How Obasanjo reacted when third term plot failed in 2006 – Ibrahim Mantu

Olusegun Obasanjo

Photo: Atom Lim
Olusegun Obasanjo Photo: Atom Lim

A former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, demonstrated sadness when the plot to extend his tenure beyond the two terms approved by the Constitution failed in 2006, a former deputy senate president, Ibrahim Mantu, has said.

Mr. Mantu, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party revealed this in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES.

The Senate in 2006 overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to amend the Nigerian Constitution, which would have made Mr. Obasanjo eligible to contest again for president, after eight years in office.

Mr. Mantu, one of Obasanjo’s henchmen in the then Senate, was the chairman of the Constitution Review Committee.

“I don’t want to say much about that,” Mr. Mantu said, while responding to a question about Mr. Obasanjo’s attitude towards him when the plot failed on the Senate floor. “All I know is that he was not happy.”

“But he knew a tree could not make a forest,” the former deputy senate president said, apparently suggesting that he alone could not have pushed the tenure elongation proposal through, without the support of other senators.

But Mr. Obasanjo had on several occasions said he never wanted or pushed for a third term.

Mr. Mantu however said Mr. Obasanjo should be applauded for subjecting himself to a constitutional process when he wanted a third term, unlike other African leaders who forcefully stayed in office beyond their tenure.

“If Obasanjo had wanted to cause confusion, he was still the incumbent President, he could have caused a lot of problem,” Mr. Mantu said.

“He could have even asked the military to stage a coup against him.

Then, United Nations would come and say we should negotiate and that Obasanjo should be there for two years and all sort of things.”

Mr. Mantu said Mr. Obasanjo was a popular president.

He said the tenure extension plot “failed because most of the senators bought into the campaign of those people who did not want Obasanjo to have another tenure.”

Mr. Mantu said if he had the same opportunity today, he would lay down his life to get a third term for Obasanjo.

“The truth is if I had known Nigeria would find herself where we are today, I would have even taken the last drop of my blood to ensure it happened because it would have been in the greatest interest of the nation.

“We never envisaged we would be here. Since Obasanjo left, the way this country has been run up to this moment, I weep for Nigeria.”


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  • Mrs. Oladele


    Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo is horribly ugly and is not a face to be published or televised.

    Some of us have little children at home, please! See now. My daughter is scared and crying.


      He is the greatest African EVER. You can simply take 20 Tylenol and go to sleep, if you don’t like him. General, Chief, Doctor, Balogun Obasanjo, the destroyer of the Ojukwu bandits

      • okey mba

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          • Höly Wähala

            Slaves who came carrying mats for your Arab slave masters from Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Yoros are from Wadai and central Saudi Arabia (according to a Yoruba historian, not me) so you have no mouth in native Nigerian matters… talk about abomination, talk about slaves indeed.

          • Julius

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      • Netanyahu

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        • Sog

          Please,don’t be deceived many tribes in Nigeria would have survived better than the Igbos did because Nigerians are very resilient. Igbos went to war due to their beliefs which they have a right to and when they lost, they should accept the outcome and appreciate the way they were integrated into the system. Igbos have always been at the centre with the north which is okay since we have to work together for a better Nigeria so what is all the problem and headache Igbos are having with Yorubas working with the north to move Nigeria forward. The topic is about third term acrobats and you are sowing seed of hatred because Yorubas are at the centre this time around. Please wake up

        • Julius

          Its always funny to me how you people try to sweep history under the carpet. Your fathers surrendered to that man you called ‘baboon’. What does that say about you ? A whole tribe bowed down at the feet of a ‘baboon’. That do not speak well of your tribe. Never in the history of the world that a baboon ruled over a tribe. You are the 1st. What a shame on you all. Bury your head in shame !!

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        The Ota Gorilla?
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    • Prophet

      Your comments betrays your true identity! You may be nice to look at but you are the ugliest human being (besides our self) we have ever encountered!
      Obasanjo may not win any beauty contest, but if you believe in the almighty, you have won yourself a one way ticket…

  • Rommel

    Future generations will one day wonder what stuff we are made of,to hear this filth called Mantu speak is disheartening

    • share Idea

      I don’t usually agree with you but on this occasion, you’re right. Thanks for stating it the way it is.

    • Julius

      They are already doing that. The younger ones are looking at all of us now and wondering about our mental stability . I agree with you but, the verdict is already out and its not good.

  • Prophet

    Obasanjo’s idea with regards to a “third term” was stellar! His approach (however) was lacking.
    Only greedy folks and those who do not understand the economies of current world powers would argue against the so-called ‘third term’!

    Do your research on current world powers and find the single theme that connects all of them.

  • Ahmad

    It’s quite a long time I heard from this dismantled Mantu. Not the least amused.

  • Dodondawa

    Manthief, you are the OBJ arrow man responsible for distribution of massive bribe to lawmakers. However, God destabilized and destroyed your plans. At the twilight of your life, one would have expected you to be remorseful and apologize to Nigeria and Nigerians, but you have the audacity to reopen the old wound. I don’t know what you are thinking, but you should be ashamed of yourself. Useless old thief.

    • share Idea

      The same kind of thing he is complaining of, he and his mates achieved for Obasanjo in PDP by making him automatic BOT chairman and guess what, Obasanjo had to desert the chair voluntarily – example of folly of man.

  • Prophet

    Democracy does 1 thing and one thing only. It maintains the status quo……
    No developed country got to where it is because of democracy. Democracy (by its very nature) keeps you where you are and the reason the developed world wanys every country to be democratic is simply because the world can not afford more “developed” countries…..just look at what the few we have have done to the world (global warming etc)

  • Spoken word

    This guy needs to be shot

  • True Nigerian

    What a f00l. Yet, we had this f00l as Deputy Senate President for several years. Nigeria is pitiable!

    He is justifying his idi0cy by reference to “how Nigeria has been run since Obasanjo left”. He probably isn’t intelligent enough to know that Nigeria has been run in such horrible way because that is the highest possible quality we could get from the horrible characters that Obasanjo handpicked as his successors. Obasanjo handpicked the two horrible choices despite the fact that Nigeria had thousands of better candidates.

    After Obasanjo’s 3rd term, what next? An Obasanjo life presidency or what? If so what was the point in rejecting the military
    leadership that we compelled to hand over power to civilians? Going by Mantu’s tiny intellect, if those people had stayed in power, would Mantu or Obasanjo have had any chance to show us how “amazing” their so-called leadership are?

    Even the Obasanjo who wanted the third term has consistently denied ever being interested in getting the third term because he realises it is something he should be ashamed of. But you Mantu is happy to say that you regret not giving Obasanjo the same third term which he now considers as one of the most shameful things he has ever attempted.

    Mantu, your intellect makes me ashamed to call myself a Nigerian. Your children should be ashamed of you. A chicken is probably more intelligent than you.

    As we say in Igbo, Tufiakwa (God forbid). Nigeria is bad because it has leaders like you, Jona and Obasanjo.

    • share Idea

      I agree partially with you but disagree strong with your opinion on GEJ as to me he was and still is, the best president that have ruled Nigeria when you consider the environment he was meant to work on.

      • Julius

        You kidding, right ? Nigeria lost part of her territories to terrorists, billions and billions withdrawn from CBN without a trace, Monies meant for arms purchase for the soldiers fighting terrorists was shared without buying the arms. He ran the country to the ground and you are claiming he was the best president that had ruled the country ?

      • SB

        Share Idea, you are a joker, just get your senses right by reading from Julius

  • share Idea

    I’m appalled that this kind of person is still active in PDP, I guess is this kind of thought that made so many people to be angry with PDP. How on earth will supposed senior politician be talking. Are we to be talking about individual or strong institutions.

    • I did It 4 Love.

      That’s their greatest share idea of running a country, we still have not got a leader in Nigeria. Sad.

  • Elder

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