Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, wants Saraki, Nigeria men to marry more wives

Senator Ali Ndume
Senator Ali Ndume

The Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, on Tuesday requested Nigerian men to marry more than one wife “to show care to women.”

He specifically advised the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, to marry another wife. Mr. Saraki is currently married to one wife, Toyin.

Mr. Ndume gave his advice while contributing to the debate on the motion to mark International Women’s Day moved by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Women Affairs, Oluremi Tinubu.

In the motion, Mrs. Tinubu paid tribute to women, saying, “We represent courage and resilience (and) without us I don’t think this country will move forward.”

Mr. Ndume, in his contribution, asked men to marry more wives as a way of taking care of them.

“I urge men to marry more than one wife,” he said. “The first care of a woman is marriage.

“Men should take care of women by not just befriending them, but by going further to marry them. I know there is nowhere in the Bible that prohibits marrying more than one wife.

“Starting with the senate president I ask him to consider marrying more than one wife,” he said.

Mr. Ndume, thereafter, made a formal request to the Senate. He asked the upper legislative chamber to declare that Nigerian men should marry more than one wife.

“As a sign of respect for women, let’s urge men to marry more than one wife,” he said.

Suleiman Nazif, representing Bauchi North Senatorial District, in his contribution, supported the senate leader.

However, the request failed as Mr. Saraki “the nays have it!”

Responding to Mr. Ndume, Binta Garba (APC Adamawa state) made a counter remark.

“We are not sex objects. Bible is in support of one man one woman.”

“We want gender parity. Where women and men can work side by side,” Ms. Garba said.


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  • McAlfred Uta

    Thank you Senator Binta Garba for the very objective response to Ndume’s campaign for more troubles in hitherto peaceful homes.

  • Watch man

    What a shame to have a BH senator in the senate. So it is only by marrying more wives that you care for women? There are many married women who would have preferred to remain single because care is lacking in the marriage. It is unfortunate that this BH senator does not know and understand the meaning of care. Marrying more wives is simply evidence of lust, covetousness and lack of contentment. Because Ndume wants to satisfy his libido, he now turns women into sex object. Shame on you Mr. Senator. I think this man should be sanctioned.

  • ijelejames

    Mr Ndume, marry all the women you can lay hands on but please leave Nigerian men to follow the teachings of whatever religion they belong to. Leave them alone. We have more problems than women and sex. By the way, I believe you have so much money to marry as many wives can as you like and have like a million kids. Not everybody can afford wives and kids like you. Moreover, life is more than women and sex. What a confused lawmaker. We are in trouble. Sexual predator syndrome!

    • emmanuel

      what are you talking about?
      The muslims trully leave for sex now and when they also get to hell, where 70 virgins would service them (so ho many virgin guys go service their women for hell? if na 70 na im be say trouble go dey).
      Unfortunately, the mallams are known not to be good in bad. I have had confirmation from two of my female acquaintances in the past. Here one of them ‘bros i beg leave these yeye Alhajis jare, na only their money, dem not get any power for bed. I still prefer Southern guys, because i dated one during NYSC and one other one in Abuja, same story’
      Yet one inglorious Sinator was at the NASS beging people to acquire more wives. Nor be free money dey do am?

      • ananymous

        its a gud suggestion but I challenge Ndume to a debate on that anywhere anytime . He likes mentioning the bible he should tell us where the quran said we should marry more than one wife . A senator like Ndume has turned the red chamber in to funny place.

  • emmanuel

    Na this Ali Ndume buy Volkwagen Gulf 3 for some Boko Haram guys some years back in the name of empowering his constituency.
    The man is demonic. Make una ask am weda he dey fit deliver the dividend of democracy to the wives wen im get. abi na other people dey do the do for am, wen he dey for Abuja dey share money? mwewwww!

  • Dazmillion

    This is what a senator of the republic has to offer on women’s day. No soultion about equality at the work place and salary for women, no proposal to protect the girl child, no proposal on women education. Nothing but a proposal for men to marry more women. Very idiotic

  • Olu from South Africa

    Beer parlour talk.

  • Julius

    lolz. This is a Senator ? These idiots are simply unbelievable. Na wa oo !! Saraki is too busy trying not to go to jail. Another wife is the last thing on his mind.Lmaooooo!. What a moron .

  • Rommel

    I feel gutted that such a man is being taken care of with money that should have been used to feed these roaming cattle to prevent the incessant clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in the middle belt of Nigeria but why are Muslims obsessed with female anatomy?

    • Motherland

      That was so apt! Chai, you just made my day

    • Guest

      ?Gutted ?really
      He is your A-FEE-C Senate Majority Leader for goodness sake. One of the Apostles of change. The same guys that sold you the dummy of anti-KWARAPSHAN to wriggle themselves back to FAWA.
      Bros, u neva see anytin o!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    This is the exact reason women don’t do well in Nigeria. Women don’t need husbands, they need jobs and opportunities. Women don’t need his opinion, or his help.

    • PolyGon2013

      Ndume is crazy.

  • Can this man also advise women to marry more than one husband to “show care to” men? If no, why not?
    How is this contribution by this senator beneficial to us as a nation?

  • Fadama

    Ndume as a Senator of the Federal Republic ought to have been coming up with innovating ideas. But no he does not. He chooses to make a f00l of himself.

  • Truthometer

    I have a strong feelings that Ndume knows where the Chibok girls are. His allies in sambisa forest led by his intimate friend/partner, Shekau, captured the girls for the same reason he is preaching on the senate floor. It’s high time for “sin-ator” Ndume to #BringBackOurGirls. There is no good laws coming from these “legislooters” apart from scheming to loot and go under women skirts. SOMEBODY, HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • UOU

    So this misfit senator who would never qualify, as a councillor in my part of the country, cannot wait till he dies, for his 70 virgins in heaven, now he wants to get more wives here on earth, greedy tribalist religious bigot. Serves people right in this sad contraption, if not, what other evidence do we need to buttress the fact that, there is no commonalities amongst us living together as a nation. A senator indeed, what type of laws would come out from such bunch, nothing good can come of of janjaweed taliban folks. Mindfully, this ndume man, a celebrated terrorist(BH sponsor) and his people are so irrational, with no regards for the womenfolks, he even could ask the senate president (held hostage/bondage) in public fora, to marry another wife while saraki’s wife is still alive, probably in that gathering. I do not know what gives them the impression that men are more human than women, what about women marrying more than one man, is that also a show of love, ndume? just practise your religion cooly, we are not yet recovered from yanuisa / sanusi v ese abduction, forced marriage, rape and pregnancy and yeye senator is ready to take everyone to another controversy. Where ndume get his education sef or is marrying many wives all he understands about women day? blackman is cursed, surely, ndume is now on campaign mood for polygamy, mantu regretting not dying, to get 3rd term for obasanjo, mugabe justifying a life presidency, musaveni going the same way, power for life, same in Burundi, DRC, Cameroon etc. Certificate less one, Buhari goes for medics abroad, children live/school overseas while he deceives people to live and study in nigeria, a place of no hope. We pray that trump wins and come take all these old criminals, to the bay penitentiary, they are not different from the conventional terrorists

  • PolyGon2013

    Ndume is trying to Islamize Nigeria through back door. I bet Toyin Saraki won’t like this man. No woman wants to share their husband. They are just coping because they do not have any choice, especially, among Muslims! If Ndume wanted to help women, there are several ways to do that, other than polygamy.

    • Watch man

      That is it! He indeed wants to Islamize Nigeria not just through the back door but through all the doors.

  • ASY

    All you ignorant and those of you who lack knowledge of the bible, there is no where the bible prohibited more than one wife. You choose to Support your leaders being irresponsible having many mistresses and a lot of bastards outside there matrimonial homes. Shame on you cowards and senile idiots. Go and find out from the disciples of Jesus.That’s what is promoting lesbianism because men are refusing to marry them.

    • SBassey

      Please read Matt. 19:3-9. You will get Jesus’s comment about one man and one woman.

  • International games

    Democracy is only good for nations where the people have attained a certain level of sophistication. Only an enemy would wish “one man. one vote” on Black Africa. We are just not ready for that. Look at the kind of person we sent to Senate. Not only that. The other Senators saw him and said “come and be our leader”. Chei, Chei Chei!

    • Jujubeans

      It is truly appalling that on International women’s day, that is all this f00l can contribute towards thought leadership on the advancement of women. And shame on all the female senators who sat through such id1ocy mtttcheeww!

  • Ogom

    We’re fcuked

  • Sir Louis

    With pedestrian views like this from a so called Senator, at a time of serious national crisis when more than 12 million Nigerian children are out of School, the nation remains in mortal danger. Men like Ndume have nothing worthwhile to offer the society!

  • Harry

    And to think this man is the Senate leader. Ndume has never been known to have proffered any solution to problems facing his constituency. With men like a dime representing their people, Nigeria is in for a longer roller coaster ride.

  • Watch man

    Let us look at it this way: if God wanted Adam to have more than one wife He could have created as many as necessary because He has the power to do so. In the beginning He created them male and female and not male and females. How will Saraki’s wife feel about this advice from a BH senator – the advice of sharing her husband with another woman? Even nature abhors it. There is no way a woman would feel well-loved and cared for if her husband goes to get other women in the house; the woman would simply feel that she is not satisfying her husband and for sure would no longer be available to give him her maximum cooperation. This is one of the reasons many men suffer and die in silence: because all the wives will be fighting for their own kitchen. I feel that women should also lend serious voice to this insult coming from a terrorist undistinguished in the senate.

  • Watch man

    Women senators/legislators should rise up and take the lead against this BH senator and demand an apology from him for seeing them as sex objects that should just be used and changed. They should initiate bills that would be necessary to fight this inhuman treatment. This is a case of abuse of the humanity of women.

    • RespectinMarriage

      Men perish for their lack of Knowledge, there is no man of God mentioned in the bible with only one wife. Some even had one thousand. For Binta, she ought to know that marriage never equals to sex because some unmarried women has more sex than the married ones. She has been indoctrinated by western media propaganda machine.

      • Watch man

        Prople marrying many wives does not in any way validate God’s law and natural justice.

  • Guest

    Citing the bible wrongly. Not surprising as you have forgotten your Sunday school lessons and the teachings of your mother who is still a practicing christian.
    Women and power. Perhaps that is why you became a muslim??

  • Ashibogu

    Pray, wetin concern Boko Haram with Holy Bible? Surely, these people need deliverance from the spirit of lust. If they are not looking for girls to abduct they will be looking for who to kill to get 72 hot virgins in their so called hellish paradise. God have mercy!

    • RespectinMarriage

      Men perish for their lack of Knowledge, there is no man of God mentioned in the bible with only one wife. Some even had one thousand?????????????????????? For Binta, she ought to know that marriage never equals to sex because some unmarried women has more sex than the married ones. She has been indoctrinated by western media propaganda machine.

  • absam777

    With a senator like this, Nigeria is doomed.

  • MushinSpeaks

    This house has been so ridiculed to a beer parlour house..they consume a N120 Billion budget yearly yet debate frivolous…we will focus more on the NASS in the 2019 elections.

    • emmanuel

      good for you, your APC people are starving you and very soon they would aneex your wife for your inability to provide for her.
      Afterall, they only try to help her out.
      Una never see anything!
      AFFCC chanji

  • Arabakpura

    Ndume has shown that he is neither a good Christian nor a good Muslim but Jesus was represented there in Binta!

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    yeah,replace your JT with a diamond di*k lister & perkins generator …………. …..

  • Guest

    Yerima,Melaye,Ndume,Lamido,Yellow etc…………have something in common, aside their views + actions against women.They subscribe to A-FEE-CEE(s) !! Chanji!!!

  • thusspokez

    The Senate has suspended Ali Ndume, its former leader, who had asked for investigation of allegations of importing a bullet proof range rover with fake documents involving Senate President Bukola Saraki and that of perjury involving Dino Melaye.

    The Nigeria Senate is a disgrace to Senates across the world.

    A Senator is an elder statesman/stateswoman. What then have become of the Nigerian Senators? As with everything to do with Nigerian, the august position has become corrupted, belittled and become Saraki’s minions.

    It would seem that Saraki has not only converted the senate into his crime family but succeeded in recruiting most of his fellow crooked Senators as members; bribing them with chairmanships and membership of Senate committees.

    Saraki Crime Family [aka The Nigerian Senate] Structure

    ———————————- ———————————-
    | Boss : Saraki | ——–| Consigliere :Dino Melaye |
    ———————————– ———————————
    | Underboss : Ali Ndume |
    | [Currently vacant]
    | Capos : Committee Chairs |
    | Soldiers : Committee members |