U.S. expresses concern about Nigerian govt. treatment of Shiites


The United States government on Friday expressed deep concern by reports of the deaths of dozens of Nigerians involved in clashes between individuals participating in a Shia procession and the Nigerian Police Force in Kano State on November 14.

The U.S. government said in a statement from its Embassy in Abuja that while the matter was still being investigated, it was “troubled by the apparent disproportionate response by the police” during the clash.

“This is the latest in a series of violent incidents between security forces and members of the Shia Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), some of which have resulted in deaths, destruction of property, and the arbitrary detention of IMN members.

“The United States calls for calm and restraint on all sides, a reduction of tensions, and greater communication between Shia citizens and government authorities,” the statement said.

The U.S. government noted that members of the Shia community, like other religious communities, have the right to assemble, peacefully express their religious beliefs, and mark their celebrations.

While calling on the Nigerian government to protect and defend the rights of the IMN, the U.S. government said it was also incumbent on members of the religious sect and all Nigerians to respect the rule of law and cooperate with the police as they attempt to maintain public order.

“We continue to urge the government to ensure accountability for the deaths of more than 300 IMN members during December 15, 2015 clashes between the IMN and security forces in Zaria, Kaduna State.

“We also call on the Nigerian government to conduct a transparent investigation of the latest incidents and bring to account anyone responsible for violating the law,” it said.


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  • donMe$$i

    Imagine the heat that will be turned on when Trump is sworn in!
    Baba and APC are in DEEP SH*T!!!

  • ahmed

    Watch out for another Boko Haram.

  • Decimator

    Which concerns are the American officials expressing here now? The mess their Muslim president coursed all around the world is now burning and he still has the guts to go discussing in Germany, what he expects from the winning candidate that does not belong to or totally buy his ideas after his candidate has lost out in the American presidential election.

    After sponsoring prosperity through the election of Mohammadu Buhari, and going as far as using the Gowons war rhetoric “To keep Nigeria one is a task that must be done” which he Obama claimed to be told, to market Buhari’s candidacy in his video broadcast to Nigerians prior to the 2015 presidential election,they can now see for themselves that Nigeria through his kind gesture has indeed become a truly united prosperous Nation under their dear candidate Mohammadu Buhari.

  • wasiu

    It may be unbelievable , but I know, some people will stand trial for this illegal killings. Who knew Sadam Uzain could be executed for killing and persecuting Shites in Iraq.

  • Powerlessconscious

    The news lack details of the official representing USA. Fake news. Nevertheless, any PDP sponsor can continue to shout. Buhari and osinbanjo are not servant of foreign interference. Infact this is the first time since democracy that Nigeria government is commanding respect from the world leaders. The first government to demand release of stolen fund from UK, USA, Dubai etc.

    • John A

      What is fake about the news, are these people killed or not?
      Are you in support of the killings?
      Are they less human than you and your boko haram president?
      The Nigeria army killed hundreds of them and now the Nigeria police.
      For your information, buhari government is not commanding respect from any international community, but they looked so down on him and on Nigerians for electing a neanderthal.
      He demanded for the release of the stolen money and did they even answer him?
      There are laid down rules for such refunds, things don’t work like that here in the west unlike Nigeria.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        Actually you have all the points from everything you said. Maybe Powerless doesnt live in Nigeria or watches or reads news. foreign and local.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Sorry. You have only written your personal opinion. The questions are ‘Can USA allow a group like shhitte to dress in black and start walking on USA road by claiming to be celebrating whatever?’ Can USA allow that? Even Biafra when they wanted to protest in Europe and america, they don’t block road and show tuggery attitude. This is to tell you that democracy in Nigeria is demonstration of Craziness. And that is how a long of Nigerians are practicing it especially those that hate laws. Normally shitte must notify police of their outing that will disturb the movement of others on road. This is to show that they are law abiding. Otherwise they deserve that punishment from Nigeria police because government has already declared them suspected terrorist due to their history. Concerning buhari. He command respect very well.

        • Decimator

          What are you insinuating? Dressing in black, walking on the street or blocking whatever road or whatever form of craziness you want to express above is never an offense that warrants extra judicial killing(genocide) of any sought anywhere,not even in a dictatorship or tyranny talk less of in a supposed democracy. Sorry.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Is an offence in developed countries. They can never try that in any developed country where you can not do anything behind government. Government will approve everything in all developed countries including in Saudi arabia. Worst thing is that even you can not block road in any developed countries unless government give approval. Demonstration in Nigeria is Demonstration of Craziness. Most citizens are hater of law in their country. But obey law abroad.

          • Decimator

            I repeat blocking of any road never in any country, developed or non-developed
            warrant Genocide please. That in itself (Genocide) is a heinous crime against

          • Powerlessconscious

            Yes. Shitte is potential terrorist and Nigeria government can not wait until they shitte start attacking before stopping them. A lawless organisation can not stand in a lawful country. Shitte deserve everything the security did to them. Unless they learn how to live under Nigeria law. I repeat in developed country, they will be arrested or killed if they stand against the government who has declared them unlawful organisation.

        • marc umeh

          Your reasoning is surprising to me. That a group dressed in black parading the street , and blcking the road should be shot down like rats, is not bothersome to you ?
          What of tear gas ? Tasers etc ? Must it be bullets ? We tried that with the BH leader and see where that got us.. Now hunderds of children are starving. I bet that doesn’t concern you either.


            Common sense is in short supply due to religious bigotry in the north. The present government is operating a Sunni dominated security apparatus and they are hell bent on killing every Shiite in Nigeria. Remember Nigerians held some reservations due to the Islamic fundamentalist credentials of President Buhari prior to his election. The leopard it seems has not changed its spots.

          • Powerlessconscious

            Your reasoning surprise me too. The whole world watched the video how shitte hold weapon against Nigeria military. Shouting Allauh Akbar despite that the military pasuaded them to live the road. Another question. Can any group Block USA military on the road? Don’t write this your writeup to me again. Concerning children starving to death, buhari met the problem created by PDP for many years and a sane person knows that you can not use magic to solve the problem. For many years PDP has established poverty in the north Nigeria. Buhari is the first president try to solve the problem in the north. And of you are not satisfy with his effort so far then You are the PRODUCT of your DECISION.

    • Decimator

      Buhari’s government demanding release of stolen Funds from UK,USA, etc? Of course Buhari knows dam well that if he
      dares demand repatriation of stolen funds, his own will also be affected. Fools paradise indeed.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_


      • Powerlessconscious

        You are the Product of your Decision.

  • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

    if stiff action had been taken when Boko Haram started by today the North East would have experience peace. again who will investigate US killing of blacks. if US actually enjoy religious violence and extremist Let their embassy be relocated to the North East for me Iove this early reaction

    • BBNN

      Pls, explain the basis of your comparism of a sect as old as islam itself to boko haram, a terrorist group?

      If you lack information and have nothing to say, kindly keep off intellectual topics before you misinform your fellow ignorant folks. Have you ever thought to yourself that this so called clamp down is sunni mischief? Is it possible even to your porous self that perharps its state sponsored persecution of minority religion?
      The only evidence we seem to be seeing is one of shiites being murdered in droves. Kindly show us evidence of shiites killing anyone before this persecution. Tomorrow, they will come and burn your church so it doesn’t turn to pastor king’s kind of church. Thats how it starts and you morons be encouraging

      • Inieke Akpan Ekuma

        when Boko Haram started it uses religious dogma possibly Islamic, now the group has metamorphose into terrorist group again another group has started don’t they have a civilized way of fighting for their right than resorting to violence in the name of self help. why should they go confrontational? do you want to tell me that the police reaction was birth by insanity

        • marc umeh

          Maybe it is your reaction that is ” birth ” by insanity.
          There is no proof that this group is violent .
          Proof.!!!! Concrete Proof. There are more human ways of crowd control.

      • marc umeh

        It buggles my mind how some people reason.They are not disturbed one bit by mass extra- judicial murder.


    The sustained effort of the Buhari led inquisition of religious cleansing of the Nigerian Shiite citizens is no more a secret, it will not pay the western democracies to keep mute or maintain a diplomatic approach as a total extermination is in process, the time has come for the civilized world to put their feet down and request accountability for the victims of the extra-judicial mass murders taking place on the watch of the Buhari-led regime.


    • Decimator

      the extermination of the Shia Muslims was one of the Key demands of the Boko
      Haram sect. I strictly ask the question who’s interest in reality the Mohammadu Buhari regime is
      officially representing ?

  • Iskacountryman

    not better than they treat blacks in america…

    • marc umeh

      And you still line up begging fo a visa !!!

      • Iskacountryman

        of course…and i still get denied because i am black…

  • Bahir

    Extra judicial killings remained unreservedly condemned!

  • marc umeh

    Accountability? Good luck !!!!
    You might as well be asking for the moon.

  • Chuck Igezunam

    Total nonsense. This strictly one of those sectarian propaganda posts Nigerian uses. Nigeria didn’t treat Shia Muslims bad compared to over 100,000 Christians life the Northern Nigeria Islamic community as whole has taken over the past fifteen years.. If America care at all, the place to start is the killing of Christians in Nigeria which the whole whole World have turned deaf ears for so long. The Shia, the Sunni and whatever factions of Islam out there might be having rivalry issues that threatens peace and stability of the Northerners. That is why the government is involved. Other than that who cares about the cold blooded muddering of Chistians so far?

  • okungbowa james

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  • Grace Adeyomo

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  • Obinna

    Trump Effect? Otherwise why take up to one year for the Obama administration to call out Buhari?