“I want to see a great Nigeria”, Buhari tells Osinbajo

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in a meeting with House of Reps members

President Muhammadu Buhari’s greatest dream is to see the emergence of a greater and more prosperous Nigeria from the current crisis situation, his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, has stated.

Vice President Osinbajo said the President told him during a meeting on Thursday that despite the present situation in the country, his only objective was to make necessary sacrifice to make Nigeria great again.

“At my age, there is only one thing I am looking for. I want to see a great Nigeria,” Mr. Osinbajo recalled the President as saying.

“This morning, I had a meeting with the President and he repeated to me twice. I feel very inspired by that,” he told a delegation of Christian Ministers’ Welfare Initiative known as the Pastors’ Forum, Taraba State, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Mr. Osinbajo said the president reaffirmed his commitment to a great Nigeria where peace and justice reigned.

“It is madness for anybody in our position to be looking for money. God put people in positions of authority for them to do something for their people.

“I think if any Nigerian gets the chance to be president of the country, there is nothing he/she is looking for anymore, except to improve the lot of the people while there,” he noted.

Linking the current economic situation to corruption and official graft, the vice president said no economy would tolerate the level of corruption in Nigeria without consequences.

“Nigerian lives were being lost and yet people cannot account for $15 billion meant for purchase of security equipment to fight the insurgents,” he said.

On how vandalism of oil installations contribute to the current economic recession the country is facing, Mr. Osinbajo said Nigeria lost millions of barrels of crude oil due to the activities of militants in the Niger Delta.

In early 2016, the Vice President said, the country was generating 5,000 MW of electricity.

However, due to the destruction of Forcados terminal by militants, he said about 40 per cent of the gas used to fire the power plants were lost and electricity supply was cut down to about 2,500MW.

He said the vandalism of oil facilities cost the country loss of over one million barrels of oil a day, and about 60 per cent of the country’s revenues.

“There is nowhere such amount of revenue is lost without the country going into some economic challenges like the current recession,” he noted.

Assuring that the country would soon come out of the recession, the VP said “there is no question at all, God has a reason for bringing us in at this time. God helping us, we will see a change in this country.”

Vice President Osinbajo urged the Church and religious leaders to stand up against corruption.

“If this government is doing the right thing by fighting corruption the Church should support it,” he said.

Assuring the group that government was working seriously to end the herdsmen crisis, the vice president said the president had instructed the police and the military to deal decisively with anybody found carrying arms.

“It is not possible for one tribe to dominate another based on the way God has structured the country. The reason we have Christian president and Muslim vice president or Muslim president and Christian vice president is to have balance,” he said.

Earlier, chairman of the delegation, Godwin Nyiekule, a reverend, said their visit was to pledge their support to the present administration for its forthrightness and fight against corruption.

Mr. Nyiekule said the group was a non-partisan group that supports persons interested in participating in governance.


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  • amazing2012

    Amen and amen ! Now you can hear Satans stating otherwise !!

    • Otile

      Yeah, sell off Nigeria’s fortune to corrupt Fulanis and shout amen and amen.

      • amazing2012

        One satan has responded. Otile ! to sell or not to sell, those assets add nothing to your life.

        • Otile

          Your nepotistic tribesman rob us of our oil assets and you lie that the assets add nothing to our lives. Barawo banza.

  • Oluola

    But you are going about it the wrong way Sir. There is total lack of good leadership. It may end up a wishful thinking if you don’t change approach. First, there is need for square pages in a square hole, there also is need for transparency in government dealings, there is need for enthronement of peace in Nigeria… Because there will never be a great Nigeria without a peaceful Nigeria. And finally, state taking responsibility and quit passing blames. Resignation ultimately may be an option if you are unable to discharge these basic duties.

  • Otile

    Under less than 2 short years Buhari and his incompetent cabal have squandered Nigeria’s fortune and further plot to sell off what remains. This is madness.

  • evidence

    Tales by moonlight. 
    You want to see a great Nigeria and you came with some much bitterness, vindictiveness and bigotry ‎to the point that Dasuki that arrested you over 30 years ago in languishing in jail and Kanu that called you a paedophile is also in jail, among others, all of them without trial, even Jonathan that his only offense to you was conceding and handing over peacefully to you is not spared your wickedness. 
    Vindictive demon. 

  • Gary

    At your age and with all the undue advantages you’ve had, it will indeed be madness for anyone in your circumstances will need to steal.
    If I joined the Army without requisite qualification, rose through the ranks from coup plotting to become General and along the way military Governor and Oil Minister, why would I need to steal in my 70s? Especially when I also got to become President, again without the required School Certificate, and now in position to realize my vision to lead Nigeria for the benefit of my kinsmen and Sunni Islam?
    Why would anyone in my position, who can order the CBN to maintain a dual exchange rate for one year to allow those close to me engage in arbitrage, stoop to embezzling public funds like those corrupt PDP people?

    • Hank

      Nigerian leaders alias chop chop. Nigeria is full of Phd holders and yet Nigeria it is a mess. Nigerian leaders are immature even with Phd…they all lack common sense. When low IQ leaders of Nigeria spends the country revenue yanfu yanfu and wears big agbada with no plans for the future of the country…what do you expect?

    • amazing2012

      Geographical accident !
      Let me give a story, exactly last two months, I went to filling station to fuel my jeep. Suddenly one of yours come with a bus marked “DELTA LINE” and forced himself to the station. The guy refused to join others before him. When confronted, he stars is his “oil”. !
      I come out from my car and asked him to removed his clothes because they were made with cotton from the north. Suddenly on brilliant YORUBA come out and asked him to removed all the rubbers on the bus and the button of his shirts because they were made with rubber from the west.
      You people are ignorant and daft. Oil or not, the poor people are using their money to buy oil at the same price they can buy from any known and unknown source.
      Tell the value of your oil to poor Nigerians ?

  • Ahmed m sabitu

    Baba we are tired of this your sweet talk no action,if your not ready please give way for competent and focus citizens to rescue us from this our situation please

    • okenwa

      He will see a great nigeria from his grave.

      • excel

        As you wish your fellow man so shall it be for you. Your hate for PMB will destroy you.

    • Hank

      Give way to competent and focused citizens…like who? The only thing your low IQ Nigerian leaders are focused on are their big agbada and spending money yanfu yanfu.

  • Ahmed m sabitu

    If you really want to see a great nigeria why do you listing to only your incompetent cable

  • henry

    The chief mourners happy birthday to you all keep wailing no one with tearful eyes see clearly, so you can never see anything good about President Buhari,.Nigerians with integrity who are not from the same place with corruption knows that this government is and will lay a good foundation for a New Nigeria where corruption will be an orphan . I am with you Mr President I see a great Nigeria for me and my children. What you behold is what you become.

  • excel

    It is achievable, this government mean well for this country and will surely take it to the great place. Kudos to the Mr President, inspiring and visionary.

  • Rick Eson

    A Nation with foundation Base largely on one commondity(oil) is a Nation that lay his foundation on a sand. Our Nation bedevil with corruption, book, pipe blowing militants and greedy looting of it resources to a point where the Nation is bleeding to death. In addition we have low oil price , enemy within ( pipe blowers) ensuring low oil output.
    in the face of all these challenges the FG rise to the challenge to diversify the economy, fight against corruption, taming boko and militants , going for the looters and restoring stolen fund etc. Yet we still have people opening their mouth criticising this Government rather than supporting our Patriotic president in the building of a Nation we Nigerian will be proud of..
    With all these deadly challenges, Nigeria as a country would have been on her back and things could have been far worse for Nigerian. As a Nigerian we must think beyond our nose and see things in perspective. We own Buhari and his Government support and gratitudes for all they’v done in the process to rescue these Nation, laying a solid foundation and further steps to enhance our Nation that will make Nigerian proud. Rome was not build in a day, the sign of progress is evident. God bless Buhari, God bless FG.God bless Nigeria.