Dasukigate: Metuh, wife bought N500m property in Banana Island – Witness

Olisa Metuh

A prosecution witness, Junaid Sai’d, on Tuesday told Justice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja how the spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, bought N500m property in Lagos.

Mr. Sa’id said the money was allegedly transferred to Daniel Ford International Limited in two tranches of N200m and N300m for the purpose of buying a landed property at Banana Island, Lagos.

Mr. Metuh is being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly receiving N400million from a former NSA, Sambo Dasuki, who is facing trial for his involvement in the $2.1 billion arms deal.
Mr. Sa’id, a member of the team that investigated the case, gave a blow-by-blow account of the activities carried out since the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) petitioned the commission, which include the following:  a correspondence with Diamond Bank Plc to obtain the mandate and statement of accounts for Destra Investment Ltd; correspondences with other banks to obtain mandates and statements of accounts of individuals and companies relevant to the case as well as letters to ONSA and the Central Bank of Nigeria.

 According to him, responses from the CBN and ONSA confirmed that the former was given the mandate to pay N400m to Destra Investment Limited for the purpose of security services.
 “After the payment of N400m by ONSA, a further N150m was paid into the same account by one Kabir Ibrahim.
“Capital Field Investment Limited paid another N91m and another N82m was paid in by one Eyitoye.  These funds formed the naira equivalent of $2m, which Metuh gave to one Nneka Ararume, in cash.
“Amongst the disbursements made were N77.5m paid to one Yomi Badejo through his company, CMC Connect Ltd, to carry out campaign activities for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP); N25m paid to one Alhaji Abba Dabo to carry out media activities for the PDP; N21.7m to Chief Anthony Anenih; N5m to Chief Kema Chikwe; N50m transferred to the joint account owned by Olisa and Kanayo Metuh.
“The sum of N500m was also discovered to have been transferred to Daniel Ford International Limited in two tranches for the purpose of buying a landed property at Banana Island by the 1st defendant and his wife,” he said.
Mr. Saí’d, who further stated that the team visited the residence of the first defendant and invited him to the commission during the course of the investigation, told the court how Mr. Metuh shredded his statement.
“After he was interviewed, I asked him if he wanted to volunteer his statement and he answered in the affirmative.
“When he concluded writing his statement in four sheets of the commission’s statement form, he handed them over to me. I read what had been written and handed them over to my other team members to read. After that, I returned them to him for endorsement.
“He endorsed the first sheet and the second sheet. When he was about to endorse the third sheet, in which he stated that the money he received from the office of the NSA were used for PDP campaign activities and to settle his personal debt, to the surprise of the team, he suddenly tore the sheet into pieces.
“The pieces of the torn sheet were then recovered from him and registered as exhibits.
“Much later in the day, he requested to volunteer an additional statement, which he did.”
After cross-examination of the witness by the defence counsel, Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN, the prosecution counsel, Sylvanus Tahir, then closed his case.

Mr. Ikpeazu prayed the court for adjournment, stating that he needed the certified true copy of the proceedings to open his defence.
However, Mr. Tahir objected to the motion moved by the defence.
After listening to both counsel, Justice Abang stated that the record of proceedings was not ready for certification, adding that it was not a valid reason for the defence to seek adjournment in view of the evidence that had so far been presented by the prosecution.
Consequently, the case was adjourned to February 18 for the defence to open its case.


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  • yemi

    It is difficult to imagine that the democratically elected gov of GEJ, that enjoyed so much support at the beginning, turned out to be arguably the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria.

    The senselessness of the stealing, without much thought, also shows the so called ‘body language’ of GEJ that encouraged corruption.

    • Shehu

      Let EFCC prosecute Metuh if it has evidence against him.
      Media trial will not work.

      • Julius

        They are doing just that. What are you talking about ? Transparency demand that EFCC makes public of what they are doing !

  • share Idea

    From 400m naira, Metuh was able to pay for 500m naira property. Nigeria we hail thee

    • ALBERT

      please read the story again. Metuh collected a total of $ 2 million of which the said sum was handed to Araruame cash.

      • share Idea

        Please can you educate us on the exchange rate naira to dollar when that transaction happened that $2m will amount to more than 500m naira.

        Secondly, in EFCC prosecution evidence sometime last two weeks, were told that 400m naira was transferred to Metuh’s account through E-payment, how come you are referring me back to $2m?

    • musa aliyu

      He collected additional #150 million. Read the story again, counsel for defense.

      • Julius

        lolz. I just told him the same thing. These fools are unbelievable !


    So, what’s the crime? He’s not supposed to buy something?

    • Julius

      The crime is he stole the money to ‘buy something’. See the difference ?

  • Suppose the man admitted to these transactions with loans and tendered documents to support the claims. What is wrong with these buffoons? No Nigerian is safe from Buhari and his Gestapo.

    • Gugurus Ekpa

      It is good that only the Wailers like yourself think in terms of hypotheticals. In a legal case, the word “suppose” is rarely ever used the way you just used it.

    • Hassan Lawal

      …ok,assuming he bought the property with the loan he procured from diamond bank…no problem ,he should show evidence!

    • Enemona

      Don’t forget that EFCC has records of his Diamond Bank account transactions. If you’re actually going to help your boss, you should be smart enough, don’t put him into deeper troubles. He’s a goner!

    • Julius

      Suppose is not a defense !

  • Domingos

    Metuh and Wife bough houses in Banana and Potato Island and so what?
    1) Did Obasanjo & Wives & Concubs not buy MANSIONS all over the world, in person or by proxy?
    2) Did Ibrahim Babangida and Wives not buy houses all over the world, in person or by proxy?
    3) Did Abdulsalami & Wives not buy MANSIONS all over the world, in person or by proxy?
    4) Did Sanni Abacha & Sons & Wives & Concubs not buy MANSIONS all over the world, in person or by proxy?
    5) Where did Ex-Presidents Abdulsalami & Babangida get billions of Niara to invest in Private Power projects? How did they float such companies? How????????

    Metuh & Wife may have stolen BUT what of the thieves of yesterday listed above? Price of oil per barrel was about N237 as far back as 1992 and the budget was prepared @less than half that price. Where did the difference go? Where is my $12.7b ????? —– This is 6 times more than Dasuki’s money and all 200 million mumu Nigerians are not asking that Babangida be hand cuffed. This is why I know that we are not a country.

    Leave Metuh and wife alone. The real criminals are now the ones seeing visions and giving advice to national assembly on corruption matters. Truly, the end times are here.

  • aliyu abubakar

    kpeazu (SAN): Defendant voluntarily presented himself to the EFCC?

    PW8: That’s correct.

    Ikpeazu (SAN):Was he alone when he made the statement?

    PW8: No, he was not alone.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): I will be right to say that you asked question and he responded?

    PW8: My lord, yes

    Ikpeazu (SAN): did not touch or physically opened his mouth?

    PW8: No, my lord.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did he eat anything while writing the statement? Did he eat his statement as widely reported in the media?

    PW8: No my lord. Metuh was not willing to sign the unsigned.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did Olisa Metuh mention to you during interrogation that he made presentation to Goodluck Jonathan.

    PW8: Yes

    He did not say the cost of the presentation was N400m

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did he say that the former President requested his account detail after the Presentation?

    PW8: Yes.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): What did you find out?

    PW8:Yes we found out that the presentation has to do with publicity and the image of PDP. We found out that PDP was embarking on a national election and Jonathan was the candidate.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did you find out that disbursement were made for the campaign activities of the PDP. Did you find out any personal relationship between Dasuki and Metuh, Destra?

    PW8: Not at all. There is no relationship between sambo dasuki and Olisa Metuh.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did you find out if Dasuki was answerable to Metuh.?

    PW8: No

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Who was Dasuki answerable to?

    PW8: He was answerable to the then President, Goodluck Jonathan.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): In the course of your investigation did you obtain any statement from former President Jonathan?

    PW8: No, my lord.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): you mentioned that N400 million was not authorized?

    PW8: Yes

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Who does approvals for payment by ONSA?

    IPW8: It is internal arrangement of the office where contract is confirmed executed. NSA and director of finance indicate that job has been done properly before payment.

    Ikpeazu (SAN) What is the official designation of SA Sanusi in the office of ONSA?

    PW8: He was the director of finance.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Spony?

    PW8: Yes my lord. He is staff of CBN

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Confirm that you have the names and signatures of the authorize persons, Dasuki and others.

    PW8: Yes

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did you come across any document where ONSA classify the transaction as security services?


    Ikpeazu (SAN): Do you know what EFCC classify as security services.

    PW8: Yes

    NOTE: Witness made to read from exhibit from ONSA saying the payment made to the company of Olisa metuh’s company followed due process. Witness was in shock after reading the Exhibit that completely exonerates Olisa Metuh.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Nobody has been convicted in respect to the disbursement of the 400 million?

    PW*: Yes my lord.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did you find out when Destra account was opened?

    PW8: Yes. 10th Feb 2014.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Did you find out if there was any other disbursement from ONSA to Destra?

    PW8: It was found out that Dasuki withdrew N10b and converted to 14.7m dollars and gave to the ADC of the former President and the special Adviser to the President to share to PDP top notches for PDP special convention. The 2m dollars given to Ararume by Metuh is strongly linked to the disbursement of N14.7 m shared out to PDP members.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Is there any document from either Dasuki or anybody from EFCC in respect of the said N14.7m?

    PW8: No my lord.

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Any complaint from EFCC made in respect of the N2m dollars. Do you have financial statement between Olisa Metuh and Ararume?

    PW8: No. My Lord

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Are you aware that such transactions are documented/

    PW8: Yes

    Ikpeazu (SAN): Apart from Yomi Badejo, the EFCC did not get information from any other person present at the presentation to former President Jonathan

    PW8: No.

    Witness left 11.33am. The EFCC gave indication it wants to close its case. Case adjourned to 18th for defence to open their case

    by jenny downing on

  • peacebaba

    Metuh and Wife bough houses in Banana and Potato Island and so what?

    1) Did Obasanjo & Wives & Concubs not buy MANSIONS all over the world, in person or by proxy?

    2) Did Ibrahim Babangida and Wives not buy houses all over the world, in person or by proxy?

    3) Did Abdulsalami & Wives not buy MANSIONS all over the world, in person or by proxy?

    4) Did Sanni Abacha & Sons & Wives & Concubs not buy MANSIONS all over the world, in person or by proxy?

    5) Where did Ex-Presidents Abdulsalami & Babangida get billions of Niara to invest in Private Power projects? How did they float such companies? How????????

    I agree with this guy’s point.. Is it everybody that bought house that stole from the arms money??? It is sounding like arms were never bought at all.. This is ridiculous

  • Abdul

    Why is the government one way traffic for its corruption fight? Ex presidents, politicians and even business men have mansion within and outside the country. Nigerians are tired of the current economic hardship and high level of poverty bedeveling the nation. Let the government focus job creation, fight insecurity across the nation and make lives of citizenry better. The rule of law must be given chance in this administration !!!

    • Julius

      Yea, we should just forget about the looted monies so others can started doing the same. Right ?

    • nick

      and u complaining of the present hardship and poverty….how can job be created when the likes of metuh tookaway our money..metuh is been trialed in a court and u are talking about rule of law…did u smoke wewe b4 u posted ur comments?

  • Yanuphawi

    Nothing bad if individuals own property anywhere in as much they work for it

    • Julius

      True but, Methu did not work for a 400million from the arms purchase funds !