Nigerian Senator advocates death penalty for corruption

Photo credit: Nigerian Biography
Photo credit: Nigerian Biography

Gbolahan Dada (APC-Ogun West) has advocated capital punishment for corrupt officials in the country.

Mr. Dada, who made the suggestion during interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Friday, said “corruption is the bane of this country and the only way out is heavy penalty, even death sentence, for those found guilty.

“The only way you can stop corruption is through death sentence”.

Mr. Dada noted that there were so many laws that should be promulgated at this stage of Nigeria’s development, pointing out that England did so too at a stage in her life.

He accused civil servants of being the major culprits, pointing out that they had access to public funds which made it easy for them to steal from the national treasury.

“This is why some of them, after stealing so much money from government, set up personal businesses but collapse soon after because they only know how to steal, not to create wealth.

“Wealth creation is a process that must be sustained but you go bankrupt the day you are taken away from the source where you steal,” he said.

The lawmaker said about 1.2 million houses built with stolen money in Lagos and Abuja were in the market for sale with nobody to buy them.

“That is why you find houses everywhere unoccupied because they steal this money and they ask the contractor to go and build houses for them. Go to Lekki, you will find them there and here in Abuja.

“If you borrowed money from the bank will you be able to lock up the houses unoccupied,” he asked.

Mr. Dada implored the Federal Government to impose property tax on all unoccupied houses in the country, promising that he would soon sponsor a bill to identify who owns each building in the country using modern platforms on the internet.

These include Bank Verification Numbers, E-passports, GSM numbers, company registration numbers, national identity card numbers, driver’s license and DNA, to know who owns which building in Nigeria.

Mr. Dada said corruption had devastated the country’s economy so much that the only way to stop it is the death penalty.

He said although the developed nations would frown against it, people should read the history of England.

“Who killed King James?” he asked. “At that time, that was what could solve the problem for them, we are not civilized here, we think we are, because we are riding exotic cars, in fact we are in the 14th in Nigeria.”

He said Nigeria had disappointed the world not just Africa “because in every group of Africans you see, five are Nigerians.

“So, the whole world expected us to be trail blazers that would lead Africa out of poverty.

“Today, many in Russian, Malaysian, Thailand, Indian and Great Britain prisons are Nigerians. Why? It is because of indiscipline in the society,’’ he said.

He said Nigeria was gradually getting to the stage the Republic of Liberia was when the war broke out. “The major danger here is the large population of youths who are unemployed.

“When you have a large population of youths who are under-educated, under-housed, under-developed and you have a handful minority in the ruling elite class monopolising the government apparatus, you are courting trouble.

“Nigeria as an oil producing nation is an enabler for job creation.

“My worry is that if nothing is done, the crisis would start from starvation, food shortage. Texas in the United States is bigger than Nigeria and the population of Texas is about 20 million and Nigeria, in about ten years time, will be 200 Million.

“The land is not expanding, yet population is increasing. We are not like India and China sub-continents. India is bigger than Nigeria. So, they can accommodate large population but that is not the issue.

“The issue is that they have a productive economy. So, we can’t compare them with Nigeria at all.

“Let Nigeria compare herself with neighboring West African countries. We had an opportunity to turn Nigeria into a productive economy for 40 years but we wasted the opportunity.

“All the money made from oil was wasted. We have no petro-chemical industry, now we import virtually everything.

“The few industries that were left by the colonial European administration have all collapsed,’’ the lawmaker said.

Mr. Dada said that was a great mistake and that Europeans should have been left to run their industries while Nigerians took over governance. (NAN)


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  • sheyman

    I trust my senators, the bill can’t even reach first reading, let alone passing it to law.

    • princegab

      He will soon be suspended so the bill stillborn . Wonder how a snake cut its own head. Impunity is to blame, death sentence too extreme. Forfeiture and jail term of 2 to 10 years okay, and corruption will be gone in no time.

    • A Aminu

      Let him try and it is left to us Nigerians to support him. We must talk to our senators who have conscience.

  • Rick Eson

    Senator has the opportunity now to show how patriotic to Nigerians by passing the bill into law.

  • otunga

    “We think we’re civilized because we ride exotic cars…in fact we’re in the 14th century”…. When I tell people that the average Nigerian is uncivilized, uncultured, uneducated, basically a sophisticated illiterate, they shout all manner of trashy excuses which of course is expected when dealing with our people, c’mon you don’t have to be an astronaut to decode, just watch your TV or listen to your radio or read a newspaper or check out “social media”….man…everywhere you go you see the raw backwardness of our people, take for example today, so called black Friday, its like the 2nd coming of Jesus, for God’s sake civilized people would encourage shopping online but here in a country struggling with terrorism people crowd themselves like sardines…ah black Friday this…ah black Friday that…making themselves expendable targets for any ambitious terrorist… Man! Nigerians truly a peculiar breed.

    • Yemi

      That’s the


    pls go a step further,,sponsor a bill to datit is only those with skeleton in dere houses dat will not support it

  • Dead End.

    Your co-senators will soon start to call you different names; That your bill will not be allowed to even scale the first reading by the Mesujamba who is coordinating the house. In fact, if you’re not careful with the bill you will be ganged up against, and they will make sure you are suspended….When Nigerians are truly ready they will face that looting house by themselves, and chase everybody out by fire by force….

  • Al

    Distinguish Senator kindly make a bill in that respect, we will compel our senator to support it until it become a law, I advice other Nigerian to do the same with there representatives in NASS, if they refuse then they will face the consequences

  • St

    Include the youth or masses truly in sponsoring bills and you will be surprised the force that goes with the bill and the response therewith,

  • augustine

    Life jail in Kirikiri prison is better. Death sentence is too hard, even though it is working well in China. Our Nigeria is risky, what if a truly hungry government staff steals =N= 50,000 to pay medical bill of his sick child? We go kill am? What if enemies lie against somebody about corruption and we kill him, only for the truth to be discovered later that the convict was falsely accused, but he has been executed by hanging.

    Life jail, forfeit all your legitimate property plus the stolen loot, is enough punishment. This is my opinion.

    • afam

      @ Augustine. I quite share d pains n frustration of d distinguish (?) senator. corruption hs bn our bane n needs drastic action 2 combats it if we must move forward. I agree also that capital punishment may b misused.I agree into to wit Augustine for life jail n forfeiture of all assets of d convicted

      • A Aminu

        I concur with you and Augustine for life in jail. You too must be very matured like the senator who proposed the death penalty. The argument of the senator is we live in thev14th century, so we should met 14th judgement to theft of public funds as was done in Britain, and is currently done in China. We have reached an emergency situation. Can u imagine a Supreme Court judge caught with N27m in his bathroom. Having 3 exortic cars parked in his country home, or a university professor vice chancellor buying a bus at N79m for the university when the showroom price is N19m, or a retiring I G carting awayn29 vehicles just because he is retired, Or an airforce general hiding $2m in the sock-away of his closet. These are weird instances that should happen only in 14th century. To develop we must take the hard pills, and this is only one of it. If Britain can take in and China is right now taking it, then Nigeria must take that path to develop. If the due process of the law is rid of corruption, the example Augustine gave of a poor civil servant stealing N25,000 to buy drugs for his child will not arise.
        In fact, in the 70s you don’t need to buy drugs, people are begged to come to the hospital and take drugs. People are paid money to take their children to school. And when the children are in school, they are paid to remain in school. They are paid pocket money. It is corruption that has made this history in Nigeria.
        The civil servants killed this country, they must be visited with death if we want to develop this country.

    • Truth is bitter

      It’s the corruption that will push the person to steal the ₦50,000. If those people stealing the money are killed, there will be enough funds to pay workers salaries as and when due so that they will solve their pressing problems.

  • British Nigerian

    Thank you my brother. The only problem with your statement is, you’ll be the only one left in the hollow chambers within 6 month of the introduction of Dada’s law.

    • A Aminu

      No senator Dada will not be alone. Read down Nigerians are with him, and there are senators with conscience. They could be few, but we must start from somewhere.

  • #barbeach for #nigerianklrptomaniacs.

  • musa aliero

    Who is this man kidding? A bill like that in our House of Representathieves or legislooters won’t be even allowed to be read on the floor

    • A Aminu

      You must start a project before you finish it. The senator is making a good point and I would like you to please read my posting few minutes ago in reply to a discussants Usmaniau. Do you think politicians are corrupt? They are not. Do you think there is more corruption in the National Assembly than in the ministries,
      The bed rock of theft in Nigeria is at the ministries, and not the National Assembly that makes law. Can theft take place without recommendation of the civil servant? Can a politician in the National Assembly sign cheque, or write out payment voucher, or order a vehicle at the cost of N34m when the showroom price is N12m? If he knows he will be killed if he help in signing corruption, he will not sign it. You will say yes incompetent people are planted on these seats where corruption takes place. Even a blind man can smell theft. If you don’t see, you can sense.
      Please Mal Musa read my posting to Usmaniau and reflect. I also hope you are a senior civil servant who knows the evils that are done in the weekly management meetings of these ministries, you will know then that it is the civil servants who kill this country.
      You will be tempted to say but the governors are stealing left right and center. Yes governors steal only when the civil servants- the permanent secretary help him with a memo to steal. Do you know that abou 75% of our governors were at one time or another civil servants. They won their election with stolen money from the same government they turn round to rob. I am waiting for your response or any other persons.
      The corruption in the judiciary is high. Are they not civil servants. The court registrars, clerks etc.
      The corruption in the military, the police. Are they not civil servants?

    • Julius

      In that case, he should keep introducing the bill.

  • thisnigeria

    Someone is talking sense. Watching and waiting for a seconder.

    • A Aminu

      My friend you have already seconded him, and if you have not please read my posting in reply to one confused discussants Usmaniau. Apology to him, I am not known to insult discussants. I so second. It is about time we start killing these rouges before they finally kill Nigeria our fatherland.

  • Deovolente

    Nigerian lawmakers are the highest paid in the world at salaries of over $160,000. They are the last people to have the moral right to talk about killing corrupt Nigerian officials who are in most cases earning below living wages. Instead of killing corrupt officials let them kill Boko Haram members and cattle herdsmen who have been indulging in the bloodletting of over 20,000 innocent Nigerians with impunity. The proper penalty for corruption is imprisonment and forfeiture of assets and not the primitive practice of judicial murder being proposed by this senator. Enough of the shedding of Nigerian blood.

  • Usmanlau

    This is called playing with Nigerian brain( intelligence). Or given people topic of discussion. U guy are fools indeed, they are the most corrupted people how do u think they will sign this into law. Com om guys don’t be fooled

  • Cincinnatus

    The rewards for corruption is too great and the risk is negligible. Until we turn that around, we are wasting our time. You expect the corrupt to sign death penalty for themselves. The people of this country need a champion to take the bull by the balls and do what needs to be done, but people and their short sighted idea of democracy. Citizenship in Nigeria is too weak. Nobody will act. They’ll just keep praying to God and blaming their leaders for all their problems. I thought Buhari was going to be our champion, our Dauda but I think the guy is too old and afraid of the damage the backlash will cause to the country. He’s thinking about his legacy just like every other self obsessed leader the world has ever know. “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU”.

    Look at Duertete. Does he look like he cares about his reputation. He has destroyed so many corrupt politicians involved in everything from drug trafficking to under age sex slavery. He is serious about saving his country from the likes of Dasuki and the rest. The Americans that were their ally new about all these twisted politicians dealing and still sanctioned their place in power. Duertete is a leader, a champion and he may die eventually with a bit of innocent blood on his hands but his people will have a better chance to fight corruption after he is gone, even if he doesn’t finish the task. Our own president is playing around and letting corrupt people crush his country into this mess. The corrupt are not afraid of EFCC or DSS. They have no shame of exposure of their deeds. They will fight you if they believe they can get away with their crimes. If you are weak, step aside for true champions and let them rid the world of these poisonous snakes.

  • OJpo

    It is unfortunate that the youths are naive.They are the ones spinning around the corrupt Legislators . They are very uncivilised. We have a lots of appalling civil society organisations all over the country. The civil societies are the first organisations to defend the corrupt and discredited personality. The lawyers are Nigeria nemesis. The Legislators are Nigeria Hazards and Nigerians must hunt them.

  • Truth is bitter

    The truth is bitter. You said the incontrovertible truth. Death penalty is the hard and only solution to Nigeria’s economic problems. You are the only Senator who has come up with such a truth in the history of 8th NASS. God bless you.

  • think global not local

    Hmm bright as this may seem, don’t you tthink that this policy can be exploited for political repressions of opposition? In a country like Nigeria, with a deplorable political and justice system, this measure may yield results which we may regret. How about we just stick to life in prison, and seizure of assets.

  • John Abayomi

    Hello Mr Dada what have to say re the jumbo salary you lot are getting for sitting on your butt? who is fooling who? mr man park well, we are sick and tired of the usual lips service

  • Rawdah

    Yes, corruption has eaten deeply into every fabric of our society. And who do we really blame? D leadership, civil servants( in all d public institutions) the legislature or d Judiciary? It is so sad. The Nigerian project has failed. We ought to all search our inner self, ask ourselves how did we bcom d way we are today as a country.
    We hv so much of everything (Resources) dt could hv placed Nigeria amongst d developed nations but unfortunately we are retrogressing by d day. This is my sixteenth year in service and I hv equally served in about 7 Ministries. Indeed Civil servants are corrupt but then who is not. From our homes to the public/ private offices/companies. corruption has many faces. D senator’s proposal is a welcome development and should be passionately supported and if we don’t, then d emergence of Audu Mahaukachi is only a matter of time. Am sorry to add dt Baba Buhari has d zeal to redeem dis country to its glorious days but alas it is beyond Baba.

  • bbounce

    Why do people keep saying Texas is bigger that Nigeria ? where do they get the info from Texas is not up to 700,000km(squared) while Nigeria is more than 900,000km(square) I think that pretty different.