How Buhari should ‘restructure’ Nigeria – Tinubu

Bola Tinubu

A former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, on Saturday, tasked President Muhammadu Buhari on how to restructure Nigeria, laying emphasis on populist governance, agriculture, education, infrastructures and industrialisation.

Mr. Tinubu spoke at the combined convocation ceremony of University of Abuja where Honorary Doctor of Business Administration, DBA, was conferred on him by the institution.

Affected by years of poor management and academic strife, the University of Abuja held its 15th-20th convocation ceremony for five sets.

At the occasion, Mr. Tinubu said Nigeria’s future depended on the will and courage of Mr. Buhari’s government to turn challenges into opportunities.

“Nigeria stands in the corridor between greatness and failure, between progress and collapse, between hope and despair,” he said, adding that “Our fate depends on whether we summon the courage to take the bold steps and move in the direction. We must turn our present challenges into opportunities for the re-engineering of our nation’s economic challenges. The University and our educational system have a role to play here.”

“Nigeria needs some fundamental restructuring both politically and economically,” Mr. Tinubu said.

This restructuring, he stressed, should not be the “constant tinkering and patch-patch” Nigerian government often resorts to.

“Agriculture remains a key pillar in our development. We must return to the days when Nigeria had surplus and exported food. Now we import too much food for our own good and security.

“Our small farmers sink under the reality of rising costs and too little income from the crops they raise.

Moreover, we annually lose arable land to desert encroachment. I believe the current administration under President Buhari has set its priorities right in this regard. Our farmers will once be proud again. We believe farmers need to earn a sufficient enough income that will bring prosperity back to their families. They must be encouraged and supported,” Mr. Tinubu said.

He said Nigeria must also improve its capacity to provide jobs for growing urban population.

Speaking further, he highlighted how the APC Government would be lifting 20 per cent of Nigerians out of poverty.

“As a progressive government we have as one of our top priorities the lifting of 20 per cent of Nigerians out of poverty within the first four years of our administration.

“To happen, the state must be a catalyst for job creation and economic development that touches all the people not just a narrow growth that benefits a small number.

“We shall do this by implementing a national industrial policy linked to a national infrastructural plan and a national employment strategy.”

Mr. Tinubu also stressed the importance of education.

“Our position is that we make a special effort to draw all children to school, particularly the poor. We cannot afford to allow poverty to keep children out of the classroom. If so we are suborning a life of ignorance and poverty for millions of our young ones.”

He said Nigeria faces multiple challenges but assured APC Government could combat them.

“We have demonstrated the courage and determination to change a non-performing government through a democratic election. This electoral success has brought new challenges.

“These challenges are numerous and we must brace up and confront them.

“We dare not rest on the satisfaction of electoral victory alone. We must continue to strive toward democratic governance that can usher in a progressive era of broad prosperity, development, democracy and human dignity for our people. This is our preoccupation, our desire,” he said.


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  • Iskacountryman


    • Gbosa


      If the results of Lagos private schools are separated from the WASC
      results of Lagos’ public schools; so as to give the true picture of how Bola
      Tinubu destroyed the future of Lagos youths – in alliance with his daft
      successor, Raji Fashola, who took illiteracy in Lagos to its apogee –
      Lagos would be revealed as totally nude, with 85% annual FAILURE RATE
      IN WASC under both Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Raji Fashola from 1999 to 2015.

      • Iskacountryman

        apc needs voters …it was a deliberate policy…

  • expresso aladine


    Please is there no rule in journalism which forbids reporting
    ignorant and duplicitous opinions and outbursts? I am told that journalism profession
    has good rules on ethics but what about strictures on forbidden reports? If there is no rule
    on that how quickly can one be enacted please, considering Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s ignorance.

    Here is the same Bola Tinubu who exemplifies the rot he is complaining about by
    parading a dubious curriculum vitae listing his having attended a non-existent
    primary school, and listing a secondary school he never attended, whilst also
    listing University of Chicago he never attended. He then swore affidavit to
    support these false assertions. Here he is now saying education is too
    important to be neglected, but omitted to say he was Governor of Lagos
    state in 1999 where he promoted illiteracy as public policy.

    • Emmanuel Maluba

      God bless you! Please help us send all the information to EFCC. They need it so they can arrest him. They dont act on beer parlour information so your sources must be genuine. We will beg Uniabuja to give you an honorary degree for that! I am already thanking you in advance!

    • okpada

      How did him manage to become a country treasurer without a verifiable degree? Stop that hatred and rubbish?

  • Cleartruth

    A corrupt politician who has not done business in his entire life is award doctor of business administration. Nigeria is really a huge joke.

  • Cleartruth

    A corrupt politician who has not done business in his entire life is award doctor of business administration. Nigeria is really a huge joke…

    • Daniel

      Are you serious? Tinubu is more of a business man than even a politician. You need to have list of his business interests employing thousands of people.

      • Olu from South Africa

        He worth not your reply. Let him die of his ignorance.

      • Mr. Man


        I think at @cleartruth is talking of organized business as in a complex corporation
        set up on divisional basis and requiring organized thinking for output and
        productivity, like say Google. That is a business model the rest of the world
        will call BUSINESS.

        What goes on in Bola Tinubu’s circle is NOT business
        but something close to criminal activity of using political party victory in a
        state to impose a lien on that state’s treasury for funelling state money into
        private pockets through bogus and inflated contracts the state governor, like
        Raji Fashola, is simply instructed to award.

        • Emmanuel Maluba

          When you set up your own university, pls make it a rule that only those who have business like Google can get honorary degree. A university in the US awarded a honorary doctorate to a washer woman who donated her life savings to the school. So, pls dont forget, when you set up your own university, you can even put Tinubu’s name as one who must not get an honorary doctorate. For university of Abuja, your argument only makes people to laugh at you. Your personal hatred for Tinubu shouldnt make you come out portraying your own deficiency. Pls read up FREE information on the internet on how and why honorary degrees are awarded. Pls!

        • asuevie

          spot on

        • Daniel

          Perception is not always reality. Tinubu was a rich man before becoming governor. He worked with Exxon Mobile for years. However, I am not here to defend his eight years in Lagos State. But , he is a successful business man .

          • Piercing_Truth

            Was he a Director of exxonmobil before he resigned? How much was his monthly salary then to make you classify him as a Rich man? Mobil Oil, where Tinubu worked as Auditor is the least of the Exxonmobil Companies in Nigeria and he could not have resigned his employment from Mobil Oil as a Very Wealthy man but rather as a merely Comfortable Middle class Nigerian based on his accumulated Salary and Gratuity.

          • okpada

            He was a country treasurer, and besides the man Tinubu is the first son of a wealthy father and mother from Lagos Island. The mother have been the Iyaloja of Lagos since 1972 until her death in recent years. No govt in Nigeria that have related with woman since then. More than half of Balogun market stores belongs to her while Bola was still in the US. So you people should check your fact before going to public domain. It will surprise you that woman own a skyscraper in the Island hired by big time bank as their HQters.

          • ola

            He also has business administration as part his study

          • Okafor

            Is Bola her only child?

          • okenwa

            Success in deceit abi.

      • Cleartruth

        Please list some for us. Hope it doesn’t include lagos, osun oyo and ogun states

  • ayobamiba

    Almost a year into APC rule,all that Nigerians are told everyday by APC leaders and government had been ‘we will,we shall,we are going to.’please Mr tinubu when will APC start implementation of all these promises?, are Nigerians being scammed? ,are we into a one chance bus? What kind of a government is this.all the resources accruing to Nigeria since 10 months ago,what are u guys doing with it.during Jonathan’s presidency ,Mr adeshina the agric minister revolutionalized the agric sector and ensured food security for our nation growing farm out put and doing a three times a year harvest for many crops ,buhari have been here for ten months without any iota of investment in agriculture while old men like tinubu are going about lying to Nigerians.if by today APC government of buhari is still not sure of what to do ,then Nigerians must rise up to put this government to account. We can’t continue on this road of lies,falsehoods, propaganda, blackmail and deciet while Nigeria is bleeding to death from the monumental wounds of leadership failure, ineptitude, clueless leadership, myopia, malicious ,tribal,parochial bigotry. Tinubu and his band of axis of evil party must wake up for very soon Nigerians shall rise up to demand that this ‘change’ must be changed.

    • okpada

      Where are the products of the Adesina agricultural revolution. A total scam run on the screen of Govt TV stations and their apologists. Where is the food- the product of the so called revolution? Rice import licence were issued and subsidized by Govt of Nigeria without import duty imposition on them to encourage local farmers but PDP bigwigs who are not farmers hijacked and give it a perfume of total failure. Please stay from porous propaganda.

    • sanetalk

      Adesina really revolutionized agriculture and that’s why food imports stopped during the last administration. When will you guys purge yourselves of the hatred of this achiever called BAT? And please stop deluding yourselves, this new dispensation shall succeed no matter your ill wishes. Majority of Nigerians have decided against a return to Egypt, no more shall we allow the locusts and those who feed on their leftovers to hold sway again.

  • Bonny

    Lagos is cosmopolitan in nature. Influx of people on daily basis is high. Family relocation with house helps into Lagos is understood and entering Lagos schools at middle point and expect to make good grade overnight is tough one. Lagos schools still have infrastructure than schools in other states. Do you ponder how a state with a land size of about 0.4% of Nigeria land mass having population of over 20million survive? Hawkers and Spareparts apprentice from the east, labourers from the North, house helps & cooks from south east, junior workers of ministries from the west due to language convenience converge in Lagos to prospect for better income. If these people have children and non help to add value to the child but expect the teacher to perform miracle is the highest joke of the century. Parents leave as early as 6am and return home 8pm. Who to blame. The teacher that has access to the child from 8am to 1pm or Parent that should have access the child from 2pm to 7am the next morning before the child leaves for school? Think please.
    Lets avoid bringing up hatred on issues because we end up missing the points. Whether we like it or not, Lagos state is the state that stood firm and created an avenue for people to trade unhindered except trading against the state laws. However, even where the state law prohibits certain aspect of trading, hawking of goods, the enforcement is not strict.
    I think we should try and read the 10 point agenda released during Bola Tinubu era as Governor and also critically examine the hurdled he went through with Obasanjo and PDP. Issue of succession planning was herculean but he got it right by his tactful selection of Fashola despite all odds in the selection process. I always tell people to study succession planning and it will surprise you to find out that only Tinubu has entered the 3rd generation of succession in Nigeria with little or no rancour. Name one governor in Nigeria that has done what Tinubu did and I can assure you that none for now.
    Today we see 2 strong parties in Nigeria because Tinubu worked for it. Electorates now have option. Either PDP or APC come 2019. Democracy is not child’s play. We must try and learn the principles of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ which will lead everyone of us to the answer, ‘Why Worry’. If you say ‘Yes’ that you have an answer, go ahead, ‘Why Worry’. If you say ‘No’ that you have no answer, then stop, ‘Why Worry’. It is important we all develop positive thinking traits to better ourselves through intellectual discuss and not breeding hatred.

  • Chukwuka Okoroafor

    Tinubu mentions political restructuring but he does not go into detail of what that will mean. Where is the beef Tinubu?

  • RestructureNigeria



    As long the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. Although there WILL be Islamic attacks..

    United States — Muslim 0.6%

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    This is happening in:

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    When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections, in: Almost DAILY attacks in this range

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    Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons. Then you have BOKO HARAM, ISIS…Islam with a hall pass!!!

  • Artful ºDodger

    “Our small farmers sink under the reality of rising costs and too little income from the crops they raise.¨- Tinubu

    The very class of people which does not exist in Sanusi and his co advocate of Naira devaluation world. Africa is blessed with curses, that is why someone like Sanusi could become a CBN governor and an emir!

    • tundemash

      The ex-CBN gov in that news report advocating devaluation of Naira was Joseph Sanusi and not Emir Sanusi.

    • Olu

      Do you even understand what is being discussed here. Since you cannot differentiate between one Sanusi from the other, Why don’t you just stick to your world of dodging reality. Olodo!

  • Sir Louis

    Asiwaju Tinubu, why did you not hit the nail in the right place? What exactly are you driving at? You need to make yourself clear and unambiguous and thus assist PMB to do the right thing. Would you want PMB to implement the recommendations of the 2014 National Conference which some Nigerians have called for? A nation can not restructure nor become great by mere talk or wishful thinking. Greatness comes when the political leadership honestly carries out a plan designed to make the nation great and which attracts the best endeavours of the citizenry.