OndoDecides: PDP blames INEC, ‘powerful interest’ for defeat

Photo credit: Corruption Reporter
Photo credit: Corruption Reporter

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has declined to accept the outcome of the result of the just concluded Ondo State governorship election, saying the exercise was rigged before it was conducted.

The Publicity Director of the party in the state, Ayodele Fadaka, who was reacting to the results on Sunday, said INEC connived with some powerful persons in the country to rig election.

The Returning Officer of the election and Vice Chancellor of the University of Ilorin, Abdul-Ganiyu Ambali, had declared the All Progressives Congress candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu, as winner of the governorship election.

Mr. Akeredolu polled a total of 244, 842, to defeat the PDP candidate, Eyitayo Jegede, who rallied 150, 380 votes to place second in the race.

“In spite of the national orientation of the Federal Government, buying voters is the highest form of corruption that this government portends to be fighting day in day out and we see that corruption is getting entrenched by the day more and more,” Mr. Fadaka said.

“The PDP failed this election simply because INEC and some other interest groups decided it will fail.”

He alleged that the processes that led to the election amounted to rigging, saying INEC need not hold the election when it knew that the name of the PDP candidate was unjustifiably removed from the list of candidates.

According to him, INEC had up till January to hold the election, and should have postponed it, but chose to go ahead with it because it planned to ensure the PDP failed in the election.

“I will say that powerful interest in this country, working hand in gloves with INEC decided to do us in this election, they decided and desired and they have achieved their aim to hand over our party to PAC,” he said.

Asked if his party accepted the results,” Mr. Fadaka said, ” My answer is neither here nor there,” stressing that the election came hastily despite the travails of the party in court.

“There is no democracy in this game, there is no fairness and there is no equity in what we have see and what has just happened here,” he said.

But the representative of the candidate of the APC, Benson Enikuomehim, said the party praised the effort of INEC in the conduct of the election.

He said Mr. Akeredolu would use the mandate judiciously to serve the people of Ondo State.

He said although the election had some issues, it substantially complied with the electoral laws.

He said Mr. Akeredolu expressed his satisfaction with the election and extended his hands of fellowship to other candidates who contested against him.

Also, the APC Publicity Secretary in Ondo State, said in a statement made available on Sunday in Akure that there was prompt arrival and delivery of electoral materials to the 3,009 polling units across the state.

He applauded the simultaneous accreditation and voting system adopted by INEC as landmark, saying it was largely responsible for the absence of electoral malpractice and violence.

Mr. Adesanya said that the election was unprecedentedly peaceful, free and fair in the history of the state.

The publicity secretary, therefore, commended the good people of Ondo State for their peaceful conduct before, during and after the election.

According to him, the electorate remained calm in the face of provocations, intimidation, harassment and the clamour for the repeat of the 1983 violence in the state, where scores of people were killed.

He praised the professionalism of all security agencies before, during and after the poll.

“We specially commend the sacrifices of the security agents that were deployed to various parts of Ondo State and therefore wish them journey mercies to their various states,” he said.

Mr. Adesanya assured the people of the state that “the government of Ondo State under the leadership of the governor-elect would be a regime of a new dawn where indices and traces of dictatorship, tyranny and corruption shall have no breathing space.”



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  • Galantman

    Children of the common man, please DONT allow yourself to be used as cannon fodder by any politician. All there kids are abroad in the best schools and a well stashed bank account. Let them bring there kids from abroad to come and LEAD the protest. A word is enough for the wise.

  • Spoken word

    This guy is talking rubbish

  • otunga

    Even if Jesus Christ were to conduct the elections, Nigerians will still reject it, they’d say He rigged before the elections in favour of his followers…95k votes difference is not peanuts, that’s about 20% of total votes cast and these guys are still talking about rigging, Mimiko has been owing workers months on end, they’re pissed off, its a surprise they got that much….next now is supreme court, why won’t the justices hassle for their own cut? We’re just a people programmed abinitio for failure

    • Water No Get Enemy

      Thank God the Court of Appeal took their own cut to pave way for his candidate.

  • Nkem

    I thought you people said that the whole of Ondo was agog with jubilation following the Supreme Court rulling. Did those people not come out to vote for the governor’s candidate? Or is it that they were still partying so much that they forgot to go and vote???

    • FineBoy

      They were agog because Jegede is still better than Jimoh.
      They also wanted Mimiko to spend more still they have they have 6 months arrears of salaries

  • Arabakpura

    Instead of lamentations, PDP should get together quickly and plug their licking roof to forestall further loss!

    • Kamalu

      Unfortunately their leaking roofs will be ripped wider opened by the raging anger of the people they took for granted over 16 years. PDP will lose even in areas and zones they consider their strongholds during subsequent elections. Their woes are just starting and those that acted roughshod over Nigerians in the past dispensation should know there is fire on the mountain.

      • Ken

        What have you gained so far?

        • Kamalu

          You won’t see it because you are blindfolded by greed.

          • Ken

            Continue with your recession and bad luck.

          • Water No Get Enemy

            Shut up there Ken or what do you call yourself, the people have spoken with their votes in Edo and Ondo States in spite of the recession that should tell you something.

          • Ken

            Shut up 100 times!

          • dr X

            Recession PDP plunged us into..don’t worry Ken..recession never lasts forever, we will overcome..it’s clear PDP wants us to die in poverty. My people chose life instead

  • Kamalu

    PDP should know that there cannot be any voice more powerful than that of the people as expressed by the Indo people yesterday. The Party thinks the people can easily forgot that the pains they are passing through today is the result of their misrule for 16 years during which they butchered the country for their individual takes. PDP should wait for more devastating defeats even in areas they claim to have a stronghold. Nigerian people are wiser! Congratulations to the winner Mr. Akeredolu.

    • cops

      not in my state everlasting parasites like u guys

    • Ken

      Keep quiet!

      • Kamalu

        It’s their stock in trade, people without brains, souls and conscience. Continue to bark and insult people

        • Obosi Warrior

          The funny part is that the so called Ken is neither from Ondo State or has any business in Ondo state. He is just sore because it is one more bold step into his nightmare which is “the progress of the country called Nigeria.”
          check them, they are all over the blog posting trash, thinking in their deluded mind that reasonable people will give it a thought. To them Johnathan lost, therefore Nigeria will collapse. So pathetic.

      • dr X

        Ken Ken..you’re here too..defeat too hard for ya?

        • Ken

          Defeat like how? Which party do I belong to? Which one are you? I am talking of serious matter of a race continually making costly mistakes, you are talking of defeat!

          • dr X

            I don’t know what race this dude’s talking about..what race Ken?

      • tundemash

        Mor0n, just head to the house of the drug addict Fani Kayode and go get your own guns for the violence he boasted he will unleash if PDpigs lose .

  • Omooba A

    Mimiko knows where he could win in the state and there is no doubt that he won in those places. These are the places where his governorship made difference in the life of the people in those area. These areas did not disappointed him as they voted for him as expected. In areas where the last minute repairs were carried out with promise to pay the salaries owed after the election, he knows that he has no chance as the people in these areas wised up after more than seven years of neglect and promises that were never kept. To now blame INEC for his party loss is like blaming the citizen of the state for the reason he owed them their salary for more than six months. Besides, did INEC have anything to do with the factions within PDP? The people has spoken and those that voted for your party are the beneficiaries of the last seven years of your administrations. It is a shame that Mimiko did not know that he dug his own grave when he refused, I mean refused, to pay the state workers for more than six months. The state is richer than Lagos state that did not owe her workers any salary. The question for Mimiko to answer is; what did he do with the federal allocations paid to the state account? He should also answer how the local government allocations were spent as there is nothing to show for these allocations in most part of the state. I hope the EFCC will be on his doorstep as soon as his immunity expired as he may not honor any invitation sent to him.

    • Paul Young

      You have spoken very well.

  • Paul Young

    These governors think Nigerians are fools. You make life hard for people for 8 years, then ontop that you owe workers salaries for 6 months going into such an important election and you expect your party to win? Infact I can even argue that mimiko wanted APC to win. Let’s wait for the defections. PDP as a party is dead. They should all dump the party and form a new one

  • princegab

    If not the “onidaru” so called obj, the western states are progressives who should never have been pdp. The next is Ekiti, we are taking it back hook and by crook via democracy.

  • linkhadj.

    Ayodele Fadaka, or whatever you call yourself, was it INEC that caused factionalisation of PDP? Was it INEC that instituted the various court cases against your Party and its factions? And why should INEC postpone the election just because your Party,out of over twenty other Parties, can not get itself together or settle it’s internal problems? Is self-imposed internal problem of a Party one of the legal reasons for election postponement? Has INEC no definite election timetable known to your Party? Just go and solve your domestic problem and leave INEC out of blame for your defeat.

  • wode

    Why shifting blame? Mimiko and PDP should blame themselves. If Mimiko had provided good governance and treated the people of Ondo State very well, they would have given his candidate better support. Mimiko is also part of the people that brought Ali Modu Sheriff into their fold and that has cost them monumental damage. That’s error of judgement in their part. Let them lick their wound and learn to do things right when given opportunity.

  • Aminu Baba

    It is a big sigh of relief for us out here and very gladenning indeed to note that Ondo people did not behave like their Ekiti Neighbours. They showed the world how sophisticated they are by not allowing stomach infrastructure or any form of monetary inducement to play a part in their voting pattern. They are not “Professors state” for nothing.

    This election, more than any other, should serve as a final warning to so-called godfathers and party leaders. They must come down from their high horses and allow democracy to prevail in the choice of their party’s candidates. The days of imposition should be over as it is now clear, from the trouncing of PDP and AD by APC, that the power now is really in the hand of the electorate. Thanks to the “lovely card reader”.

    Another significant lesson to be learnt is that taught to perennial carpet crossers and unprincipled politicians who regard party politics as a business venture. It is sheer madness for someone to cross from LP to PDP then to APC and then to AD within a spate of four years! It is only in Nigeria that this kind of irresponsible behavior can be tolerated. Again, the people of Ondo state have delightfully demonstrated to the world that they are too matured to tolerate such type of greedy behavior from unruly candidates, backed by pompous sponsors

  • Paul Graham

    The infighting in PDP led to the loss of the Presidency and Ondo State and so shall it be in future elections if not fixed.
    A house divided cannot stand. PDP is the architect of it’s own misfortune!

    • Ken

      Sometimes I dont understand how people reason? Is it the infighting that made Appeal court to disband itself or postpone the judgement indefinitely? Was there no infighting in Apc? God is watching!

      • Paul Graham


  • Observer

    But Fayose, Mimiko and FFK claimed that the returning officer of INEC is same Professor that ran the election of Edo state, but in this news, its a different person, you can see how this politicians misleads people… You said INEC connived with some people agaist PDP , na wa o.. Na INEC sue ina go court? Or is INEC that forced the prople to vote against you? I just wonder the way PDP reacts to their misfortune that they themselves are the architect.

  • Ife Ariyo

    During my last visit to my hometown in Ondo, the residents were raining Soponna on Mimiko. Only Mimiko and his gang of robbers benefited from his looting. Ondo people hate Mimiko with deep passion. EFCC come and get Mimiko. When is Mimiko returning to his town in Igbira? Omo ale. He stole and stole and stole and stole…

  • willian igben

    If a goverment that claims to be fighting corruption, deliberately deploy brazen illegalities through proxies and govt agencies, to manipulate elections for its party to win, as in the case of the Ondo elections, then one wonders where is the corruption war we are fighting. Until we fight corrupt minds to whip them into straight path, the current anti corruption fight will be like cutting the branches of à tree which can not kill the tree. Therefore the war will stop after Buhari’s govt. Corruption is like a living trèe. If Buhari is serious with anti corruption war his govt must allow elections to be seen to be fair. The Ondo elections were not fair.