God positioned Trump to fight immorality in U.S. – Nigeria’s Christian leader


The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Samson Ayokunle, said President-elect of the United States of America, Donald Trump, was positioned by God to fight immorality in the country.

Mr. Ayokunle said this at the 29th General Assembly of the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN) held at First Baptist Church, Garki, Abuja, on Thursday.

The three-day programme is tagged: “God of Life: Lead Nigeria to Justice, Peace and Dignity.’’

He called on Americans to watch very closely as the new administration would not tolerate the issues of immorality in the country any more.

According to him, God has now positioned Mr. Trump to fight the immoral life in the American society. He said the nation that was once known as God’s own country is vastly becoming Sodom and Gomorrah.

Mr. Ayokunle said that there was an extent to which a nation would emphasise circular and individual liberty to the neglect of God’s absolute reign to the affairs of men.

He also called on Nigerians to be on guard at all times as Boko Haram had not been fully defeated, following the recent killing of Lt. Col. Abu Ali and some soldiers in Maiduguri.

He said “it is not over until it is over; the fact that a top army officer was killed is a signal to the fact that we have not defeated them.

“It was also an attestation to the commitment of the Federal Government to fight this demon called Boko Haram.

“So, everybody should be more committed so that the souls of those who died might not be in vain.”

The CAN boss called on Christians to be united and not to make their doctrinal beliefs to overwhelm them because Jesus Christ prayed for the church to be one.

“We are diverse because of our doctrinal beliefs but we must be one because Jesus says the church must be one; He prayed for the church.

“I think the problem with us is the placing of much emphasis on autonomy where it becomes its petals when we lack respect for one another.

“There should be collective recognition of leadership, desire to put up the things of the world and eternity-centred in such a way that occupying position does not matter to anybody,’’ he said.

He said that corruption in the country was endemic and called on the government to keep fighting it so that the country would not be crippled.

According to Ayokunle, corruption appears to be endemic in the Nigerian society and it has got to the fabric of our national lives; there is hardly any sector that can be exempted.

“By the result that corruption has given us presently, I think it is high time we all rose and fight the demon; without fighting it, it will cripple us.

“If we are not very careful we will end up becoming a crippled giant because we have allowed corruption to enter into our system,’’ he said.

Earlier, President of CCN, Emmanuel Josiah, had called on Nigerians to support the fight against corruption, asking the citizenry to repent and return to God.

According to him, the greatest challenge that we are facing now is sin, and wherever there is sin, we cannot experience any progress and God can never be there.

“There is no child of God that will not support the fight against corruption,’’ Mr. Josiah said.

Rufus Ositelu, Primate, The Church of the Lord Prayer Fellowship Worldwide, said that corruption could not be fought totally but could be brought to a minimum so that the country would move forward.

According to him, what is really disturbing the progress of this country is corruption. If corruption is fought to a standstill by next year, we will see progress in the country, he said.



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  • Comfortkay

    This Christian Association of Nigeria has no signioficant in the Life of Nigerian Christian, and l take no Apology to say that God did not position American President Elect to fight immorality because this Trump is married to a woman who has been taken pictures naked. Nigerias Christian leader should not be rigid in his thinking.

    • Noble

      Indeed you are right. How could the Merciful God position an immoral married to an immoral
      to moralize Americans?

    • Whalerolex

      @Naked pictures, I disagree because she was a formal model. That is someone’s career

  • noonenigeria

    So who has God positioned to fight immorality in Nigeria? Is he telling us that immorality is all about gay and other stuff? Nigeria major problem today is the presence of too many religious leaders and the absence of moral leader or leader of conscience.

    • Whalerolex

      Sai Baba!
      Can’t you see how God is using him?

  • gboyegaa

    If what you mean by immorality is the freedom given to homosexuals and lesbians, then you are mistaken. No president will roll back a case the supreme court has already concluded.
    Not the whole world is as screwed as some religious bigots in Nigeria. Here, lesbians and homosexuals are seen as human beings and are equal to every other human being before God.
    If your reading the bible have block your sense of judgement, Obama’s position did not blurred his vision for a country where everybody is treated equally. He is the president of America and the citizens of the country he presides over includes lesbians and homosexuals, and it is his duty to look after them as good as he looks over every other citizen. Baba pastor, that is the simple truth that is too difficult for you to stomach even with your claim of the love of God and your fellow men.

    • Osas

      I thank all the contributors to this issue which this ignoramus and executive con man has distorted with his childish reasoning. It makes me confident that we still have rational people in this country. Honesly these so-called religious leaders are so misinformed, they sound like primary school pupils when they talk.How can any right thinking and informed adult claim that Donald Trump will fight immortality in America? especially pertaining to gay rights which is even enshrined in their constitution and has been upheld several times by their supreme court.What is this olodo talking about? these people (Americans, Europeans) were exposed to Christianity before the backwaters of Africa. Why this holier than thou attitude by backward Africans?With all our fake religious disposition we are one of the most corrupt nations in the world.I am sorry.Let me modify my statement. We are the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY in the world.In fact corruption is a Nigerian. And this jester is worried about homosexuality in America that is not affecting their standard of living,their GDP, access to healthcare, maternity mortality rate, life expectancy and so on. And even come to think of it.Is there more morality in Nigeria that this mugu is complaining about a more humane nation wey no concern am. Does he call ethnic,tribal killings/war, prostitution, kidnapping ,ritual murders,high level official theft/embezzlement, tribalism, terrorism and so on moral?This man is even dumber than his predecessor. It was this same clown who berated Secretary John Kerry for visiting and inviting only northern Governors when he visited Sokoto and then complained that Obama supported Buhari instead of Jonathan. Na by force?when u position ur self well u will be regarded. When a child washes his hand, he will eat with elders.This Olodo should go and sit down one place.mtcheww!

      • KKN

        Thank you for this very intelligent comment. It’s frightening that this whack job represents Nigerian Christians.

      • Whalerolex

        You cannot blame Mr Pastor. He knows his audience and gives them what they want to hear.
        Majority our people are mentally lazy, very wicked and self centred. These our religious leaders are taking good advantage of. Imagine someone went to seek prayer from a pastor due to his business going down and the first question was, DO YOU PAY TITHE?

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Nigerians waste time and resources going to Jerusalem to pray for everything under the sun while they undermine the fundamentals of good citizenship that is the building blocks of a livable community. It will interest the CAN official to know that the Israeli Defense Forces have gay members serving openly to protect the “hallow ground” where Christians go to send their prayers heaven-ward. Attaching a morality label to Trump’s electoral success is a product of fanciful thinking without a shred of credibility. Prostitution is legal in some European countries, and yet they are a far much better society that the sanctimonious Nigeria.

    • Nobody’sPuppet

      Have you not read in the bible that Satan was also seen in the Garden of Eden? Evil can be found anywhere. That’s the only way to infiltrate the system. Counterfeit must be very close to original. That’s a bonafide deception.

  • Olu from South Africa

    King of clowns. Myopic views. Where is Prophet TB Joshua? I believe he knows better now.

    • Otile

      One day the Zulus will capture you in the vicinity of Orange Free State and hold you in their Kwazulu homeland.

      • Olu from South Africa

        The groom. ..how are you today? Greetings to you and the likes.

  • Pat

    Immorality in society is a result of failure on the part of religion leaders across the world. I believe the principles of the two major religion in the world were set to fight immorality. It is unfortunate that many religion leaders have forsaking their responsibilities of turning people to God through inner conviction and self will without intimidation of being jailed or punished by government. Anything that is practiced out of fear of men or government punishment rather than fear of God or in obedience to God’s commandments is not acceptable by God. Religion leaders should please stay committed to what they have been commissioned to do. Christians leaders, since I belong to that faith, are called to bring people to repentance and heed and obey God’s commandment. Hence, the immorality in the society is as a result of total failure on the part of religion leaders.

  • marcos avelino

    All this fanatical nigerian christians with their fake religion .Yr so called jesus could not come here to save you for 1900 yrs until the whiteman made his steam ships and guns and needed palm oil for his industries. Where was yr god when over thirty million of yr country men shipped to america with over 15 million thrown to sharks. Useless christian leaders with fake prophesies.

    • Otile

      There is no morality about your Boko Haram rustling girls like cattle and illegitimately impregnating them one after another. Look at what your man Yellow did to innocent Esther Oruru, yet your emir connived with the crime.

    • Julius

      Thank you and dont forget the so called Imam as well.

    • Chukwuma Chinwo

      You did not know that your parents became wiser not because of the ‘natives’ but because of the Christian missionaries that came across the sea and laid the foundation for America. Europe became sane because of religious, especially Christian influence. Of course as happens when Christians lead the way and cut new paths, evil and wicked destructive beings like who have no regard for God followed them to America looking for money and nothing else, caring not for the things that Christians care for. Nigeria is grateful for the Christian influence we got from Europe and America. It stopped the slide in the brutal ways which all races had before Christianity. That is why we are worried for the direction of America today, especially under the Democratic Party which we used to love. African did not have the Christian influence when our fathers shipped “thirty million of your country men to america with over 15 million thrown to sharks’. The fear we have today is that if America abandons God, it would not take long before there would be a reversal of role. Ask the Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, etc. That, Mr Marcos, is why African Christians are concerned about God. Please you may have some points but you are making a fatal mistake in talking of ‘so called jesus’, ‘your god’, ‘useless christian leaders’ and ‘fake prophesies’. Kindly spend some time to review what I have written here. Do not dismiss it. Christianity is the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Take it away and the world is gone. Just imagine America today, if you are American, without Christians.

  • Opekete

    Conmen Association for Nigeria. The Trump you are talking about is immorality personified. I think this conmen has outlived their usefulness.

    • Nobody’sPuppet

      At least Trump will not allow you to sleep in the same bed with your friend in tie. He’s not going to give a firearm to kill those innocent kids in the womb.

      • adeade

        I love your analogy..Kindly simplify it for Opekete.. he isn’t smart enough to understand..

        • George

          His tribe Opekete are like that, confusion is their surnames

      • Julius

        How do you know that ? Have not follow his life in NY limelight ? Be serious, nothing that Trump say is to be believed.

        • Nobody’sPuppet

          At least he’s vocally against gay marriage and abortion. He’s not in support of your dirty game behind your closed doors

          • Julius

            Where did you hear that ? who told you that lie ? His mentor . his lawyer, Roy was a homosexual so are some of his friends. Why do you people lying to justify your deluded admiration for him ?

          • Nobody’sPuppet

            At least he spoke against gay marriage and abortion during his campaign while your Hillary and Obama endorsed it. How many politicians are bold enough to be politically incorrect like Trump who called Islamic killers what they are. You can say whatever you want but Trump is a daring man. He fought against the whole establishment and won. Your thick skull can never be more intelligent than millions of Americans who voted for him. Hang yourself if you can’t deal with it. Period!

  • marc umeh

    Sometimes one reads a whole bunch of nonsense from people in high places. “God positioned Trump to fight immorality “.
    What a hogwash !!!

    • adeade

      U must be one of the immoral people he is talking about.. Repent befpre its too late…

    • Julius

      That got to show you what they are about in Nigeria. Bunch of idiots claiming to be Bishop and Imam. Its all about making money, they can never be taken seriously.

  • Omo Akin

    Thank you Mr. President of the CAN. Many are trying to erase God from the universe that He has created. They are advocating no boundary between good and bad. Whether they like it or not, God is still Supreme and demands that His will be done. It will be unthinkable that some will take the type of T. B. Joshua as representative of all Nigeria’s christian leaders. That is one of their excuses for not obeying God. No matter what, no one can escape from God. Many think that they can overwhelm God with their evil-doings and thereby make him shy away. But we cannot be surprised because the warning is clear that: “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.” 2 Timothy 3, verses 1 to 4 (NKJ). However it also says, “Though they join forces, the wicked will not go unpunished (Proverbs 11: 21). In Hebrews 10, verse 31 it states also that: “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

    • Omo Akin

      Which Omo Akin is this? Omo Akin had been my nick-name on this forum for years.

      • Omo Akin

        But it is ridiculous that Disqu would accept duplicate of pseudonyms on its platform. I started using this name since several years.
        Something must be wrong.

        • Netanyahu

          Make una quarrel.

          • Omo Akin

            No need to fight. I believe I am the only person capable of modifying this profile, so I uploaded my picture

          • Whalerolex

            You have a point but how can we be sure its your picture?
            Can the real Omo Akin please stand up?
            You guys just made my day. I don laugh tire

          • Omo Akin

            Good. I always post as guest because I was affected when Target was hacked and I tried to avoid having to sign in. Yet I still receive several messages that appear to come from my contacts but the messages are from scammers.
            No bad blood. Thank you for your maturity in handling the situation.

  • Debaptist

    I believe with all my heart that God can use whoever He wants to accomplish His purpose for His children. Unfortunately, man with his freewill has a way of turning God’s original plan upside down especially if it involves being promoted to an exalted position like Trump. Before we conclude that God has sent a deliverer to America and go to sleep we should remember how past leaders like Hitler actually presented themselves as God sent and turned around to destroy the people. We need to seek God more concerning Trump!

  • javscong javscong

    Who is this moron, Samson Ayokunle representing and which Donald Trump is he ranting about. For starters American society is too diverse and pervasive to expect any changing of her moral compass. Where that society is today is a result of an evolution which started in the late 60s and gathered steam in the 70s. A leader has to have the ability of self introspection and be humble. Trump is a bigot and narcissistic. He is the grand master of the most vile of human beings who claim white supremacy. A man whose heroes are Hitler and Putin can only bring about chaos and doom to the world. A 21st century version of Hitler has just been unleashed and he has the support of Putin ( a sort of Mussolini). That uniformed Ayokunle must never again claim to speak on behalf of Nigerian Christians. Let his views on Trump remain his personal opinion.

    • sab

      Like America, like Nigeria. If Trump is as bad as you paint him, what can you say of what we have here now in Nigeria? At least, Trump had the human milk and compassion to OPENLY APOLOGISE to his country men when he was confronted with his past wrong doings. But did our own ruler here and his trumpeting followers ever accept he ever did any wrong not to talk about apologizing? There lies the difference.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    That Bigot and Racist doesn’t even pay the taxes that I pay myself to support the people that elected this criminal. Ignorant people that think it’s OK to pollute water and air for their unsustainable livelihoods have not moved forward for the generations they claim to protect, but destroy instead.

    • George

      That man is going to cage your bokohari keep crying ok

      • Julius

        That man will send your black ass back to biafraud. You think he gives a shit about you ? You and your ipod keep living in delusion. You are the dumbest people I’ve ever known.

  • Watch man

    When Christian leaders abdicate from their responsibility of preaching sound doctrine of holiness, righteousness and godly living what do you expect from the world? The world is largely the way it is today because Christians and Christian organizations like CAN went after mammon gospel and unbridled hellish prosperity messages, etc. So, CAN you should take the lead by amending your ways before talking about Trump.

  • George

    Fake Christian leader, you mentioned Ali who died for nothing but forgotten to mention your own Christian sister who was killed in Kano and Abuja.

    What concern Ali death who is a boko haram himself being killed by his own brother he supported under GEJ.

    shameful Christian leaders indeed.

  • Konyesilifu

    You charlatans, why not leave God alone. Why not stop blastfaming God. Why assume to know God’s mind always after the fact. And when you profess to know God’s mind in advance, it never relates to things beneficial to Nigerians.

  • Ade

    CAN got it wrong again. Trump is not a christian. He is a womaniser and serial divorcee. He sets up and runs many casinos and strip clubs in the US. He is never a model of morality.

    • Whalerolex

      Are you saying God can not use a non Christian (read the bible)?
      This has nothing to do with CAN. Its Mr Samson Ayokunle who should be told be stop fooling people. I didn’t bother to read the whole story so I don’t know if God told him or its him that advised God (during his visit to heaven) to use Trump. You know these god of men can do and undo and the mumus will shout ALALUYA.

      • Chukwuma Chinwo

        I am shocked that most of you who talk blandly in the social media are not even bold to put your names. You diminish the value of this platform by your cowardice and insolent languages. Grow up.

        • Whalerolex

          That’s your opinion. If I think I need to know more about you based on your ideas or comments, there are ways to achieve that aim. Change your thinking.

    • Chukwuma Chinwo

      Trump like I said in reply to one of us may be the ‘devil’ in the red corner while Hillary was a ‘Fallen Angel’ in the blue corner. The problem America has is choosing not only between the two of them but their platforms. It appeared they believed that a devil in a platform of sobriety and bit of morality is easier to manage than a Fallen or falling Angel on a platform that is determined to drag all to hell. The Democratic Party used to be the darling of Africans since the 1960s but Barack Obama has changed the opinion of Africans about that party. Ayokunle or CAN’s position which I share is that it is better for the world and Africa in particular that Trump as described above, whose immorality is well known but now under a systemic check unlike before, would do the world less harm than a Hillary who could surrender to Sanders, Obama and other ultra liberals to be a candidate. Neither of the parties or candidates could have solved the problem of Nigeria but it would be naive not to realise that what happens in the USA reverberates in Nigeria in particular. The problem of Nigeria may lie in the fact that influences like America’s has hindered us from growing and developing with our hearts in control. Rather we are trying to be what America is today without knowing that the only reason why it is is what it is, is because it has a strong moral foundation which was scriptural and spiritual but now humanistic.

  • Julius

    Smdh. Do these fools know the moral history of Trump at all ? Trump is the king of immorality. It seems to me they did not follow the campaign . Shame of them.

    • Otile

      Half literate Oduafraudian, learn some good English. Don’t say “shame of them”. Odale nla, e gbo?

      • Julius

        Otileeeeee, dumb ass faggot. How was the wedding ? I heard that your boyfriend finally married you. Oloshi, adofuro, may God have mercy on you. That was a typo which you also do all the time. Get lost faggot.

        • Lord_of_Light

          This is a Christian site? Language!! I agree that what posted to you was petty. By the way, there was nothing that was grammatically incorrect with “shame of them”.

          • Julius

            smh, genius, that was a typo which happens all the time on this forum. It should have been “shame on them”. If you are smart enough, you would know that. Nobody told me that this is a Christian site either but, I’ll leave that up to you.

          • Lord_of_Light

            I read your comment, buddy, and I saw what you said. I suppose you must speak English as a second language because you would know “shame of them” is describing shame in plural possessive case and is therefore a grammatically correct. Calling someone a ‘faggot’ is an ad hominem and therefore you loose an argument. I think it is sad when people of intelligence do that because all it does is invalidate any argument you put forward and make them look feckless. Shake your head all you like, but what I have said is correct. May God bless you and keep you in His Grace.

  • FreeNigeria

    These so called Nigerian Pastors just don’t know when to shut their big mouth, first it’s TB Joshua and his false prophesy, then this Mumu CAN president. Oga CAN, What did God say about the people running Nigeria?

  • kunle

    there was never a time america was “god’s own country” in the religious sense,,,,… rather the term refers to the fact that there is freedom of everything and opportunities abound to move from grass to grace overnight… nigerian so called christian leaders should stop misleading the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chukwuma Chinwo

      Kunle, if only you have read the history of the United States you would not have said that there was never a time America was ‘god’s own country in the religious sense’. The founders of United States were mainly Christian puritans who went across the ocean fleeing from persecution in the Dark Ages of Europe. Others went across as missionaries. It appears that it is often easier in the social media to mislead people by ignorance and bland statements than opinions based on sound knowledge. Even if you disagree with your history or any other person’s own do not deny it and if you do not know it hold your peace in commenting on it. It is only where the Spirit of the Lord is present that people are given “freedom of everything and opportunities abound to move from grass to grass ‘overnight’.” The bigger problem is that those who benefit from that often like to abuse it and shut the door for other like Barack Obama has done.

      • Alos

        These so called christians that fled from “persecution” did worse things when they landed in America. Chukwuma should please go and read more about the history of the aborigines that these christins killed, poisened and relegated them to non-fertile areas as their abode. You need to read published books of Black Americans on these supremacy of whites.

  • Arc_Deji_Alabi

    For me I think the CNN president is being hypocritical. Why hasn’t he been talking about the immorality and corruption in Nigeria and the church in particular or God doesn’t care about Nigeria???

  • Omo Ojo

    How about a country whose slogan is “In God We Trust” has turned to a country where gay marriage is now legalized? May be that would have been a better statement from the CAN president. Also, realize that under Hillary presidency, any random man calling himself a transgender will be allowed to enter the same bathroom with your 7year girl old daughter. The liberals believe anybody should be able to do whatever he desires and they try to tweak the laws as such.

    Now before you pounce on me on how America was founded on respecting everyone’s wish, remember that all the GOP presidents and white ones from the left before Obama refused to sign gay marriage to law nationally. You think they were not pressured to do so? They just avoided and refused to make such a bizzare move. Again, before you tell me “hey Obama didn’t do it, the supreme court did”, but he was the chief advocate of the initiative. You remember Obama threatening some states with the revocation ofs federal government incentives from their k12 school systems should they oppose transgenders’ freedom of bathroom usage. Also the attorney general lady got on TV casting out N. Carolina for opposing it.

    The liberals need to put a brake on the gear that steers their freedom for anything/all whim. New flash!, I did not vote for Trump, I voted for Hillary because I believe his reign will bring back the same hatred for minorities that white americans have always had. He exposed how hateful they still are so I was fearful of what might become of the country should hatred rhetorics become an order of the day in america.

    Why don’t I stop here and wait for you guys to get on me. Just be gentle doing that.

    • Chukwuma Chinwo

      I share much of your view. I am a Nigerian and thus my involvement could not have gone beyond opinion where I am in Port Harcourt, South-south Nigeria. Not because of Hillary but because of what the Democratic Party has become, especially under the Disappointment called Obama, I never wanted the Democrats to win and because of what the Republicans still manage to hold dear to, I wanted the Republicans to win but not Donald Trump who represents everything that Republicans do not stand for. It is an indication of American society today that many faced that dilemma. Even the American voters, it appears, chose to go with the ‘devil’ in red instead of the deep blue sea they did not know where it leads to. That is why I fear that like many who voted Buhari in Nigeria and the Britons who voted Euro exit are now suffering from buyer’s remorse, Americans may suffer it for 4 years. That America has no better choice than Hillary in the blue corner and Trump in the Red corner only shows that the American civilisation is unravelling and close to its end.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    CAN-Pastor Ayokunle, sounds very naive and idiotic with his prediction that God positioned Donald Trump, a known immoral man who is his third marriage having divorced his first wife and second wife and married his current wife who was a model from Checks-Republic.Donald Trump, boasts in a recently released video by NBC-Billy Bush, of kissing women without their consent,holding women by their pussies and groping them. How can God, use such an immoral and racist man to cleanse USA of immorality.Donald Trump,says he does not ask God for the forgiveness of his sins.

  • Kareem Haroun

    How??? With an ex-porn wife as First Lady ; or with his history of divorcing wives…

  • Enemona

    So, how do these fools define immorality? Their definition must be of a strange sort if Trump is the one who has the moral authority to fight immorality. A perpetual liar, ‘groper’, uncouth, arrogant and abusive individual. Where did we go wrong so much that our people don’t even reason before talking?

  • izuli

    Well, even with their tolerance for sexual immorality, Americans in general are still better spiritually than most people in sub-Saharan Africa. Here’s are some reasons:(1) We say we know Christianity, but once we are placed in control of public money we embezzle it, regardless of whether we are Christian or Muslim. Just see the condition of our roads, bridges, electric supply. etc. Go to a Nigerian federal or state ministry or local government office, and it is hard to obtain any service with paying bribe, and yet we call ourselves religious. (2) In the U.S. people are mostly truthful in dispensing their public service. Public money is used for the purpose for which it was designated. This is evident in the quality of their roads, bridges, electric supply, water supply, post office service etc. Christianity is not just about praying long prayers, going to church seven days a week or condemning gay unions. Christ said that you shall know Christians by their fruits. So, where are our fruits of the Spirit? When Hausa hates Igbo and Yoruba, Igbo hates Yoruba and Hausa, and Yoruba hates Igbo and Hausa? When our pastors main goals is take money from the poor to become millionaires? When tribalism is an honorable thing? Until we become true Christians and true Muslims, Nigeria will remain so dilapidated.

    • Lord_of_Light

      What you don’t seem to know is often the loudest opponents of what you call sexual “immorality” are usually exposed as being the most immoral. Sexual crimes against children have left the churches reeling in the West. Christianity, Islam and Judaism have not been immune from charges. In Nigeria you point out that people rob the coffers of the state, however, in the West thru religious rob children of their innocence. So pardon me if I think thieves are more honourable than paedophiles.

      Now I am going to state what I think: Consensual sex between two adults, whether it is heterosexual or homosexual is not immoral. People are naturally attracted to adult human beings and that the range of attraction varies. That is how humans are created, and to condemn it as immoral those who are attracted to the same sex is an attack on God and His perfection, by saying God’s creation is imperfect. Christian churches have gone through the debate on whether homosexuality is a sin and we have concluded it is not. Unfortunately in Nigeria you are duped by your politicians who bring up the issue as a diversion from their misdeeds. Yes and you know I am telling the truth. How does what two people do in their bedroom affect you? Islam is also debating homosexuality and saying the verses in the Qur’an deal with abusive relationships.

  • igboham

    I will choose America over Nigeria any day. This guy does not see the hell that is called Nigeria. The hypocrisy with the fraud called Nigeria is overwhelming.

    • javscong javscong

      People like this church man are a major part of the rot in Nigeria. All so called pastors ought to be in jail

  • Alos

    Chineke!!1 O God!!! Osanabuhalahoo!!! How did you arrive at this that “God positioned Trump to fight Immorality”. When this man Trump is Immorality Personified. Where was Samson Ayokunle when ALL his immoral actions were reported by CNN nad other s? This is a man who FAILED to pay TAX for almost 20years, who will NEVER apologize for any misdeeds etc.
    It’s apity that a supposed to be upholder of high moral standard like Samson could be carried away like this.
    Even in the U.S. ask a Grade 3 children of their views of Trump, you”ll shocked. If 5-7 years old kids can be CRYING when told that TRUMp won the election, that shows the extent of their understanding of Trumps Immorality. They all said they don”t like him because he”s a CHEAT, Conman etc.

  • Lord_of_Light

    Let me catalogue this man offences for you. He is an adulterer. He is a racist. Guess what, and his favourite colour isn’t black. LOL. He wants to build a wall between Mexico and the US and deport millions of Latinos. He openly stated that that a candidate for a judge was unfit for the position because he was Mexican. He falsely claimed American Muslims rejoiced publicly in their thousands over 9/11. Let’s continue: he mocked and demeaned people with disabilities and he boasted that he could assault women and touch their vagina because he was a celebrity. He is facing a rape charge as well as he has made billions without paying tax for years. Hell, he could be Nigerian based on that score. Oh no he is white and was courting the K Klux Klan for a while. What he did was this: he offered the Evangelical church power in the US if they would support him; just as Satan did to Christ in the wilderness. The only difference was Christ said no and the Church said yes. The hypocrisy, lies and double standard of the fundamentalist Evangelical churches has ruined the church irreparably. It has lost all credibility with young voters. We will just happily sit and watch it die. Oh and if you think Mr Trump will be able to do anything about gay marriage you are totally wrong. The make up of the Supreme court has not changed and guess what he won’t be able to alter it at all. The majority of justices favour gay marriage. So what has Trump done? He has destroyed the church; and Satan is laughing with delight.