Katsina Emirate says marriage of ‘abducted’ 14-year-old to Emir’s aide irreversible

The Emir of Katsina, Abdulmumini Kabir [Photo credit: http://www.nigerianmonitor.com]
The Emir of Katsina, Abdulmumini Kabir [Photo credit: http://www.nigerianmonitor.com]

The Emir of Katsina, Abdulmumini Kabir, has denied the alleged abduction and forceful marriage of 17-year-old Habiba Isyaku.

Emir Kabir made the denial during a meeting with the Katsina branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on Thursday in Katsina.

The emir, represented by one of the king makers, Nuhu Abdulkadir, the ‘Kauran-Katsina’, said it was the Commissioner of Police who sent the matter to the palace for resolution.

He said the girl embraced Islam on her own volition.

According to him, the father of the girl, Isyaku Tanko, had petitioned the police that one Jamilu Lawal had abducted his daughter, converted her to Islam and married her without their consent.

Mr. Lawal is said to work in the palace of the Emir Kabir.

The Emir said that during investigation, the palace discovered that Habiba embraced Islam on her own volition.

He said that the girl had indicated her interest in marrying Jamilu, who is from the same area with her, and that the Emirate Council married her to her heartthrob, who paid N50,000 as dowry.

He said the palace interviewed the girl to ascertain if she was forced to accept Islam, and she said no, and declined following her father home.

The Emir further said that the father of the girl had written an apology to the palace after discovering that he had made wrong accusations to council, and showed the letter to journalists present.

In his remarks, the Katsina State CAN Chairman, Nelson Onyekachukwu, said the palace should always contact CAN in the state on such matters.

‘’We should be given time to go home and discuss with the parents and Kankara CAN branch on the matter and report back to the palace,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Tanko had told a news conference organised by Stefanos Foundation in Abuja on Wednesday that Jamilu had admitted to abducting his daughter.

He said that his daughter would be 15 years old on Saturday, and that she was kidnapped from her school, Government Senior Secondary School, Kudun Kankara, Kastina State by one Jamilu Lawal.

He also said that she had been forcefully converted to Islam and married off by the Emir without her parents’ consent.

“My little girl was abducted on the 16th of August, 2016, from her school. After my investigations, I discovered that Jamilu Lawal, who lives in the same community, was responsible for my daughters’ disappearance.’’

He said that he had lodged a formal complaint with the Commissioner of Police in Kastina, and that he had also gone to the palace to retrieve his daughter but his mission was unsuccessful.

“On arrival at the Palace, the Emir informed me that my daughter has been converted from Christianity to Islam henceforth.

“There is no longer any relationship between me and my daughter and we can no longer inherit each other. He further informed me that he has received the sum of N50, 000 as dowry from Jamilu Ibrahim for my daughter.

“Therefore, he will give her out in marriage in accordance with Islamic rites and injunctions.

“He accused me of defaming him at the Police Station and I was threatened, intimidated and coerced to sign an apology drafted on my behalf in his Palace.

He appealed to well-meaning Nigerians and those in authority to help assist him to secure the release of his daughter.

On his part, Mark Lipdo, the Programme Coordinator for Stafanos Foundation, an NGO, said that the organisation intervened in conflicts.

“We have been trying to intervene in the conflicts going on in Nigeria; we believe in the human rights of all citizens and encourage that fundamental rights be upheld at all times to maintain a sane society.

He noted that Habiba, who had just completed her Junior Secondary School with very good grades, had much prospects.

He said the foundation had petitioned the Inspector General of Police with a view to securing the girls” release but had yet to get a response.

“The girl is a minor and things like this have to stop happening in this country because if it continues, people are going to resort to self-help,’’ Mr. Lipdo said.



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  • Nigeria Must Be Good

    Who did this to us as a nation? Who meddle us with these animal from the other side?? May God punish these whites for bringing us together with retards…No Yoruba king would ever do such, where do they keep their shame? 14 years old girls, I don’t know what young Pu**sy did to these bastards, so sad about this news again….Nigeria needs to be divided.

  • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

    Very irritating news. How does marrying an underage girl got 2 do with nation’s devt?Is that not a draw back & a block of d girl’s impending glory & success?D North don’t’ve anything 2 think except women&marrying underaged girls.I hate 2 belong 2 such a nation.

    • muazu wali

      Underage is a social yard stick set by communities to guide them. Different customs have different ages of maturity. The white man sets 18 Islam sets its own biological yardstick. As soon as the mensturation begins a girl has come of age. Do let it be. Let’s accept our diversity and live in peace.

      • Rikki

        This is wrong. The girl is under her parents authority and you cannot disregard that and say she has converted. The right thing to do even in the interest of accepting diversity is to wait till she is considered an adult by her parents yard stick.

        • muazu wali

          On cconvertion to Islam the parents have lost custody or rights on the child. Those opposed should go to the courts.

          • peter

            I will come an adopted your sister and forcefully convert her to Christianity, and tell your parents that they have lost custody or right on their child. Am down confused with all this rubbish, why is it some individual or set of group in the name of religion don’t reason with there brain instead with there anus.

          • Adamu

            see how you are possessed by lust in the name of religion. I see you are a beast.

          • muazu wali

            Adamu certainly you are not a Muslim but using a typical Islamic name. What disgrace!

        • Kallah Bature

          The correct age of the girl must first be established before making useful contribution on the issue.Sometimes sensation is deliberately brought in to sell stories.Also our diverse religious and cultural differences must be taken in to account in dealing with such matters.

          • Amedu

            If the girl is a Christian, she cannot give consent and disappear with a man.
            Some people are abusing religion to tarnish the Image of Islam.

      • Zuberu

        Doesn’t islam also prescribe CONSENT of a girls parents before marriage?
        Since you can educate on menstruation, why not elaborate on CONSENT also?

        • muazu wali

          When the parents are Muslims, yes.

          • Oladele

            …And if they are not what happens?

          • muazu wali

            As in the case we are discussing now, the Emir or the judge of a Shari’a court will serve as her guardian and marry her off. Such marriages are in order.

          • Oladele

            oh I see! Now if I arrange to marry your daughter to my son and because you are a muslim, my pastor decide to collect dowry and pocket the money and we told you it is in order and that your daughter is now a christian what do you think about this scenario?

          • Abdul

            Your response is at most irrational. Put yourself in the girl’s father position. Your daughter is abducted, converted to Christianity then married off without your consent. How will you feel?

          • Abdul

            Now its obvious to the dumbest that some of our Emirs, Imams and Islamic leaders are agents of darkness. This is disgusting! what a wickedness……Hardened , corrupt evil consciences. I now hate to be a Muslim. Imagine if its the other way round …all hell must have been on loose. Our leaders are hypocrites!!! May Allah….God be merciful.

          • POPPINS

            How i wish we have many of your kind up north.

          • RestructureNigeriaNow

            You are evil and may your end come soon.

          • Zuberu

            Thank you for saying it!
            I hope dummies like tundemash, wahala and kay soyemi now realise there is NO meeting point whatsoever with these people.

      • POPPINS

        Why always with christains? Diversify with a fellow muslim, someone that is just 14, the next you will hear of her, she will be suffering from IVF. And why wouldnt you get the parents consent. Its high time the brazen attitude of these animals living amongst human stop.

        • muazu wali

          You are entitled to your opinion and thank you for sharing it with me. For now the couple is living as husband and wife. You cannot do anything about it nor can I.

      • Teflonjones

        Pedophilia breeds destruction. Be careful.

        • muazu wali

          Advise your good self and don’t bother about me. Thanks.

          • Teflonjones

            I know u take pleasure in having orgies with 10 year olds, so no need worrying about u.

          • muazu wali

            You no nothing! Anyway nice to engage with you on this issue.

      • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

        Accepting a practice that places embargo on talent&glory of fellow individuals,most especially underaged,who’s yet 2 blossom’s babaric,be it custom or religion.Just like Mary Slessor did in d stoppage of killing of twins It’s high time we all wage d war on this disgraceful acts.I’m a Muslim&I’ve never heard seen it happening in Yoruba.Pls it’s a shameful deed.

        • muazu wali

          You need to read more widely about religion in humanity and Islam in particular. What a Muslim in Yoruba land is doing is different from a Muslim in kano or sokoto. Tradition and religion can go exist until tradition completely gives way to religion.

          • Femi Ghadaf Ogunlesi

            Wali:Any custom or religion that disregard human feelings,progress&existence of individual exploit towards goals,ambition&devt should be condemned&uprooted.That’s why d North’ll never developed.

          • Neo

            Awesome. Someone needs to tell Muazu Wali this. It’s unfortunate that people have his kind of mindset despite all the advancement that has taken place.
            Reading all his submissions just makes me sick. I wonder which of the ‘HEAVENS’ Muazu is actually gunning for. God will help us

          • muazu wali

            What advancement, same sex marriage, corrupt judges, thieves and criminals in the national assembly and miscreants in the creeks. I am gunning for the highest heavens.

          • Neo

            It’s funny how you bring up diversionary statements…
            How’s does all you listed justify the topic in question??

      • bornne

        Your diversity is to force another man’s under age 14 years old daughter. What have the father of the this kidnapped underage have in common with your animal culture?

        Islamic is about women and the control of their private parts. And this fine for you, if this is what you islamists want, child rape and marriage. However, you confine your toto madness amongst you perverts and pedophiles.

        I pray my own does not fall victim to madness but if fate tempts me, I promise the Emir’s will be served to the dogs or I will die trying.

  • George

    This is what happen when one part of Nigeria have the SSS, DSS, EFCC, POLICE, THE ARMY, THE AIRFORCE, THE IMMIGRATION, THE TWO NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES, THE PRESIDENCY, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, THE CHIEF JUSTICE, while the other side has only houseboy second hand VP POSITION.

    That Igbo CAN there should move down to his state otherwise they will kill him soon and if he refuses to learn from others mistakes so be it.

    • Mufu Ola

      The same “houseboy second hand VP position” that Ekwueme held &Igbos think is their natural entitlement.Dull brain.

      • George

        Dirty pig I am not Igbo okay. But the same Ekwueme held his head high throughout the years he spelt there before this your present mumu presido truncated their government unlike this silly VP whom El rufai called commoner and below the rake of Commissioner.

        • Mufu Ola

          Held his head high? How? By being “mumu” throughout his tenure.Maybe u weren’t around during that period.

    • muazu wali

      All these posts were held in our fifty years of independence by one tribe or the other. This regine has allowed all government bodies to implement their mandate according to the laws establishing them without undue interference. This is what is happening now and the results are very clear.

  • donMe$$i

    This is in line with their ideology of conquest by all means.
    Same ideology at work in APC. The buhari-Northern-oligarch-APC has also ‘conquered’ the Tinubu Led SW-APC.
    It’s the same ideology at play…

  • Theophilus

    That is what their prophet did, they are following his footsteps living with the this wicked set of people like this in the same country is a sickness that worse than Aids.

  • RestructureNigeriaNow

    The Emir is a mad man. This people are sick and we must fight even with our blood to stop their backwardness and evil agenda. The good for nothing useless Emir belong to the prison. We must stand up and stop the evil.

    • muazu wali

      There is no need to be annoyed. Take him to court.

      • RestructureNigeriaNow

        Which court? Sharia court? Can’t you young and enlightened northerners stop these backward hollow head Emirs and elders from these acts? Why do you people refuse to do the right thing? Why?

      • Issa

        Which court? Barao ne

  • Issa

    Look at these idiots destroying other people’s children’s lives. Barao! thief.

  • ahmed

    This is not islam. In islam you don’t do force marriage. It is very wrong of the emir. Hausa/Fulani are pretenders. They are not muslim. The emir is a criminal and almighty Allah will never never forgive him.

    • Teflonjones

      My brother this is Islam in northern Nigeria. A lot goes down like this without our knowledge, so we must thank the press for the exposure.

  • Rommel

    Why does this religion revolve so much around women and their sexuality?

    • George

      Silly boy you forgot your president bingo in ASO ROCK also married his daughter school mate called AISHA.

  • Teflonjones

    This is the problem with Islam in northern Nigeria where we have pedophiles and sex offenders/predators carrying out their unholy acts in the name of the religion. My sympathies to the father cos there’s little he can do get his daughter back given the fact that the Emir is untouchable in today’s Nigeria.

  • In this report, the Emir’s side of the story was taken, so were the sides of the girl’s father and CAN. Even an NGO commented. No where was the girl’s side of the story taken. Why is everyone speaking for her? Is the Emir making it difficult for journalists to speak with the girl? If so, why isn’t it reported?
    The girl must speak and she must do so in an environment where she’s not under any form of duress.

  • Abimbola

    Why should a so called Emir marry off somebody’s underaged child. This criminal should be arrested and prosecuted. This is rampant in Northern Nigeria and Must stop. Why should the Emir say the girl is 17yrs while the father says she is 14+. Why should police refer criminal cases to Emirs who are activily involved in this matter.

    • George

      This is a Government according to Yorubas desires.

      Your Omo-ole brother Tinubu is so glad that APC is in power and the results and many more coming is their products. Changi

  • Abul from Kano, Nigeria

    How on earth will an  Emir do such a terrible thing in this modern era. The girl is just 15 for God sake! Well, seems a similar case happened not long here in Kano when Ese Oruru was forcefully adopted, kept inside Emir Sanusi’s palace and eventually married out. All sane Nigerians, both Christians and Muslims should condemn this uncouth act. The President should say something too especially for the fact that he is from Katsina.

    • haba mallam

      Youre a liar there is no abul from Kano, youre just an Iboman hiding behind a hausa name, who are you deceiving?

      • muazu wali

        They are partners of the devil. We have already been warned by our Prophet. They have no original ideas of their own except what the white man taught them. No culture or civilisation except those they copy from the early white settlers. They are those who our grand parents hunted and carried as gifts to the khalifat in Sokoto.

        • Abul from Kano, Nigeria

          It is so disheartening to hear this from a fellow Nigerian.

          To enlighten you, a typical Yoruba Muslim will never adopt another man’s daughter forcefully to coerce her into marriage. In this instance, the girl is only a child. This dishonorable act can only happen in the northern part of this Country.

          • muazu wali

            There is no yoruba or hausa muslim please. We only have a muslim. It has nothing to do with tribe! What happened in Katsina is accepted in the Muslim community world widd.

          • emmanuel

            a World of f**ls? Let someone get the girl to cut off the guys pp at night and that trend should continue for your evil religion. Afterall, she is still a minor, she will not go to prison

          • Abul from Kano, Nigeria

            I see…

      • Abul from Kano, Nigeria

        I never claim to be Hausa in the first place. Besides, Abul is not an Hausa name. Let face the issue on ground instead of attacking individuals.

  • onyema22ohaka

    Part of the buhari islamisation agenda.
    It can only happen in project Nigeria zoo under the Islamic bigot in his own home state.
    Can someone tell me if this is not kwaruption?
    Where is the DSS?

    • George

      Kwaruption only happens in PDP not APC.

  • Kingjack

    It’s normal from Mohammed the founder of Islam to Buhari marrying Aisha when she was 12 yrs old. Rapists using religion to cover up. Pigs will dig out your ancestors dead bones as you perish in Hell .

    • haba mallam

      you will rot in hell

  • Sir Louis

    Those who run that Emirate must be sick to say that the forced abduction and marriage of a minor to an old man who calls himself an Emir is irreversible. Does it mean that there is no culture, tradition or civilization in the Emirate of Katsina or is the Emir an illiterate? Under what law would any man forcefully take custody of another man’s child without the law stepping in? President Buhari should step in and call this unruly Emir to other otherwise, this would be a huge blight on the human rights credential of the Buhari government.

  • kenny Steave

    @mu’azu wali, you are just a beast without conscience, this has been happening in the far North, for long, but time is around the comer where justice must take it course and this nonsense will stop.i wonder what religion is this that sees abduction and forceful sexual act as way of life. thank God for Christianity.

    • muazu wali

      As a Muslim I cannot use such words to a human beign even to a pagan like you. We need no one to teach us what we should do or not do in our Muslim community. These rules do not apply to you why bother yourself?

  • haba mallam

    Dumb ass man who are you to be contacted by an emir before conducting his responsibility, hear you name: Nelson Onyekachukwu is this not an Ibo name, what is an Iboman doing in the palace of the emir of Katsina asking him to consult him before making a decision, that’s simply rude and disrespectful, this is not acceptable.

    • muazu wali

      These people have no culture or civilisation. Tbey spend their lives in hamlets and creeks every one a lord to himself. Ebele Jonathan brought them to tbe Villa and for the first they see how civilised people conduct themselves. They were carried away and began behaving arrogantly. Be patient they will be cut to size soon right into tbeir hamlets and creeks.

      • emmanuel

        hmmmmm? If you understand that the same people you malign have cripple Nigeria, you would have a rethink. As of today, lots of seniors in the Internationa Oil Companies have been sent off and settled (people they spent billions of Naira training.
        The implication is that they may never return to the good days again. From Shell, Chevron, Agip, Schlumberger etc.
        In your arrogance, note that the starvation ahead in 2017 may be worse, no brain to turn things around.

  • ekaorunk

    And they want to distribute this their madness across the entire country through grazing reserve settlement.
    Soon the enemies of Nigeria, the cabals, running a government within the government will be exposed by God’s grace.

  • emmanuel

    Big deal, the parent should get in touch with her and teach her to prepare a very sharp knife that can chop off the guys pp and brocus one night. That will send very strong message to these animals.
    Hear a ragtag; smelly irredentist say it is irreversible to kidnap a girl and marry her out and collect dowry on her.
    The emir is an animal, they trully need to be separated from the South.

  • International games

    What did we do to God that he has saddled us with these 12th century mongols?

    • Chiedu7

      I beg no blame God.
      God warned us about Buhari, una no hear.

  • Assoc Middlebelt Ethnicnationa

    we expect the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to immediately institute legal action against the Emir of Katsina and test the lwas of nigeria on this matter. We have said over and over again that our Constitution is islamic. This episode will be a good and sensational test case. We want to know if the Christians of Nigeria have equal rights as the Muslims. CAN refused to test the islamic banking rules of the CBN in Sanusi’s time as Governor and the matter still lingers.