Obasanjo blames radicalism, extremism on failure of homes, churches, mosques

Olusegun Obasanjo

Photo: Atom Lim
Olusegun Obasanjo Photo: Atom Lim

A former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Friday blamed the rise in violence, extremism and insecurity in the land on the failure of homes, schools, churches and mosques.

According to him, those key institutions have failed in their responsibilities in inculcating the right values in children.

He spoke at the 2016 National Summit and 4th International Colloquium themed, “Human Security,Violent Extremism and Radicalisation, Seeking Sustainable Solutions.”

The event was organised by the Centre for Human Security at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library,Abeokuta, as part of his 79th birthday celebration.

“If we do not get it right from home, we have started losing the battle. Communialism is going down the drain'” Mr. Obasanjo said.

“There is a popular saying that four eyes brought a child to the world, and 200 eyes nurtured the child, but where is the 200 eyes of the community. Unless we are able to deal with present problems.

‘We do everything with impunity. We have been dealing with issues beyond us. We ought to prevent it. Prevention is even cheaper than cure. Can we prevent? Can prevention be part or best of our solution?

“We can also see where things are going down. We have home or houses, what happened at home, What do we teach? Moral training, values start from home. Home is very important, but parents do many wrongs.”

The former president urged the international community to rise up to the challenge posed by global insecurity, warning that their indifference poses serious consequences for innocent citizens.

He pointed out that the international community should also be conscious of the need to ensure there is justice and fairness in tackling insecurity to ensure sustainable peace.

Mr. Obasanjo cited some countries now witnessing serious conflict as a result of injustice and negligence on the part of the international community.

“I went to Syria when I was President of Nigeria, one of the places I was taken to was a refugee camp, where those refugees have been since 1948, nothing has been done to them. How do you want their children to think,” he stated.

“In Norway,I met some members of the Taliban, we spent two days together. They were in the second echelon of the leadership. I was told the top ones will not come out, and when we listened to them, we said yes, they can get something better than they were getting.”

He lamented that the international community was not doing enough in ensuring that democracy and good governance were effectively practised in developing countries.


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  • MilitaryPolice01

    There goes the greatest self righteous pharisee of our time,he is out again blaming left right and center for the societal problems but he has never been bold enough to take any blame of his.In his ugly hypocrisy he has failed to point to adultery and incest as another form of destruction to the home.What else can destroy a family than a man sleeping with his son’s wife hence potentially fathering his children by his own daughter in law.The is an abomination that is normally common place among-st ugly apes, orangutans and dogs

    • Pause

      hahahaa…..Obasanjo is a symbol of everything wrong with Nigeria…..now Obasanjo, Thiefnubu, and Cultist Soyinka are the wisest men in Yaribaland…..kai……..Fela Anikulap Kuti would be turning in his grave….I sing for Yariba youths……..ZOMBIEooo….ZOMBIEoooo……ZOMBIEoooooo…..ZOMBIEoooo….TELLam to vote for his/her slave master and 400-year oppressor, like ZOMBIE….he/she agreed…..

      • Julius

        hahahahaha, Obasanjo is responnsible for your family being cannibals. I see, thanks for telling us.

  • magnusolu

    You are right.
    The Scriptures teach that the Almighty Creator has not abandoned the nations. HE is still working through His Suffering Servant. WE will find life, love and light from age to age if we learn to mature as His believing partakers.
    Happy birthday, Sir.

  • Objective Viewpoint


    General Obasanjo will find peace of mind the day he concedes to himself that he’s a bundle of ignorance.

    In 2001 this same Obasanjo lambasted graduates of Sociology as useless, but now he eats his own words.

    Either he does not know what sociology means or he does not think things through, due inadequate schooling.

    • Kenneth Awoyemi

      Face the future instead of dwelling in the past. Obama no did this he did that. Did he professional solutions to ills of the society when he made suggestions. Me think he does. Let me tell you whatever you see in any leader is what is prevalent in the people that allowed him to lead. By lambasting OBJ you might as well be indicting yourself! !!

    • Julius

      Was he responsible for not bringing up properly ?, Is he responsible for all your woes in life ? Look in the mirror buddy. Leave him alone, make your life better.

  • Pause

    Obasanjo is a symbol of everything that is wrong with Nigeria & Yariba land…..now Obasanjo, Thiefnubu, and Cultist Soyinka are the wisest men in Yaribaland…..kai……..Fela Anikulap Kuti would be turning in his grave….

    Permit to sing for Yariba youths(who should be asking question but they are not)
    ……..ZOMBIEooo….ZOMBIEoooo……ZOMBIEoooooo…..ZOMBIEoooo….TELLam to vote for his/her slave master and 400-year-and-counting oppressor, like a real ZOMBIE….he/she agreed to vote…..

    • Kenneth Awoyemi

      Stop this nonsense talk for once is he responsible for the failure of homes and religious bodies in inculcating good values in children and youths of today?

      • emmanuel

        capital yes.
        The man wen sleep with his Sons wife and was not remorseful has told the young people that incest is good.
        A man who commit incest is murderous and a thief too.

    • Julius

      Is he responsible for your tribe being cannibals ? Chei !

  • emmanuel anizoba

    Thank you Baba OBJ. The time has come to be honest to ourselves and go back to square zero of practicing Natural Law. Our morality is not based on the facts of the physical world in which we live, move and have our being. All our moral teachings are based on some fictional, metaphysical world. By harming others, we authorize others to harm us is the natural law. We don’t teach the child not to harm others because such conduct is pleasant to some God or Devil. We inherited the baseless moral teachings of imported religions and we keep transmitting those lies and prejudices from generation to generation. It’s time to free our minds from the stranglehold of error and return to Natural Law based on the realities of the world we live in. Cheers!

  • emmanuel

    this maga should tell us why his Fulani masters are mauling down his tribes men in Lagos.
    Omo Ale, Osi agba la ‘gba

    • Julius

      Its so funny that you losers speaks Yoruba but, pretends you hate us so much after growing up in our mix and being a leach on the Yorubas for so long. You probably still living in our land and scared to death of going back to your God cursed hell land you call home. I love the headached he gives you all whenver he speaks. Remember your parants surrendered with their tails between their legs to him. That may be why you all hate him so much. Nonsense !

  • Otile

    So this ape does not understand that sheepish leadership in a country brings about breakdown of law and order. So the ape has no courage to blame his Fulani master Mohamed Buhari for his incompetence and inability to create jobs. Why are the yaribas so afraid to criticize their Fulani masters? Shameless tribe.

    • Julius

      hahahahaha, see how losers like you cant think ? He was Buhari’s Oga and still is. A homosexual like you lack home upbringing to be calling somebody an ape. Have you look at your father’s pics lately ?You will be forever bitter and your life will be for ever incomplete. You need to rest your soul and pray for forgiveness for being a pedo ! shameless, worthless, cursed cannibalistic tribe.

  • tell obj to leave us alone

    Was it the failure of homes–parental care that helped to raise great minds like LATE CHIEF GANI–DR. BEKO ATI FELA—AWO among other great leaders for us in africa-?

  • The social unrest in any society could be traced to the socioeconomic inequalities and the failures of the government policies that put the people first. Nigeria is reaping the seeds off decades of mediocre military dictatorships that bequeathed us a mess. The dictators pillaged our nation, enriched themselves and entrenched corruption and impunity. OBJ was on of the chief architects of Nigeria rot.

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