Ex-Appropriation Chair, Jibrin, undergoes dope test at National Hospital

Abdulmumini Jibril

Suspended House of Representatives member, Abdulmumin Jubrin, on Tuesday reported at the National Hospital, Abuja, to undergo test for substance abuse.

He said the move was to disprove claims that he was a regular drug abuser and had been acting under the influence of drugs.

Mr. Jibrin arrived the private wing of the hospital at about noon and was received by the hospital’s deputy director in charge of  clinical services.

He then proceeded to the record department to obtain registration card, after making a payment of N15, 540.

He thereafter proceeded to the laboratory where his samples were collected for chemical pathology test.


Mr. Jibrin said he embarked on the test following reports that his allegation of corruption against the Speaker of the house, Yakubu Dogara, and some principal officers of the House, was influenced by hard drugs.

The Deputy Director, Clinical Services, Mr. Jawa, a consultant in Nuclear Medicine, said the results of the test would only be made public at the request of the patient.

“We have taken blood fluid samples for substance abuse from the person in question and we hope that in the next three to four days, the results will be available.

“Once these results are available, we will make them available to the patient and with his consent, if he allows us, we will make it public,” Mr. Jawa told PREMIUM TIMES.

Mr. Jibrin spoke to our reporter after the exercise.

“As you are aware, I have been making a lot of revelations about issues of corruption in the House of Representatives and that has created a lot of issues,” the lawmaker said.

“A lot of allegations has also been thrown at me and I have responded to all. Most of the allegations turned out to be false and I think as a last resort, Speaker Dogara, and the three others that I accused have been sponsoring a very massive media campaign against me, that everything I am saying, I am under the influence of hard drugs.

“So I am not taking that allegation lightly, because in the next few days, again I am going to release more shocking revelations.

“So I want Nigerians to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I am not talking under the influence of any kind of drug whatsoever. I don’t even drink alcohol, I don’t smoke even cigarette.


“So what I did was to first conduct test of different categories of drug and it all came out negative. Then I took the next stage, I went to a credible facility in Abuja.

“They conducted all categories of test on me and again everything turned out negative and I now took out the final stage, which is unprecedented in the history of this country. This is the first time that a public officer in Nigeria, high profile officer, will subject himself to a public test for drugs.

“So I wrote officially to the CMD of the National Hospital that they should give me appointment to conduct drug test on me, of which they granted me the appointment for today.


“And I have gone to the hospital, they received me very well today and all the processes were done, samples were taken from me and I am also waiting for the result, which I am going to make public.

“So with these three results, we should be able to put the matter to rest that I am not under the influence of any kind of drug.”


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  • Shahokaya

    After the drug test Dogari will say you are a psychiatrist patient. You better release what ever is in your armory quickly before they get one babalawo to put you out of circulation.

    • dudu


  • Rollingdollar

    He was received by the deputy director clinical services and I stopped reading. Why should a deputy director leave his job to go and receive a patient who came for a toxicology screen. When will Africans learn. Shakes his head

  • Rommel

    I am happy that he first did it privately as control to whatever that might happen in the national hospital where they could give him results of Dino Melaye’s own sample or even that of Fani Kayode and elder Godsday Orubebe

    • Contact Point

      hahahahahaha…………..9ja..una get brain

      • TUNERI2

        Very funny

    • FreeNigeria

      hahahahahahahaha, Melaye, Fani and Orubebe samples are toxic.

  • Gabriella

    A report published at the Australian Journal of Science reveals that substance abuse causes debilitating Ear pains and constant red eyes. One wonders why Imam OLODO was not tested for substance abuse rather than going to spend ONLY N20m on treatment to an Ear that still does not listen.

    • Contact Point

      Have you seen how ancestral curses and generational derailment is dealing on you? Totally out of touch with the subject matter and dabbled into something quite different. Believe me you need the test more because no doubt something is wrong with you.

  • Contact Point

    Now the onus is on the House leadership to toe same line and let Nigerians know that Jubrin is ‘lying’

  • Usman inuwa lau

    I will advise u to watch your movements especially things to do with hospital, bcuz u can easily be poison there.

  • Bigtin

    Jubril Entertainment Ltd ….now we know why the budget provision for the film village in Kano. Hahahaaaaa

    • Ugohmillenium

      Editor Premium Times,

      How to save Nigeria from BUHARI’s economic destruction

      I don’t know much about economics but I know that one way to
      solve Buhari’s economic destruction is to stop the nonsense CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME
      campaign. It is too wasteful and too shameful. Chief Afe Babalola – a lawyer- wrote letter
      yesterday to tell Lai Muhammed – the Minister of Information – that the whole idea of the
      campaign was stolen from his own client who came to discuss it with Lai Muhammed.

      How can change begin with me when the Minister who is asking me to say so
      has stolen another man’s intellectual property? It is much better to cancel the
      campaign. It will save Nigeria the money. It will save Nigeria a lot of shame
      too if it is cancelled first thing tomorrow. Many people who just want to steal
      money from the campaign will have nothing to steal again from making
      T-shirts and face caps or radio jingles for billions of Naira.

      Even President Buhari’s speech
      at the launching was stolen from President Barack Obama. Too much stealing
      has spoilt the CHANGE BEGINS WITH ME CAMPAIGN. Just cancel it right now.

      • No Comment

        “We had used Nigerian economy and Nigerians as guinea pigs in the futile experimentation
        with tried but failed policy—and the dead bodies are littered everywhere with a recession,
        escalating unemployment and factory closures, rising inflation and poverty and the
        consequent huge parallel market premia that is one of the highest in the world.

        The parallel market exchange rate has now become a very important leading indicator
        in the economy. There is a saying that “confidence grows at the speed that a coconut
        tree grows but falls at the speed a coconut falls
        ”. Investor confidence is not like a tap
        you can turn on and off. Restoring policy credibility by swiftly correcting the persisting
        errors and demonstrating commitment to sound macro management rather than the
        “trial and error” mode will be the first important step forward.”

        ……….Charles C. Soludo

        [Former Governor of Central Bank]

        (September 26th, 2016)

      • gboyegaa

        Sounds like you were either not born then or you were still sucking on your mother’s breast when Buhari and Idiagbon introduced War Against Indiscipline.
        The effect of that war alone in the short time they held power was what gave many Nigerians then the assurance that he wanted good for the country before Babagida came in and rolled all the progress made back. At that time, we were not even aware that he was no looter. Just the introduction of the much needed orientation that the country needed blew the minds of most Nigerians because they began to realise the benefits of being disciplined as a person, how easy it was to get whatever you wanted by queuing rather than the usual rushing that is never faster, how loving it was to give one another some respect and show some love toward each other.
        It was like a dream to see people queuing at Lawason bustop for Danfo or Molue and the bus drivers and their conductors too showed some manners and traffic was not blocked as they used to do and are back doing again. Queuing became what you saw everywhere, civil servants and every worker took their job seriously, universities were not being shutdown as they do now. It goes on and on.
        I am not saying that they did not make some mistakes though (like executing convicted drug dealers or removing subsidies for university and polytechnic education) but the country recognised the fact that they had good intentions for the nation. In our days, we got state bursary (some small amount of money paid each student per semester or per year) when we studied, they removed all that too.

  • Mohammed Waziri

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  • FreeNigeria

    No wonder Nigeria is not making progress, the country is run by brain dead clowns.

  • thusspokez

    We have taken blood fluid samples for substance abuse from the person in question and we hope that in the next three to four days, the results will be available.

    Blood test? Seriously? Most drugs excluding cannabis only stay in the blood for less than 50 hours, but 90 days in the hair follicle. It is urine or hair samples that should be taken to conduct a urine drug test or hair follicle drug tests as the case may be.

  • Rominiyis

    Whistleblowers are celebrated because they help create corruption free society. Their personal involvement if any is overlooked or mildly purnished since the mere act itself help stopped the damaging effect of corruption.

  • gboyegaa

    Jibrin, you doing it right so, don’t ever stop what you doing cause Nigerians are following your revelations attentively and are enjoying it. Leave the rogues in the house to keep deceiving themselves. You are a repentant looter and now we see you as a whistle blower that needs protection from not only the lower but also the upper house.
    This move from you may be the start of a volcanic eruption that will explode, blow these rogues to a corner and melt them so that when it cools, they become a ugly shaped composite of human and magma that Nigerians can all go and spit on. They will be an edifice of shame to the country that the nation would never want to remember or bring in connection with the name Nigeria.