Speaker Dogara explains status of ‘Sharia’ bill

Speaker Yakubu Dogara
Speaker Yakubu Dogara

The Speaker, House of Representatives, Mr Yakubu Dogara, on Saturday said there was no bill before the National Assembly seeking to introduce Sharia legal system in Nigeria.

A statement issued by Turaki Hassan, Mr. Dogara’s Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs, quoted the him as making the remark at a reception organised in his honour by the Northern Nigerian Christian Politicians in Abuja.

Mr. Dogara refuted reports alleging that there was a bill on Sharia before the House.

He emphasised that by the provisions of the standing rules of the House, bills on constitution amendment were referred to the special ad-hoc committee on the review of the constitution.

“The committee has the sole prerogative to introduce constitutional amendment bills in the House.”

He said that a member introduced clauses which sought to include criminal aspects of Sharia in the constitution which was referred to the special ad-hoc committee on the review of the constitution.

“But no such bill has yet emanated from the Committee.

“Before such bill could be passed into law, at least 2/3rd of members of the National Assembly will have to vote yes to it before it is transmitted to the 36 states houses of assembly for endorsement by 2/3rd of them.

“Voting on such clauses are done with individual members voting for or against each clause before it is passed and if any clause fails in either of the two chambers such amendment is considered “dead”.

“And as such will not be voted upon by the other chamber as doing so will amount to waste of time and exercise in futility.

“Even if there is a proposal from this floor that we should embrace ecclesiastical law, we are bound to consider it and by the virtue of our rules, once there is that kind of proposal, we send it to the committee,” he said.

Mr. Dogara said that no individual member had the right to craft a bill that would lead to amendment of the constitution, adding that only the committee had the sole prerogative of drafting such bill.

“In the Senate, I am not aware that such a bill has been presented by the committee.

“In the House, the committee has not submitted any bill. That is where we are.

“It is not only totally misleading but false to say that the National Assembly is seeking to introduce sharia in the Constitution.

“There is no such bill.”

“I want us to get this thing clear because it is a point of contention in the Christian community not only in the north but even in the south.

“I feel I have the duty as the Speaker to explain this even though I had explained it on the floor of the House before,” Mr. Dogara said.



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  • bib

    The bill exists only in the imagination of those who want to use religion to devide or cause disharmony in the country.

    • emmanuel

      Is there harmony in Nigeria the third worst terrorist nation of the World?One often hear those who have divided Nigeria more than at anytime in history – Buhari say Nigeria unity is sacrosanct, Then i ask, in unity hinged on the platform of division?

      • bib

        It’s people with those kinds of imaginations that are causing the disharmony. Even before 1914 Nigerians have been interacting with each other. Zik was born in Zungeru. There is Fage in Onitsha since. Etc. But people with these divisive imaginations concoct phantoms that disharmonize us.

        • Abokinyang

          They are vigorously pursuing their Islamic agenda forgetting that He who owns time will destroy all these evil plans and the glory of the lord shall cover the earth like waters covers the sea. God has already started scattering them and they will continue to kill each other shittes,ahmadiya,b’haram etc.what we just need is to cry to heaven and all their plans and programme over the years shall be nullified

      • Rommel

        Are you aware that the first elected mayor of Enugu,a certain Umaru Altine was from Sokoto state,you have also been reminded by @bib that Zik was born 1904 in Zungeru Niger state,a good 10 years before the amalgamation that people like you blame for the problem with Nigeria.

  • thusspokez

    The Speaker, House of Representatives, Mr Yakubu Dogara, on Saturday said there was no bill before the National Assembly seeking to introduce Sharia legal system in Nigeria.

    Well I dare you lot to do so. I will return to Nigeria and start my own militant group. This, I am 100% certain as death. I don’t like Muslim countries and have never and will never live in one.

    • Chidi Andrew

      This was how the grazing bill was denied, yet it surfaced

      • thusspokez

        Sharia is a totally different matter for most people, including me.

  • JOHN

    Nigeria is a secular multi religion country. No particular religion should be mentioned in the constitution. Any thing Islamic Sharia should be expunged from our constitution otherwise the over 500 religions in Nigeria should individually be named in the constitution. The killings and destruction in the name of Islam is enough.

  • Otile

    Northern elite are mostly lairs, after denying it, they will bring it up as usual. Shameless people.

  • emmanuel

    Those from the terrorist North think they will progress anymore with their deceit. Thank God, Nigeria is partially grounded by the owners of Nigeria.
    I am beginning to enjoy no electricity as the Gas is no more available for electricity, after the Dams dried up. The time of old when northern self-deceit and manipulation succeeded is gone forever

  • ed

    The speaker is good at double talk. The bill is before the house committee. That meant sharia bill is in the House of Representatives, mid stage making it way out of the house.

  • Netanyahu

    I would not want to waste my time on whether sharia is being planned to be included in the constitution or not because I know there is a limit to every nonsense. We have tolerated northern muslims for too long and they should not stupidly assume that Nigeria is theirs for asking. Their so called religion of “piss” is a contamination to every society or country. Why are they running away to Europe and America if their satanic worship is all there is to life and living? Just reading of 40 persons kidnapped in Zamfara after 40 were massacred there just last week. What a cursed people and religion. God, how did you bring such animals to coexist with me in one contraption called Nigeria. Give me Biafra, please, oil or no oil, landlocked or not, let those who want one Nigeria inherit our own portion of the hell called Nigeria. Let our oil allocation be shared to the south waste. We will not complain. They want all Ibo investment in Lagos and Abuja, let them take. Nonsense.

    • Baba

      The so called northern Muslim you and your types love to hate shall for ever remain above you till thy kingdom come.

  • Keen Observer

    Mr Dogara or Dogoyaro or whatever his name is according to @disqus_zicFb9uJk6:disqus is characteristically known for saying something else from what is actually genuinely in his mind; very deceptive & a disgraceful character that should not even head a clan in his village , much more a national assembly.
    When he speaks like Dr. Saraki & many of them from the Senate it reminds me of the biblical reference of ”The voice of Esau but the hand of Jacob”. Which majority of Nigeria politicians (legislators) are mostly known for. Thy behave like cultist that swears oath of secrecy to protect issues that directly affects them; salaries, allowances (bonuses) & entitlements irrespective of who it affects or suffers the consequences. This is unpatriotic & undesirable of people that earn the votes of Nigerians who has turned around to stab us at the back, support/fast track bills that protect them/their inherent desires to continue looting the commonwealth of Nigerians. And this am very sure of shall definitely come to an end someday when Nigerians will wake up from their frustrating tolerance o match the streets demanding for their resignation/recall.

  • Rommel

    Social media will create problems in Nigeria soon if the fake news that is constantly being churned out by the supporters of Goodluck Jonathan is not curtailed,the world is still recovering from the effects of same fake news on American elections,people should learn to be circumspect when sourcing news,there is already sharia in the states that want it,how then can it be brought before the national assembly again?

    • ed

      The reason for bringing sharia before the National Assembly in 2016 is to Islamizated the rest of the country. That was the promise made by General Buhari to the Muslin in Kaduna over 15 years ago. Now that President Buhari is in power, the renew efforts to expand sharia to the southern part of Nigeria is in full force.
      The most disgusting and disturbing part is the bold face lies by President Buhari and his supporters like yourself.
      The speaker just admitted the fact that the legislation to expand sharia is already in the National Assembly. In the presence of this fact you continue the false propaganda and misinformation.
      Why pulling cotton over our eyes now.