Accused of corruption, Justice Ademola resumes sitting at Federal High Court

The entrances of the Federal High Court, Abuja, locked up by striking workers ... on Monday
The entrances of the Federal High Court, Abuja, locked up by striking workers ... on Monday

Two judges of the Federal High Court, Abuja, whose homes were raided by operatives of the State Security Service for alleged corruption have resumed sitting days after the National Judicial Council, NJC, described the raid as illegal.

The judges, Adeniyi Ademola and Nnamdi Dimgba, presided over court sessions for cases slated to continue on Monday by their various courts.

While Mr. Ademola and six other judges were arrested after the raids, Mr. Dimgba was not.

The SSS said it arrested the seven judges across the nation after petitions bothering on allegations of fraud were made against them and neglected by the NJC. The agency said it had enough evidence to prosecute the judges for corruption.

The security service also alleged that it recovered tens of thousands of dollars and millions of naira from Mr. Ademola’s residence.

Mr. Ademola’s arrest was the most dramatic as he locked himself in a room and told his aides to lie he was not at home, multiple sources including those close to the judge told PREMIUM TIMES.

Knowing the claim was false, the SSS broke down Mr. Ademola’s doors to arrest him.


in his reaction to the allegations, Mr. Ademola said he was forced to attest to the alleged discoveries at gun point.

He alleged that the search conducted at his residence and his subsequent arrest were meant to punish him for rulings he had given in favour of former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, against the wish of the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami.

Justice Adeniyi Ademola
Justice Adeniyi Ademola

Mr. Ademola also mentioned an old score he said he had with Mr. Malami as a reason for his arrest.

The NJC had also denied reports by the SSS that petitions written against the seven judges were neglected.

In its reaction to the matter, the NJC detailed its findings on the activities of the SSS relating to the judges. The council said only two separate complaints had come from the SSS regarding two of the judges.

The judges whose homes were raided include, Messrs. Dimgba and Ademola, both of the Federal High Court Abuja; Justices John Okoro and Sylvester Nguta of the Supreme Court; Muazu Pindiga of Gombe; Kabiru Auta of Kano High Court; Innocent Okoro, outgoing Enugu State Chief Judge; as well as Mohammed Tsamiya, an appeal court judge in Illorin.

Responding to issues arising from the raid, Mr. Malami said the SSS was merely discharging its constitutional function of investigation. He said corruption is a threat to the security of any nation.

Over one week after the raids and arrests, the SSS is yet to file charges against the affected judges.


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  • IG

    There is no more hope for the common man on the street. Please lets us forget about fighting corruption in Nigeria. Its a shame someone accused of corruption is allowed again to preside on judicial cases without investigation by the NJC. NIGERIA IS TOTALLY FINISHED

    • Dodondawa

      If you ever think the Dishonourable Judges arrrested and yet to be arraigned will not go scot free, think again. NJC made up of bunch of greedy and shameless Nigerians as well as the court system/judiciary would support them. I repeat, their cases after arraignment would drag on for ever and at the end of the day, Thief Justice Adeniyi Ademaola might be elevated to the Court of Appeals as compensation for all the trouble he has gone through the last one week. That is Nigeria.

  • abdul dull daura

    Buhari is the most irrational president. His actions are calamitous and his words does not assure intelligence. Shameful!!!!

    • TitoTX

      Buhari is the most irrational president. His actions are calamitous and his words does not assure intelligence. Shameful!!!! Can you rationalise this empty claim? How is he irrational? Please display your ignorance.

      • abdul dull daura

        I remember you clapped when he said you are corrupt because you are intelligent.

        • TitoTX

          How difficult is it to answer my question? Your hatred will send you to early grave if you dont repent.

          • abdul dull daura

            You will live 180yrs

          • dare ojo


    • Rommel

      I can see your resourcefulness, Ijaw man

      • abdul dull daura

        Remove the cow from the road. Herdsman!!!

  • Sean

    This is disgraceful! The NJC are holding Nigeria to ransom, it’s high time we mobilise and chase these crazy bald heads out! A judge accused of corruption is not suspended pending the outcome of the prosecution? This can only happen in Nigeria. It’s annoying and disrespectful to the common man on the street!

    • Ubong

      DSS will never prosecute any of these Judges because these Judges know DSS officials are as corrupt as they are. The government know if these Judges want to do the nasty thing by deciding to name names of corrupt so called Nigerians leaders, now calling themselves saints, mostly those in government who had at one time sought and got cash for judgement delivery, it will be messy and very unhealthy, hence the right thing for this government of misinformation and lies is to pretend as nothing has happened, knowing very well the gullibility of Nigerians to make noise without any positive action. Regional DSS played a fast one on nigerians but meeting their regional abductors of so called corrupted chiboks scam to send out feelers by letting go some of these IDP girls as Chiboks to divert attention from the inaction of non prosecution of these alleged corrupt Judges. By not prosecuting these Judges as it seems now, some government officials will be save from being mentioned, particularly as some of these Judges are now coming out to tell their own reasons of assumed regionally motivated arrest. This is part of CHANGE as known by TINUBU and his gangs while the real change is with the political power owners.that do not care about the feelings of suffering nigerian, as far as realignment of what presumably had eluded them for some years are return to the assumed political/military/paramilitary power owners.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Shamelessness at its peak.

  • Noble

    Oh God! am I hearing it correct? Someone accused of corruption being expected to deliver JUSTICE!!!!!!

  • Arabakpura

    Kudos to NJC! Suspected thieves now preside over our courts! Who says it shall be well with Nigeria?

    • Imafidon O.


      What I know is that RULE OF LAW does not include euros, dollars, yen and pound sterling

      hidden under the bed of a judge. There is no INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY in that.

      A judge cannot turn his bedroom into bureau de change and talk of separation of powers.

  • O.O. Aide (Effunrun)


    I am writing this letter to seek your support for JAMES IBORI as a fit and proper person to move Nigeria forward.
    The National Judicial Council will not like to put forward James Ibori as the next CHIEF JUSTICE OF NIGERIA.
    This sort of double standard caused me to write to your highly respected online newspaper to say this thing.
    Anybody who wants JUSTICE in Nigeria should support JAMES IBORI as the next Chief Justice of Nigeria.
    I don’t know the Justice Onnoghen they are putting forward but James Ibori knows more about justice.
    Justice Onnoghen only knows moneylaundering by theory but James Ibori has practised the thing.
    Can somebody without experience like Justice Onnoghen know more than somebody practising?

  • solomon olushola

    Too Bad. only in Nigeria.


    Shame Fled The Land & So Madness Took Reign.

    Who Is Fighting Against Corruption in Nigeria?

    We All Guilty, The Perpetrators & Those Who Enable Them By Staying Silent in Face of Atrocities.

    Corruption Is The New Modern Day Slavery In Nigeria.

    www electionoffenders ng

  • Rommel

    The usual cacophony of corrupt politicians when arrested,politically motivated persecution,shame on these men

    • sab

      Rommel, so you have finally resurfaced on the forum with your believe that all accused are guilty even without trial? Welcome

      • Rommel

        Has anyone accused you of stealing public funds? there are so many judges whom no one is disturbing,do you think that things have been well with our judiciary? again,is there anyone in recent times that the EFCC picked up concerning corruption that did not receive money? mention one person,I will be glad f you can

  • Ikechukwu_67

    He(ademola) knows that there are enough people with undying Buhari hatred who are ready to forgo his corrupt deals. He wants to handle cases when under corruption cacophony. No shame at all. It’s expected sha…

  • dami

    Ok….lawyers who have matters before this judge and other arrested judges will begin to ask for their cases to be re-assigned…as they will claim justice is not possible from a judge accused of corruption…
    and when a judge has no case to preside over…then he is no longer a judge…

  • James Ojapa

    Give the guy a break. He needs to collect more egunje to buy his freedom. Nigeria, we truly hail thee

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Nigeria is a huge joke and an extensive scam. DSS needs to make (IN)Justice Ademola a victim of accidental discharge.

  • Chinedu

    This is the right thing. Every suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The judges just like any other person must continue their lives while the cases are on. That was why we knew that DSS lacked the intelligence needed on this matter. They seem to have bungled this one. That these suspects are judges does not mean another set of rules will apply. The appropriate body to sanction them does not agree with DSS. So they should proceed to court with their allegations and evidence. Eventually the matter will get to supreme court. And after that we can only look forward to Gods final pronouncement. No level of sentiment will change this course. This can be lessons for everybody. The judges will strive to live above board. And our security agencies will learn to apply intelligence while not discarding due process in their job.

  • Spoken word

    Judge with no shame.NJC has made a mockery of the judiciary.The judiciary might never recover from this

  • MINT65

    well since the NJC has seized the US dollars, he needs to make more. no integrity …..shameless man… behaving like a police constable in a police station

    • vagabonds in power

      Aware Efcc is filled with serving Police constables sha————-

  • Burning Spear

    Have no fear of the Apes in APC————-The one with God will always be in the majority regardless of the evil ways of Bingo Buhari———-ati his Desperados in DSS and Efcc——in Aso Rock—Busy tormenting Judges—with their lies——For we now know them—————to be nothing but demons——————-agents of the Luciferic spirit of the Boko haram Fulani cowhands killing 9jas in the Fulani North——————–Besides, the only thing left for us to do, is to call on the real soldiers of the Nation State of Nigeria—-to fire Buhari again–For he is a curse to 9jas and his family–most especially his wife whom he married at 9————9jas are dying in their thousands because of his evil rule——————he is making Abacha look like a Saint———–

  • sammyctu ode

    SHAMELESS judges who have no dignity left in their veins. It’s only in banana republic like Nigeria such a thing can happen having been allegedly accused of corruption and then turn around to be presiding on cases. Since they have collected bribes on the pending cases they will rule in favor of those people that have compromised them. It’s time for Nigerians to start campaigning against all these secret cults that all these evil people belong to. Since our Churches and Mosques are already parts of these cults they will not preach against them but at the right time God Almighty will deliver us from all these evil people.

  • Kekedu

    No shame… only biabia.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    When he’s found guilty, all of his judgments must be overturned.

  • Ikenna Okwuchi

    What everybody should be asking is why these judges haven’t been arraigned if the dss truly has as much evidence as they have claimed. The NJC isn’t in charge of prosecutions, the AG a fed govt appointee is, so what’s the freaking hold up.