As recession bites harder, Nigerian Senator buys N180 million Rolls Royce


High-spending Nigerian senator, Dino Melaye, has acquired a 93-year-old Rolls Royce estimated at N180 million, amid a national recession that has left millions of his compatriots struggling to feed daily.

Mr. Melaye, a first-time senator who represents Kogi Central, owns a fleet of luxury and antiquated cars worth billions of Naira.

He has at least 28 of the expensive cars parked at his upmarket residence in Maitama Abuja, according to the news website, Sahara Reporters.

In February, Mr. Melaye, who once led a nongovernmental organisation campaigning against corruption, posed in a 2015 Slingshot estimated to cost about N4.78 Million.

In September, he arrived at Senate function at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, in a Mercedes Benz 190 (1958 Model) and a Hindustan Ambassador, used for his security aides.

The Benz had a customized number plate “KOGI DINO 10”.

The Rolls Royce has the registration number “MELAYE 2” and is believed to cost some $400,000.

A source said the car was purchased in Las Vegas, in the United States of America.

Mr. Melaye reportedly released the photographs of the vehicle as he prepared to exhibit the exotic model at the National Assembly this week.

“Senator Dino Melaye is very smart, he actually got the car from Las Vegas two years ago. At that time, he was busy committed with anti-graft crusade as Executive Secretary of Anti-Corruption Network (ACN) but decided to keep it in secrecy,” the source said.

Mr. Melaye is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory.


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  • senatorbayor

    Nothing has been said by SR.
    All I see is just a busy body journalism .
    I was expecting them to link that purchase to a corrupt practice or proceed .
    Even in recession, some people are in progression.

    • share Idea

      was this your response when EFCC was dishing out false allegation against former first lady. Nigeria we hail thee

      • Jaja Majaja

        Dont mind the Hypocrite

  • Mohammed Waziri

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  • Cleartruth

    I think Something else is giving melaye money other than politics.

    • share Idea

      He is a member of the CHANJI party and are allowed to flout their wealth while any opposition that flout theirs, they will be criminalised by MR INTEGRITY anti corruption agencies

    • Tunsj

      Like what? I can easily read your mind.

  • Rommel

    Nigerian journalists should do a little diligence before coming out with these types of sensationalism, if Mr Melaye has stolen public funds,we should be told and not what he is doing with his money because it is not a crime to acquire what one desires and I am aware that he did not have it rosy as a congressman so which means he was not privileged to have been among the looters except now that he is close to Saraki, my only concern would be if he paid the right import duties on the said acquisitions and has been paying taxes

    • Mcabel Ken

      Sir, you may be right but if he can not use his position as a senator to influence the lives of his people he claimed to represent in NA, then he doesnt deserve any sympathy from you…. One of the largest towns in his senatorial district has been without electricity for almost 4 years and he used 180mnaira to purchased 93yrs old model car…..

      • Rosebud

        Its an investment for the future. Hahaha! lolz!

      • Rommel

        Dino Melaye has made it clear severally that his passion is cars and I’ll like to add beating up women too, but the problem is with the people who elected him to represent them,did they not know this in him? this is why I have been suggesting that states should be responsible for the salaries and all emoluments due to the people they send to national assembly while FG accommodates them,this will lessen the pain of seeing such things and if the people he is representing do not like it,they can initiate a recall,that is the beauty of democracy.

        • Otile

          You are a hater, leave the Senator alone.

        • Gevinus

          Rommel, you are my “Man of the Year.” Ah! So aptly captured. This is the answer to the nonsense of a hybrid of the society called ‘honourables’ which we allowed to smuggle themselves into the exalted NASS. Let the individual States pay their bills and see what it means to represent them. Then, there will be Accountability and Sanity. Period.

  • ahmed

    Where is Buhari and Magu. Corruption is eating Buhari and Magu, but they cannot do anything to Dino. APC are the best criminals we have in Nigeria. Shame to Buhari and his corruption war against PDP Emir of Kano bought N50.0 million car and Dino N180.0 million car. V.I.P. thieves. Aisha Buhari N34.0 million hand bag & N8.25 million hand watch. Executive thieves.

  • Rosebud

    They are all investments, some buy houses, some buy gold and silver or even diamonds, platinuim etc. Dino buys cars he can resell after use for a profit over the years.

    • Bakanridi

      Can you pls tell us the source of his wealth?

      • Tunsj

        Stealing. Period.

      • Rosebud

        Wururu… 419… yahoo yahoo… OBT etc, etc. And you can take that to the bank.

      • Rosebud

        Wururu, 419, OBT, yahoo yahoo, bank fraud, forgery etc etc… and you can take that to the bank.

  • Abidilagungun

    This is insensitive; and it shows how much empathy our leaders have for those they govern

  • Lanre

    This is the problem in Nigeria. Nobody is ready to sit down and think deep. Everyone jumps on the emotional bandwagon and train. Yesterday it was Jonathan is the saviour, today it is Buhari. No fundamental reasoning; no cause and effect logical , common sense approach. Some of us have asked that the country be restructured as the first step toward independent countries for the main ethnic groups. This first step will ensure that resources are allocated to the people who own and produce such resources.
    Dino Melaye is a senator, supposedly representing his constituency. He is a public servant. As a representative of the people, what sense does it make to have 28 vehicles with a total value of maybe a billion naira when your constituents who voted for you are struggling to eat? What is the source of the wealth? The allowances received over the years as a member of the National Assembly? Allowances that we all know are the highest in the world? For a country whose economy is under-performing the resources available to it?
    I am going to stop here. But I keep saying it unless and until we all go our separate ways we will have these stories of indiscriminate and arrogant display of wealth by public officers and aggrandisement of resources – Whether it is Jibrin or Dogara, Saraki or Goje. From the days of Shagari, this has always been the norm. Public officers stealing money; displaying arrogantly their ill gotten. Whether it is Babangida or Abacha; Jonathan; Omokore or Buhari; Obasanjo or Dasuki. It will never end as long as Nigeria remains the way it is.

  • Watch man

    The lootocrat is simply making a statement. He is implying that recession is a ruse and therefore does not believe in the administration of PMB. After all, they all paid their way to the den of lootocrats (the red chamber), thanks to the shameless woman lootocrat from Ekiti (Olujimi).

  • FreeNigeria

    He’s a member of the APC apes, thus he beyond corruption investigations.

  • thusspokez

    High-spending Nigerian senator, Dino Melaye, has acquired a 93-year-old Rolls Royce estimated at N180 million, amid a national recession that has left millions of his compatriots struggling to feed daily.

    I wonder how much insurance he is paying for it or if he even has insurance for it. If not, N180 million could all go up in smoke in case of fire. Indeed given Dino Melaye erratic behaviour, one wonders if he shouldn’t be tested for substance abuse or addiction?

    • Rommel

      I am surprised that you could hold this view,as a matter of fact,I am flabbergasted, is it because he is not from the Niger delta? because we have more of such people from that area

      • thusspokez

        I am surprised that you could hold this view

        You don’t know me, how ridiculous that you should be surprised by my views.

        because he is not from the Niger delta?

        Dullards and tribalist Nigerians spend their time trying to guess the ethnicity of those, whose opinions and views that they find disagreeable instead of putting forward their own counter opinions. Don’t waste your time: you will go to you grave without ever knowing my ethnicity.

      • Maverick

        Don’t choose the wrong side of an argument just because your enemy has chosen the right side.

        • Rommel

          Oh no my point is simple,had Dino been from the Niger delta,would that guy still have held same views about him having erratic behavior? because it seems many people from the Niger delta have this erratic behavior

          • emmanuel

            You are next to what your foolani herdsmen lead – No brains. Your comment or response is self-serving and tribal.
            Meanwhile, you preach civilisation when a foolani is involved and lash at others in the reverse. Nigeria is headed no where, moreso when the one you represent on this forum is angling to lead with your kind of brain and probably have you run Reno’s kind of role if he gets near Aso Villa,
            Unfortunately, the supposed green light will be put off before 2019 when he would be blackmailed with EFCC to shut him out.

          • Maverick

            You’re more sentimental than him. I haven’t ever seen you become factual in a matter that concerns PDP or GEJ.

          • Jaja Majaja

            You are a strange fellow…strange in thoughts , strange in utterances and if we look closely, you are even stranger in your sexuality. Your type are the aberrations of society .

          • onyema22ohaka

            Profound idiocy on display always telling moronic tales instead of facing facts.

  • Francis

    It is only revolution that can save Nigerians from these insensitive looters. Is it only Dino???? We have the endless list across the party hierarchies and geo-political zones. At the expense of poor Nigerians, these evil men and women are doing all these. Portugal in 1974 killed their military leaders who are in all ways behaving similar to Nigerian politicians, colonising everything from the masses. I know it will get to the point when Nigerians will be up in arms against these modern days colonial masters that called themselves politicians. Since changed have failed Nigerians, then REVOLUTION will do.

    • Abdul


      • onenaija

        Nigeria needs revolution, but it does not need to be bloody, because apart from the fact that it is quite inhuman to want to kill people, you wont even be able to kill talk less touch the likes of Dino, they dont live in Nigeria. What we need is a political revolution, Nigerians need to become more invested in who represents us at all levels of governement

        • Abdul

          Sorry, political revolution will not work here, we need to execute these criminals parading themselves as leaders then political revolution will fall in place naturally. NOTE THIS, NIGERIA WILL NEVER CHANGE UNTIL WE EMBARK ON ARMED STRUGGLE AGAINST OUR POLITICIANS ESPECIALLY.

  • Bakanridi

    Can somebody help me ask Senator Melaye how much did he spend as scholarship for indigent students in his senatorial district or the State as a whole? Did he owned a charity foundation for the less privileged like what Owella Rochas has? Is he indifferent, insensitive and insensitive with the plight of poor Nigerian masses that voted them to power? Is that how he represents his people by advocating patronizing made in Nigeria women, insulting his fellow female senator, advocating for amnesty for treasury looters and now buying a car worth N180,000m?Doesn’t he has conscience?
    Formally, I hold Mr Melaye in high esteem, but now I am highly disappointed in him.

    • paul irumundomon

      The very people who voted for him. You know, these people don’t care, come election months, look what they did in edo and ekiti, they pay voters and deligates, 5,000 naira and they will get their votes. Just 5000 naira, a Nigerian will set outside, the beauty of their children tomorrow, and vote for those, who send their children to study over seas, who buy bullet proof cars and who live in an alternate universe. Thr man who wants to kill, will wait and follow them, until they get out of that bullet proof cars, they fail to understand or get that.

  • Otile

    Alhaji D Melaye is blessed with good taste. Recession or no recession who does not like Rolls Royce? I am sure Alhaji Melaye did not bring this recession to mutate Nigeria.

    • Otile

      Mutane Nigeria not mutate Nigeria, I know I speak more Hausa than that, sorry folks

    • Maverick

      Old car without single safety feature is now a good taste for you?

      • Bulldozer

        So you don’t know that the car would have been modernized and equipped with latest gadgets.

        • Maverick

          Don’t comment on what you don’t have knowledge of. Wise men speak because they have something to say while fools speak because they have to say something. Tell me how you can install airbags, Pretentioner Seatbelts, Electric Brake Distribution (EBD), Antilock Brake Systems (ABS), Collision Sensors, etc.

          • Bulldozer

            Ignorance – Watch “hot wheels”, “American muscle” and “chasing classic cars” in discovery channel to see how classic and exotic cars are been transformed and even fitted with GPS

          • Maverick

            Gps installation is a tiny gadget as small as a coin. You can install it anywhere including under your watch!

      • Otile

        No, you can install those safety features to your good taste.

        • Maverick

          Tell me how you can install airbags, Pretentioner Seatbelts, Electric Brake Distribution (EBD), Antilock Brake Systems (ABS), Collision Sensors, etc.

  • marc umeh

    Abeg, let him enjoy the land of impunity.
    I see all the factories he build giving jobs to kogi youths.
    Before you know it , kogi women will dress up in Ashebi and sing his praises.

    • Ayelala

      Your own senator is also stealing.

    • Jaja Majaja

      LOL…..real land of impunity .
      After people will say the government of the day is fighting corruption, i wonder which corruption ?

  • Scatter

    It’s time for the Federal Inland Revenue or any other relevant authorities to ask Senator Dino Melaye what day job he does to afford such luxuries, and ensure he pays all taxes due.

    • Maverick

      Buhari is the highest culprit of looting! A senator cannot steal without connivance of entire senators.

      • Scatter

        Na wao for dis your tiori. So, Dino should not pay any possible taxes or he should not be called upon to justify his stupendous lifestyle as a public figure because other Senators are in on it?

        As for your accusation against PMB, Nigerians and I in particular would be interested in any shred of evidence you may have.

        • Maverick

          If not for APC’s corruption, Dino Melaye wouldn’t have had access to forex for this liability when businessmen are denied forex for assets and businesses! Is Dino Melaye not APC?

          • Scatter

            So all the Senators — APC and PDP, etc — are doing forex magomago, abi? Why then blame it on the APC alone? And Buhari in particular? Not that I feel you should not accuse him of it, if it’s true. Dino is APC only in name. He is a black sheep working for himself and the PDP.

            And by the way, CBN Gov Emiefele was appointed by Dumbo Dumbo and the PDP, just in case you need reminding.

          • Maverick

            Because this is APC govt!

          • Scatter

            APC Govt ke? Bayelsa, Rivers, Gombe, Ondo, Delta, Ekiti, Taraba States nko? Or abi na APC dey chop-chop dia?

  • Amiwero

    The end of these people is at hand and that is why caution is thrown to the winds by them on a daily basis. I Don’t think bloody revolution is the answer to our problem in view of the downtrodden, and the poor masses. They will be worst hit because they lack all necessary safety net. But somehow somehow, something would soon happened in this great Nigeria. obviously, things cannot continue this way. i cant think of any developmental indices in this country Nigeria that is favourable for natural human development except for the few like DINO. its so sad but like i said above, very soon, the poor and the downtrodden will rejoice.

  • Maverick

    APC legislooter!

    • emmanuel


      2019 will be interesting if we indeed get there. It would be strictly regional politics and negotiating block

  • fash

    Do you now know why Dino will die for Saraki? If Saraki goes down, Dino is also on the way down.

  • George

    The problem with Nigerians is that they are so dalf to hear when the a certified criminal Buhari said he sent his children to oversees schools because he can afford them so why complaining if Dino the man who share Tinubu wife with him can also afford 28-cars.

    Dino didn’t bought all those cars now that he is a member of Sin-Looters, so why condemning him for spending his money on cars as Buhari is spending his money on oversees schools for his sickle cell aneamea children.

  • JasV

    A dog that is hell bent on getting lost does not hear the hunter’s or its master’s whistle.

  • Maliki

    Pls let’s clap for Dino on his latest achievement

  • paul irumundomon

    Go to customs, you will see that this man, pay less to nothimg, to get that car out from Nigeria port.

  • Don Corleone


    • Unbiased

      So Mr. Intelligent, What Car model is that?

      • Don Corleone


  • Raphelibe

    Great country. I love that country. A country where things that you hear with your ears questions the intellect of the over a hundred million who are being asked to tighten their belts. A country where men and women who carry guns in uniforms and intimidate the taxpayers who pay for their upkeep at the bidding of their masters, the elected or do I say selected leaders. A country where the government in power is always hailed as the next messiah but actually will end up as the latest oppressors. A country where those in power will pretend to be working to alleviate the poverty of the masses caused by their former wicked colleagues in power but only end up impoverishing the people the more. A country where the rulers reign and rule like hypocrites. They ask the people to keep their children in schools that don’t function back in their country but spend the people’s million in sending their children to privileged schools abroad. A country where numerous planes will be lying in waste at the beckon and use of their so called heads of states but many of the citizens are dying travelling in roads that look like valleys and gutters. A country where those who claim to be elected are busy satisfying their lust for material things while in pretence seat to make laws that they know are useless. Do I go ahead! You can add yours because most of those who read this are in that country. It has a name that is synonymous with corrupt leaders from the past leaders to now.

  • Bulldozer

    My problem with this group of people is not them but gullible Nigerians who will defend them because of ethnicity, religion or party affiliation. Any uprise against these people will hit the brick wall. The reason why impunity will continue to thrive in Nigeria is lack of patriotism. I read somebody defending PMB for his nepotistic appointments while blaming GEJ for not doing so while in office, then I ask ” where is the love for our country “

  • Arabakpura

    Anytime I see anybody these days who says he is anti-corruption, I use my two hands to give him WAKA!

  • Holy truth

    Dinosaur malady’s money is not clean. His money might be ritual money, dat is d reason why he is buying expensive cars everytime. D ritual money is coming much too much 4 him to d extent dat he can’t control d money.
    Ok, if it is not ritual money, what business was doing b4 now dat is bringing dis much of money? Apart 4rm being a member of house of assembly what other business does he do? Nothing, so where is dis money coming 4rm? I just pity all d poor girls dat will be dancing round him 4 money.
    D guy is just using house of assembly to cover up, there is something really dirty dat is going on underneath.

    • Don Corleone




  • Arch

    What an elected official buys is of no concern to the electorate – WHOSE MONEY HE USES IS! Follow to the money not the salacious BS! Journalism 101.

  • Man_Enough

    with a mega looter like saraki as a friend one can afford anything.

    • Otile

      I rather see Melaye enjoy his money in Nigeria than see Danjuma horde our oil money in Panama.

  • Imea

    Sorry to deviate from topic. All English teachers (at least most of them) in Nigeria should be sent back to school to learn about Tense. Why do people continually use ‘double past’ like ‘did not bought’ or ‘did he owned’. It is because they were not properly taught. I am aware that ‘typos’ happen but these errors happen so often they cannot be taken as typos. Once ‘did’ is used, the following verb has to be in the present tense!

    • Otile

      I know you are talking about the Yoruba slave julius.

  • easyman16


  • LionHeart

    The system of Government in Nigeria encourages the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. Set up a system whereby the rich is taxed to pay the poor and the less privileged. I am very much ashamed of Buhari’s economic advisers. The rich get away with not paying the right tax and you expect the country to progress? This is one way you can bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

  • Cincinnatus

    ….and you people think democracy will solve your problems. Nothing you can do will keep them from ripping you off, precisely because we do not deserve good governance. We need a titan that can bury these people and serve our interest not these liars.