Fani-Kayode threatens war if Ondo election is rigged

Femi Fani-Kayode
Femi Fani-Kayode

A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has released a statement threatening that ‘the dogs of war’ would be unleashed on the country if Saturday’s governorship election in Ondo state is rigged.

“INEC should not allow itself to be used by a rapacious and desperate Federal Government to win the state “at all costs”, Mr. Fani-Kayode said in the statement emailed to PREMIUM TIMES.

“They must not do anything that will provoke the wrath of the people of Ondo and they must ensure that the election is free and fair. That is the only way to guarantee and ensure peace.

“Anything short of that will result in the murder of sleep, the invocation of the clouds of uncertainty and the release of the dogs of war.”

Read Mr. Fani-Kayode’s full statement below.


Prince Adedeji Soyebi who is the INEC National Commissioner for the south west is leading the team for the Ondo state governorship election tomorrow while Professor Kayode Soremilekun, the Vice Chancellor of the Federal University, Oye, is the Returning Officer.

This is a dangerous combination. Both men are anti-PDP and Soremilekun is the same individual that was appointed as the returning officer for the Edo state 2016 governorship election.

Sadly we witnessed the havoc that he caused there. He shamelessly rigged the election for APC in Edo and he is under orders to do the same in Ondo state tomorrow.

We must stop him and those that sent him on this robbery operation. Ondo state is not Edo and if they rig the election there will be consequences.

We must begin to learn from history. We must remember the fire and carnage that engulfed old Ondo state in 1983 after the ruling party of the day, the NPN, rigged the governorship election.

We must draw the necessary lessons from that and never allow it to happen again.

That single act of electoral robbery led to the death of many innocent souls and signalled the end of the second Republic because it resulted in a military coup d’etat a few months later.

The truth is that rigging in the south west, whether it be in the elections of 1964, 1983 or 1993, always results in massive violence and its consequences are always felt way beyond the shores and boundaries of Yorubaland.

It also always results in the total and complete destabilisation of the entire nation and a violent, unconstitutional and controversial change of government at the centre.

Permit me to explain. The rigging of the south western regional elections in 1964 and the violence that followed it was the primary justification and reason for the bloody and violent coup that took place on January 15th 1966. Many were killed that night.

Again the rigging of the governorship election in 1983 and the violence that followed it was the primary reason and justification for the coup that took place a few months later in that same year and that ironically brought General Muhammdu Buhari (as he then was) to power. Again many were killed that night.

Finally the rigging (or the “annulment”) of the June 12th 1993 presidential election, in which the free and fair election of Chief MKO Abiola, a leading son of the south west, as President of Nigeria was cancelled at the last minute caused a violent reaction in the south west (and indeed consternation all over the country) and resulted in the “stepping aside” of General Ibrahim Babangida as Head of State in 1994. Again many were killed that night.

We must avoid a repeat of any of these scenarios at all costs. We must not allow murder, arson and violence to hold sway or take root. We must pray for and keep the peace.

INEC should not allow itself to be used by a rapacious and desperate Federal Government to win the state “at all costs”.

They must not do anything that will provoke the wrath of the people of Ondo and they must ensure that the election is free and fair. That is the only way to guarantee and ensure peace.

Anything short of that will result in the murder of sleep, the invocation of the clouds of uncertainty and the release of the dogs of war.

To the PDP in Ondo state I have just this to say: we are very proud of you, your state and your governor, Segun Mimiko.

You have fought against all odds and ensured that you were not robbed, murdered and buried by the enemies within and the cockroaches, vultures, traitors and usurpers that infiltrated your ranks and that sought to cripple, disable and destroy you.

The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal have given you justice and God has brought you so far.

Now is the time for you to shed all your fears and anxieties and exercise your faith in God and express your confidence in your governor, your leaders and your candidate.

Do not be overwhelmed and do not be intimidated by the rantings, intentions and plans of the enemy because the Lord, who is always faithful to His own, is with you. He will never allow you to be put to shame.

The whole nation is watching you and praying for you. Go forth and do us all proud.

Go out in your millions, vote for our candidate Eyitayo Jegede and make sure that you stand firm and guard your votes jealously.

Do not be intimidated by the power of the Federal Government or the threats, taunts and insults of their numerous emissaries and agents because in the end we shall surely prevail.

Saturday the 26th November is your day of victory and vindication. Go forth, claim it, take it and show them that your God is mighty.


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  • dike offor

    Oh Fani kayode you no dey onde na you talk all this one?you no get sense for your age and level to discussed with former leader and if you want see Buhari you fit try see am na you dey talk like this but you no follow dey Ondo State…na your House fire go meet…as you dey pray for people wey never see you eye…Let me tell you gone are the days,Nigeria will be the Country of all Nation…time will tell..

    • tman

      I wonder why u guys don’t understand common English, is better than go back to schl,wat is d offence o o statement of I may ask,d guy was jst giving a warning let d election be free nd fair, dat is Wat he’s trying to say. Pls don’t take it personal

      • sab

        Personally, I abhor violence even in its least form. I can say FFK statement is a joke carried too far. But then he is making a call for a level playing ground. PDP felt the returning officer who they alleged did them in at Edo shouldn’t have been handed this assignment again so soon. Its like in a football match where you feel the referee was biased against your team. Naturally, you won’t be happy seeing him come to officiate your team’s next game. That is mind game, fear of the unknown. However, before you crucify FFK for his ‘dogs of war’ threat, don’t forget who first threatened ‘Baboons will be soaked in blood’ if 2015 elections were rigged. Let us recall that then, while party in power then tried to condemn the threat and especially who handed it out, most of you, yes, most of you gleefully celebrated the threat. Or have we lost some sense of memory? Or better still, could it have been accepted then but shouldn’t be now? Okay, may be then, it was part of propaganda but now, it shouldn’t be! God help us as a NATION!

        • MO the Observer

          but INEC said its not same returning officer of Edo election that they assign for Ondo state’s election, its just a false alarm from PDP… why is AD nor SDP not complaining? after all, Oke of AD has a better chance of winning… PDP are just crying wolves

          • KKF

            Honestly I taught FFK is a decent Man until now, See what is tweeting about Jimoh Ibrahim not even an illiterate will do that. now treating war from Lagos, please we now what is good for us in Ondo State

        • Burbank

          ‘Baboons will be soaked in blood’ is an Hausa idiomatic equivalent to “Fighting tooth and nail, ” not call for genocide!

          Try to understand what you write.

          • Netanyahu

            I can now confirm that you are one of the boko haram hiding somewhere between Lagos and Ogun state. They must have to fish you out quickly. You are more dangerous than your leader, shekrau because Lagos is too highly populated for your evil plans. DSS should take note.

  • sheyman

    Can’t this goat talk with brain for once? So if pdp doesn’t won, the election is definitely rigged. Fani that can’t win election in his ward will be shouting like a forefront national leader.

    • Otile

      So you want this important election to be rigged the chieftains of APC.

      • Burbank

        Like Fayose rigged Ekiti, Akpabio rigged A’Ibom and Wike rigged Rivers.
        Or like FFK “rig” Bianca Ojukwu!

  • NwaIgbo

    This is my problem with granting bail to those who don’t deserve it. Pot Smoking, con Christian Femi should return to the dark recesses of Kuji prison until he is done with EFCC. Oleh!

    • Kallah Bature

      Don’t mind FFK jare.He quite well know he may be going to jail for a very long time.That in itself is akin to death,so he is now wishing death for law abiding citizens of Ondo state.He doesn’t want to suffer alone and he is instigating innocent people to accompany him.

  • adekenny

    Madman! The thief instigator! Shame on you! Fani kayode yu think yu can incite the people against the government? Fani oleee

  • Bright Henry

    This cocaine addict lacks common sense. You guys should ask me if every election in the south west since 1999-date has been free and fair and why all the parties always rush to court for litigation. His plan of inciting Ondo citizens against the DC just to satisfy his selfish ends, have failed.

    • gosgos

      With a name like yours,you are most likely to be the cocaine addict.Speaking about common sense,does this piece you put together suggest you’ve got any of it? If you had just a little,even if it were in infinitesimal measure,you would not speak in such manner about a man in whose presence you are sure to bow and grovel.

      • Bright Henry

        Ordinarily I would have ignored. U. First of all, I can never bow down to Fani Kayode. He is too small and inconsequential to me. Check his. Chapbook to Jimoh Ibrahim yesterday and tell me if any man worth the name man will ever bow to such a hateful, indecent character. Secondly u don’t know me or what I do or those I have been in contact and still in contact with.
        Lastly, only in Nigeria will people like Fani Kayode can ever become a minister. Very few countries will tolerate that misnomer and if he is your idea of who and what a political Leader should be, then u need help. That’s all I have for u.

        • Ali mubi

          Don’t worry about such cranks.To have a role model like FFK,such individual definitely needs a lot of help.

  • Anonymous

    FFK is a fearless man. Only very few men will not tremble when their lives are in the hands of an impenitent despot.

    • MO the Observer

      we know he is a Pirate(SeaDogs Confraternity member)… I swear he no fit do mtchew for MOPO, not to talk of soldier… so guy, tell your Ahoy brother make hin metete oo

  • Man_Enough

    Ekiti governorship election was massively rigged and no one even coughed.

  • persona

    When Mimiko from Labor Party won elections against PDP, did Ondo burn?
    I have said it FFK is no historian, he cant keep things in context, wonder how such a man conned GEJ?

  • Odus

    To use the wise words of GEJ – the lives of average Nigerians doesn’t worth any man’s presidency or governorship. They come and go bro – stop inciting violence. Whom so ever is elected would have to be everyone’s governor! knowing that he/she will leave some day.

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    ……. @ FFK The Drug addict, What Will Happen If APC win the election in a free and fair election ?
    You Are going down the stage of elders but you still behave as a Mad man always. When ever you posts your write-up, you end up shamming your self and the name of your family. Imagine what you post at your tweeter handle to Jimo Ibrahim ?
    Shame to you, and your children will never forgive you if they matured and realize the damage you’ve done to them !!!

    • Otile

      If Islamic APC wins we know it is rigged.

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        If APC is an Islamic party then what would be PDP? Traditionalist party.

      • Ananas_yolawa.

        Vote is Steal counting, and APC is set to win.
        Go and do what ever you want to do.

  • Paul Young

    FFK can’t even rally the boys in his village to come out to war. This guy is just a bloody noise maker. PDP rigged elections silly for 16 years and he benefitted massively from it. He should keep quiet. What goes round comes around

  • Osas

    majority of the discussants in this forum have written most of the things i want to write.However I want to add a few things to correct somethings which this psychopath called fani-kayode is blabbing about. First and foremost, he is not from Edo state, why produce zero-evidence allegations that the election was rigged?in a state where the incumbent was very popular and widely known to have performed?why are the pdpigs peddling this evidence-free propaganda around town? why not provide these evidence to the election tribunal and make their case there? if they have a case at all?and another false notion i want to correct is this unending bragging and empty threats of violence if the election does not go their way. They should understand that this is 2016 and not 1983, or even 1964.In those years Nigeria was led by civillians with no military experience.The Nigerian Armed forces are in a state of war and they are battle ready.Let them not think they have monopoly of violence. The president is a retired General who has seen real bloodshed.Not these soft politicians who are filled with milk and honey.Mimiko won Agagu in court after the election was first rigged from him in 2007.What happened?,did heaven fall? This psycho(FFK) should go for psychiatric evaluation and stop vomiting rubbish

  • Galantman

    Fanikayode. Don’t bother, the dogs of war are waiting patiently for you at Kuje prison.

    • Sword of Damocles

      hahaha, ol’ Boi u wan kill me with laughter(and the “executioner” is the term “patiently”)


      You are not his creator, you cannot tell if his persecutors will successfully wake up from sleep tomorrow morning. so just shut the fk up and deal with your slavish mentality first before gloating at FFK who is courageously walking his talk in the face of the forces of vendetta who manipulate the machinery of state against him.

      • Burbank

        Like FFK Fayose General Momoh Obanikoro manipulated the machinery of state in Ekiti and Osun.

      • Galantman

        fanikayode is anything but courageous. A political,prostitute, a liar, a shameless blackmailer whose conscience has a price tag. The memory of the use of military, paramilitary,political thugs and old tribal spent horses hiding under the cover of afenifere is still still fresh in our minds. So,tell your story to the dogs



  • marc umeh

    Seems as if he will not consider the election free and fair unless his candidate wins.
    This is truly dangerous.

    • Otile

      Do you want them to the election?

  • Deansmart

    Security agencies over to you ffk is a security threats needs to be cautioned or call for questioning, (awon thugs reeee ooooo security e mu won)

    • Netanyahu

      I think you can stay with Yoruba language. Your English is not fit for this forum. Just being friendly.

      • Deansmart

        Mr hungry lecturer don’t teach me nonsense if you want to be marking scripts you better ask for teaching appointment ,anyway is not my fault that you are so numpt

  • Burbank

    Femi Fani-Kayode threatening war on Nigeria like Alhaji Asari.
    When the bluff is called, both keep quiet!

    • Otile

      … When the bluff is called… Do you when Islamic APC rigs elections?

      • Burbank

        Like APC rigged in Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Ekiti, all won by APC.
        Or were those won by Boko Haram Imam Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff party the PDP?

  • MO the Observer

    lol… Dogs of war ke… where hungry Lions dey petch… na die una dey o

  • ese

    so if una no win na rigging…..what a pity

    • Water No Get Enemy

      Another Donald Trump in Nigeria. When they win, it’s not rigged but when they lose it is a rigged election.

  • Arabakpura

    Fani Kayode didn’t wish this on his Osun state when his party lost elections in which he boasted that they will Trump the other party. I think he is truly suffering from bipolar disease!

  • tunde

    Trouble maker,like father,like son.The old man was a trouble maker in his days.

    • aisha ani

      My dad said the same thing.

      • tunde

        I knew his father very well because of my parents when he was deputy premier in the old western region.He and other giants of their time,Alhaji Femi Okunu,Mr. Showemimo etc worked in th

  • Ola Onanugaola

    Now it is confirmed FFK has white-power induced verbal diarrhea.
    He just was to be heard and feel relevant.

  • Water No Get Enemy

    FFK’s threat is an empty one he has no ammunition in is arsenal to carry out the threat,no wonder he took on Jimoh Ibrahim, anyway let’s wait and see what happens after the election on Sunday or Monday. He may want to add sedition to his plethora of criminal charges and the FG will help him to do that. He is just like the stubborn fly that follows the corpse to the grave.

  • Egbu Yugo



    Ondo people don’t need advise from a retarded person like Fani.Krook

  • Thedream

    Indeed FFK has lost it all, l does he thinks Ondo people didn’t know what is good for then? . Look at one that is advising against rigging.

  • aisha ani

    Breaking news @Femi Fani Kayode, EFCC has started cleaning your room in anticipation of next week’s visit. I sincerely hope and pray that this visit will be a very long one.

    • Right Minded

      Slut like u! You should be sucking your meigida sick as usual, instead of coming to show your stupidity on dis forum.

      • aisha ani

        Femi, ori ti baje!

  • Spoken word

    We all know that fani kayode is a coward like his father.he will be the first to flee the country if there is war

  • muazu wali

    The man has no constituency, no platform and no followership. Only mouth without any ability to mobilise even a fly. He should be arrested and returned to Kuje prison.

    • Right Minded

      Why not tell your gworo Messiah Buhari to go and arrest him if he can. Let Buhari and the Daura SS try anything funny in Ondo State and see if d people won’t react.

      • muazu wali

        He.Is not worth it. Let him continue with his addiction and psychiatric problems.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    The corruption indicted PDP rogue,Femi Fani-Kayode, appears to overreach himself by getting involved in Ondo State,governorship affairs. Femi Fani-Kayode, hails from Osun State, and lacks no relevance or business with Ondo State, governorship affairs as whoever emerges as Ondo State governor will definitely be the choice of Ondo State voters.