‘Aisha Buhari vindicates Saraki, confirms Buhari’s govt. hijacked’

Senate President, Bukola Saraki
Senate President, Bukola Saraki

An aide to the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, on Friday said his boss had been vindicated by the recent outburst of President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, about her husband’s leadership.

Bamikole Omisore, a media aide to the Senate President said the fact that Mrs. Buhari could come out to openly express reservations about her husband’s appointees showed that his boss’ earlier argument that the government had been hijacked was in good faith.

Mr. Saraki on June 27 said some individuals within Mr. Buhari’s government were running a “government within the government”.

“It has become clear that there is a government within the government of President Buhari who have seized apparatus of executive powers to pursue their nefarious agenda,” Mr. Saraki said at the time.

Mr. Buhari pushed back against the comments, describing them as a figment of Mr. Saraki’s imagination.

But in an interview with the BBC, Mrs. Buhari appeared to agree with Mr. Saraki’s position.

She criticised her husband’s choices of cabinet members and heads of agencies.

The first lady said her husband packed his cabinet with people he barely knew, suggesting that the government had been hijacked.

She also said she might not support her husband’s re-election if the president failed to shake up his cabinet.

Mr. Omisore said in a tweet on Friday morning that Mrs. Buhari’s comment came “months apart” from Mr. Saraki’s own complaint about “the same thing”.

Mr. Omisore said Mr. Buhari and those who criticised Mr. Saraki at the time he made the comments should understand that both the president’s wife and his principal meant well for the administration.

“Aisha Buhari and Bukola Saraki both have the best interest of President Buhari at heart,” Mr. Omisore said in the tweet.

Mr. Omisore further expanded on his principal’s position in a telephone interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Friday morning, saying Mr. Saraki still strongly believes that Mr. Buhari had been sidelined by a few men in his government.

“It is true that we still believe that there’s a government within the government.”

“We do believe that the president has good intention and we’re behind him,” Mr. Omisore said. “But a situation where a few people are in charge does not bode well for the image and the future of our country.”

Mr. Omisore said recent development in which the Minister of Finance openly disagreed with the Governor of Central Bank on economic matters clearly showed that administration officials were taking directives from conflicting authorities.

“A situation where people that work within the executive say one thing and other people that work in the same administration say and even do another thing.

“It shows that people are getting directives from different authorities,” Mr. Omisore said.

Mr. Omisore said Nigerians should pay attention to Mrs. Buhari’s statement because she’s a mother for the whole country.

“Mrs. Buhari is our mother and she has come out to say that the way things are being run, where APC manifesto has been abandoned and the party completely left out of governance, should not continue for too long,” Mr. Omisore said.

Mr. Saraki has been facing corruption charges at the Code of Conduct Bureau since September 2015.

He was also arraigned alongside his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, in a separate case in which they were accused of forgery in the Senate.

The government withdrew the case a few days ago.

Mrs. Buhari’s explosive interview rattled the presidency so much that PREMIUM TIMES authoritatively gathered that the officials there pressured the BBC to step down the remaining part of the interview.

BBC, however, vowed to run the full exchange as scheduled.


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  • Brother Dehinde


    We voted for APC so we can get a better life. But today we only have a totally worse life to show for it. We are regretting voting for APC. We almost hate to hear anything APC. The party has totally destroyed Nigeria. Before when people were
    saying APC party is a party of illiterates I did not believe them. Now that the APC illiteracy has destroyed my life, caused retrenchment of my children, broken families apart who cannot afford the inflation in the cost of living, I now believe that
    APC is the worst party Nigeria has ever had. Everything must now be done to end this APC horrors. It is a useless party
    of illiterates, thieves and ignoramuses, who did not go to school or learn anything in school. APC is a tragedy for Nigeria.

    • Pat

      You have a very little memory!

      • DanielJustice

        And you are a fraudster. A 419 artist.

        • Pat

          It takes a fraudster to quickly recognize another!

    • Baba B

      I guess the we you refer to must be you and perhaps 2 or 3 members of your family who are apparently scared of what may happen to you if corruption is drastically reduced in this society. But do not worry as you still have time to flee before it gets to you.

      • blueeyedkitten


  • Vextee

    From the Panama Papers
    uncovered by world’s best journalists, including those from PREMIUM TIMES,
    financial documents were found in Panama linking Bukola Saraki to criminal
    moneylaundering of a whopping 65 million dollars in three separate accounts in
    euros, dollars and pound sterling. Where did Bukola Saraki get the 65 million
    dollars, if not by stealing, whilst working full time as PUBLIC SERVANT inside
    Nigeria, from 1999 till date, without a break?

    The idea of Bukola Saraki as Senate President
    is another defiling taboo lowering public morality. A man who lives in frauds,
    lies, dishonesty and deceit; without a sense of right and wrong, is a desecrator
    of public morality who should not be in the Senate.

    Let CHANGE begin by
    convicting Bukola Saraki and sentencing him to his deserving term of imprisonment.
    That’s the way Nigeria can be weaned of career criminals stashing tainted assets in
    a trove in Panama. Bukola Saraki has no home training in crisp ethics and has grown
    up as a clear and present danger to Nigeria.

    • ???????????




  • FreeNigeria

    Saraki is a very big part of the problems in Nigeria.

  • Great Nigeria

    Face your case in CCT Saraki. Your suite is awaiting you in Kuje. Hijack or no Highjack, you are culpable

    • Egbon Alabi


      Bukola Saraki is
      almost becoming a public nuisance. He had a golden chance as a rigged
      Senate President to prove himself worthy, despite his rigged election. He
      flunked the public policy competency test and has kept failing the test from
      day one. He was presented with list of proposed Ministers comprising indicted
      persons wanted by anti-corruption agencies for prosecution. Bukola Saraki had
      no moral awareness to stay the proceeding on Senate clearance pending the
      prosecution or otherwise of those indicted proposed Ministers. Like a moron,
      Bukola Saraki held the gavel and hit it shouting, CONFIRMED – not knowing
      he was simultaneously confirming himself unfit for the oversize office of the
      Senate president.

      • share Idea

        Are you suggesting that confirmation of the supposed looters is preventing your clueless leader from prosecuting them. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Arabakpura

    Saraki should have kept quiet and allowed others to make his case for him! This is a wrong political move! Why is it that Nigeria is blessed more with rogues than deft politicians?

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    That’s not the point Bukola. The point is the perfidy against your party and the false/anticipatory declaration of assets, a clear breach of the constitution. What is happening is the looseness of the hawks in the party like the Senate President in the dock! Nigerian politicians are obdurately opportunistic. Sad.

  • Pat

    We have to know that it would have been worst if the immediate past administration is still in power. Buhari may has his own challenges and short coming, he is doing everything in his power to tackle the menace of corruption in our system, that which he promised. Nothing, and absolutely nothing could work well in a system that is ridden in corruption. More so, it is in APC government that the wife of president can give a fair criticism of the administration not being a culprit in treasury looting. The likes of Sarakis are the real enemies of Nigerian masses. This is democracy!

    • DanielJustice

      Mumu. Nama being to the slaughtering slab while praising the butcher. Ode.

      • Pat

        You’re just being beclouded by hatred and it is evident in your thinking and comments.

    • NinjaK

      “We have to know………” BUT Sorry, We DO NOT KNOW!
      And we do not know becos it never happened – chikenna.
      So try to keep your conjectures to yourself – and face the immediate/current issues.
      Thank You.

      • Pat

        No one will expect you to know otherwise than supporting looters based on where they come from.

      • Ibro sola

        I can feel ur pains Ninjak.sorry loot money is not forthcoming to ur masters. And for the likes of Emmanuel; morality is wat he need most @ the moment.

  • Watch man

    Saraki, you are not qualified to comment on Aisha’s submission because you are a Lootocrat that made anticipatory declaration. You are grossly corrupt. So shut your mouth and face your case at CCT. You are one of the problems of Nigeria.

  • B. Messi

    When Saraki spoke of a cabal, the e-zombies called him PDPig..liar.
    When the wife of their lord spoke of the same cabal, same e-zombies called her a brave woman who spoke the truth.
    It would appear the e-slaves definition of truth is ‘anything’ buhari or lai(e) tells them.
    Sometimes I’m inclined to believe the likes of Maria, TundeMESS/tunsj, wahala, kay soyemi, amazing2012, etc are unthinking ROBOTS.

  • sunny

    Buhari is not a kid.He allowed them to do whatever they like by himself.

  • Godwin C Daniel

    My Bible tells me that a mans enemies are the member of his house hold, therefore the Bible is current and fort-telling too.

    • NinjaK

      Hey Mr Man, we are talking about Alhaji Buhari of Daura here – not your Bible!!!
      Thank You.

    • emmanuel

      Are you a snake? A woman who sleep on same bed with a man tell the World the truth about why we are sinking as a country by the day and you call her her husbands enemy.
      A man who suffer Alzheimer is not in control of himself, meaning that those around him can abuse him and his wife cannot run state affairs; when she is not as fraudulent as Turai (Ibori promised Turai VP if either him or Saraki replace her husband, so she became power drunk).
      Which Bible you dey quote sef. Do you not know that quoting the Bible out of context is a sin? For example, i can tell you that Proverbs 24:21 says “……….you should be careful of people who promise you change” – like Alhaji Bingo.
      But that may not mean AB, but could also mean that. The next verse 22 “for their calamity shall come suddenly; and who knws the ruin of them both?” ‘both means the one who promised change and those who believed and folwed the’ Could that be you and the rest of the hailers?

  • utolason

    Aisha Buhari is a close friend of Saraki’s wife. With Saraki on trial at the code of conduct tribunal, that perhaps explains Aisha Buhari’s frustration with her husband.

  • B. Messi

    Buhari is demystifying himself slowly but surely.
    The whole buhari / APC misadventure is going down in utter disgrace.
    APC ya mutu.

  • blueeyedkitten

    It is things like this that make me root for military government. it is this slow motion democracy, with its hypocritical freedom of speech doctrines, that is making all these rogues who call themselves politicians, talking like this.
    As for Aisha Buhari, let her go and sit down! PMB is not a woman wrapper. He belongs to everybody, and he belongs to nobody, including her(AISHA).

  • Sword of Damocles

    Truth is eternal. Senator Saraki was born a thief, has been a thief, is a despicable thief, a pathological dissembles, and lack of character is the ESSENCE of the legacy of that name:Saraki. No dear traitor SP, u are far from vindicated, what you are is a person(like many) betrayed his own people( remember truth is eternal). Nigeria is destined for greatness, and because of this, JUSTICE will be done for abused masses. Keep running that treacherous yap.

  • Sanmi Falae

    This guy is as dumb as a plank. Here he is making a useless public statement when his useless name and criminal career are topical issues in a British broad-spread newspaper today. A completely worthless man with no shred reputation within and outside Nigeria – beyond the notoriety he enjoys alongside his equally disreputable mental-health cases in the Asylum they call the Senate.

    • emmanuel

      Saraki is a questionable character,; agreed, but wha is the issue? You should honourably shred Aisha Buhari to pieces first for her position.
      Someone said some thing degenerative about her husband which you discounted and dressed down the noe who echoed same position of the mans wife.
      Is it a crime for a thief to abuse a useless judge who comes to the Court drunk when he is court in pursuance of his own case? Check your constitution and your conscience.

    • princegab

      He is a pot calling kettle black.
      Did he not hijack the Senate’s presidency?

  • emmanuel

    Buhari said his wife belog to the kitchen, his living rood and only good for warming the bed (..and the other room).
    Baba head don kolo o. may una dey watch am closely before he go commot cloth for street like the women wen dey call themselves celebrity these days and na to open breast and nyash for social media.
    Women are becoming really cheap globally and most of them believe they can only become popular by exposing their birthday clothes. We seem to be heading back to the old stone age when people went naked.
    Another Donald Trump has shown for 2019 – the woman: kitchen, living room and warming the bird, God forbid dat kind woman. Nowonder Aisha get all the time to drive children away from their chapel and converted it to her beauty parlour when she realised that Adefulire and Abike Dabiri Erewa dey come work as special assistant to her man.

    • Pat

      Your comment about women shows that you’re worst than Donald Trump you referred to.

    • Mufu Ola

      Why don’t u go & scan your father’s ‘kolo’ in your village before thinking of other people’s father own. You are really getting desperate.

  • Mufu Ola

    Saraki has fouled the air enough. He should not hide Aisha to spray deodorant on himself.”His own idea of “highjack” is different from hers’. So stay away, Saraki.