Caught in employment scam, CBN explains ‘secret recruitment’

CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele
CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele

The Central Bank of Nigeria has said it opted for a secret process of hiring new staff in the past two years because the bank was doing “targeted recruitment”.

The apex bank is at the centre of a recruitment scandal exposed by two newspapers.

A news report published Wednesday by Daily Trust, said the CBN secretly recruited 909 staff between June 2014 and February 2015, in violation of due process and federal character principles.

The report followed a news story by news website, SaharaReporters, on Tuesday, showing how children and relatives of some influential Nigerians, including a nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari, were dubiously and secretly hired by the CBN.

The CBN’s acting Director of Corporate Communications, Isaac Okorafor, told PREMIUM TIMES that the bank did nothing illegal or wrong in hiring without advertising.

“In the last two years, we have had cause to recruit specialists, and what the law says is that if we are going for that kind of recruitment we should apply for waiver, so that we can do targeted recruitment,” Mr. Okoroafor said.
He said the bank obtained waiver from the Federal Character Commission.

“The other issue is that there are states that are not well represented (in the CBN), and in this case we focus on those states to recruits people of certain classes that we used to cover the shortfall in those states,” Mr. Okoroafor said.

Mr. Okoroafor however said he was not ready to confirm or deny the names on the list.

“Is there any qualified Nigerian who does not have the right to work in the CBN?” he asked.


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  • Mizch

    ….the CBN secretly recruited 909 staff between June 2014 and February 2015,” Is this the date you want to report? Check please.

    • kazkaz

      It may be a pipe dream but I pray to God to let me find myself in the midst of these rogues I swear I will be shekau or osama bin laden that very day! These criminals that call themselves leader deserves nothing but a gruesome death including their wives and children. Am prepared to sacrifice myself to kill even one of them!!!

  • Bayo Ola

    What a load of bollocks. What a lorry load of baloney. This excuse is simply crap. The CBN was caught with its fingers in the cookie jar, thanks to diligent investigation by Sahara Reporters, as the Nigeria egunjerised mainstream media will not have published the story. Recruitment exercise that selectively recruited children of Nigeria politically exposed persons is not only nepotism as its highest but abuse of office by all the actors involved. This injustice cannot hold. There is nothing wrong in recruiting the children of Nigeria leaders if they merit the position through a transparent recruitment process. This is a sham. The children of those that are currently looting our treasury cannot be strategically position to cover the track of their thieving parents in the nearest future. This sham cannot stand. Period!

  • olawumi

    Its a shame if this is the change i stood in the rain to vote for, serious i am disappointed in Buhari

    • Baba B

      My brother why do we always those who hate this country instigate us? Why don’t you look at the time line In this report and see that the elections had not even been conducted for PMB t influence the employment of his nephew. For those who claim premium times . Saharareporters are APC papers does this tell you all something?

      • Sam Esq

        But a new list by current Administration is on focus. Not even last one

      • steve

        there is a new list of recruitment

    • tundemash

      Mr. PDPig, was it between June 2014 and February 2015 that you voted ? Olodo!

  • olowoyojoel

    CBN ask yourself is it right, is it the truth, is it godly and is it equitable. In a country of >160m persons.
    Nigerians will start invoking their gods to punish you who makes the others suffer very soon.


    If the time frame (between June 2014 and February 2015) is correctly reported, which crime the APC government under PMB perpetrated? Mr Olawumi?? By then we didn’t even conduct the Presidential election that brought PMB and his team to the corridors of power. By implication PMB couldn’t have his way to get his (so-called) nephew to be recruited by CBN. Because by then he (PMB) was busy dodging assassination attempts by the GEJ’s BOKO boys in Kaduna. All these and other countless scams took place under the watchful eyes of the HEARTLESS, CLUELESS, SHOELESS, RUTHLESS, USELESS, CORRUPT and DUMBEST President Nigeria ever had.
    So Mr Olawumi, do not regret the way you ” … stood in the rain to vote ,,,”.
    The God Almighty will continue to expose and shame them one after another.


    To understand what’s going on with this man, you’d have to understand what went on with Jonathan. These southerners, including Obasanjo, are smart but are simple figure heads to the north. Jonathan and this CBS guy are simply doing what northern military people tell them to do.

    • W.W.W


      I want EFCC to investigate the Director of Communications at Central Bank of Nigeria. This press statement
      suggests to me that he or she might be a beneficiary of the same corruption at issue, even if he’s not himself
      a child of a corrupt parent smuggled into public office by the Central Bank Governor, Mr. Emefiele – who does
      not know when to simply shut up. The illogic in this press statement is beyond pale. It does not show that it
      was written by a Director of Communications who went to school or took his school examinations by himself.

    • wode

      Man, you need to see the list of the people employed under this shady deal before you can be sure if you really want to make this comment or you’d retract it. We know how things work in this country. We know some specific set of tribe(s) or ethnic group(s) that when they get any slight opportunity to position of authority, either in private world or government establishments, they bring in everybody from their part of the country into the fold of the organization. The period under review for this particular case is quite instructive. The claim about some of the candidates being from some influential citizens is just a cover to the main issue. When the list comes out, I know we would get there, you would be surprised and I doubt it if you won’t retract your comment.

    • Julius

      No bro, this one is about who is who’s children from every part of the country. Check the list.

  • deji

    Can you hear justification? Jonathan and his goons, nearly destroyed this country.
    Okoroafor, let me guess?? The underrepresented region are from your village? Just like the immigration woman.

  • McAlfred Uta

    One day, just one day, the true meaning of corruption will be exposed. For those who restrict it to stealing of money will sooner than later find out that it is hydra headed and pervades every aspect of the society. Then and only then will Nigerians arise and take charge of their destiny.

    • Bronco

      Thank you my brother, this is the real issue with all those who are in self-denial of this cankerworm.It is either they feign ignorance of the meaning and pervasiveness of corruption,or they clap their hands when their tribesman/woman is involved . Until that day when the electorates truly grasp the extent of damage & destruction being wrought on our polity and entire lives,then would we know how to carefully pick those who would lead us at all levels.

      • Yunusa Abdulrahim

        These guys will finish us in no distance future. Nigerians need to rise up now otherwise population of over 150 million people will become the slave of less than 1000 family.

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Mr. Okoroafor said “The other issue is that there are states that are not well represented (in the CBN), and in this case we focus on those states to recruits people of certain classes that we used to cover the shortfall in those states,”

    Mr. Okoroafor, are you kidding me? So all these “specialists” happen to have rich and influential parents?

    • Emancipation

      “Class of people” he said

    • simon tor gideon

      In the first place,if they are targetting certain states that are not well represented at the apex bank,what stopped them from advertising such jobs and stating clearly that only candidates from such states should apply if they are sincere with themselves?This can enable them get the best brains wasting away in our villages with good educational qualifications but have no jobs.Then how did they get those who are now employed to fill such vaccancies without advertising for them if they claim the employment is not targetted at the children of elites?

  • Jossy J

    This man is shameless. and the list of the qualified happens to be that of the ruling elites, with their coded names! shame on you. This people should resign.

  • ijelejames

    Mr Okoroafor must be smoking some adulterated stuff. He is telling Nigerians that CBN’s targeted recruitment only targeted kids of elite Nigerians. Buhari should relieve these corrupt officials of their duties. This does not symbolize change. Nigerians are tired of nonsense.

  • Fadama

    These are the type of irresponsible responses we get from dickheads managing our apex bank. Why wouldn’t we suffer fiscal and monetary problems?

  • Abdul

    Can you imagine the kind of response coming from this man? targeted recruitment, what the hell is that? In HR. you get the best talent when you run an open transparent recruitment system. CBN is not a specialise institution where skilled people are scarce. We have many jobless social and management sciences graduates out there, they should be the bulk of CBN employee so what is targeted recruitment? Oh maybe they are targeting only influential Nigerians. GOD PASS UNA, WE GO SOON CARRY GUN FOR THIS COUNTRY. NIGERIA BELONG TO ALL NIGERIANS and not some few dickhead who call themselves politicians.

  • wode

    This man and, indeed, everybody within CBN that are behind this particular exercise should be probed. Imagine the recruitment of over 900 staff of CBN done in secret and he still gets the effrontery to be justifying it with those repugnant excuses. One would want to ask that what is the total staff strength of CBN in the first place for over 900 to be employed without due process? What are the professional qualifications of the employed ones that makes them consultants/experts which could not be advertised for other qualified Nigerians to apply? If this is not properly addressed and people found wanting appropriately sanctioned, Nigeria would still be living in the past.

  • Ted Dada

    About last week we heard about 23,000+ ghost worker and now another avenue for adding ghost workers to the payroll have just been exposed. The police and other investigating and prosecuting authorities should be all over this. What is secret recruitment to a public organization like CBN if not opportunity for fraud to criminal elements within the organization?

  • Abdul

    How “targeted” can the recruitment of over 900 staffs in 2 years be? Isaac Okorafor, you’re just a bastard! If according to you, all qualified Nigerians have the right to work in the CBN, then why didn’t your recruiters conduct a “targeted recruitment exercise” to independently select the best available candidates within the country, other than this “targeted” back door kickbacks to fat bellied politician’s children?? Sha, i no blame you…..the hapless jobless naijas aren’t complaining are they?!

    Naija youths, you can continue dancing shoki while downing apeteshi or do something about this madness and make something of yourselves. Na una hand e dey!! Mad….mad country!!

    • John

      Not only shoki, alanta join o, lolzzzz!!!

      • Idara-Etuk

        Alingo and errr…..bobo join too lmao. You guys wont kill someone with laughter!! Chei

  • smart G

    This one will die quickly because Buhari Nephew is involved. If not! you will see DSS invade CBN

    • Sparzo

      I seriously doubt Buhari knows or has ever met this Nephew.

  • Daniel

    Sorry guys. I am no more pro- PMB and APC, neither anti- Jonathan and PDP.

    It appears there is no silver lining anywhere. I want to apologise to those whose shoulders I may have ruffled by my previous comments.

    Nigeria must be restructured for us to move forward. I have no faith in this current system. It is motion without movement.

    • Sparzo

      Yes every village must become a state or region or some structure run by the same people in a different location.

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    did you apply for the “waiver”?if so,to whom and when?

    hope it wasn’t to ebele though,if not,we know what to expect and you executed perfectly,corruption without stealing ……….

  • Sparzo

    The level and levels of corruption and the people involved in it makers your skin crawl.
    The CBN chief is dishonest. There is no other way to put it.
    Will he keep his job?
    Will the people of influence he fraudulently employed keep their employment at the Bank?

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    LOL. They make up excuses as if they are talking to babies. Obviously, some Nigerians blinded by ethnic or religious allegiances will buy the infantile argument of “targeted recruitment”. If Nigerians continue to refuse to grow up and become more responsible, then they will keep being treated like infants by their ruling class.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Total crap. What are the disciplines/grades of those recruited? This response damages CBN more.


      omooba, I agree with you the CBN spokesman has goofed big time. He is a shame just as the recruitment process is. perhaps that was the way he was recruited. nonsense. these peopl are taking Nigerians as fools. One day, someday all these will boomerang… it is jus but a matter of time.

  • GbemigaO

    You wanted change , you got one chance!

  • citizenka

    This is pure fraud.

  • Emmanuel Maluba

    The issue is not to get angry at the recruitment of children and relatives of those in power and other elite. The problem that we have to start considering is that in another 20 years, the children of those who have fed fat on Nigeria will be directing affairs and making policy decisions on behalf of all of us! That will officially be Hell in Nigeria! We need to stop this madness in good time.

    • Godwin Emonena

      God bless u my brother

  • QDouglas

    This is not the “CHANGE” we voted for Mr Buhari. You’ll need to do something about this, another corruption exposed.

  • Ernest Egopija

    Sorry, who were the people that recommended the specialists? Am sure the federal character got slots and equally accepted to play down on it. There’s no new news.”Make una just continue wetin una dey do”

  • linkhadj.

    GbemigaO, are you such a dunce? The recruitment took place between June 2014 and February 2015. Was Buhari in power then? Can’t you read before you make unreasonable comments? Or were they recruited in anticipation of Buhari winning an election that has not even been conducted? Nonsense!

  • SamPsalm

    Took place between June 2014 and February 2015. Around the same time Sambo-Dasuki was globe-trotting preaching postponement of elections to defeat Boko Haram. Explains why the CBN is failing this CHANGE. It had been secretly rigged with Specialist in Failure secretly deployed to sabotage economic policies: a coup. I won’t be surprised if Sambo Dasuki, Okonjo Iweala and Emefiele plotted this as an insider coup against the in-coming administration and in their poor mind thought including a gullible nephew of Buhari was the perfect cover. Evil

  • realnigerian1982

    This spokesperson should tell that story to God when he gets to the day of judgement abeg, these people have no morals and should not be considered men!

  • Opeyemi

    Integrity is such a scarce commodity in Nigeria. Must you keep your job if it means bribing the children of funny characters with positions? What kind of middle aged man looks forward to being bossed around by small boys and girls who would be telling him what their Daddy said he should do?

    Buhari’s disgraceful silence on this kind of issues is just completely annoying to me. What kind of qualifications do these kids have and others lack such that CBN arrows were only hitting the children from influential families in this super-targeted recruitment drive? What database or pool did you consult regarding the needed qualifications such that only kids of the wealthy had such educational qualifications. Even person wey no read book get common sense. Your excuses stink all the way to Mars.