Presidency to begin town hall meetings across Nigeria – Aide

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President, Nigeria.
Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President, Nigeria.

The Senior Special Assistant, SSA, to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media, Garba Shehu, said on Sunday that the presidency will soon begin to hold town hall meetings with Nigerians.

Mr. Shehu made this known while answering reporters’ questions in Abuja.

According to him, government decided to embark on such meetings because it has realised the importance of information communication to the people at the grassroots.

“I know that there is a plan that the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo would start town hall meetings in zones.

“It would then be broken down to the states and so on.

“Government realises that there is a need to take information to the people and there are steps that are being taken in order to ensure that is done,” he said.

Mr. Shehu criticised the National Orientation Agency, NOA, for being indifferent to the Federal Government’s change mantra.

“We have an agency like NOA with 773 offices nationwide.

“Each has not less than 5 to 7 staff and well-equipped, but you know also, sometimes democracy has its own dark side.

“The President came and he wanted to really be fair to every Chief Executive. If he wanted to fire people on assumption (of office), he would have done it and he would not have violated any rule.

“He decided to give everyone a chance to see whether they would imbibe the change mantra, to see whether they were prepared to go along (with him).

“I will say with all sincerity that NOA was a source of worry for us in government; the people and the leadership never believed in what we are doing.

“They never believed in change. They just folded their arms and watched us for the period of 8 to 9 months that they were there.

“I believe the new leadership would begin to formulate things for agencies like that,” he said.

The presidential aide praised Nigerians for steadfastly supporting the present administration especially during a period most people considered to be difficult.

Mr. Shehu congratulated Nigerians on the achievements the President had recorded fighting insurgency and explained that the military have tagged their success against Boko Haram a “technical victory” because no city is presently under curfew.

The SSA said that with the passage of the budget by the National Assembly, the next phase for the President would be to rebuild damaged facilities and infrastructure.

He said that with the Central Bank of Nigeria realising more than N3 trillion through the introduction of the Treasury Single Account and the passage of the budget, a lot of activities would pick up.

On the quest by Nigerians to know the amount of money the Federal Government had so far recovered from treasury looters, Mr. Shehu said the litigation hurdles associated with the looted funds would have to be scaled before Nigerians were availed of the figures.



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  • musa aliyu

    Make me one of the coordinators and will surely ensure you get the right people in each venue, not stage-mananaged, window -dressed audience

    • whales1212

      Why not try and get in touch if you know you can do a good job tbh.

    • Otile

      According to Al Jazeera Buhari has failed. Mallam Musa, do you doubt Al Jazeera?

      • musa aliyu

        Yes. I do not only doubt them, I consider them LIARS, SABOTEIRS, like you. Buhari is the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria. Aljazeera, with its under-the-mango-tree journalism can never teach me what I am. Yvonne Ndenge comes to Abuja and stay in Sheraton, monitor channels news, meet people like you to poison their mind against Saint Buhari. You and aljazeera can go jump in to the lagoon.

        • Otile

          Yvonne Ndenge is a good woman, and seasoned journalist. You hate her because she is not Musilima.

          I hate when you Mohammedans advice people to strap themselves with explosives, or jump into the Lagoon. Why not show me by your own example?

  • Nwa Aba {Proud Biafran}

    litigation hurdles associated with the looted funds would have to be scaled before Nigerians were availed of the figures. Is there any litigation hanging on voluntary looted fund return?
    They are now running out of lies,

  • evidence

    This rudderless administration think they’re still campaigning. Didn’t you guys just spend N250 million on economic summit?  ‎We don’t want town hall meetings, we want you to start fulfilling your numerous campaign promises or at the very least, maintain what you met on ground. You can’t even sustain almost 6000 MW of electricity you met on ground, let alone end the protracted fuel scarcity. What a demonic government. 

  • marig

    We need to start seeing results at this point.Especially with this fuel crisis. It has been going on for months now . While we still support PMB, it is fast approaching showtime… Show me what you’ve done for me lately!

  • uziilayout

    Mr Shehu Garba, please didnt President Buhari appoint a Director General for NOA? Why are you complaining about the agency? Please educate us


    These guys are still joking … may be they should ask Rotimi Amaechi what he achieved with his Town Hall meetings in Rivers State.

    • Daniel

      All this government is good at is propaganda. We must prepare ourselves for a monumental failures from this government. It has nothing tangible to offer

  • Daniel

    We have had enough meetings.Now you have the power just act. ENOUGH OF THE TALK SHOW. We are tired ooooo



    1. Proof that Buhari can read, write and understand English Language.
    2. Proof that Buhari is not mentally retarded.
    3. Proof that Buhari is physically fit to remain in Aso Rock.
    4. All Town Hall Meetings must have Buhari WASC conspicously displayed at the entrance of the Hall.

    Why am I demanding all these?

    I am convinced that Nigeria’s problems and suggested solutions are well known and do not require Town Hall meetings to articulate them.

    Only a mentally retarded President will lump the Ministries of Power, Works and Housing together as one ministry and assign same to someone without a technical or engineering background as Minister.

    Only a President who cannot read, write and understand English Language will approve a memo from the Ministry of Education appointing 6 Vice Chancellors from a quack University like Bayero University, Kano and a whopping 8 Vice Chancellors from Kano State alone.

    I am also convinced that it is only a mentally retarded President who cannot read, write or understand English Language that will on two different ocassions sign off and approve the “shit 2016 National Budget” presented with fanfare to the National Assembly.

  • Otile

    The devil is a liar. Who are these people trying to-fool? Buhari dodged every debate and
    town hall meeting presented to him during the elections, now he is ready
    to debate & do copious town hall meetings in every zone. Who is he
    going to debate, hungry people. These Islamic APC con-men are the most
    deceptive criminals in Africa.

    • excel

      I hail your stupidity, town hall meeting is not for election period alone.

      • Julius

        lolz. He doesnt know that !

      • Otile

        Why did Islamic APC avoid them that period alone? You must be very stupid_to believe anything coming out of Islamic APC town hall meetings. Odale nla.

    • Julius

      I told you that you are the dumbest biafraudian on the planet. Town hall meetings are not for debates !. Just like you can not invoke a double jeopardy clause on a none trial case. Correct the English.God help you !

      • Otile

        Dummy, your god dodged debates, AND town hall meetings alike. Try to understand good English and concepts before you display your mumudity to the public.

        Again, what is “bla bla bla …invoke a double jeopardy clause on a none trial case bla bla bla” ?

        What is the connection between your bla…, debates, and town hall meetings?

        Stop disgracing yourself, learn English. Odale.

  • Offor

    Town Hall meetings belong to ideas that sound perfect in a true system of government. However, it is premature since Nigeria needs to do more when it comes to her internal affairs. Before any town hall meetings could meaningfully hold, it is advisable that the Federal Government fixes Nigeria’s internal security for the good of the people. You cannot be conducting town hall meetings where good Nigerians would not be able to air their grievances and views publicly and go back home safe without being somehow trailed by some criminals. A nation where the police is still playing games is not qualified for towns hall meetings; a nation where kidnappings are still rampant cannot hold good town hall meetings. A nation where security agents are still reluctant to conduct honest investigations over a common Nigerian’s kidnap is not safe for such meetings. How could family members of a kidnap and murder victim whose disappearance was never investigated participate in town hall meetings? I am sure that Nigerians have many other reasons why organizing town hall meetings is premature in Nigeria now. It is not necessary spending the nations’ money on unnecessary town hall meeting at least for now. The Federal government has to get to work first – fix the Nigerian police and security system and the economy first then Nigerians will feel comfortable to participate in town hall meetings. With this, we are still appealing to President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo to kindly order investigations into the kidnap and murder of a good Nigerian, Late Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Udemba. With this type of gesture, good and helpless Nigerians will regain confidence in this present administration. Placing the cart before the horse does not help anyone.

  • Short n’ Sharp



    • excel

      Lol…. you are such a pathetic f**l. APC, Buhari nor Osinbajo can help you out from your frustrated life.

  • UOU

    apc liars and propagandists must burnt to hell. Election is over, town hall meetings is for elections, its not 2019 yet, idiots in power

    • excel

      You just sound like the clown you are. If you are still suffering from the 2015 election then you are Waste to yourself.

      • UOU

        liar and propagandist like you, burn to hell, waste like ashes

      • Julius

        Please, ignore that deluded moron. He has nothing good to contribute. Keep reading him if you can and see what Im saying.

  • McAlfred Uta

    The proposed Town Hall meetings is to provide touring allowance and travelling claims for the “boys”. No Town hall meetings can provide better feedback than the social media. All in all the Government has numerous ways of communicating its policies and achievements. Most officials of the present Government cannot think out of the box, this is why everything is stagnated and there is growing apathy among the populace.

    • Harry

      Even the ‘ would be’ recommendations by the so called town hall meetings will never leave the town hall.

    • share Idea

      Do you mind government that is confused. Always blaming everyone but themselves. They started on the excuse that GEJ have not provided handover notes and now it is the NOA.

      How many times has this government held FEC meetings and what were the decisions reached on the very few ones they held. Does this government wants every agency of government to be lying tools in their hands. You ask the ministers and party leaders of this administration what is their plan, they said they awaiting for budget passage. How then do you blame NOA for not publicizing government activities. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Dre

    We only criticize government actions but never proffer solutions. If the town hall meetings are propaganda, then advice the government on the right steps to take by contributing through your remarks. We only complain about the government, but never talk of how wicked we Nigerians are to ourselves. If a filling station can be buying fuel at the rate of 77 naira and sells 140, is it not wickedness. Suffering ourselves by ourselves. In conclusion, the Elites or simply put the rich men are the problem of this country. Because they only want to enjoy while others suffer. It is high-time we say NO to them, likewise the SANS delaying judgement on the corrupt ones who have sucked our country dry.

  • dudu

    We dont need town hall meetings now. Use the social media

    • Kachell Daniel



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      You will need the following if you want to succeed:

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    • Julius

      We do need both. The combinations of the social media with town hall meetings will be okay and may be more folks will understand what the government is doing.Lets see !

  • Michael

    This government lacks direction. Osibajo who is supposed to be intellectual should be using this opportunity to carry out permanent reforms of the judiciary of so many aspects of Nigerian life and getting as many bills as possible through parliament. Town Hall meetings are not necessary if PMB could stop travelling and start acting like a President by giving white house type media parleys about where he is taking Nigeria.