Anti-Saraki senator shuns committee asked to try him

Senator Kabiru Marafa Photo: Daily Trust

Senator Kabiru Marafa, (APC, Zamfara Central) on Monday, failed to appear before the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions, to answer to allegations of misguided statements aimed at disparaging the National Assembly.

Two senators, Isah Misau (APC-Bauchi Central) and Matthew Urhoghide (PDP-Edo South), brought complaints against the senator.

He however failed to appear before the committee in spite of a reminder.

The senators accused Mr. Marafa of making comments and publications in national dailies that demeaned the reputation of the National Assembly.

One of the petitioners, Mr. Urhoghide, while answering questions from the committee, said Mr. Marafa, in several interviews with some national dailies, alluded to claims that the National Assembly was corrupt.

He expressed disappointment over such accusations against a reputable arm of government saddled with the onerous tasks of ensuring good governance in the country.

According to him, Mr. Marafa made statements that infringed on the rights of the lawmakers and the legislature at large.

“On Jan. 27, the electronic media was inundated with accusation by former President Olusegun Obasanjo and I saw it as an affront.

“That was because facts were misplaced and I felt demeaned because of his deliberate attempt to malign us.

“I was not bordered about Obasanjo’s claim, but on Feb 7, Sen. Marafa granted an interview and what he said are in tandem with the claims of Obasanjo.

“I don’t think the 8th senate has expressed any element of greed or recklessness, these are not friendly terms, they are despicable.

“So, he (Marafa) should be called to explain how corrupt the senate is. The committee should ask him why he colluded with Obasanjo to bring the reputation of the senate down,’’ he said.

Mr. Urhoghide said Mr. Marafa made several unguided statements about the Senate, including the constitution of standing committees, selection of new senators as heads of committees and proposed purchase of vehicles among others.

He urged the senate to invoke its Standing Rule by punishing Mr. Marafa to serve as deterrent and forestall recurrence of similar statements from other lawmakers.

The Chairman of the Committee, Samuel Anyanwu, said the committee would deliberate on the issue and report to the senate on Tuesday for appropriate action to be taken.

“I got a letter dated Feb. 17 from Sen. Marafa, signed by his legislative aide, indicating that the senator was out of town to condole with Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi, who lost his mother.

“The letter further indicated that the senator would be back at the weekend and would be ready for hearing any time this week,” he said.

The Committee immediately went into a closed-door session to further deliberate on the petition and agree on a decision.



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  • Concerned

    What manner of joblessness is this

    That the Senate’s reputation is disreputable it’s not a matter of dispute

    Some years back one of them was accusing the Senate of being filled with criminals

    It is telling that they wish to suspend Marafa
    But stood in numbers to support Saraki whi at the very least should step down until his name is cleared

    That would be the honourable thing to do
    But as they say there is no honour amoung ….

    • Victor Daniel

      This statement should be completed. As they say, THERE IS NO HONOUR AMONG THIVES, Yes

  • xtraview


    Senator Marafa must be suspended now!

    SENATOR KABIRU MARAFA must be suspended for contempt of Senate. That is a discrete matter
    which has nothing to do with Senator Bukola Saraki or with an interview MARAFA granted the press.
    Under Parliamentary convention Senator MARAFA is to go on suspension indefinitely and until he
    purges himself of this blatant contempt. That is how to build an institution so as to avoid a repeat.

    • TC

      You must have a relathief in that chamber that you benefit from or you are the thief himself…. Or you must be just blind, clueless and out of touch… Lwkmd

      • Ade

        my relathief in the chambers is Remi Tinubu!!, like wife like husband

        • TC

          Jail them to, stop being biased. A thief is a thief….

      • bjay

        Gbam Yesoo you have said it all

    • Issei

      I agree with you 100% Kabiru Marafa is very arrogant,he’s not even respecting his benefactor Sen Yarima
      Who dusted Marafa from his restaurant business in kaduna and made him Sen.single handedly even the so
      call condolence visit to
      Sen Hunkuyi was a ruse because when he arrive the venue for the burial he drove his black Mercedes Benz
      With tinted glass up to the grave side of late mother of the Sen.Hunkuyi without a shame,when every body including
      Governor Elrufai,the speaker of KDHA,the chief judge of kaduna state,parked their cars out side the cemetery,
      The guy is arrogant please teach him a lesson.

    • joe

      So let us build “institutions”. We will build institutions by letting letting Jamba Saraki continue to rule our lives as number 3 man, even though we all know that anything he lays his leprous hands on, either disappears into his pocket or turns to sh*t. The guy(Marafa ) who is saying he cannot serve under a criminal, an armed robber, a bank- and treasury-looter, should be the one to resign!!. right? – That is the kind of institution you want to build!. Of course, Nigeria did not get to where it is now in one day. It takes a pack of deranged and sick minds like yours at the helm of affairs, for us to get to where we are today. But thank God for those we have today running the government, at least they dare to wish Nigeria greatness and freedom crime and corruption! At least most of them believe stealing is corruption! That is a huge step forward.

      • I Hate Sycophant Truly

        Sometime I just laugh you guys, the way you people reason shows the type of upbringing you had. If Marafa claimed he cannot serve under a criminal and you agreed with him, then APC have a long way to go. If APC find it worthy to field Saraki for an election and never knew he was a criminal. If APC find him worthy to join its party and never knew he was a criminal, then there is a big problem with the party and its supporters in Kwara state and his constituency for voting for a criminal. A criminal is worthy to be in the senate but not worthy to preside it, where is the sincerity, ethic, morality and law binding that?

        I am cog sure that if he didn’t contest to become a senate president all these issues will not come up and he will still be good member of APC, because I can conveniently say, there are many in the same senate that are having the same issues raised against Saraki but since they live a low key life, they are not criminal. If by tomorrow, the same Marafa contest to become a key figure in the senate, you that is taking side with him, you will hate him because load of atrocities that he may not know would be open against him. No wonder Jesus had to tell those people that wanted to stone that adulterous woman, that whoever thinks he has not sin before to be the first to cast the stone and all had to run away. Everyone of them in the senate are not saint. If anyone of them think he’s a saint, should come out and explain to us how he spend his constituency allowance.

        • joe

          Well as an ordinary Nigerian, the more criminal poltician that can be prosecuted and thrown into jail the better as far as i am concerned, and i know most ordinary Nigerian will agree with me. ( I do not care if Tinubu, or Fasola or Saraki or Buhari himself are jailed if they are corrupt), I do not care whether a criminal politician that has been identified as one is being victimised for insubordination or for whatever. Every criminal politician is an enemy of an ordinary citizen like me. They are worse criminals than mere armed-robbers, because they are destroying millions of lives and are holding a whole race of people down (Look around Africa). So, if you think there are more people like Saraki in the senate, please expose and bring them out and down. Nigerians will thank you for it. But what you should not do, is find justifications and excuses for criminal deeds or tell us because there are some more criminals somewhere, indicted ones should not be prosecuted!!

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            You’re still not truthful with your submission. Was Saraki not a criminal before 2015 elections that APC didn’t know before fielding him to contest under her platform? If he has not contested to be senate president, no one would remember he declared wrongly his asset. Marafa is taken the issue too far and he forgot that he’s under rule of the senate and MUST live under decorum. I think the worst he can do, is for him to resign from the senate, if he think he cannot function under a group of criminals. I don’t thing a minister will disparage the presidency, if he doesn’t like the president. The best is such minister to resign to be able to attack. What Marafa is doing is an affront to democracy and he need to know that he cannot continue to attack the institution that he says he respected.

            Besides, everyone of them in the senate sign a form and declared their asset and the anti-graft agencies have access to their forms, so as a private citizen I don’t need to raise my voice before the right thing should be done or did anyone raised issue before they bring Saraki’s case out?. Everyone of them have declared or under declared, they should take up their sworn responsibilities and let the right thing be done and not wait till one is against them in governance or when you lose interest with them.

          • joe

            Whatsoever makes you sleep better at night.

          • I Hate Sycophant Truly

            Trying to rigmarole the issue just make you more political than living in the reality. The issue of Saraki is borne out of leadership tussle in NASS, I don’t think there is any ethical reasoning for you to have known that someone was a thief and you went to Kwara state Metropolitan stadium to raised his hand up and to sing his praise to high heaven but turn around to say he is corrupt and cannot hold forth NASS leadership. The case against is not a case of 2010 but a case of 2003. It is hypocritical to have used someone to win election and then turn to say he’s a devil.
            Fighting corruption should be holistic and not to use it to witch-hunt perceived enemies because I still stand on my point that if he has not contested to become a Senate President no one would have open any case against him. I am an advocate of corrupt free society but not hypocritical witch-hunting of perceived enemies.

          • joe

            So wel let corrupt people go scot-free?. And the hopelessness that abounds everywhere should endure forever? Whatever makes you sleep well at night. Good bye.

  • Prophet

    What part of Senator Marafa’s comments were untrue?
    Is it normal for the senate president to preside over a chamber tasked with the creation of laws when such an individual himself is facing charges of breaking the law?

    You all should be glad Marafa did not show up because by your current actions against him, you are ignorantly fanning the proverbial breeze that will soon expose all of your respective nyashes !

    Suspend Marafa and see how fast you all find your corrupt selves in court where the nation will hear you explain how you are not corrupt and how Marafa is wrong.

  • Tani t’Olorun?

    Let us unpack the absurdity,about time we scrapped the Senate.It is otiose keeping these tear-jerkers,.Senegal did it,and they are doing fine. In different climes,most of them would not make it to the Senate with the Albatross on their necks. Since a coon’s age they have not made a single law that we can benefit from.They are there for the loot.

    • joe

      True talk from a wise man. Thank you!

  • shola

    This man is making use of his fundamental human right – “the freedom of speech”. And as a senator he is only responsible and accountable to his constituency. Calling a spade a spade has never been a crime. LAWMAKERS = LAWBREAKERS.

  • Mama Kay

    Senate of clowns.

    You don’t see or hear of them doing anything for the progress of the nation.