Kano Governor talks tough, says Shiites must obey constituted authority

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje; Photo: DailyPost
Governor Abdullahi Ganduje; Photo: DailyPost

The Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje has said that Shiite members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria have to recognise the authority of security officials by seeking their permission before they hold any gathering.

Mr. Ganduje said this in an interview with journalists on the sideline of the third edition of the Nigeria Entrepreneurs Award in Abuja on Friday night.

The governor said that members of the sect could not keep breaking the law and tampering with the rights of other citizens.

“As far as they continue breaking the law, the police have to come in. They cannot use they-have-the-freedom-to-do-whatever-they-want because they are crossing other people’s human rights.

“As far as we are concerned, they have to recognise the authority; they have to get permission.

“If they do not get permission, then the police will not allow them to continue the procession that they do.”

Mr. Ganduje’s remarks come a day after the U.S. government advised caution in Nigeria’s handling of the Shiites crisis and called for an investigation of the Kano killings.

No less than nine people were confirmed dead and many others injured following a clash between members of the group and the police in Kano city on Monday.

Trouble broke out around Tamburawa, on the outskirts of Kano city, after the police tried to stop the Shiite members who had embarked on the annual Arbaeen trek from Kano to Zaria.

The Kano State Police Command, however, said security operatives including anti-robbery squad units only intervened as the Shiite members began attacking motorists and passersby.

The Kano State Police Commissioner, Rabiu Yusuf, confirmed that one police officer was also killed.

The Inspector-General of Police, Idris Ibrahim, on Wednesday, also said the police should be appreciated for the method deployed by officials of the force.

Mr. Idris said that the police had a responsibility to ensure that law and order was maintained adding that the activities of the group needed to be checked.

In October, Kano police banned IMN from conducting street processions ahead of the annual Ashura celebration.

As part of their demands, the Shiites seek the release of their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, who has been held by the federal government without trial since December when over 300 members of his group were killed by soldiers.

The soldiers said the IMN members blocked a road and plotted to kill the army chief, Tukur Buratai, a claim the Shiites denied.



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  • Enemona

    We’re all just folding our arms as this unfolds. These Shiites are already being treated like outcasts in the North and are being killed on a daily basis. Folks, we have an impending genocide on our hands, the signs are there and we should nip it as soon as possible. Seeing how silent our leaders, who should ensure peace, have been in the face of this onslaught, I am certain that it’s worse below the surface than we are seeing or its being reported. Remember Rwanda? It started this way. As a citizen, I have sent detailed signals to the Genocide museum in the US.

    We are still struggling with Boko Haram, Niger Delta militants, etc and we want to also turn our land to a proxy war between the two opposing Islamic powers. The leaders are taking sides here and talking tough while others are curiously silent. I am not a Shiite but I have done my part, as a citizen who loves his country, it is left for others to join in. I am not supporting the Shiites in their approaches but I feel there is a better way to live with them, after all, they’ve been amongst us for decades.


      My Brother the Government is clearly trying to deceive the people here. The courts have ruled that you do not need Police permit to embark on protest or procession in Nigeria. It is a Constitutional right. If the Shiites were to ask for permission they would certainly not be given as the goal is to stop them from existing in the Country

      • Suleiman Alatise

        But they have been in existence for over years, please say something else.

      • Hamza

        If you support granting permission/freedom to Shiites, then the same must be extended to boko haram. Boko haram just like the Shiites claim they are doing “religion” according to their interpretation. Any outlawed group must remain outlawed. Besides Shia is different from Islam. I’m sure u are likely a shiite. Or a PDP apologist antagonist to the present govt.

        • Joel

          Book Haram is Sunni group. Why should you deny the peaceful Shiites their constitutional rights because of the actions of a violent Sunningdale terrorist group? This doesn’t make any sense.

    • abujawad

      Killing the Shi’ites will not reduce poverty in Northern Nigeria: it will not bring electricity, water, security. It will not improve the value of naira. Neither will it save the decaying education sector in the north. Killing them will not save our socio-economic trouble Mr Ganduje. Killing Shiites will not solve Niger Delta crisis nor will it that of Boko Haram. Killing Shiites and destroying their schooles and property will not make the north or the Nation better. What is happening is just massacre, persecution of Shiites by nothern Sunni leadersip led by PMB. But what you should know is that the Shi’ites are never known with violence ad will never resort to violence. Injustice has limit and end. It is temporary. This is enough for the wise.

    • Suleiman Alatise

      The truth is that we have tolerated them for too long , hence they grew wings, and the time to cut them to size is now.

      • Sandra

        So you kill them off??? What are you people- animals???

        • Haf

          Like what took place in Lagos last week? Barbaric jungle justice? Where some animals killed a common thief, while big thiefs are driving in Jeeps around Lagos!!!

      • Hamza

        Yes Sir!

      • Enemona

        Just hear yourself, how well have you all fared in cutting Boko Haram to size? May be, after the loss of over 20,000 lives and annihilation of entire cities and livelihoods. It could be even worse in this case as a full blown proxy war might break out and we’ll all suffer for it.

        Reason again, isn’t it better we live in peace and as said by the sage himself, Sir Ahmadu Bello, that we understand our differences? Isn’t it better we sought things out in a more mature and peaceful manner, rather than going up in arms at every slight provocation? Can’t we engage the Shiites better? Just feeling the needless loss of lives that may ensue can be avoided if we act less with our hearts and more with our heads.

    • Hamza

      Shiites are outcasts of course. They don’t belong in Nigeria. They belong in Iran. They don’t recognise the authority of the govt. Do you understand that?

  • Grace Adeyomo

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  • hkaana

    The shiat should be a law abiding citizens, they must seek for permission during any gathering, and must not be causing traffic to us as a road users, because every time during their gathering they are cheating us by blocking the highway they are causing halt to the activities of thousand people simply for their on believe which have reference in the Qur’an and Hadith. These shiat people have been claiming above the law for many years back, so it is good for the Fed. Govt. in general to continue dealing with any person or group of persons that form any gathering without the permission of the authority, and if found with any weapon locally or military own to be treated as Boko Haram,

    • Hamza

      They don’t recognise government authority at all. Yet some south eastern people because of their hate for Buhari keep supporting them against the govt. The Shiites simply are outlaws. If they should have freedom to practice their “religion” then the same should be extended to boko haram. Boko haram are similarly practising their “religion” according to their own beliefs/interpretations. Nigerians irrespective of political or regional divide must support the govt against the Shiites.

      • Joel

        I’ve seen several of your comments. You keep calling for freedoms to be extended Boko Haram, are you a Boko Haram sympathiser? What does a peaceful Shiite sect have to do with a Sunni terrorist group?

        • Hamza

          And are u a shiite? I know you are not a Muslim. So don’t bring up this Sunni shia thing. Shiites simply don’t recognise constituted authority (Govt). So what’s their difference with boko haram? And FYI Shiites are potentially violent. For now they may appear harmless. But at the “right” time they would be violent. Boko haram initially was not violent.
          Answer me who among the other Islamic sects does not recognise govt? None! I consider boko haram non muslims. Shiites are a dangerous group backed and sponsored by Iran. Of course Saudi Arabia is the headquarters of Islam (Sunni Islam). All world Muslims recognise Saudi. Except Iran who claim Islam but are fundamentally NOT MUSLIMS. Pls keep out sectarianism out of it, by the way. The major point is that Shiites do NOT RECOGNISE govt authority. If you are a Nigerian, be sensible.

          • Joel

            The issue is the government’s refusal of the shiites constitutional right to peaceful assembly and worship. The shiites DO recognise the government, that is why they hae repeatedly taken their case to the court of law and have steadfastly refused to retaliate violently despite constant provocation and violence against them. Who are you to pre-emptively declare them them to them to be “violent”? Are you God? How can you condemn them for acts that they have not committed. YOU are the dangerous one, coming on here calling for the murder of innocent people.

          • Hamza

            Their rights and yours are not absolute. You can not in the exercise of your rights impinge on the rights of others. Right is relative. Besides the overall focus should be public peace and order. Mind you Shiites are a minority. They can only have their say. But they must not necessarily have their way. What do u think would happen if muslims decide to come out and confront them? Remember most of the disturbances that happened recently had the civilians (public) also participating. An average Muslim does not like the Shiites. Shiites are resented. So they must not give the public opportunity to attack them.
            Govt has a duty to maintain law and order. Procession or assembly can be stopped. It is a minor right. Public peace and order is the most important thing.

    • Joel

      It is their constitutional right to gather peaceful and practice their religion – Islam – without persecution. The courts have ruled clearly on this, they do not require permission of the authorities to worship, just like you do not need the to apply for permission to exercise your freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc

  • Gary

    The more Sunni Moslem public officials speak about the Shiites, the more evidence they show Nigerians and the international community about a systematic attempt to suppress and exterminate the religious sect in the North.
    We have now heard the Kano State Governor, after the IGP Idris spoke in similar vein that the Shiites need their permission before they can carry out processions that are an integral part of thei faith.
    What’s next, ask Christians to apply for permits for Palm Sunday or Good Friday processions?
    Do regular Moslem need permits to block major roads when they hold their Friday Jumat services in the major cities of the country?

    The anti-Shiite agenda is no longer hidden and even the US government is now coming around to see what Nigerian-Americans alerted them in the wake of the Zaria Massacre and continuing rampage of so-called Fulani herdsmen.
    Those who sow the wind will surely reap the whirlwind.


    The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria expressly guarantees the freedom of religious worship and freedom to religious assembly. Since Sunni do not inform the police before they assemble to pray ….WHY MUST THE SHIITE BE SUBJECTED TO SUCH HUMILIATION ? ARE THEY NOT FULL CITIZENS OF NIGERIA ?

    All those Sunni governors and security apparatus hench-men orchestrating the religious cleansing and extermination of Nigeria’s Shiite Muslims will have their day of reckoning . These massacres must be accounted for because no Nigerian has the right to play judge, juror and executioner of another citizen !!




        I thought you had become responsible alas