APC’s Dakuku Peterside escapes assassination attempt, aide says

Dr. Dakuku Peterside, NIMASA Boss
Dr. Dakuku Peterside, NIMASA Boss

Dakuku Peterside, the Director-General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) narrowly escaped death Saturday afternoon after his vehicle was attacked by gunmen in two utility vehicles on his way from the Port Harcourt International Airport, his spokesperson, Sylvester Asoya, has said.

Mr. Asoya said Mr. Peterside was in his car with Davies Ikanya, chairman of the Rivers State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, and H.O. Asita, Deputy Governorship candidate of the APC in the April 2015 election when the incident occurred.

The officials said they escaped the assassins bullets by a stroke of luck.

Mr. Asoya said, “Two Jeeps belonging to Emeka Woke, Nyesom Wike’s Chief of Staff carrying two unknown gunmen trailed us to UTC Junction and opened fire on my car. Our car however did a detour to first Aba road then old GRA with the two jeeps still trailing us. We drove to the DSS office to seek refuge and on getting to the gate the unknown gunmen opened fire again at the SSS men on guard.

“The exchange of fire between the DSS men and the assailants lasted for more than 30 minutes. In course of exchange of fire my Police detail Cpl Emma Esi was shot at and seriously injured . This is a very ugly experience but I thank God that my colleagues and I escaped unhurt”.

“When the DSS men demobilized the two jeeps we found out that the man at the back of the car who was identifying us to the assailants is Wike’s Chief of staff , Emeka Woke . He has been arrested by the DSS .

“Today’s experience is not only terrifying but also shows the parlous state of security in Rivers State. If I can be engaged openly by gunmen for nearly an hour in the heart of Port Harcourt, only God knows the fate that will befall members of our party and those sympathetic to our predicament. What is happening today in our dear state is not only horrible but also constitutes serious national security risk.”

Mr. Asoya quoted Mr. Peterside, who was Wike’s opponent in last year’s governorship election in Rivers State, as saying it was now evident that the governor wanted to kill him and that he was prepared to do everything possible to eliminate him.


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  • Watch man

    Can this be really through? If it is, then more dangerous days are ahead with Mr Wike as governor of Rivers State.

    • Nwo Odoli

      Watch man even your guts will tell you that all these nonsense they are writing is not true. Wike is a hero and it is what Rivers need. It is either wike or die

      • Watch man

        Nwo Odoli, if you read the story well and my comment, you will notice that I neither endorsed the story nor invalidated it. Why would any sane person want to die for politicians? It is only a silly person who has no value for his life that would do that. So if you so believe your Wike or whoever so much that you would be willing to die for him then that is your choice and I would not be the one to stop you from doing so.

        • taj

          Lol.please don’t stop him! Make him go die

        • Ade Omowest

          Nna, please encourage him to die for Wiked Wike. “We go carry him deady body go police station, he die wrongfully” -Apology to Abami Eda, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

          • Julius

            Him go die gege !!

  • Nkechiorji

    PMB should please declare a state of emergency in River State before the killings being unleashed of the good people of that State get out of hands.

  • Wilfred Bankole Ademokun


  • e_orpheus

    Is this for real?

  • Nwo Odoli

    Dakuku Peterside that failed APC candidate for the elusive governor of Rivers state continues to make up stories of violence while he keeps causing trouble in Rivers state.

  • Ojeleye Iyiola

    If this is real,I must first salute the DSS who were alive to their duty.To Dakuku Peterside and the associate,congratulations!

    • Okafor

      Shouldn’t Peterside be in Lagos or Abuja understudying his subordinates? What is he doing in PH? And Amaechi with Semenitari?

  • owhonda

    Premium rimes the incident happened today and not yesterday.
    If DAP had died , there would have been a tribal war between Opobo.and Ikwerre. Pls when will all this none sense stop in our.state? The shore.w court caused this rubbish. Legalizing violence is the reason for.this wahala in.Rivers state today.

    • tam

      It wont be only opobo,it will be opobo and bonny bcos he is an ibani son. Ur brother wike wants to destroy our once peaceful rivers

      • Otile

        It is Obani not ibani. You traitors know how to sow disunity among brothers.

        • primus

          mumu it’s ibani not obani………otule or yansh abi wetin dem call you, what’s obani?

          • Julius

            hahahahahahaha. gbam !!

          • Otile

            I hate when Oduafraudians under the command of their Fulani masters rename places to steal oil. Soon you will be wrongly telling me that Obigbo is oyibo, Umuola is Rumoula, Umumasi is Rumumasi, then a dummy friend of yours will complement you with “hahahahahahaha. gbam !!”,you will be fulfilled, fat and happy.

          • tam

            educate yourself so that you dont give the remaining good igbo people a bad name.

          • tam

            you are ignorant, check your facts before you educate me about my people

          • tam

            sorry primus meant to reply that otile

  • Nwa_Africa

    Why not kill the Emeka Woke immediately?

    • Otile

      For you Fulanis everything is kill kill kill. Come and kill him yourself. Parasite banza.

      • uduakomiri

        Otele, go and drink your medicine…oya run go to the house

        • Otile

          Awon omo oduafraud lynch mob, why do you always mob anyone you hate in large numbers?

          • uduakomiri

            Otele you know if you don’t drink your medicine you can’t think properly… oya go take it quick quick i nugo

      • ijelejames

        Why did you come to this forum without taking your morning pill?

        • Julius

          lolz. They need to double his pill dosage !

  • Otile

    This story is a crock of bullshit. I know what my brother Nyesom Nwike can do, not this kind of ludicrous story. Nwike will eventually bring peace and prosperity to Rivers state. Dakuku Peterside is a Federal minister, what is he doing in Pitakwa on this election day, to rig the voters for his master Imam Buhari? Owumini Opobo will not allow him. Let him rush back to Abuja FCT to the man who sent him. Sorry he is going back empty handed for our people have rejected Islamic APC.

    • New Nigerian

      No be Pitakwa be in home? He was there to exercise his civic duties. Is your real name Odili?

  • New Nigerian

    Wike is apparently as dumb a criminal as they come. He takes on the federal might be attempting to Kill a Minister of the Federal Republic. The Republic will strike back! His criminal organization that has a chokehold on the people of Rivers state would be destroyed so that the people can be free. If a Minister of the Federal Republic can be targeted for assassination, then it tells you the extent of this monstrous evil at play in Rivers state – one that has killed many, including people of the armed forces!

    My heart bleeds for this once peaceful state that anyone who have been chanced to live in would deeply appreciate the peaceful harmony and sunny ways of it’s people.

    • Otile

      Do you believe this cock and bull story? It sounds like Al-Taqiyya cooked from Abuja headquarters. Rivers people are better than this.

  • Factsay

    You have no security when Amaechi had 500 soldiers at his disposal?

    Is the SSG so daft to use his car and also prrsonally be involved in assasinating you when ordinary photo of you is enough?

    These politicians have married devil and can lie at ease. Amaechi has now declared himself catholic saint without dying and without Pope’s permission

  • UOU

    Wike already won peterside, fair and square, totally conquered, neither were on the ballot boxes on saturday so why should Wike, the governor want to kill peterside, ordinary dg nimasa? such a lousy story, they should try something better please, perhaps they were in a hurry to give a story to premium times, same manner one half baked abe fiegned that they shot him last year, this people sef, they should also try, stand up comedy

    • ijelejames

      You are smoking adulterated substance.

      • Kotoyeyin

        simply weed

      • UOU

        I ignore you, collect your bloody money for pay, no qulams

    • kevenreal

      The story is so ridiculous to be taken serious. How can an SSG be so daft as to attempt to assassinate already defeated Peterside? Not only that…. in his own car.. in front of DSS office… in broad daylight… on election day?

      Buhari with this election has convinced every doubting Thomas that he has no atom of open democracy or transparency in him. Let us not forget that this vile illiterate dullard overthrew a popular elected government in 1983 and came back with forged WAEC certificate last year.

      • Adeniyi Jelili Adediran

        Why will the story not ridiculous to you when all you support for is violence as exemplified by Wike. I’m sure Gov. Wike was not under duress or influence of intoxication when he told Journalists yesterday that, Dakuku Peters was only being pursued by his SSGe (SSG) to retrieve result sheets” allegedly hijacked by NiMASA DG. So, you ask, when did Mr. SSG constitute himself to law enforcing agent? Where were security agents when this act was committed? Was it the only SSG that saw Dakuku while hijacking the result sheets? If Dakuku had been shot dead in the process, would Wile had come out to say what he said. It is good the SSG was arrested.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Blame Supreme Court for stamping violence..Wike, a product of electoral rigging and violence will condone such… I hope a State of Emergency is declared to avert further loss of lives…

  • bela

    all this is to falsely accuse Wike of murder. these people are just desperate… politics is not a do or die affair. how can these politicians be this wicked? My sources in Port Harcourt have confirmed that the convoy of Dakuku Peterside opened fire on the vehicle of Wike’s COS.and Dakuku Peterside still claimed they opened fire at him. why is there no God fearing man in Apc rivers chapter? Abi APC all a party

    • F E R A N M I

      Bela I was at Aba rad and the story is the truth of what happened… People were running up and down…

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Another false accusation from APC’s reservoir of lies. If Buhari wants to create anarchy, he needs to be warned that it may consume him, too.