Full Transcript: Chibok girls, El-Zakzaky and other things Shekau said in new video

Abubakar Shekau in a recent video
Abubakar Shekau in a recent video

In what is clearly a defiance of the Nigerian government, the Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, vowed not to release the abducted Chibok girls unless his captured members were released by government agencies.

In the 39 minutes video posted on YouTube Saturday, Mr. Shekau also asked the Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari to ‘repent’ and follow the ways of the Boko Haram.

Mr. Shekau, who spoke for 27 minutes in Arabic reading from a prepared script, called Mr. Buhari a cow worshiper and a liar.

He also said that until his captured members were released, parents of the Chibok girls should forget about their children.

In the speech, he criticized the use of National Anthem and the National pledge in schools claiming they were ways of making children unbelievers.

“You teach your children the National Anthem in schools morning and evening which is a way of making them unbelievers from school,” he said in Arabic, after which he recited the National Anthem in English. “So also the National Pledge, that also is done morning and evening. They are made to pledge to something other than Allah. And that is not Islam,” he added in Arabic after which he recited the National pledge in English.

He also accused the “West” of introducing secular education, sports and music as a way to deny Muslims time to read their Quran.

“The non-Believers studied the Quran and realized that if the Muslims of the world recite and understand the Quran they will be united. So they introduce some programmes so that they will not have time for the Quran. The programmes include secular education, sports and music. And as a result of that today, many Muslims lost their Islam while others who claim to be Muslims have lost traces of Islam in the name of being educated,” the terror group’s leader said.

The 27-minute Arabic speech basically involved a lot of quotes of the Quran and Hadith, which he interpreted to justify his groups actions and motives.

Speaking in Hausa after the long speech in Arabic, Mr. Shekau warned President Buhari of the likeliness of betrayal from Nigerians. He called Mr. Buhari an unbeliever and a liar.

Read the full text of his speech in Hausa below

“My brothers in Islam, what I want to tell you in Hausa is, all of you unbelievers in Nigeria, Buhari and your likes and Idris Deby ( the President of Chad) with his goat-like eyes and the people of Niger, Africa, and the entire world, listen to me now. I am alive and healthy. But you should know that were my days of living over, you wouldn’t have seen me here.

“So many people live even when they are wanted dead, and so also people die when they should have lived.

“Prophet Muhammad (SAW) have been tested with similar hatred because of the religion of Allah.

“Keep doing all your evil planning with Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister), keep doing all your evil planning with John Kerry (U.S. Secretary of State), keep doing all your evil planning with Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General), keep doing all your evil planning with the people of Geneva. Anything you are planning is not up to one house of a spider. And that is what I believe and stand for and what I intend to tell the world.

“We are not sociologist, we are Quranists, and we follow the Hadith and those who came before us.

“We are fools as people but the Quran is what is guiding us and that is why you couldn’t defeat us and we are sure of that.

“Don’t think you can oppress us with your fighter jets. The Allah we worship lives above your jets and you think you can defeat us knowing fully that it that Allah we worship.

“So you think democracy is a religion. All of you the Hausa people in Nigeria, The Kanuri People in Nigeria and Miyetti Allah (A Fulani association of cattle rearers).

“Buhari you are worshiping cows, you better worship Allah. You think you are a general in the Army but you should know that Allah have said that you are not up the house of a spider in his eyes. What we believe in is the Quran and we do not know 2anything apart from that. Anytime we say Allah all of you will not live in peace.

It is Allah that we believe and trust that makes us live till this day and doing very well in our quest.

“Oh my brother, anywhere you are you should turn to the Quran, turn to the Hadith of the prophet, anywhere you are turn to Allah.

“Prophet Muhammad forbade us from using any plate used by a Jew without washing it first. He also forbade you from wearing the dress of the Jews.

“Buhari, all your actions are fake. You are lying to the people, collecting their money and saying you will free their children and you know you are lying.

“Buhari, Buhari, your people will soon betray you for all this lies.

“I am talking to you Buhari, sit back and think carefully. It is not this small Shekau that is disturbing you. No. It is Allah that is doing everything for us, continue and see.

“You deceived the people and you think you are doing the right thing.

“Continue and see, one day you will not even be able to go to the toilet and stool. But if you repent, then you are a brother. Repent and follow the Quran.

“Buhari let me advise you now, fear Allah.

“People of Chibok, let me tell you today, you still have to prepare for a longer Bring Back Our girls campaign.

“If you want your girls, bring back our brothers.

“(Bragging) This is the same Shekau and I am good and healthy.

“The people of Kano you are in trouble. The Sokoto people have betrayed Usman Danfodio and they must repent.

“People of Kaduna and El-Zakzaky (detained Shiite leader in Nigeria), you should repent. And all of you, the followers of Tijjaniya (a sect in Islam), you should repent.


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  • Omotolaaraujo

    The Cross-eyed Inbred doesn’t have enough pressure by Nigerian troops. It’s time Nigeria eliminated Boko Haram.

  • Factsay

    Buhari worshiping cow? lol

  • Otile

    Before the last presidential election Buhari and Boko Haram reached an agreement whereby Buhari would release all the jihadists captured by Jonathan’s administration while Boko Haram would release the remaining unmarried and surviving Chibok girls in exchange. But on assuming power Buhari and his Fulani relatives discovered that they can leverage the girls for huge sums of money world wide. Right now Buhari is doing his best to involve UN, US, NGOs, EU, all and any rich organization that can yield money in the name of releasing Chibok girls. Mohamed Buhari, the world is watching you.

  • Bigtin

    Oya Lai Mohammed over to you!!!!

  • adijat

    The fact is that, Shekau, you are not justified killing people under whatsoever guise. Stop these killings!! You can fight your course without shedding blood.

  • growthengine

    See as Sekau gist gets more worldwide attention than Buhari speech. The guy is right, our president really worships cows.

  • FreeNigeria

    Our trillion naira military of lies and deceit

  • Osakue

    This guy makes no sense talks like someone that have sniff some substance from his speech the military air strike is dealing with them Seriously.

  • Netanyahu

    This man speaks like one Gbola ati Julius. DSS should fish out these dung heads. They are the real shekau. They must be hiding somewhere in Ajegunle. Liar Mohammad lied that boko haram is technically defeated and they hold no territory. This new and improved boko haram must be speaking from Mars. Tinubu is out there lambasting Oyegun, a catholic Christian hobnobbing with jihadists in the name of party chairman, a janjaweed party. This is the end of this house of deceit called APC. I even thought they would last 4 years, but the way I am seeing it, the end is near. Thieves cooperate until it is time for sharing the loot. That is when individual greed emerges and in the confusion they expose themselves. APC is finished. The only time this country makes progress is when Yorubas are in opposition. If they support you with their loud mouth, know you are finished. Buhari is a goner. He is looking drier and drier everyday as if he is not eating. What of the N5.7 billion budgeted for feeding in aso rock for 2016? They want to sell off national assets. Oya try it. Come and buy LNG Bonny now. You wanted Jonathan to stockpile dollars for you to come and spend and you will claim to be leading. Generate your own revenue and rule let us see. You think militarizing the polity is leadership. You go hear nweeeeeee this time. We the 5% are having our laugh now. Ka Chineke mezie okwu.

  • Realitytalk

    You will soon cry out again like a baby

  • Lorgne

    The camp you use must be made in the Islamic state governed Raqqa, otherwise you are also in violation of the hadith of the Prophet which you quoted and many of which you use to justify the killings.

  • Orumba

    Wait!!!!! shakua what did you really mean by buhari worship cow? does it mean that he is the one that armed the fulani herdsmen?..because i do know that he is the one you boko haram appointed to dialog with the federal government before, which means you both know each other very well,so you really wants to tell us that he is the brain behind the fulani killings against the igbos and yoruba Hmmmmmm….. wonders shall never end, the world is watching.