Grace Omogui, 82-year-old mother of ex-FIRS boss, Ifueko Okauru, shot dead

Grace Onaiwu Omoigui

Grace Onaiwu Omogui, the mother of a former Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, Ifueko Okauru, has died, her family announced Saturday. She was 82.

Mrs. Omogui, teacher, lawyer and judge, passed on at a Lagos hospital Saturday following complications from multiple gunshot injuries from an armed robbery attack in Benin City, the Edo State capital, on her way from the Sapele Road branch of the Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB).

According to a statement by her eldest son, Nowamagbe, Mrs Omoigui was born on December 28, 1933 and her life spanned several professional careers, starting as an educationist and former Vice Principal of Federal Government Girls College (FGGC), Benin City, and later becoming a lawyer, retiring as a magistrate in the Lagos State Judiciary.

“Mama G, as she loved to be called, fought a gallant fight to live but the Lord decided that her time on this earth was done,” the statement said.

“She leaves behind a legacy of love to one’s neighbour regardless of cost and personal sacrifice. Even in the face of unprovoked attack, she did what she does best: rightly questioned the indefensible actions of the armed robbers as she felt it was wrong.

“Mum lived a transparent life through and through. She was the pillar behind the family and would do anything to preserve its good name and defend integrity.

“She positively touched many lives at home and at work and we believe her legacy of sacrifice, loyalty, hard work, fairness, love, integrity, the importance of family and God’s love will live on through everybody she touched.

“She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Surveyor Daniel Aiyanyo Omoigui, her children – Dr Nowamagbe and Moira Omoigui; Dr Sota and Helen Omoigui; Ifueko M Omoigui and Asishana Okauru; Eghosa and Eunice Omoigui; and Nosakhare Omoigui; and grand children, Ikponmwosa Omoigui, Ighiwiyisi Omoigui, Ayrton Omoigui, Iyegbekosa Omoigui, Izevbokun Omoigui, Grace Omoigui, Isiuwa Omoigui, Iyare Omoigui, Noe Ter Avest Omoigui, Iriagbonse Omoigui, Anni-Arie Omoigui, and Nete Okauru.

“We are heartbroken by this untimely loss but comforted by the understanding that this is the Lord’s way and our mum is resting peacefully in His bosom.”

Below is a profile of Mrs. Omogui as sent to PREMIUM TIMES by her family.

Grace Onaiwu Omoigui (nee Elekhuoba Iyeye OGBEWE-ASEMOTA) was born at Akure, Ondo State on December 28 1933. Grace Onaiwu lost her mother Izevbokun at the early age of three years. Her early and adolescent development was therefore in the caring hands of her late good father (to whom she was much endeared to), her step mothers and her grandmother – Iyeye with whom she spent a greater part of her childhood. She grew up active, dynamic, aggressive and highly motivated for success.

Married on August 2, 1958 to Mr. Daniel Aiyanyo Omoigui, the retired Surveyor General of the Federation, Mrs. Omoigui has successfully combined an active working life with building a successful home. Their marriage is blessed with five children – four boys and one girl, who individually have succeeded in life in their various fields of endeavour. a testimony to the strict and focused upbringing they received from their parents.

Grace Onaiwu Omoigui started her working life as a Grade II teacher – a product of St. Agnes College Maryland, Ikeja in December 1955.

Over time, she developed herself and acquired additional qualifications which include: NCE in Chemistry/Biology (1967), BSc Education/Zoology (1974); LLB Hons (1985); BL Nigerian Law School (1986).

In her first career as a teacher, Grace Onaiwu Omoigui taught in various primary, secondary modern schools in the old Western Region – Benin, Okene, Ogbomosho and Ilorin. In Lagos, she taught in the Old Government School, Okesuna; Eko Boys High School, Mushin; Holy Child College, Obalende and the Federal School of Arts and Science in Victoria Island (where her students fondly referred to her as ‘Mummy’).

She was posted to the Federal Government College Benin as Vice Principal in 1990 where she retired after thirty-five (35) years of Public Service on July 31 1992.

In her second career as a lawyer, since her retirement from Public Service, Grace Onaiwu Omoigui practiced under experienced Senior Advocates of Nigeria – Messrs A.O. Eghobamien of Benin City, Edo State and Prof A.B. Kasunmu of Lagos, Lagos State. She served as a Magistrate and Chairman of the Rent Edict Tribunal in the Lagos State Government Judiciary from where she retired a second time around as a result of attaining the statutory retiring age of sixty-five (65) years.

She is currently a Director in the firm of ReStraL Ltd, and spends her time mostly providing service to her husband, children, extended family and friends in any capacity that is of benefit.

Chronology of Work Experience


Various teaching appointments:

Started teaching service in the Convent School, Benin City in January 1956. Taught all subjects in the standard six class.

Appointed Head of the Secondary Modern School in Benin-City

1958 – 1960
Resigned to join husband in the U.K.

1960 – 1961
Taught in various Primary Secondary Schools in Ilorin, Okene, Ogbomosho to mention a few. Location dependent on husband’s duties.

1962 – 1971
Taught at the following Schools/Colleges at various times:
– Lagos City Council School (formerly Government School), Okesuna
– Eko Boys High School, Mushin
– Holy Child College, Obalende, Lagos

1971 – 1974
Enrolled at the University of Lagos and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Education/Zoology

Joined the Federal Public Civil Service, Federal Ministry of Education in 1975, served in Lagos State under the Universal Primary Education Scheme (Teacher Education Sector).

1976 – 1987
Taught Biology in the Federal School of Arts and Science at Class-teacher and later as Head of Department, Bi-lateral Agreements, Common Wealth and African Affairs

1987 – 1990
Officer in charge of Bi-lateral agreement between Nigerian and Common Wealth and other African countries.
Helped draft a number of bilateral agreements.
Represented the Federal Ministry of Education on the Nigerian delegation to India in 1988.

1990 – 1992
Vice Principal, Federal Government Girls College, Benin-City. Contributed to the upliftment of the School. Retired voluntarily from the Federal Civil Service after almost 35 years service on July 31, 1992.

1992 – 1994
Worked with Messrs A.O. Eghobamien of Benin City, Edo State and Prof A.B. Kasunmu of Lagos, Lagos State

1995- 1997
Magistrate and Chairman of the Rent Edict Tribunal in the Lagos State Government Judiciary from where she retired a second time around as a result of the statutory retiring age of sixty-five (65) years.


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  • Ikeji

    “the Lord decided that her time on this earth was done” hmm. Does God now work through armed robbers?

    • O.A. Apalara


      God has nothing to do with gunshot from armed robber. Premium Times was sleeping when
      they published that statement. This is foul murder. It is heinous and criminal. Nigeria is now
      a dangerous place for human habitation if an eighty-three year old woman can be shot dead
      to rob her of pension money. President Buhari is the worst and most incompetent president
      Nigeria has ever had. President Buhari created the inhuman living conditions in Nigeria today.

      Marriages are breaking apart. Girls under 40 can hardly find husbands to marry nowadays,
      as less than 30% of young men have steady jobs to support family life. With the family unit
      destroyed by President Buhari’s inflation and jobless economics of national destruction,
      the mortuaries in Nigeria are overflowing, as reported in the national newspapers today.
      Muhamadu Buhari is the problem with Nigeria. Nothing is possible with Buhari in power.

      • Peace

        Can you marry a lady of 40 years as your first wife? You must be speaking under the influence of ogogoro. Why can’t they marry during your imbecile president whose government been hijacked by women.due to his over consumption of ogogoro. Nonsense

    • Bo Biz

      @Ikeji,Is that your commiserations for a daughter of Zion and an achiever that was murdered by your comrade bandits? Well,Mama has finished her race here,and has gone the way of all mortals.May she continue the good journey,while her family bear it with fortitude.


      Liar, no God wants people shot at 82 years of age, it is the evil machinations of animals in human skin .

    • ibiza

      Good point. That’s why Nigerians never seek practical solutions to their problems. Whatever tragedy happens, they say “na so God want’am.”


    Evil zoo where 7 year old boy was lynched and burnt to death and a 82 year old grand mother who lived an examplary life is shot to death. I thank heavens my children will never live there, they may visit just like other humans visit zoos around the world.

    • princegab

      You have gone crazy, boy. You portray total despair with this condolence of yours. May this mama soul rest in peace.


        Shut up, reorganize the hell hole and have regional policing to provide more proactive intelligence and security ,you say “no” . How can crime be eradicated when controlling the police from Abuja is more important to northern political control freaks than an effective security system….land of power mongering nincompoops.

        • princegab

          Regional policing is a good idea but your types, are the constraints. For, your police sooner becomes a tool against political opponents. Some of you, particularly ND will upgrade to regional army.


            That your fear exists because you know the system is lopsided, if only you would accept fairness and equity such fears will give way to lasting peace and progress.

          • princegab

            My fear? Your regional police not for the reasons you telling us, oga Tawanda.


            Your shadow is chasing you.

    • Lakeside

      Tawanda this is not the time for tamtrum. It is about Nigerian our country.


        Can you imagine, a 7 year old boy stole garri (food) out of hunger and poverty and was lynched through burning and stoning to death in broad daylight in the full glare of public yet no one came to his defence and no law enforcement turned up……..If you are not yet convinced that Nigeria is a zoo then you are dishonest.

        • Sincerely Yours

          There are conflicting reports on that story. One is the one you just cited, another is that the boy was a teenager and member of a notorious gang, who tried to snatch a bag or phone from a lady, and stabbed her in the process. One is yet to get the correct gist.
          As bad as these stories are, worst things happen where you live. People get robbed, knifed, gunned down on the streets and back alleys of the so called developed countries. You walk into a restaurant or drop your kids in school and pray you or them don’t come out in body bags.
          Yesterday, a train derailed in India, killing over forty (40) people and injuring lots more. If it had happened in Nigeria, you would have called the authorities names.

    • Dejandon

      And when they visit, they will be in armoured vehicles with 24hrs security next to them? Delusional individual

  • Lanre

    Mama Omoigui, rest in peace. Ifueko and siblings, my condolences.

  • Lakeside

    This is very sad and I fear for Nigeria. Where are our law enforcement officers? I hope that the perpetrators of this dastardly act are found and brought to book on time. May mama rest in peace and the comfort of the Lord to be on her family.

    • musa aliyu

      Law enforcement agency? The criminals know that there are only3 60,000 police to “protect” us, out of which only 210,000 are for us while1 50000 for executhieves. This explains why respect for the aged, as in this pathetic case, is lacking. We’re finished.

      • Rominiyis

        State police is the solution. If there is sharia police in sharia state what is the rationale of not having state police? Why is this country like this? They can not make simple decision to improve security .

        • musa aliyu

          Let’s not politicise the issue. That only state with Sharia police, Kani, isn’t faring any better,ras those police are restricted to ‘religious’ affairs. Why don’t the nation brace up to the reality of recruiting police, equipping them?

          • George


            State by State. What is bad if STATES has their own police to compliment the Federal thing that never work.

            What are you people are afraid.

          • Rominiyis

            Federal police cant do it alone. The about 200million Nigerians are underserved and left unprotected. State snd even local government and community has to come and supplement the federal police. The first responsibility of government is provision of security. Its not politics but been able to live in peace without robbery, rape, cow rustling , assasination etc.

        • Dejandon

          Crime never goes away, state police or not. US with State Police still witness one of the most gruesome crimes in the world.

          Fear of God and value system goes a long way to reduce crime. And of course prompt judgement ensures impunity is minimized

          • Rominiyis

            Not True. What you read and see does not reflect the true situation. The US is 10 times bigger than Nigeria in landmass and about 4times higher in population. It safer and secure than Nigeria. You can go out 1am at night and drive anywhere even to supermarket and ATMs. The occassional mass shotings is not widespread. The proportion of the population affected is extremely small less than 0.01% versus Nigeria where 70% or more of the population are insecure.

  • Eziokwu

    This is sad. I pray God to comfort the family.