EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: The face of Ese Oruru’s abductor, Yunusa Yellow

Yunusa Yellow,alleged  abductor of Ese Oruru
Yunusa Yellow,alleged abductor of Ese Oruru

Yunusa Yellow, the alleged abductor of Ese Oruru, appeared in this photo posing behind his tricycle in Bayelsa State last year.

Mr. Yunusa, who is currently at the Police Force Headquarters in Abuja, ran commercial tricycling business in Bayelsa State.

He left Bayelsa in August last year with Miss Oruru to Kano, where he converted her to Islam and planned to marry her.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, Mr. Yunusa’s father, Dahiru Bala, claimed his son is 22-year old.

Police authorities said on Tuesday that Mr. Yunusa would face criminal charges for abducting the teenager from her home.

Yunusa Yellow
Yunusa Yellow, alleged abductor of Ese Oruru


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  • Oliver

    How come Premium Times has manipulated the Photo of the boy and refused to show his full bald head? Baldness of the scalp appear only on the head of full grown adults an despite the efforts to conceal the baldness some of us with investigative eyes have noticed that the photo of Mallam Yinusa ‘Yellow’ is deliberately cut at the forehead to shield his bald head. …………….

    What a country!

    …and the kidnapper is who was reported by PT to be 17, became 18 yesterday and 22 today? We shall see what age this man ends up with.

    • Original_Raskal

      this man is over 35. Premium times is just evil

      • Otile

        I did not know that deception in Islam is this bad. I am sorry for the little girl who was kidnapped and abused all in the name of Islam.

        • lakande1

          @Otile your view is born out of ignorance. The Quran and hadith of the Prophet made it clear, without ambiguity, that we should not marry a lady without the consent of her guardian let alone abducting her and then convert her.
          Allah says in Quran 4:25: “….wed them (the unmarried ladies) with the consent (or leave) of their owners (fathers/guardians), and give them their dowers, according to what is reasonable.

          • TrueNja

            But the district head of Kura with the approval of Emir Sanusi converted the girl to Islam and blessed her marriage to Yunusa Yellow without the girl’s parent approval.. Truly, Islam is a confusion religion.

          • amazing2012

            Do you have age of convertion in the constitution ?

          • Guest

            No age of belief or conversion.
            But there is age of consent and parental care/responsibility.
            Also, I understand that there is a process for marriage in Islam as quoted by Lakande1: Allah says in Quran 4:25: “….wed them (the unmarried ladies) with the
            consent (or leave) of their owners (fathers/guardians), and give them
            their dowers, according to what is reasonable.
            Is this true? If is, was the consent of Ese’s parents sought?

          • amazing2012

            I thank you for your matured approach, Lakande did not understand that islam provides multiple treatments to ensure justice. For instance when a muslim steals his hand can be amputated but a non-muslim cannot because he did not believed in that law.Another instance on this particular issue is that the boy did wrong by not seeking the consent of Aisha’s parents. But did nothing wrong for her conversion which is expected not be forced.
            When Lakande talk about dowry, he forgot that the dowry is for the bride not her parents and its collection can be upon any muslim that acted as her guardian. Specifically at the absence of her parents for reason such as conversion, which might have made the parents not to participate.
            Once someone change his religion, then the responsibilities also changes.
            Lakande, did his explanation to make other happy not strictly on the clear understanding of the whole issue, particularly the intent of the second and parties.
            The parents has absolute rights over their daughter and the boy is totally wrong, but the way and manner the issue is ranting give us a picture that the issue has some hiding agenda by Churches /Christians.
            Let me buttress one point to Lakande’s submission, if the parents denies their consent and approval and the youths decided to commits fornication for the rest of their lives what is the religious position on this ?
            Again, if Aisha has followed this boy to stay together as “boy/ girl friend” and never converted no body will ever talk about it. But because islam is mentioned and the girl followed those you hates the whole world is debating it.

          • Guest

            Yoruba muslim, go tell them for Kano o!

          • Excisionist

            Six year old Asha’s father did not consent to your “prophet” Mohammed’s wish to marry her, yet he went ahead, married and defiled 6 year old Aisha. That is why Muslims are extremely insensitive . .

  • Otile

    Why then did @amazing2000 deceive us that his criminal relative Mr Yunusa is only a boy of 17? I hate Taqiyya in Islam.

  • evidence

    Na this man be 17 years?! Chai! Dia ris God oooooo.

    • TrueNja

      He be 22 yrs

    • amazing2012

      What is the difference by the law ? And the emir never made a single statement. You are just someone who hate people and pagan. Because Christians does not hate or lied !you are antichrist and cursed !!

  • Ekwu

    Na wa o. Premium Times is not playing at all.

    Sharply sharply, they’ve got in contact with every player in this saga. Good job (except for trying to demonize the victim – please never forget Ese is a child).

  • TrueNja

    The kidnapper father says his boy is 22, Emir Sanusi said the boy is 18, Who is lying?

    • McAlfred Uta

      The kidnappers father is right, as for the Emir and since the IGP take instructions from him, he may never get a date in Court for aiding,abetting and complicity in illegal abduction, incarceration and forceful marriage of a minor to a grown Man of 22 years.

  • McAlfred Uta

    It is wrong to continue blaming Islam for criminality done by an Adult and condoned by leaders in High places. Is it not MURIC that was calling for the prosecution of Yunusa Yellow before the aloof and compromising Nigeria Police suddenly woke up and decided to face Emir Sanusi. Islam is a religion of peace as much as Christianity, but there are always adherents who are born criminals that listen to the teachings of these religions and practice the opposite. May God save poor people like Ese’s parents from dubious leaders and incompetent enforcement Agencies of Government. My prayer to everyone compromisingly involved in this saga, is that their closest relative suffers the same fate as Ese in dubious circumstances that will take away their virginity in a more horrendous atmosphere.

    • Danladee

      A very matured statement. More of your types and the world will be a better place to live.

    • Guest

      I will respect MURIC if they have the guts to call for the prosecution of all the other parties involved in this sordid affair for aiding and abetting whatever MURIC wants Yunusa prosecuted for.

  • FormerNigerian

    This man looks older than 22. I would never understand Nigerians who claim to be Christians who want to remain in one nation with these terrorists and pedophiles.

    • Guest

      There is a “Pastor” who is the VP of Nigeria, very busy fighting KWARAPSHON!

  • Protruth

    That is their story and headache. My take is that a DNA test must be carried out on the baby and all the dramatis personae (from Yinusa to the Emir) to clear questions still hanging in the air.

    • Guest

      The same Emir you guys hero-worshiped as “intellectual” “economist” and “whistle blower” and core supporter of APC??
      Una neva see anytin yet!

      • Protruth

        This is not politics. Elections are over, long gone. Pls stick to the topic.

  • shola

    Is this the same system used to get the Chibok girls got married against their wishes? Only God can save Nigeria.