Rahama Sadau gets Hollywood invite after Kannywood ban


Top Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, who was recently  expelled from the industry for featuring in a romantic musical video, has been invited  by international superstar, Akon, and US-based Nigerian film-maker, Jeta Amata, to visit the set of their new film in Hollywood – Los Angeles.

The news was broken by Akon via his Twitter handle when he tweeted, “Looking forward to seeing you in Los Angeles. Let’s empower our women and motivate them to grow. Fanning them is cooler than banning them.”

Also corroborating Akon, Hollywood actor and comedian, Miguel Nunez, also tweeted saying, “We are going to have so much fun. One door closes another one opens. I can’t wait to see you. We are going to have a blast. You will become huge here.

An excited Rahama also confirmed accepting the invitation in a series of tweets. She wrote, “Wow, I’m so humbled. Los Angeles calling..so excited about @jeta_amata mata and@akon invitation to visit the set of their new film in Hollywood!!#Rahamasadau 💫💫💃💃💃 so excited.

Although details of the movie is yet to be disclosed, it seems the Kannywood star who made her acting debut three years ago, will play a major role.

Since her ban barely two weeks ago, the beautiful actress’ career appears to be on a steady rise. Earlier in the week, she forayed into Nollywood by starring in a 13-week drama series titled Sons of the Caliphate, which currently airs on Ebonylife TV.

The controversial ban caused widespread outrage on social media with her teeming fans advising her to excel even more in more successful movie industries in the world (Hollywood, Nollywood), etc.

Although the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria warned other actors and actresses to henceforth follow the rules binding their participation in the Kannywood film industry, Rahama appears unperturbed.

In a recent interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Rahama revealed that she had floated an all-female production outfit, Sadau Productions.

She also disclosed that the outfit will be dedicated to ensuring that young Hausa ladies interested in filmmaking and acting are given an opportunity to showcase their talents without inhibitions.


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  • Rommel

    The mistake people make is to think that the people in northern Nigeria care about hollywood,the only thing they care about is Koran,sharia and hypocrisy even the girl should be careful so that the fanatics do not target her for accepting the bigger stage

    • Umar Faruk

      Certainly, we care about our religion, and nothing more. Die in your fury!

    • bootypoppin

      And you know this because you have lived in the north or have a PHD from the north? I dont get this. She was in kannywood. They have rules. She broke it. She was banned. She followed her wants and went to Hollywood. Period thats her will. What has this got to do with Sharia, quran etc? Former disney starts with lewd conducts are banned from starring in Disney movies because of fear of influence on kids. What moral right do u think you have to judge which belief is right?

      • Rommel

        That’s the point neither do they have the rights my friend,neither do they

        • bootypoppin

          Yatta! So none of us do then. So why do u sound as if you are mr righteous or that your views seem to be “the good”. the term right or wrong or good or bad are subjective. Let people practice what they believe in. If it does not affect or your well-being then why fret?

      • ochulele

        Please am lost here, wic rules did she broke in Kannywood?

        • yukkmouff

          She hugged a man. Can you believe that?! Getting banned in the 21st century for hugging the opposite sex. Shiiiiiite!!!!!

          • ochulele

            What a hypocritical world we lived in.

        • Haba mallam

          Dumbass find out before you join in.

        • bootypoppin

          Nevermind. You wont get it

    • ali sabo

      My friend it is better for everyone to be minding his own business. Our culture, history and religion are different so how do you expect us to act like you guys? And let me tell you Northern people do not hate Hollywood, it is just your perception that you think they hate it. Yes, Northern people care about Koran and Shari’a but they are not hypocrisy. So please let us factual and truthful in whatever we say or do.

  • Lanre

    Rahama. This is your ticket to escape from slavery. Take it! Do not try returning to slavery in Northern Nigeria. Word of advise.

    • haba mallam

      quite contrary my friend, slaves are in the USA you just don’t know, now she has the chance to act in a PORN or go naked as she wish but it will NEVER be in our land.

      • Lanre

        Ok. We have heard. Just don’t watch any of her movies when she becomes a big star like Lupita Nyong’o. Just promise me you will not be a hypocrite like many of you are and secretly buy her movies to watch (when your wives are in their harem).

        • Haba mallam

          Rahma is not beautiful enough to be in my harem, we have the most beautiful women, you just saw one average girl Rahman and you’re losing your mine, unlike you and your ugly girls

  • haba mallam

    Rahma, go act as you wish, you can do whatever you like IN Hollywood IN USA but in Kannywood IN Nigeria you must obey the rules of our faith and respect our cultures, religion and moral values. Its your call. La iqraha fiddeen

    • Tori Osa

      shut up

  • Bashir

    Some one should relate the story of the Prophet’s companion Ka’ab bn Malik, to Rahama, when he was faced with similar bait. Ka’ab was under sanction (boycott) for failing to attend an expedition called by the prophet and whilst he was in that agony (of boycott) he received a letter from a far away land inviting him to immigrate since the Prophet has forsaken him. What did Ka’ab said? He said that invitation was a greater calamity than the boycott itself because it was an open invitation to rebel against God and His prophet and rejected it out right. Days letter Ka’ab received the glad tidings of forgiveness from God and had his boycott lifted. A whole chapter of the Qur’an was named ‘Tauba’ or forgiveness in relation to this incident. I therefore fear for Rahama if she will pass this test as Ka’ab did!

    • Wale Bolodeoku

      She doesn’t need to pass any misogynist, double-standard and gender oppressive test. Let the examiners examine themselves first. She didn’t boycott anything nor did she rebel against anything. She was viciously thrust unto the world stage. The world is bigger than the narrow confines of bigotry you people stew in. My only advice to her: don’t abandon your values or get carried away by glitz and glamour; by pomp and circumstance.

    • Charles


      • Ali mubi

        Don’t you have anything better to say? What moral lessons did learn from your parents?

    • Haba mallam

      Salam Bashir may Allah reward you. Those who are guided with be guided and those who are astray will be remain so may Allah guide us. The people of the great satan have invited Rahma to them and it will better for us if she leave and join them rather than have her among us. We shall see if she is munafikina or not.

  • Dejandon

    Watch this space guys. Akon just have a new babe.

  • Abubakar Bello

    Carry your Wahala dey go.Shikenan.

    • Haruna

      What wahala.

  • yukkmouff

    Rahama, be careful oo. Those Nollywood ballers take no prisoners, dem go rod silly!

  • jon

    She belongs to Southern Nigeria and the Western world and NOT backward Northern Nigeria. Glad she is leaving where she does not belong.

    • Lanre

      Thank you Jare. The brightest and the best in every society leave to better shores. I hope Rahama takes this opportunity and becomes a big successful actress.

    • Haba mallam

      Na this monkey dey make laugh. Kai naija get plenti monkey and even baboon.

  • Haba mallam

    These fools think they are helping her by offering an audience at filming site in Hollywood while making her more unpopular in her hometown, these losers, one is no longer selling records and the other have never been heard are now rushing to invite her, where were they before the ban, she won several awards before the ban you could have invited the and help the sister get a role. Satanists that’s what they are, this how they operate exploiting the vulnerable for cheap political gains.

  • Haba mallam

    I dey laugh, Kai monkey dey plentiful in naija.

  • Du Covenant

    Just do your homework properly and NEVER present yourself to anyone like a sheep. Make sure everything you do with anyone is documented in a contract that is carefully drawn. Don’t think Hollywood or these rappers will hand you work on gold plate, be aware of many are there to exploit if you choose to go anywhere.

  • Ahmed Ibrahim

    Pls repent and turn down the invitation

  • S. A. Maigari

    Kai! Akon don get new karuwa.

    • haba mallam

      Please dont disrespect her, Rahma is not a karuwa