Nigerian Senate rejects bill seeking gender equality in marriage

The Nigerian Senate
The Nigerian Senate

The Nigeria Senate on Tuesday blocked a bill seeking equal marital rights for women.

The bill, titled “Gender Parity and Prohibition of Violence against Women”, was presented by Abiodun Olujimi, representing Ekiti south, during the senate’s plenary session.

According to Mrs. Olujimi, the bill would seek equal rights for women in marriage, education and job.

She said if the bill was passed, a widow in Nigeria would automatically become the custodian of her children in the event of the death of her husband, and would also inherit his property.

The deputy senate president, Ike Ekeremadu, supported the bill. He said Nigeria would develop if women were given the same rights men have.

“Only last night, I was going through a document prepared by George Bush of America. Those countries that are doing well are those who give women opportunities,” he said.

“Where I come from, women don’t eat egg and are restricted from touching the non-essential parts of animal. But now that has changed. What is needed is time and education, not necessarily legislation. We will continue to encourage our women. I support this bill”, he said.

The Senate Majority leader, Ali Ndume, criticised the bill, and urged Nigerians to stick with either religious or traditional marriage.

Sani Yerima, a senator from Zamfara state, condemned the bill, arguing that it was in conflict with the Nigerian Constitution.

He said the bill negates the principles of the Sharia law, which the Constitution recognises.

The bill was defeated when the senate president, Bukola Saraki, put it to vote.


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  • Jayjay

    Senator Yerima enters the history books as a villain today
    for opposing the equality of humanity. How does Sharia law override
    the equal protection clause under the 1999 Constitution? I am surprised
    that this sensible bill was defeated at a poll by Senators present and voting.
    What has happened here under the cover of Shari Law is the imposition of
    northern culture of dominance over women. The southern states must take the
    gauntlet now and pass a version of this defeated bill in all the 17 southern states.
    The confused middle-belt states can then choose where to stand. If they like,
    they may impose Hausa/Fulani culture on their own people under the guise of Islam.

    • Zairo

      which one is your culture? Is it for a man to inherit his brothers wife whether she likes it or not? Is it that a male child inherits everything or a woman must drink the water they bathed her late husband to prove she did not kill him? Please, tell us your so called southern culture. When did you become 17 southern states with common culture and goal? Must you display your ethnic, religious and sectional sentiment on every issue discussed here? Talk for yourself not as representative of any part of Nigeria.

  • Watch man

    What if the woman kills the husband so as to inherit everything he has? The man that is making reference to US, how does US internal issues/culture resemble or relate with what is obtainable in Nigeria? Of all the most pressing issues bedevilling this nation, is it this inconsequential bill that this disgruntled senators found worthy to debate? It is rather unfortunate that we have a bunch of senators who are alien to the feelings of the generalty of Nigerians. Do we actually need a drain pipe called senate? I doubt!

    • NoSpinEd

      Then she would be prosecuted and will face justice like any common criminal. Why should it be considered radical for a wife to inherit the children she bore and raised and the means to take care of them in the event of the demise of their beloved father?

      • Watch man

        There is no way we can legislate everything. That is one of the problems that the U.S. Ekweremadu referred to is facing today. One day some idle mind will submit a bill on how a husband and wife should lie in their bed, the size of the bed and the kind of mattress. If the church and other religious organizations are playing their role by strengthening what the Creator’s stand is we would not have much of the family issues we are having today. Why won’t a woman inherit whatever her late husband left, including their children? I think the current senate is battling with misplaced priority.

    • oliver

      God bless you,let them move to America if they don’t like Nigerian way of life,all those lesbian women are looking for ways to Finally destroy marriages in Nigeria

      • NoSpinEd

        How does a widow inheriting the wealth of her dead husband destroy marriages?

        • Watch man

          There is no way we can legislate everything. That is one of the problems that the U.S. Ekweremadu referred to is facing today. One day some idle mind will submit a bill on how a husband and wife should lie in their bed, the size of the bed and the kind of mattress. If the church and other religious organizations are playing their role by strengthening what the Creator’s stand is we would not have much of the family issues we are having today. Why won’t a woman inherit whatever her late husband left, including their children? This is not a matter of legislation because legislating such intimate issues will undermine the essence of marriage and family in the first instance. I think the current senate is battling with misplaced priority…

          • Sir Charles

            Don’t mind NoSpinEd may be a Gay

        • oliver

          listen to yourself,when you tell a woman all you need to do to get your husband property is to become a widow,what are you encouraging??????

          • NoSpinEd

            Who should inherit the children and the wealth in your view?

          • oliver

            The law is already clear on that,if the husband wishes for his wife to inherit. all he needs to do is write it in his will.not given women some automatic status that would turn our wife’s to killing machines,go to the west,divorce rate is 70-80% , men are already endangered ,you now want all of them to be killed,all a woman need do is find a rich man,marry him and kill him end of story.since the woman said the bill was gender equality ,i wonder how come she didn’t make the law both ways,man and woman,how come it is only women,then you want us to believe that it is gender equality

          • NoSpinEd

            What should the default position be if he died without a will? Who should assume responsibility for his children and the means to take care of them?

          • Watch man

            Chief, you figure it out.

          • NoSpinEd

            For me it is simple. The grieving children should not be robbed also of their mother, and the means for her to take care of them.

          • Olisa Maduka

            You sir, are a voice of illumination.

          • Sir Charles

            Be careful NoSpinEd may be a Gay

          • oliver

            the law is equally clear once again,his next of kin would take let me ask you my own question since it is gender equality,why doesn’t the bill mention anything about when the woman dies and what happens to her properties???or those the word gender not refer to men too?????

          • Sir Charles

            Don’t mind NoSpinEd, he may be a gay or lesbian

            Beware of Gay people

          • NoSpinEd

            Sir Charles, I am against the redefinition of marriage by gay agitators. It is a perversion of the time tested union between a man and a woman for the survival of the human race. I am a happily married Christian with children of my own. That is not the issue we are debating.

          • Watch man

            But then your argument here is tendentious and skewed towards the so-called Ekiti senator’s bill.

          • NoSpinEd

            What part of the bill promotes gay marriage? My beloved wife will inherit all my wealth and the beautiful children we raised together.

          • ken

            So you mean women are inherently dangerous? Think about your mother, do you mean that if she knew she would inherit your father’s wealth, she would give away all they have fought for to kill your father? And you are implying also that in the case that such an event happens the law would not catch up with her? What nonsense for of reasoning

          • Watch man

            What God has joined together let not man, legislation, senators, America or commentators put asunder. You can not legislate on intimate relationship because that is where a family/marriage relationship is founded. Like I wrote before, if we begin to legislate on things like marriage relationship we would one day wake up and see that we have become worse than US. Since October last year, a lot of people (especially the rich) have started exiting US because of the evil that has not only come upon US but also because the worse evil ahead. No sane person would want to follow a decadent US. Many Nigerians that went to live there are now weeping because they have lost their children to legislation. So, let us not allow an agent of US and NWO in the senate to destroy our family values like it has happened in US. Everyone should protect his family because worse days are ahead in this world.

          • Freee speech

            But isnt Ndume right?? All he was saying was instead of having endless concubines as is now the norm in society, sleeping with them for some time and then moving on to the next woman, he say itss better to marry them and cater for them.

            So what is more honourable? What Ndume is saying and what people are currently doing especially within the so called civilized people`s circles in nigeria? They have endless concubines and girlfriends and yet turn their noses at those who are honest enough to make decent women out of their love-interests by saying they only have one wife!

        • Sir Charles

          The problem is that the bill is not necessary given that each ethnic group in the country have way of handling such problems

          The problem is that Nigerians have to be vigilant to prevent some mentally undeveloped people from bringing Same sex marriage to Nigeria through the Back door

        • imnoteva

          It won’t. But this is what fear mongering does. In a bid to block change, they are clutching at straws, attempting to say that this change will bring in something else that is totally unrelated. And for some reason they still think they are making a point. What does marriage destruction have to do with the liberation of women? I have no clue, but some of the supporters of oppression will probably be able to pull something from their arse and link it.

          I see people who love the way things are right now, where they can pull the strings and women dance along those strings. They usually talk about the days of old too, but the days of old were rife with uneducated and widely oppressed women, whose intellect where squashed down by men. Men held such powess in those days, that things like wife beating would go on but divorce would not happen. But people would link “women’s liberation” in these modern times to divorce, not knowing that in the olden days there was no divorce because women were forced to stay in such situations and not because tradition was right.

      • Sir Charles

        Thank You my Man

        It seems Americans are trying to bring same sex marriage in Nigeria through the back door

    • New Nigerian

      I say sack all senators and keep only the House of rep. Use the savings to educate Nigerian children

      • Harrison Arubu

        One aye for u

      • buharrizona

        One vote for you. I support their decision on the bill sha

  • marc umeh

    The author of that bill could have predicted the outcome even before a vote—— dead on arrival. He must be totally disconnected from the Nigerian reality. Nigerians are a people divided along religious and cultural lines.
    What we can do though , is to localise such struggles. I mean fight them on state level.
    When they succeed . then they can serve as a shinning example to those of us that must be dragged . kicking and sreaming into the 21st century. Remember we did not see anything wrong with throwing away twins !!!!!

    • Babso

      That’s correct and in this case let it start from Ekiti state where the sponsor of the bill comes from. Atleast, Fayose can use that to shine.

  • Prophet

    With the type of “ogbologbo” women in Nigeria today????
    Watch how many husbands meet their maker the first month that this bill passes with the women inheriting their property!

    3 months later, we will only have successful single men or unsuccessful married men as no successful man with a sane mind will sign the death warrant that marriage would have become.

    • imnoteva

      So you are in support of this situation being the other way around then? Because the scenario you just painted is already happening but the other way around. But it seems you only see the unfairness when you envision a woman having the same power. If you see the world going to ruin when women have the same power as men. That should tell you that the power men have is not good in the first place.

      If men used their power fairly, you would not be afraid when women get this same power.

      So all I can see is a man who likes how things are going at the moment, where a man can lead his home with an iron fist treating his wife like a two year old child, talking about “control” like he’s talking about a slave, being able to opress her by withholding resources she needs to survive. You like this situation much better, that’s what I see when people oppose this kind of change. They are afraid they can’t control women anymore and it is wrong. Who said women were yours to control? Who said women were put on earth to be managed?.

  • bigbang

    Why haven’t they passed the budget?

  • bib

    That’s good representation by the senators.Must we copy everything we read about from other lands?

    • imnoteva

      The problem lies in calling the inplementation of basic human rights “European” “or not our culture”. It makes it seems like good ideas/human rights is their invention. We call ourselves barbaric if we say basic human rights are not “our culture”

  • favourtalk

    That is the mistake Nigerians made after voting out the clueless government forgetting that the senate leadership is a shame and confused people trying to sabotage the good plans for the president

  • Harrison Arubu

    And when am gone, Mrs brings in her gold-digging lover boy who steals not only her heart but also my kid’s inheritance. Hope the bill has taken its place six feet down below never to rise again?

  • buharrizona

    And when am gone, Mrs brings in her gold-digging lover boy who steals not only her heart but also my kid’s inheritance. Hope the bill has taken its place six feet down below never to rise again?

    • HelpMakeTheNationBetter



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    • Freee speech

      Absolutely so!! I hope it never rises again!

    • shola

      Well, those who think like you don’t need any mental development. Why not introduce women slavery in your state? Are you afraid your wife/wives challenging your decisions? Listen, my friend, behind a successful man is his wife, period!

      • Babso

        You are too emotional on this issue and not unexpected. There is no need for any legislation for a woman to aspire to be anything in life but they should earn it through the normal process. Why seeking gender equality when no policy or law in Nigeria today that discriminate against the womenfolks.

      • imnoteva

        They are afraid, that what I feel when I see the men who are vehemently opposed to this change. I see it when people are afraid of making the lives of women better through education, freedom of choice and so on.

        They are afraid because the lack of these things have allowed men to have control over women for a long time, because if you have something that someone needs for survival, you can manipulate that person, you can make them dance to your tune because you have the power when you have the resources they need. Because they have no rights.

        They see the control they have disappearing so they pretend they are against this bill by citing holy and moral reasons. Usually men like this see how a liberated woman easily walks out of her home when she becomes the victim of domestic abuse, before she wouldn’t have been able to do that, she would have had to stay there taking his punches, remaining under his control. But now nigeria is moving towards a state where you will be seen as the criminal you are when you beat up your wife in an attempt to control and correct her like some pet or two year old child.
        So they are afraid of liberated women challenging their decisions, standing up, demanding to be treated with respect, but they’ll demonize such a change and say it is leading to broken marriages and divorce, citing religious texts. All I know is that in the end wicked people will pay for their wickedness.

  • Freee speech

    Ours has always been a patriaachial society! Thats the way it is in the bible and perhaps even in the Quran. Away with all these western insane practices! Yes i have a daughter and I have sisters and a mother. Let them know their natural place in Gods natural scheme of things! They are not equal to men!!!! These are the very hopeless and God-forsaken policies that have made men in europe and the americas to be slaves to women. It all started from these sort of hopeless reasoning and thinking!! The vice president of an organisation can still function and be powerful without being or seeking equality with the president of the organisation!! Thank God for those northerners in the senate. Southern Nigerian Men and western Nigeria people always like to claim civilization even when its at the expense of their cultural norms and traditions! Thats why our languages are dieing! Go up north, everybody there proudly speak their mother tongue….they dont think or believe they have to be oyinbo by force or speak oyinbo mans language to be regarded as somebody!!!
    In ireland today, only those in their 80s and 70s can speak the irish language. English language has made their language extinct! Thats what awaits yoruba and ibo languages in the not too distant future at this rate!

    • shola

      “They are not equal to men!!!!” Yes, you are correct in your wildest dreams. But the statistics all over the world says WOMEN ARE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN MEN. IT IS NOT A MATTER OF MUSCLE WORK BUT A BRAIN WORK.
      Watch out, the difference will come open, when Nigeria has the very first state governor. The state president of Liberia is doing her job thousand times better than all these self proclaimed gorilla head of states in Africa.

      • Freee speech

        What statistics?? Sorry am not so fooled. Google Nepotism allegations in Liberia and see if she is indeed inflallible and in any event, she was put there by the americans who bankrolled and bulldozed her to power so that the likes of you would be able to tell the likes of me, just what you are saying right now. Its part of theeir agenda to foist theeir culture and way of life on the very conservative west african traditonal and cultural believes. Am not persuaded by all that, my friend. we dont need any such equality here!!

        • Watch man

          Thanks for this response!

        • imnoteva

          I see people like you citing “culture” and “tradition” as the reasons to block change. Tell me, is culture and tradition set in stone? Don’t they come from people? What is the foundation of African values itself that you seem to think it is infallible and perfect?.
          I am disgusted that you seem to associate basic human rights with “European” ideals. You are like the black people who accuse other blacks of talking “white” when they speak intellectually without slang, it results in associating illiteracy with blacks just as you end up linking our culture to barbaric when you suggest that the implementation of human rights is specific to the European people. No wonder some of them believe they are better than us, when we associate our culture with barbaric practices and tell them that “liberation” is European.

          • Freee speech

            You see, its all in your head. That African culture is equated with barbarism is in your head…you have let it be put there and there is lies, for I don’t see my culture as barbaric in any sense. And I wouldn’t countenance any white man come to tell me that my culture is barbaric! No culture is superior to mine as far as am concerned! I am a Yoruba man, through and through! I am of them that are proud of their origins and super confident that I was born Yoruba! Believe me, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I speak my language as good as the 90year old Yoruba man and I practice my culture and tradition as far as circumstances will let me. I am not of them that suddenly think that any thing European or oyinbo is superior to theirs! I am not of them who are not proud to be called by their African names and I am certainly not of them who see westerners or in the name of so called civilization, dump their native or mother tongue for foreign languages all in a bid to look or sound “polished” or “civilized”.
            As for my Yoruba culture, it is very patriarchal and it is the way it is and it is the way I would like it to continue and it so happens that many in the Nigerian senate wish that the Nigerian society keep it that way…across the world, we have cultures that are matriarchal….examples are the Ghans of Ghana and places like Jamaica. That’s them and that`s what was handed down to them and I cant condemn it and I do not seek to in any way! Culture is culture. Tradition is also tradition. It is the way a people have always lived or have accepted to live. We in Africa have our culture…and it is what it is today. How dare anyone come and tell us that his or her own culture is better than ours or superior to ours??? Hence I said its all in your head cos you have allowed it to be put in your head that yours is an inferior culture!
            Am African through and through and I make no apologies for it in any way, sense, shape or form! And believe me, I do not see any so called Europeans or whatever you call them as having a superior culture to me because they have decided to turn the world as it was given to them upside down in the name of culture. I once met an 85 year old irish woman who told me that back in the day when she was growing up, their skirts as girls, had to go to their ankles and that they were not allowed to hobnob with men the way it goes on these days. She told me they were only allowed to go to dance halls with them for a couple of hours at the weekends and that was it. She marvelled at what morality had turned to in her native Ireland and was disappointed at the way youngsters in her locality now dress next to naked and carry on without the least of morals!! She further told me that in her days, men were men and the women knew and accepted their places as women and marraiges lasted forever as divorce was simply unheard of!
            Now that’s from a woman who comes from the people who you hold out to be the custodians of the superior culture!
            If you do not wish tp live in an Africa country where the senate has chosen not to go the way of those who turn the natural order of things upside down by saying women and men(in the family setting) are equal, then I`d say you are more than welcome to relocate to America or anywhere else for that matter!
            You say culture is not set in stone, perhaps that’s true…..but we resereve the right to pick and choose which changes we want and not to sit back and watch as our traditions and cultures which define us as a people is allowed to go to the dogs simply because some clowns have lived in foreign lands and now wish to bring their alien practices to be foistered on the rest of us!
            when I was in primary school in the 80s, my headmistress was a woman and she had a good number of men under her! She was able to be headmistress without equality with men! Jumai ALhassan, a muslim woman, recently ran for governoship in Taraba state and very nearly won…she was able to do so without an equality with men bill passing through the senate. That woman who I now forget her name was able to be prime minister of muslim and conservative Pakistan without an equalities bill or without her preaching that women in Pakistan were to be seen as equal with men! So what exactly are you talkin about???

    • imnoteva

      Do you know that the bible never days anywhere that men are better than women? The bible for not support a patriarchal society in anyway. It is that a patriarchal society has used to the bible to support its practice. These are two completely different things. There was a woman judge in the bible called Deborah, many men and women came to her and she style disputes, she was with an army of men when they went to defeat their enemies. In nigeria today, if someone like her where to attempt to do that, Nigerians will use the bible to tell her why she is not capable of doing such a thing. Ignormaus fools will twist the word of God that is meant for liberation.

      That wives were asked to submit to their husbands for not mean women(in general) were asked to submit to (men in general). That wives were asked to submit to their husbands does not mean than the husband is superior to his wife. If you want to use the bible to say such nonsense, why not also read the part where it says we Christians should submit to each other?.

      So do not propagate this nonsense where you are telling your daughters that they are inferior to men. They are not married, therefore they are not asked to submit to any man. Even if they are married they are not inferior to their husbands. You put them in bondage with those words. And it pains me because you even use the bible to support your man made ideas.

      • Freee speech

        Having just read this, I simply cant be bothered to debate you any longer. You say i am ignorant, thank you very much…I am indeed. You know the bible? The esssence of debate is that one might learn from another. But with this you just wrote, am confident there isnt anything i can learn from you, afterall by your own very confession, i am an ignorant man. This ignorant man says thank you very much. I wish you good luck with turning Nigeria to a country where men and women are equal…why?? cos you`re going to need it!!

        • imnoteva

          And i wish you good luck in your quest to resist change. the culture you hold on to even now is not the same as it was centuries ago, or a century ago. Change is inevitable. this is my last message to you as well.

  • shola

    I would appeal to the senate to publish the names of senators who were for and against this bill. By so doing we would know which senator treat their wife/wives like their SLAVES. What is sharia law looking for in Nigeria constitution. All civilised people and organisations in Nigeria must challenge this bill with a daily protest before the NASS. This is a human right, and exactly this “human right” is what Saraki is fighting for in his own case before the court.

    • John Mark

      On the equality bill, I ask;

      1. In what way(s) are women’s rights being infringed upon in Nigeria? Kindly state, with the enabling laws discriminating against women.

      2. How are men more equal than women in Nigeria? State and give examples.

      3. Do we have office in the civil service/political offices where women are barred from running?

      I think most of the people up on this bill are misguided. The only place where women are rather discriminated against are marriage related.

      I suggest that the said bill should criminalize payment of bride price. How can we claim to be equal and men are meant to buy women in disguise?

      The bill should also criminlize “house wife” status. Every woman both married/single should get something doing.

      The bill should state that the financial upkeep of the home should be shared equally by both the man and his wife.

      The bill should criminalize receiving and/or demanding gifts or money for sexual gratification.

      Criminalize prostitution and gender begging.

      Use of bottom power should be punishable by death.

      Indecent dressing and/or exposing of seductive part of the human body should be punishable with life sentence.

      • Zairo

        and men will henceforth start having menstrual period and conceive pregnancy that is in addition to breast feeding after cs delivery. Women should propose and divorce as the case may be. Men should be house husbands like house wives where necessary. Super eagles should be abolished and mixed eagles be introduced.

        • John Mark

          That goes to show that we cannot truly be equal. The equality thingy, in the real sense of it, is not attainable.

          • Watch man


          • imnoteva

            No, this is just a perfect example of using unrelated examples in a debate and pretend you’re making valid points.

    • Festus Ohalete

      Meet The 3 Senators who Opposed the Gender Equality Bill and 7 the Senators Who Spoke in Favour it:

      A bill seeking to guarantee women equal rights with their male
      counterparts was yesterday, thrown out by the Senate when it was
      presented for consideration during plenary.

      The bill which was sponsored by Senator Biodun Olujimi, was titled “Gender Parity and Prohibition of Violence against Women”.

      Olujimi, who represents Ekiti south, had argued that the bill would seek equal rights for women in marriage, education and job.

      President Bukola Saraki put the bill to a vote, to which the opposing
      senators shouted a thunderous “nay”, and subsequently had their way.

      Here are the three main senators that rejected the bill outrightly, and their reasons for doing so

      1. Senator Ahmad Rufai Sani Yerima

      2003, Yerima came under a barrage of public condemnation after marrying
      an underage girl, an action that violated the Child Rights Act of 2003.


      Sani Yerima, a senator from Zamfara state, expressed aversion to
      the bill, arguing that it was in conflict with the Nigerian

      He explained that the bill negates the principles of the Sharia law, which the constitutions regards.

      2. Senator Muhammad Adamu Aliero

      Senator, who represents Kebbi Central senatorial district, was a former
      Minister of the Federal Capital Territory under the Umar Musa Yar’adua

      He argued that its provisions are inconsistent with Sharia law

      3. Senator Emmanuel Bwacha

      Bacha is a member of the PDP and had previously been a member of
      the federal House of Representatives for the Donga / Ussa / Takum
      Constituency, serving from May 2003 to May 2007.

      Bwacha from Taraba south said that bill negates provisions of the constitution.

      Though the bill may not have beeen popular with the Senators but a
      few of them spoke in favor of the bill. 7 Senators who supported the
      bill on the floor of the senate include:

      Biodun Olujimi
      Bala Na’Allah
      Ike Ekweremadu
      Abdullahi Ibrahim Gobir
      Ali Ndume
      F. Raji-Rasaki
      Binta M. Garba

  • Moe

    YES! Women are not equal to men but, it is a two way street because men are not equal to women either.
    Forget fairy tales about borrowed ribs and unnatural hierarchies.

    Just because something has always been done one way does not mean it is right.

    There should be no difference between a mans right and a womans. Of course Biology dictates there are certain things one sex is better at doing than the other…..that does not deter the importance of both sexes in the continuing struggle to propagate humanity into the future. As such, the law should treat both sexes equally except in instances where equal treatment will result in one sex having an advantage over the other. In these cases, the law should bend towards the disadvantaged and do all possible to level the playing field.

    With that said, we come to the real issue.The law should have no religious bearings but if women and men decide to get married under one religious or the other, they have essentially nullified whatever protection the law can afford them because religions have their own laws. By choosing to get married under a religion, you have subjected yourself to the tenets of that religion and the law can no longer protect you in places where the religious laws contradicts federal law.

  • amazing2012

    Direct introduction of Poly-amory, a situation where both couple has the right to have another partner outside the marriage and openly engage in sex.ual practices.
    The devil want to introduce right to same s.x marriage through back door and creates a dead society. Women can now marry dogs or marry their partners. Men can marry same men or their dogs.
    The bill should have concentrated on violence against women and girl child (oops what against men and boy “child”? ). This bill is totally absurd! Men also needs the same right they are claiming to secure for women.

    • imnoteva

      If you came to the conclusion that giving equal rights to women will lead to these things. Does that mean that
      1. Men now currently have the right to have partners outside of marriages?
      2. Men now currently have the right to marry men?
      Because there seems to be foolishness in what you are saying. If you believe the crap that you just said, that means men can already do those things, but you only see the problem when women can do it too.

      • amazing2012

        Tell the rights of women that is denied in Nigeria. And tell me who define “rights” and on what basis is the definition made.
        My submission is saying that if women will be giving European concept of feminism and rights to that then men will equally ends with the rights of polyamory. You are simple too daft to see!

        • imnoteva

          You don’t need me to tell you the rights, that’s what the contents of the bill are telling you. The contents of the bill have the damn rights that are being denied to women in nigeria. What kind of question is this?

          So do you define rights then? If you are okay with things as they are right now, that means it is people like you that determined what the current “rights” are. Who gave them the power to do that?

          I am not too daft to see things as they are, so I’ll hurl that insult back at you. In a bid to stay closed minded you are drawing on far fetched and unrelated issues to make it look like you are against this issue for a holy and moral reason.

          And i say again, if you believe that giving the same rights that men currently have to women ,will lead to multiple sex partners. That means currently only men have a right to multiple sex partners. If you are afraid of giving the same rights to women that means you need to look deep and analyse the rights that are currently given to men.

          If those rights were fair and good, you wouldn’t see the end of the world if women were given those rights. There is nothing wrong with the bill, open your eyes and see the origin of the issue, there is something wrong with the rights that are currently allocated to man alone.

          • amazing2012

            Please answer my simple questions:
            1. What is right and who define what is right ?
            2. What’s right of women is denied in Nigeria.?
            3. If those advocating for woman rights has the right to seek for such right also those people has the same right of objection. Please who’s right is right and why ?
            4. Why should other people force others to adopt their way of life?
            Please don’t dodge or perambulate just I need answers to my question by number.

          • ita ekpo

            In other word, what was written by God should not be practise but man written. Then 2morrow you go to church or mosque to worship his name. But his commandment you can not keep. What are you going church for. Is it for you to see his house come back to tell one. I went to church or mosque to worship.

          • imnoteva

            this is not meant to be offensive, but your use of grammar makes your point quite hard to understand; but i think i get the summary.

            the bible tells us that there are false preachers, we have many denominations in Christianity because there are people who are either misunderstanding the bible or have purposefully misinterpreted it so as put people in bondage, to trick and deceive. you see it when people can’t agree about what the bible says about getting to heaven, or whether Jesus is God, you see it when a wife beater is quoting “wives submit to your husbands” whilst oppressing his wife. we human beings have our own agenda when we read the bible, and most times instead of allowing the bible to prove a point to us, we read the bible to prove our own predetermined opinions, i honestly believe this is the case here, God has said something, but this fallen world has taken his truth and twisted it, claimed that their own interpretation was from God and that it is the truth.

            I believe in practising God’s commands, but i am also like a berean Christian when someone tells me something that God allegedly said, or some atheist tries to spew some lies about God, i go in the bible and read it. and i am angry because this oppression has not been dictated by God, but yet in trying to block this bill someone has apparently taken the bible and used it to explain why the bill should not pass, and they are claiming that their interpretation (read: not what the bible actually says) is correct. it’s very easy to deceive people with the word of God, just take bible verses out of context, don’t read the whole thing, or tell people it means something else (and you know since you may read in the news of all these evil pastors and the congregation they fooled, their congregations are full of normal intelligent people, and yet they were tricked! that’s why i check the bible for myself too, and make sure i find things out, i try to remove my own opinions before reading the bible too)

            but its fine. the bible clearly states how God will deal with wicked people, let them continue using his word to oppress the weak and the downtrodden, they will all soon fall.

  • Amy Chux

    Those who claim women don’t deserve equal rights than men if you can convincingly answer these questions I’d know we really don’t..
    Is it written in your quaran or bible that women will have different yardstick for judgement from the men on judgement day? 2. Is there anything physical or intellectual that men can do and women can’t apart from the fact that they have breast and vagina and men have penis? 3.

  • ita ekpo

    The man call senate president saraki is not truth Nigerian. The one having dual citizen can not main to know that our tradition is not to accept gay. This is the time he will be stone by their youth. This people are paid people who will do anything that will likely to introduce the law. They will be no day for such law to be succeeded. This is time for him to understand he will be beaten to dead. So that his family will take example. Let them try.

  • ita ekpo

    Who told you women are not treated with respect in Nigeria. Where you people will go there to change the Nigerians way. Is it what you are voted there for as there is no other things to do. Are you going to tell Nigerians that your wife you don’t respect her. What is this equality for. The equality should start in your house if she can slap you every day. Then Nigerians knows it start from the senate president. Hope is working in his house.

  • ita ekpo

    Youth you are to wake up to struck whoever get to change. What then your father born you to see and believed. That is trying to change by men of the devil in the senate by their president. For them to know that you are born African than bring white culture to wash our believed.. If is what white bring you see them cheerish. As they are no OK in God’s gift on for man made law.