Budget Padding Scandal: Don’t let Dogara humiliate me, Jibrin begs Nigerians

Dogara Femii-Recovered

Suspended lawmaker, Abdulmumin Jibrin, on Friday called on Nigerians to intervene in his ordeal and prevent the leadership of the House of Representatives from further humiliating him.

Mr. Jibrin, who was suspended on Wednesday after accusing the House leadership of budget fraud, said it would be unfortunate if Nigerians failed to act as he was being persecuted for being a whistleblower.

“Here we are talking about the fight against corruption,” Mr. Jibrin said in a statement. “Today, I’m being humiliated and my crime is simply exposing corruption in high places. Who will want to take such risk in future?”

Mr. Jibrin’s appeal for solidarity came a day after his office was sealed by the National Assembly security as his 180-day suspension commenced.

The lawmaker blamed Speaker Yakubu Dogara for the development, saying it was the latest in a series of dubious attempts by the Speaker and his cohort to destroy evidence.

“The office was purportedly sealed as a consequence of my illegal suspension,” Mr. Jibrin said. “But the truth was that it was done to enable the Speaker lay hands and destroy evidence.”

Mr. Jibrin said his security detail had seen a drawdown as part of Mr. Dogara’s alleged plans to silence him.

He called on Nigerians to keep the controversy on the front burner, saying the focus should be on the cases of budget fraud he uncovered.

House spokesman, Abdulrazak Namdas, said on Thursday that the Constitution accorded sufficient independence to the National Assembly, therefore, its internal decisions cannot be a subject of external investigation.

Mr. Namdas, however, told PREMIUM TIMES Mr. Jibrin’s allegations could not be probed because he failed to go through the right channel to raise them.

“If he had credible allegations of corruption, he should have presented everything before the Ethics Committee in form of a petition,” Mr. Namdas said. “He failed to do that and instead went to the EFCC and others.”

Mr. Dogara’s spokesman, Turaki Hassan, said Mr. Jibrin’s latest claims against his principal will attract fresh sanctions for the embattled lawmaker.

“The latest allegation will meet its own penalty,” Mr. Hassan told PREMIUM TIMES Friday.


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  • princegab

    Dogara, please don’t mess with Jibrin. You are guilty as charged.

    • Issei

      The investigation will start with Jibrin because he confess to have 600mn Naira illegally
      Useless Boy he thinks he can bring down the whole institution because he was removed
      As chairman appropriations committee,his next bus stop will be kano because his seat
      Will be declared vacant by the end of the 180 legislative sittings days

      • Okokondem

        My goodness, I never knew it was possible to exhibit this much self denial. You wrote :

        “Useless Boy he thinks he can bring down the whole institution because he was removed As chairman appropriations committee,”

        Are you proud of your institutions? Which ones?

        Do you even know that the people who work at the institution you spoke so proudly about have devised a way of rewarding themselves with the highest salaries and allowances anywhere in the world? How do you think they do that, do you even care? I get irritated coming across thoughtless comments such as yours on an issue or subject of great importance.

        • Truth is bitter

          My brother, don’t you know that Ossei is one of those rogues in that beer-palour NASS? What good do you expect from full blown thief like him? What happened to Jibrin is God’s-inflicted rejection, all of the will be exposed, it can only take time. God Almighty hears all the cries of the poor who are living in abject poverty because those rogues in that National Assembly, God’s brutality against those corrupt institutions has started manifesting. Just relax and watch as everything unfolds.

          • emmanuel

            The reason God did not create us as animals is to act with our will power when he let us in to issues. Unfortunately, we keep waiting on God to handle our own part of all bargains. That is why we are where we are.
            So what happen after they are exposed? another band of crooks in the Judiciary kill the matter and we are back to same position. Meanwhile, some also quickly meet the heads of media houses and theirs is also silenced – there is an ex-Governor called Uduaghan from my state, he paid all media houses and no one ever published any of his ills despite of the fact that he stole over N1 trillion from that state (the highest of them all since the return of democracy).
            Does that not tell you that God want us to act with out will power?

      • gboyegaa

        Until they go to court and the full story is rolled out, we will see behind which party Nigerians stand. Common sense tells me they have just giving him 180 days holiday because at the end of this story, which will be long, truth will prevail over lies.

      • deansmart

        You are one of the reason corruption is strives in nigeria you blindly surpporting evil

      • emmanuel

        Let him ask faruk lawan how to end political career in the NASS

  • Gary

    “Unnecessary begging as we dey call am for area…oro ebe o sele…”
    So after all his grandstanding and mud slinging against his House leadership and colleagues to cover up his malfeasance, Jibrin is now reduced to pleading for public support? Go kick rocks, buddy. What happened to all the documents and info you claimed to prove corruption against those who rightly removed you from a position you were using for self-aggrandizement? Including using the name of the President as cover for a project for which you had diverted funds appropriated for the Coastal Rail Line? So you now beg for public support after all the noise-making during the House recess and could not defend yourself before the duly constituted Ethics Committee of the House you sullied before the public?

    As you made your bed, so shall you lie on it. Enjoy your unpaid vacation and focus on running your private business with your previous largesse.

    • Contact Point

      I can read the mind of very few of you that want things to be nice here. In a sane society, the entire House leadership should have been forgotten now or forced to do so. But i can see here, black is white and night is day. No wonder no one want to take the role of a whistle-blower

    • Okokondem

      Frankly, I can’t tell whether the views you have espoused is informed by ignorance or mischief. Clearly, you are among the Nigerians that prefer things the way they are.

      You are demanding proof from Jibrin that the men and women in the Nigerian national assembly are not the highest paid anywhere on earth compared to their counterparts, but you have accepted on face value the counterallegation by his detractors.

      Did you demand a proof from those leveling accusations against Jibrin? You don’t even know it is part of your civic responsibility to give benefit of the doubt to a whistle blower until he is proven not to be credible.

  • Musa Dalhatu

    This is only the beginning of your humiliation. In fact, you haven’t seen anything yet. Continue your uncontrolled utterances and see how we Nigerians will contribute to your total annihilation into absolute silence. Sympathy ke! Go get your sympathy from the court if you deserve any.

    • Contact Point

      Silly comment

    • Al


    • Okokondem

      You have spoken like a true Nigerian. I hope you don’t loose sleep wondering why despite tens of billions of dollars in oil revenue in the past 50 years, your country has no national airline, no oil refinery, just to mention a couple of the really shameful ones. You actually take joy in castigating a whistle blower.

    • franknaija

      You meant it? Interesting country we live in.

      • emmanuel

        Jibrin deserve more than he is now getting. We are not new to padding by NASS members, we are only limited by our docility and have refused to engage in civil disobedience to bring an end to such shenanigan of our politicians.
        The worse he did not even mention, was the padding done by appropriation committee chairs of MDA’s budget after they collect huge bribes.
        Let Jibrin swear he never collected such bribes and tell us how he got all the huge monies in his foreign account – illegality in a public officer running a foreign account.

  • Mr Stephen

    I remembered when jubrin was up and doing canvassing for this same dogara,leading the rebel against his party and plotting to make sure gbaja never get the seat. Now same dogara you nearly laid your life for is the one now plotting for your total destruction.

    • Maria

      It is a lesson they never learn.

  • donMe$$i

    He shouldn’t beg Nigerians. He should beg ‘Mr integrity’.
    He(‘mr integrity’) decides who’s case is corruption, and who’s is kwaropshun.
    And also decides who magu shld go after and who he shld leave.
    That is why EFCC/CCT will go after a Saraki, but turn a blind eye to buratai and dambazzau.
    Sorry Jibrin, now you know the difference between anti-corruption and anti-kwarofshun.

    • Maria

      “kwaropshun” or “kwarofshun”, which one are you talking about, idi0t?

      • emmanuel

        Na you know how una dey pronounce am for your fulfude land. By the way, what make him an id**t?
        Arrogant empty brain and cow headed maga

        • donMe$$i

          Thank you my brother. I really don’t like responding to those hypocrites. They have been on the run for months since the body-language failed & disgraced them.

  • Arabakpura

    Jibrin: when I remember your response when the controversy broke out on the Lagos-Calabar rail line, all my sympathy for you disappears! You are not a particularly good man but bring out the evidences you have; that alone may be your saving grace!

  • deansmart

    Nigeria as nation is in great danger if whistle blower is attacked by the poor masse that suppose to give him surpport majority of nigerian are evil

    • Bigtin

      You call Hon. Jubril a whistle blower? Wow ….wonders shall never end!

      • Teflonjones

        My brother a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, just as the hommie Jibrin should be supported irrespective of his past. Your comment and that of others shows Nigeria’s problem is its people.

      • smart

        Pls define a whistle blower. Hon Jibrin is not innocent, but his desperation made him spill the beans. And rather than play party politics, Nigerians should be calling for a change of how things are done.

  • Babatunde Razaq

    A whistleblower ought to be intelligent. Jibrin isn’t. One can also be loquacious for a good course, yes, but must also be done the right way. Jibrin is only displaying acts of desperation arising from the fact that he was removed as the chairman Appropriation committee. If the budget was padded, it was under his watch, if money was shared, he was a beneficiary. Why is he so loud now and desperate to settle scores with Dogara? But was the budget actually padded? Padded after the president, vice president, and other liaising officers on such matters have checked( How many times?) and signed? Jibrin must be made to learn in a hard way. I think he’s just in a tutorial. The lecture is yet to begin. By the time he’s done with, he may not only suffer reelection from his constituency but may be rendered politically impotent.what a nincompoop !

    • smart

      His removal that made him desperate should have worked for the good of Nigerians. But what do we do? Play party politics.

  • yahayaomaye

    My problem with Hon Jibrin is that why did he wait until he was removed from the chairmanship before telling Nigerians his stories How does he want some of us to believe him?

    • smart

      That’s not my problem. My problem is that Nigerians play too much party politics that even when faced with overwhelming facts, we choose to play party politics with it. We should be calling for a change on how things are done. Hon Jibrin is not innocent but the facts are also true.

      • Clean nail.

        What facts did he bring? He has been making mouth with no evidence after being sacked.

  • gboyegaa

    This is a whistleblower being oppressed and surpressed.
    It does not really matter at what point he decided to reveal the looting behind the scene. He is a rependant looter and a whistle blower.
    We have a house full of rogues that has sealed their lips on all the accusations that Jibrin leveled against the 4 officials in the house of representatives. Now they are making a mockery of themselves and taking Nigerians for idiots that cannot think and forgetful.
    I still ask myself for what purpose are the members of both houses of NASS. Do we really need them? They have caused us more problems than solving our problems.

    • emmanuel

      Let him return all the monies stashed in his foreign account and turn himself in to the CCB for prosecution for running foreign account, then we can help him by shouting. Anything outside of that, he must be prosecuted for his indiscretion with his co-rogues.
      Does, Jibrin think we do not know that appropriation committee heads are not bribed by heads of MDA’s to pad their own budgets? let the EFCC do forensic audit on his foreign accounts and you would see how those who head MDA’s would have bribed him.
      Especially, this years budget that was the most scandalous in the history of the fake contraption and failed state called Nigeria

  • GbemigaO

    Sorry to say this but I have no pity for you! If you had not had disagreements with your fellow looters, you would not have talked. You asked others to return N10 m monthly that they were getting illegally, but have you returned yours so that you can be on a moral ground ? Bro, we are not fools . We want you guys to stop stealing our money , but let the change come from you first, then we will support you. Return your own loot first.

  • taiwo

    This will end up like the biblical teke teke mene urphasin.

  • True Nigerian

    Jibrin isn’t a whistle blower. He is on a personal fight against Dogara and the House of Representatives. Remember he promise to bring down the Speaker. He should be left alone to bear the consequences of his arrogance and personal fight.

    • smart

      That’s correct, he only set out to bring down the speaker. But in the process blew the whistle. It is up to us to use this information to call for a change of our things are done or play party politics.

  • emmanuel

    Maga, you think aspiring to unseat a superior is a tea party? You ahve to be a man to unseat another crook like you.
    You dey beg Nigerians to help you? you lie.
    First tell us how you got all the monies in your oversea bank accounts, then we can raise our voices to help you out.
    Jibrin, you are part of Nigeria’s problem and earlier we get rid of you, Dogara, Sraki and all the NASS including Oluremi who have eaten Nigeria dry, the better for us.
    Obasanjo instituted constituency project fraud with the likes of Masari and co, just to have him take a third term, but today he accusses the NASS of evil.
    Jibrin said he would restructure the House of Reps before October 2016 if Dogara is removed (recall when he boasted some months back). Unfortunately, Dogara ensured he did not smell October in the NASS – Machiavellian blow!

  • kumi

    Mr fanterstically corrupt Buhari this is your hand work because you also padd our buget that is why you and leader of the house is deceiving Nigerian God will punish all of you

  • Galantman

    No Jibrin. Let Nigerians disgrace, humiliate, and ensue that you and ALL your accomplianses go to JAIL for betrayal of trust. After all if you are not removed from lucrative position, you will never spill the beans.

    • smart

      And what of those still enjoying our common wealth? Was he part of the loot? Yes. However, things changed and the beans was spilled. Rather than Nigerians, now knowing, call for a change of our things are done, we choose to play party politics. Only God can save this country from ourselves. Tomorrow you will join others to lament what you could have help change today.

  • Sanmi Falae

    Sorry, Mr Abdulmumin Jibrin, YOU ARE NOT A WHISTLEBLOWER. So you are on your own. Get on with, as you were one of them until they threw you under Danfo.

  • Idris

    Not to worry, Dogara is not God, let him have his way, just make peace with your creator any other thing is not important.

  • River-of-Life

    When LOOTING is becoming a norm in any country, that country is finished because what goes around comes around.

  • isaac

    A Judas Iscariot wanting to return his loot?!!!
    This same Jibrin supported Dogara against Gbajabiamila at on set. Now that he Jibrin has been suspended, he is crying wolf
    Who is fooling who??!! Let him fight the lone battle if he is that clean.

    • smart

      True, he is part of it. But God set them against each other so that Nigerians can know. What do we do??? Play party politics rather than call for a change of how things are done.

    • Jamilu Mustapha

      Dude, no point for name calling and all that. You should be more constructive with your analysis. What I would presume you ask jubrin is if he wasn’t removed as appropriation chairman would he have come out to challenge dogara or when h collected part of the allocation was he drunk. Those guys are criminals and I should put It straight we didn’t help dogara come to power he did. Did he ask nigerians for help to do it? Face you cross Mr Rep. Jubrin.

  • Clean nail

    Kettle calling pot black. Carry your cross my friend.