!”
        “Your holier-than-thou evangelism is funny here-o!”
        “You can wail somewhere else-o!
        “dont bring your wailing to distort what is common knowledge-o!

        Yada Yada Yada(!!!) So bullocks, and so immature.

        • tundemash

          Clown, once u are challenged to buttress your silly point, u suddenly become jittery and go off the point.
          Tell us how APC emerged and how Buhari became APC’s Presidential candidate without Tinubu’s pivotal role. Even though President Buhari himself had acknowledged same severally, you sore losers are still hurting Tinubu sent your Otuoke Cl0wn back to where OBJ plucked him from.

        • Emmanuel Maluba

          The lazy character always cling to “common knowledge” like it makes sense beyond the beer joint. Unfortunately, beer joints discussions have come into the public domain, aided by free and bonus data, thus encouraging the cyber sphere to become an extension of beer joints. If you cant disprove the reporter, your silence will greatly help humanity.

          • thusspokez

            The lazy character always cling to “common knowledge” like it makes sense beyond the beer joint.

            If a character is lazy, one would imagine that it would be unable to cling to any knowledge, let alone common one.

            Unfortunately, beer joints discussions have come into the public domain,

            This is tautology! Granted that beer joint is a public house, it is already part of the public domain.

            …aided by free and bonus data

            “free and bonus data”? Bwaahahaha, excuse me!

            thus encouraging the cyber sphere to become an extension of beer joints.

            Social media is based on the mental model of traditional public discussion forums such as beer/wine bars, classrooms, etc, there!

            If you cant disprove the reporter, your silence will greatly help humanity.

            If you can’t write like a grown up person, be silent! Your response here is rather laughable and still immature.

          • Emmanuel Maluba

            Thank you Bro. Hope that helps you get your groove? You are a baby when it comes to the grammar you are trying to correct. But I am ok with it if it helps you feel good. Pls you can’t hide your “biased in favour of” tribalism! Address the issue I raised in my first comment. I cant take your criticism of my grammar later. I have a teachable spirit. I can learn from anyone!

          • thusspokez

            I cant take your criticism of my grammar later. I have a teachable spirit

            I wasn’t criticising your grammar but rather your logic and terminology.

          • Emmanuel Maluba

            Congratulations bozz! You are a Master of Everything! I bow!

  • Julius

    Hahahahahaha, no, na you want kill me now. Ma dawon lohun jare.

  • Julius

    lmaoooooooooooo. Now no kill me ooo. Good one..

  • Paul Graham

    Oga Aketi slow down. Asiwaju Tinubu’s contribution to democracy is almost, if not at par with late Pa Awolowo’s and nobody in their right mind will call Pa Awo state level leader. Tinubu enthroned Fashola, Aregbeshola, Anbode and also nominated the vice President according to the media. Tell me which politician has achieved such feat to date. You may not like his politics but he deserves our respect!

    • Ola

      Please paul,i bet to differ.You can never compare Awo with Tinubu!South west yes but nationally Late Awo’s miles and miles apart from Tinubu.Just my opinion.

      • Paul Graham

        How do you measure the worth of a man or woman, for me it is not the amount of money or number of houses they have but rather by their contribution to society and their ability to influence events. Let’s jointly agree that he cannot be compared to Pa Awo, Nevertheless, he’s way ahead of the others!

  • Dead End.

    Please Mr SAN; I will say you should be careful with your utterances as you are not the first to be governor elect, and you will not be the last; because you don’t know the cultism that is existing between the trio of Buhari, Tinubu and Baba Akande before they formed the party; and that is why you never see them abuse each other in the public. Moreover, Tinubu is not the enemy you need now; so please concenitrate on what you can do to improve the life of Ondo people…My humble advice sir……

  • AmenWolf

    Aketi is very right and in order. Tinubu should go cure the grandiose delusion that he’s suffering from.

  • Sarah

    Mr Akeredolu, Congratulations, nobody gets to a position except God destines it.
    The prophet of Islam said, if all of mankind/spirits joined hands to harm/deprive a person of something, they cannot harm him except as Allah has destined. And if they all joined hands to support a person, they cannot do him any good except as Allah has destined.
    So 100million Tinubus could not have stopped you!
    However did you really need to pick up a fight so soon. Could you not have simply said ‘…it is now time to unite and move Ondo State, our country and APC forward..’ like other leaders have been saying since your election.
    Dont pick up unnecessary fight ooo.,a word is enough for the wise.
    God bless you and Ondo people; God bless our Asiwaju Tinubu, PMB and the entire nation.

  • Daniel

    Mr Soyemi ,the Buharist, any regrets?

    History perfectly repeats itself in this manifestation of treachery.

    Can you drop the law books and read some history books?

    It will be of great help.

    We Southerners claim to be independent-minded and educated,YET our political naivety in Nigeria is legendary.

    You and I know NOT Akeredolu is the ultimate beneficiary…

    Nigeria remains a FORCEFULLY united people of disparate world views…

    Before you conclude BIAFRA here,

    note: I am Itsekiri.

  • Megababs

    Tinubu is not God nor Spirit.. He should keep calm and sit at right place

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Premium times trying to cause trouble. Akeredolu never equated Tinubu to a state leader. Even their write up does not support that.

    • Water No Get Enemy

      You are very right, the press and their screaming headlines are used to draw unnecessary attention and create discord among party leaders.Premium Times be careful!

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Aketi shows he lacks wisdom though knowledgeable. Since knowledge says know it all,and wisdom says know it all and know how to apply it. Aketi does not not know when to say stop. He has forgotten that he is just an emergency politician. Unlike jagaban who has seen all in politics. He has failed and he has succeeded. This is your first shot at power and you goofed.

  • Daniel

    It is either Jon at her or Avengers is responsible for the recession,I can deduce from your submission.

    Boko Haram has been ‘technically defeated’, as the propaganda secretary Lie Mohamad puts it,

    WHILE Buhari’s 97%/5%comment fueled the bombings in the Niger Delta.

    And you think corruption can be SUSTAINABLY tackled by Buhari’s fleeting gestapo approach.

    Why is this CHANGE government carrying out political and economic reforms to TRULY put Nigeria in the right path?

    Corruption has a CAUSE. So Buhari

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, please elucidate clearly.

      The points you have attempted to adumbrate do not appear coherent and discernible.

  • Julius

    Respect sir !!


    Aketi triumph at the polls is victory for democracy against godfatherism. Since 1999, we have allowed, promoted and contributed to the emergence of political monsters in the form of god fathers and war lords. These political monsters have constituted themselves into gatekeepers, recruiters of political leaders are all levels. Our democracy and nation can never progress where a few control the entire political system and determine who occupies every political positions from the wards, LGA, State and Federal levels. This god fatherism in our body polity is what has left Nigeria on its knees and has promoted corruption,impunity, high crime levels, public stealing , backwardness and crass incompetence.Aketi has proven that, nobody is indispensable and all those with the powers to determine their leaders remain the people. As we improve on our electoral systems, god fatherism shall be consigned to the dustbins. APC is a merger of several political parties and not individuals. All the stakeholders need to be credited as they all played their parts. Buhari won in at least 4 geo-political regions out of 6.In 2011 elections Buhari swept 15 states in the North with no political structure. In 2007, ACN a SW party presented Atiku as its Presidential candidate and he won only Osun. In 2011, ACN also presented Nuhu Ribadu and he only won Osun as GEJ swept the entire SW. Most of the ACN Governors became Governors via the courts. In 2012 Ondo Governorship elections, Aketi was endorsed by the ACN political establishment and he came a distant 3rd. Gov Fayemi, Ekiti lost his re-elections bid in the famous 16 to 0 LGAs. Based on the foregoing, what is wrong in describing Tinubu as a state APC leader?

  • dudu

    Just as I wish he’d be truly humbled by his victory, Kay. True, he fought a tough race, but then…strength sometimes lie in not using it;