INEC “troubled” by how APC, PDP distributed money in Edo elections

FILE PHOTO: Voters queuing to vote at the Edo election
FILE PHOTO: Voters queuing to vote at the Edo election

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has called for collective efforts towards addressing inducement of voters with money by political parties and their candidates during elections.

The INEC Deputy Director on Voter Education and Publicity, Nick Dazang made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja.

Mr. Dazang said that inducing voters with money by political parties in the name of securing their votes must be collectively and urgently tackled by all stakeholders, not just INEC alone.

He said that the commission was troubled by reports it received on alleged inducement of voters in the just concluded Wednesday governorship election in Edo state.

“The commission received about 29 calls and SMSs alleging that some people were inducing voters with money during the election.

“The reports which are from different bodies and monitoring group indicated that major political parties were involved in the ugly incident.

“We are troubled by it and I am saying that over voting and the use of money as inducement to voters is of concern to us and other stakeholders.

“Going forward we need to put this on the agenda, discuss and address it squarely before it become another major challenge to our electoral process,” Mr. Dazang said.

Mr. Dazang also advised electorate not to allow themselves to be bought over during election, adding that it amounted to selling their mandates and their future with worthless amount.

“This is something that is rearing its ugly head and it has implication for the electoral process.

“When you collect money and vote for a person, it means you are mortgaging your right. Also that person you are collecting money from may not be able to deliver dividends of democracy to you.

“This is a right that is as ineligible as your right to life, your right to education, your right to religion freedom. All these are enshrined in the United Nations declaration.

“For you now to take money and forget your conscience shows that you are now mortgaging also your rights to vote for a candidate of your choice.

“You have equally mortgaged your right to make the man accountable at the end of the day,” he said.

He added that concluding Edo election in first ballot was an evident that the issue of inconclusive lection could be addressed if stakeholders avoid violence during an election

“When the level of violence is minimal like we saw in Edo, the tendency is that the election will be concluded on the first ballot,” Mr. Dazang added.



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  • Arabakpura

    As long as there is poverty in the land, voter inducement can never be eradicated!

    • Reginald Dandeson

      Not just poverty, but a ravaging poverty. And the political class like it that way. It helps them to sustain the practice of inducement.

      • Omoba1

        Add ignorance to that list. Nigerians are ignorant people

        • Reginald Dandeson

          Thanks for the addition.

    • paul irumundomon

      In America, hardly you come to any house, to see a house bought and paid for. Almost every one borrow money to buy houses, please I don’t mean Nigerians, they have come to America to destroy the beauty, of loans and those who do the job to collect it monthly from home owners. In Nigeria, almost every house in ikoyi and VI, the houses are bought by civil servants and they pay cash, so when I read about the reasons, why will sell our votes for 3,500 naira, it irritate me to hear is because they are poor.

  • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

    Not everybody can be induced though,but most of those are induced still go ahead to vote their conscience.

    • paul irumundomon

      Even if it is possible for God to come down, in Nigeria, Nigerians will bribe God. Na our country, if we don’t tell the truth, others will taint unbehalf of Nigerians, for the world to feed on.

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        Please when we are joking or trying to make a point,let’s always leave God out if it,because be is our Creator and above all He is not a joker. Yes you are right. But when Cameron of UK referred to us as being fantastically corrupt,we were all calling for his head. Any way thank you for admitting the truth about us.

    • Wisdom Alpha

      You do not speak like a good person, and too your religious affiliation which the current government is making you to speak things that are off place. For this case these two parties should be bound and the third in the election should be handled the victory, if this party that came third is not involved in this act. This will serve as a lesson.

      • paul irumundomon

        Good person, that your statement is only good in zebrudiae kingdom.

        • Wisdom Alpha

          What do you mean? are we not fighting corruption again by this government and this reported is it not corruption?

    • The Boss

      In Edo election, voters received half payment before voting, and after voting they got the balance after they saw the proof u voted for thier party

      • paul irumundomon

        And observers are telling Nigerians, they got few text, confirming this. They were paid to observe, and they promised to see no evil. Buhari is talking nonsense from abuja. The west should also endorse this. At least, not just coming to Nigeria to show up support, for what they are paid to do, they should come to Nigeria, to see fraud in play openly. Edo state governor, used the same table, deligates used during voting, and these same observers, allowed the intimidation to continue or the election to be be finalized. Jonathan was also responsible for that, confused nation with babaric change.

    • smart

      They know that people may still go ahead to vote their conscience, so they didn’t take chances. You must SHOW your vote. You needed to be there..

      • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

        @wisdom alpha,if you rule your room with this kind of judgement, the roof will collapse. Poverty,poverty,and then poverty, is our problem. How much might they give you to make you vote against your conscience. PDP is suddenly shouting inducement, have they forgotten what transpired in the 2015 election? When him Jonathan practically vacated the sit of power in Abuja, and settled down in Lagos to oversea the distribution of his booties. Where were these innocents. When pastors and the obas were not even spared in the air dropping of looted funds. Many poor people suddenly turned overnight or emergency millionaires. I wonder when we shall think straight in Nigeria.

        • smart

          You replied the wrong person. However, if PDP was condemned by me and you then,. Why should we not condemn the same offense now? When we speak right, we shouldn’t stop saying it because the people involved are people we appreciate I don’t care who the offended is, what is wrong yesterday, is wrong today, and will always be wrong. Thanks

          • Abdulmojeed Nojeemdeen

            Thanks mate,but read me again,I never praised a party for exploiting the same victim of poverty they help caused. I only narrated what transpired during Jonathan era. Look until we see ourselves as one and from the same constituency, the cheated and the oppressed, these people will not stop embarrassing and exploiting us. Look at what happened yesterday when emefiele ‘s wife was abducted, can you imaging the amount of forces deployed? But what happens if it were you and,the sons and daughters of nobody in the society,we are left to our faith. Please I can only praise whatever good policy they make to favour you and I and not when I see that some of us are being exploited.

  • government

    Vote buying is a form of electoral violence.What were the Security Agencies doing in EDO if they couldn’t stop an illegal act that was done openly.

  • paul irumundomon

    They go to villages with bullet proof cars, intimidate these poor villagers, buy all and collect their voters cards. Some were even locked up in hotels, against their will. INEC, officials can not say they did not notice this, during primary. Who can lead Nigeria to that promise land. He will be a man/woman, not born by husband and wife.
    To say it in pages of newspapers, are just a continuation, of these fake propaganda by this fake government. Don’t try to change the current topic, was the election rigged.

  • Wisdom Alpha

    These two parties should be bound and the third in the
    election should be handled the victory, if this party that came third is
    not involved in this act. This will serve as a lesson. But because this INEC is also corrupt i fear if they will take this my good advice.

  • River-of-Life


  • smart

    You should have stated it the way it was; APC were paying between N2000 and N5000 and making sure you SHOW your vote. In this recession, it worked wonders.

    • Omoba1

      N2,000 – My God.

    • MD

      How much did PDP pay for I am sure they are also not innocent in this, they were only unfortunately beaten in their own game.

      • smart

        You are sure? No fact! And you are sure???
        I don’t support PDP if you have been following my comments but I’m not in the class of people that assume things.
        From what we witness, if PDP tries it, the people will be in police net as we speak.
        The ONLY people above the law on election day was APC. Go and ask people who were there. However, if there are proves, or those here (Edo) can testify that PDP did share money, then they too must be condemned. Thanks

        • Chi

          Its a game learnt from PDP. Recall Dasuki and the billions. Of two riggers, one out rigged the other. That’s unfortunately Nigerian Politics.

          • smart

            I remember clearly. And just as I stood against PDP and their style. I won’t stop now because it is APC.

          • shadow

            You see? You are a liar!

          • Chi

            If you truly did, then you are great. Bravo.

        • shadow

          Shameless liar! You’re obviously of the PDP stock. Why are you hiding? Money politics is dying fast in Nigeria and I’m glad about that. Voters should collect money giving to them and vote according to their conscience. Frustrate them all and clean the system, period!

  • smart

    But what was most worrying, was the noticeable different between the announced result on the field and those by INEC. Almost everyone here has the same observation. I think Nigeria may NEVER experience free and fair election in her life time. However, the election is over, its time to support the next Governor of Edo.

    • shadow

      Stop that! What ‘was the noticeable different between the announced result on the field and those by INEC’. Bros, give us the facts and figures. We have gone beyond all this nonsense.

  • eze

    INEC and crocodile tears. The role of INEC is to organise election. Attitude of the voter is outside INEC’s mandate.

    • niran ade


  • Mosley

    Maybe we introduce minimum educational qualification or the American electoral college system instead of this useless universal adult sufferage. In this electronic age, voting may need be restricted to ability to read and write and internet literacy isotherwise we end electing a monster or an ‘Hitler or a Duerte’ at our own peril.

  • bjay

    PDP started all this money inducement during 2015 election lead by Iyamu as DG campaign organization for Jonathan,so it’s laughable when hearing the same pdp crying fowl.recent election in Edo state pdp was distributing 3,000 and apc 2,000 therefore nothing inec or police can do because all is part of politics.

    • shadow

      And in addition to yours above, it is good to announce that money politics is fast dying because voters since 2015 and quite evidently in the Edo elections, our wicked politicians gave money but voters allowed conscience not money to lead them. Good Nigerians, keep frustrating money politics amongst us and cleans the system. That’s what change is all about.