200,000 unemployed Nigerian graduates to get jobs before end of October – Osinbajo

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo
Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

Implementation plans for the effective commencement of a number of the social investment programmes of the Buhari presidency has reached advanced stages as the selection of the first 200,000 unemployed graduates to get jobs is now being completed.

Speaking with a small group of radio journalists and producers at the Presidential Villa, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo disclosed that “we expect that before the end of the month, we will engage 200,000,” out of the 500,000 unemployed graduates the Buhari administration plans to hire in the N-Power jobs programme.

According to him, the direct government jobs is meant “to keep this young people occupied, pay them some amount of money and also give them a device, which will also help them to learn several skills that they can develop as time goes on.”

Prof. Osinbajo added that “we expect that before the end of this month, we should have engaged 200,000 of them and we are hoping that before the end of the year we should have engaged more.”

Similarly, Mr. Osinbajo disclosed that the Home-Grown School Feeding programme is set to kick off in several states this month.

“Definitely before the end of this month, we expect that several states would have come on stream with their Home-grown School Feeding Programmes,” the Vice President noted.

He added that the Home-Grown School Feeding programme “will energise agriculture in the different states because it is what you plant that you feed the children with, we will be hiring caterers, cooks, etc in each state because it will be Federal Government funded from Primaries 1-3 and the state governments hopefully would be able to cater for the other classes.”

According to the Vice President, the Home-Grown School Feeding programme is another section of the Social Investment programmes that impact directly on the lives of Nigerian children and families. He said several states will start implementing the Home-grown School Feeding Programme before the end of October.

Equally he stated that the Micro-Credit scheme for which the Buhari administration will give very low-cost loans to more than one million Nigerian artisans, traders, market women and other ranging from N60,000 to N100,000 would also be kicking off this month.

According to him, “for women across the country, we are giving loans, micro credit loans to about 1.5 million women. We are focusing on market women and artisans, loans between N60,000 and 100,000 each. We are working through the Bank of Industry, BOI. They are going to be giving out these loans, we‘ve already identified the banks and everybody who is involved in this. We should be flagging-off hopefully before the end of this month”

Such soft loans to the artisans, traders and market women, according to him, is meant “to boost their businesses.”

The Vice President reassured Nigerians that the current Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari is well focused on ameliorating the plight of the citizens of the country, observing that the administration feels the pains of the citizens and is committed to assuaging them.

“We fully understand and appreciate the situation of things in the country and we are committed to ensuring that that pain is assuaged. The President stated that clearly in his October 1st broadcast to the nation. All his life, he has been a salary earner, he has never been a businessman, so he understands why someone who earns a salary and even those who do not, are severely challenged at this time of economic recession such as we are experiencing,” he said.

On the economy, Vice President Osinbajo said government is committed to developing it, to enable citizens find opportunities within the country.

“I want to assure Nigerians that the government of President Buhari is a very focused and determined government. We are committed to ensuring that we are able to develop the Nigerian economy in such a way that Nigerians are able to find opportunities in their own country,” he said.

He listed the ‘Made in Nigeria’ project, moving away from import dependence, boosting agriculture, and encouraging manufacturing as some of the urgent actions being pursued by government in order to move the country forward.

The Vice President also emphasized the Buhari administration’s zero tolerance for corruption, as corruption is “the major drain on the country’s resources.” He added that “no one would be spared in the fight against corruption because, even the close friends of the President know that they will not be spared, he will not cover for them. Fighting corruption is a priority.”

On the current recession, the Vice President said the fall in oil prices and pipeline vandalism were the immediate causes of the recession, thus reducing drastically, the country’s revenue. But he assured that government will adequately manage the little being realised now.

“We were producing up to 2.2 million barrels a day but all of a sudden, the vandalization of our terminals caused us to lose up to a million barrels a day.

“So when you lose up to 60 per cent of your revenue or even more, there must be a shock because you are really earning very little and we will ensure that that very little that we are earning is as well managed as possible,” he said.


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  • Dejandon

    Wailing wailers, the game is about to start. Miracle seekers, can you see that there is something called planning stage before execution begins?

    • share Idea

      Just like your minister of budget could not tell CNN the current debt portfolio of the current? Keep deceiving yourself

    • NinjaK

      Game is about to start – but not yet started – in ONE & HALF YEARS???
      And they had ALL the solutions b4 the elections, only to have ALL the excuses AFTER the elections?
      You must be Akpororo’s broda!

      • George

        Pls don’t insult Akpororo by associating this thing DELANDON to noble Akpororo.

    • Daniel

      I wish you well if you get the job.

      But please allow those who are wiser than you comment here.

      Buhari in the number 1 wailer.

      As far as Buhari is concerned, Nigeria gained Independence on May 29, 2015.

      Yeye dey smell.

      • Oty

        Have you asked the other guy how far with his planning stage

  • vagabonds in power

    Same old lies from the pit of hell fire! A pastor who does not know till date that to lie is a sin—–Was Bingo Buhari justified in his evil acts against the judges? That is the issue at stake today in Nigeria———-Lying again——when the Bingo Buhari government cannot even settle the salaries of civil servants———–Is it that of unemployed graduates that u will be able to resolve—?—Tell us how much has been set aside for the alleged feeding scheme for the school kids——in States that are owing teachers up to one year wages—————?——–Freedom is our goal——–Not the rule of the Fulanis ati Yoruba sailors from Freetown-animals

  • We’ll hold Osibanjo and Buhari on this another promise again after many promises cancelled. 200000 employment for graduates in 19 days. I congratulate these fortunate graduates in advance.

  • NinjaK

    Does this Pastoral Economist (as Head of the Economic Team) even know what is going on in Govt?

    • Kung-fu 2016

      @disqus_M5JqVh2dSp:disqus :

      My brother you’re the only one talking about Yemi Osinbajo. He does not exist, as far as Nigerians are concerned.
      He talks rubbish all the time. He’s never made sense. People therefore wrote Osinbajo off as not worth listening to.
      He started last year by saying that federal budget will be doubled. Nigerians all screamed havoc at such ignorance.
      Yemi Osinbajo later on said free food will be served in all primary schools in Nigeria from September i.e last month.
      Nothing was served to any primary school pupil in any of the 36 states of Nigeria. What new lies are you expecting?

  • bambam

    Premium Times Editor,

    This Yemi Osinbajo looks like a misfit

    Nobody listening to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will believe
    there is any properly educated mind in Nigeria. It is so sad that this
    non-thinking nonsense is the new normal in Nigeria where facts and logic don’t
    count anymore. To employ a graduate costs minimum ₦60,000 per month, which
    is equal to ₦720,000 per year.

    It follows that Yemi Osinbajo is promising to pay 144 billion Naira
    EXTRA per year – from next month – on top of the existing wage bill.
    Before employing 200,000 graduates, does Nigeria’s federal government
    pay its current 960,000 public service workers within Nigeria’s budget income?

    The answer is, ‘No!’ Instead, President Buhari has been
    borrowing 50 billion Naira EVERY MONTH to pay salaries of current
    federal workers. When Vice President now says 200,000 university graduates will
    be added as non-civil service salary costs, does the BUHARI regime think at all?

    • God help us

      They are used to lying. they lied their way to Aso rock bcos we are expecting a messiah without asking how can you achieve this. Bet me, if you ask him to give details, he has none

  • ayobamiba

    I never believed that a pastor will descend so low as to be lying all the time. The other day ,osunbade told Nigerians that Jonathan and PDP was the cause of recession, today it is the oil price and Niger delta militants.may God forgive this confused baba kekete for making lying a way of life. was primary schools children receiving free feeding before now,today it is from primary 1 to 3.what about the 5 k promise to unemployed and almajiri imbeciles for which sake they wanted to commit suicide to have buhari as President. Osibande must remember that there is hell and heaven and he should not be another demas.

    • George

      Yoruba pastors are just like this thing. shameless liars

    • tee

      dnt be too quick to judge sir/ma, let God do that so your heaven can be sure too. Thanks

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Another propaganda floating in the air! Does this Osinbajo man even know what happens in Aso Rock? Does this Osinbajo man not know he is an outsider to Aso Rock? Why did Buhari himself not make this announcement and carry the ‘glory’?

    In any case, tell me where the jobs are, for I want a job too, even if it would mean cleaning the offices.

  • George

    House boy Yoruba VP sorry no one is listen.

    • Mufu Ola

      Why do you remove USA from your name?Brainless fraudstar.Something have not even started & u’re condemning it. This not your Jona programme. This is a programme conceived by serious minded people not your Ogogoro swirling brother.

      • Oty

        How far bosso, the jobs don land?

        Or are you now the.brainless?

  • Daniel

    Does this VP know what is happening around him?

    He has been shifting the goal post since they came to office.

    Sorry, propaganda cannot guarantee good governance.

  • sir Oscie

    Prof/Pastor Osinbajo 1st Nov today and even the 10,000 Police recruitment which was captured in the 2016 budget is still hanging…..
    What is happening?