Saraki may be going through corruption trial, but we love him — Senate

Senate president, Bukola Saraki

The Nigerian Senate has rejected calls for the resignation of its president, Bukola Saraki, following Supreme Court ruling that upheld his trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

This was disclosed by the Senate spokesperson, Aliyu Abdullahi, who said he was speaking “on behalf of my colleagues” in a statement on Monday.

He said there was no basis for the Senate President to resign, insisting that Mr. Saraki’s ordeal was politically motivated and not about any anti-corruption fight.

“From the beginning of the trial last September, we have declared that this case is not about any fight against corruption. It is simply a case of political vendetta.

“Our position remains the same. We still believe that the case is politically motivated,” he said.

On this ground, he stressed that “we want to state categorically that there is no basis for the call on the Senate President to resign until after the matter is decided in that final judicial forum. Such a call at this time is premature, mischievous and unwarranted”.

Last Friday, the Supreme Court rejected Mr. Saraki’s appeal against the competence and jurisdiction of the Code of Conduct Tribunal to try him for 13-count charge of false asset declaration slammed on him by the federal government.

The development generated renewed calls on Mr. Saraki to resign as he faces corruption trial, with the Unity Forum, an anti-Saraki group, and Like Minds, a pro-Saraki group squabbling over the subject.

In separate interviews with PREMIUM TIMES, on Sunday, Kabiru Marafa Of Unity Forum, asked Mr Saraki to resign to save the image of the National Assembly but the call was rejected by Dino Melaye of Like Minds caucus who said Mr. Saraki’s trial amounted to a plot to “mess with the National Assembly”.

Giving further reason to reject the call for Mr. Saraki’s resignation, the Senate spokesperson added, “We also noted that the decision of the Supreme Court given last Friday was on preliminary matters arising from the commencement of the trial. The trial proper is yet to begin. And since the fundamental principle in our legal system is that a defendant is deemed innocent until proven guilty, we have decided to patiently observe the proceedings until the case runs its full circle in the nation’s final judicial forum.”

He expressed the support of his colleagues for Mr. Saraki, saying “We stand by him as he goes through the trial at the CCT where we believe he will be able to prove his innocence.”

“We also call on members of the public to ignore the ranting of a few Senators who having failed to get the wish of their sponsors done on the floor of the Senate are now launching media campaign against the leadership of the Senate,” he added.

Mr. Abdullahi said the Senate is stable and focused on “objective consideration and timely passage” of the 2016 budget proposal.

“We also want to say that we will not make any further statement on this case until the matter has been decided in the final judicial forum,” said.


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  • DanielOsazuwa

    The Lucchese crime family will always love one of theirs. I hope you shameless imposters will still show this love to him when he is finally sent to Kirikiri Prison. Saraki must serve his time far away from home: Kuje prison is not secure enough.

  • FreeNigeria

    These Senators are TRULY shameless. Anyway nobody expects anything good from NASS.

  • Liegeria

    Shameless or shameful, I don’t know what to say.

    • Reason-ability

      Both epithets are appropriately used.

    • Igwe

      That depends on what you are addressing.The act or the person?

      • John

        They are shameless and of course, acts of shameless person would always be shameful.

  • BobSolo

    Most of the senators are on the watchful eyes of EFCC and they are all afraid of CCB.. so what do you expect…A thief shelding another thief….they will all follow Saraki to KiriKiri or Kuje…

  • Reason-ability

    Are we sure we cannot all collectively demand for this man’s release. Someone patriotic should please start an online petition to remove him and let us all inundate them with the storm we can cause by our sheer numbers. They cannot continue to be shameless and behave shamefully to borrow Liegeria’s words below.

    • The facts

      Perhaps someone should also start an online petition to ask for Buhari’s impeachment for lying to Nigerians that he’s on holiday while he’s actually in a hospital. Also impeachment for accepting vehicles bought with funds meant for fighting Boko Haram.

      • Reason-ability

        Why don’t you start it and see how many responses you will get? The problem with your reasoning is this-when the discussion is about a particular matter you are expected to focus on it. If you want to change the discussion start yours afresh. it is rude to go soiling other people’s water.

        • New Nigerian

          Please educate him!

      • whales1212

        You want someone to start the petition you want? Common start it,perhaps that might help to improve your common sense.

    • Prince

      I agree with you. The citizens can rise up to demand for his resignation. It baffles me how people act with impunity in this country. So it does not matter to the Senators if the entire Senate is descrated because of Saraki. Na waooo


    When people given public responsibilities and trust steal, they steal as Nigerians. But when they are called to be accountable for their stewardship, they claim, they are being persecuted because of their tribe, ethnic group or political beliefs. Nigerians should start appreciating the fact that, we overthrew and rejected military dictatorship because we wanted democracy. The hall mark of democracy is accountability , transparency and observance of the rule of law amongst others. In other saner clime, Saraki should have resigned from day one. It is the shepherd that leads the sheep. Persons holding public position resign just to give respect for the office the hold so that, the public can continue to respect such offices. Saraki should step down and face his trail. Saraki is an embarrassment to the APC , Senate and Nigerian govt. It is high time PMB intervened and personally called for the resignation of Saraki.

    • Reason-ability

      Agree on all you said but PMB must never intervene and call for his resignation otherwise he will be walking into their trap. The Senate is independent.

      • Adeolu

        PMB as a Nigerian can call for their resignation if he likes. That does not mean he will force them out of office. However, as the executive, he can prosecute any of them that is accused of fraudulent act. It happens all over the word. The necessary department of the executive government can prosecute them. That has nothing to do with separation of power.

      • Julius

        I agree, he shouldnt but, he should keep an eye on whats going on with the case. Im sure he does !

    • New Nigerian

      Agree with everything except the PMB part – he is doing the right thing. Staying out of it. Let the law takes it’s course, if it leads Saraki to jail so be it – we’d see how many of the Senators would stay with him in his prison cell at Kuje or wherever or even escort him there. I suspect his faction in the senate are secretly plotting who would replace him, as there is no honor among thieves

      • Julius

        Gbam ! Thank you.

  • bikky

    “Yeeye ye,oku nsunkun oku,ako Aso leori nsukun ara won” dead is crying for the dead, Melaye and others should wait for their own time, they should not support Bukola because their own mess is coming fast and its very closer to them, let me quickly remind EFCC that Stela Oduah is no more a senator they should quickly quizz her on her role on #55 million car saga tagged “Oduah gate”

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    These senators are shameless. Politically motivated trial? Then a politrikcian like Saraki is not worthy of the red chamber. His political opponents wrongly declared his assets? That’s the story of a clueless buffoon.

  • ROA

    I pray he is found guilty. Then we will know how much you guys love him when we see you go to Kuje prison with him.

    • Julius

      Hope they go with him to show the love !

  • Fadama

    This clearly shows that we are represented, in part, by bandits


    Loving Saraki should be a personal thing,the Senators are even allowed to love Anini,El-chapo,Sina-Rambo etc BUT what matters here is what the law of the land loves and it certainly does mean that although Saraki is considered innocent for now,he must respect his office and step aside while he proves his “innocence”. That is the right and honourable thing to do .

    • Deolu

      It is an honourable thing to do where the citizens themselves are honourable and not sentimental in their thinking and judgement.

      • Julius

        So because of that sentiment, Saraki should not resign ? In that case, why do we have a legal system / you are not thinking well sir. You may as well say that anybody arrested for looting the treasury shouldnt be arrested since others did the same thing. Be serious .

        • I Hate Sycophant

          No single legal system proscribed him to step down. Is on the ground of moral burden that he can step down and no more. Those of you saying he should step down are just saying it by emotion but not what is written constitutionally. Even Falana saying Bukola should step down could not quote a single line of the law to back that, just given example of those that stepped down and not law they followed. By the standard of our law is still presumed innocent until proven beyond reasonable doubt. He’s just a suspect and not convict. So, it borne down to him to step down or not but cannot be push by individuals emotions.

          • Julius

            I see it is okay with you that the Senate President attends a corruption trial while he is still the Senate president . Have you ever seen or hard of anybody in his position going thru trial and still hold his/her position ? # 3 man in the country ? You must be kidding. What would that says about all of us to the outside world ? I hope you do care because everybody compare Nigeria to the United States when it fits their narratives . Would that ever happen in the UK as well ?

          • MaskedPhantom

            It would never happen in the UK that a public official fails to declare his assests publicly; it would never happen in the UK that a public official’s asset declaration is not immediately subjected to public scrutiny and rigourous verification by the financial authorities; it would never happen in the US and UK that the legal and criminal justice system will wait for more than a decade to arraign a past governor for acts committed during his tenure,especially when they, a priori were conversant of the facts; it would never happen in a civilized country that political vendetta, dressed in the robes of CCT, is permitted to be a weapon of retribution and forceful compliance…
            No one supports criminality, but in Nigeria, there is an institutional breakdown of such a magnitude that no one is without guilt. Those pointing fingers and casting the stones will do well to purge themselves of accusations of similar kind. Even the CCT Chairman himself is under the cloud of corruption, himself being accused of bribery and graft.
            Undoubtably, Saraki’s travail arose because he challenged the emerging hegemony of a cabal bent on appropriating unbounded power to itself and has very little in fact, to do with any attempts at probity or justice. When all the noise has been made and the dust cleared, it will be seen that what this has been about was nothing but an arm contest between a certain Asiwaju and those standing in his quest for political domination of the ruling party, while a glazed and listless president watches on in disdain.

          • Julius

            You seems to be a reasonable person, I like that and I thank you. Were you concerned when Saraki broke his party rules, rigged , forged the Senate rules to become the Senate President. Have you ever heard a country, a democratic country where a party won an election with a good margin but teamed up with an opposition to choose the Senate president ? It is illegal and immoral but, Saraki did it. Now the system he used to get there is gonna get him out , so why the cry about some political power flexing. The President is doing exactly what he ought to be doing, stay back with the instruction of what to do. In short bro,Saraki is a goner ! WE as a society has to start the cleaning up of the system from somewhere and starting with saraki would not be a bad idea

          • MaskedPhantom

            Frankly, I share your concerns about the moral and ethical conundrum that surrounds politics and politicking in Nigeria. I also agree that each of us is entitled to the position he chooses to take in the wrestling ground of political opinions. While we are each allowed to take our own sides, there is one fact that we must never fail to deeply appreciate, no matter how obtuse it may sound at first: that we, individually and collectively bear the burden of national growth and development. We cannot, must not stand aside and say:”its about them, it dosen’t concern us”
            And so to address your questions, we go back to first principles….You assert that Saraki “broke his party rules, rigged, forged Senate rules”. These allegations are preposterous at best, but permit me to say that it is a distortion and false propaganda. What party rules did he break? What is the meaning of party supremacy? Does it mean that the intrigues within a party overide the constitutional rights and civil liberties of the citizens. Note that Nigeria operates a democratic system and not a feudal arrangement of servility and patronage. The role of a political party in a democracy does not extend beyound providing a platform for ideological and philosophical engagement as well as providing a vehicle by which its candidates get elected into political position. In a democracy, government for the people, by the people…, a political party must of necessity take a back seat after elections have been concluded and allow for an all-embracing approach to governance. What am I saying? Simply, that the APC as a party institution has no right or powers to impose any candidate on the National Assembly. At best, it might seek to generate a consensus among the aspirants, but that can only happen by voluntary accord. The attempt by the APC hierarchy to foist its choices on the National Assembly is a gross violation of the democratic rights of each member to aspire for positions.
            We salute the courage of Olusola Saraki in standing against this very undemocratic attempt at constitutional rape.
            Furthermore, you allege that Saraki rigged, forged Senate rules. In saner climes and civilized countries, your allegations will be construed as slander. It is only in this country that people have no qualms in besmirching the integrity of others with lies and false accusations. Even Buhari accepted that what took place on June 9th 2015 was constitutional.
            In summary, I do not condone the apparently criminal history of Saraki, which for that matter is not peculiar to him. In fact I hazard to say that there is NO PUBLIC OFFICIAL OR CIVIL SERVANT PAST OR PRESENT in Nigeria who can come to equity with clean hands.
            What should concern us most, you and I and every other sane Nigerian is the subtle brazenness with which a cabal of party overlords use government institutions to settle personal scores and inflict vengeance on their political adversaries. It may be Saraki today who is brutally savaged because he refused to sing along, who knows who’ll be next?

          • Julius

            Thank you sir. I appreciate your concerns about where we are going as a country and who we choose to lead us there. Kindly tell me where , anywhere in a democratic government that a party won an election with a good margin but, chose with an opposition and a vote for the leadership was taken without some members of the party ? Saraki git to be where he was to contest for the Senate presidency because he used his party , APC to get there, Sure he could have won his election staying with the PDP but, he wouldnt have been in a position to contest for the Senate Presidency. Its funny to me that now his is crying of political witch-hunt when he didnt follow his party rule. Saraki is in trouble and he must face what he did. You ever head of the Republican party in the U S teaming up with the Dems when they have the majority to choose the leadership of the house or Senate ? Never and they are one of the oldest Democracy that will love so much to cite when it fits our narratives. To be hones with you, I hate these supposed to be educated young men and women running the country. They are worst than the older ones that had messed up the country in the past. It doesnt matter where they come from in the country, they are all the same. Its shameful and painful.

          • MaskedPhantom

            Thank you too Julius. I appreciate your civility and candour and I feel that you are passionate in your opinions. Frankly, I share with you the same angst, that a country as richly endowed with abundant human and material resources as Nigeria is, is been governed by a political class that is best described as parochial and predatory. Let me put it on record that I do not support the fact that criminals who in sane and civilised societis should be locked behind bars, are the ones charting the destiny of our country.
            Unfortunately, that is the objective reality that we are facing today. I sympathize with your moral stand and I know you feel strongly about it. Permit me however to say that, in the absence of clearly defined code, morality is a subjective principle and quite often is a pretext or thinly veiled excuse for hypocrisy and barbarity. Take for instance the fact that some people kill and maim others under the “moral authority” of religious doctrine. I bet you that Boko Haram will claim moral justification for its barbarism. The point I am trying to get across is that, we should not belike the ostrich thatburies its head in the sand, wishing that its troubles will go away by themselves. Without equivocation, let me say that we “ordinary Nigerians” are equally culpable for the depressing socio-political and economic environment that we find ourselves in today, inasmuch as we lend tacit support and sub-conscious approval, based on primodial sentiments, to the lawlessness and impunity that has thoroughly debilitated our political and economic systems. To go further on this issue would take ages because the fundamental reasons are profound and deeply entrenched.
            Let me however address your major contentions
            1). You asked where in a democracy that a party won an election with a sizable majority but chose to side with the “opposition” to produce the leadership(?)

  • New Nigerian

    The Nigerian senate leadership is currently a political country club…some of them are bunch of un-serious plutocrats whose only reason for continuing in public life is to safeguard their loot over the years, as governors and senators. They were practitioners of plutocracy with impunity only few months ago. Leopards do not change it’s skin. Change is here, slowly but surely, with the rule of law (that they treat with disdain) enforced, God willing the Nigerian masses would smile last!

  • Nkem

    All ye lovers of crime and criminality please love on. Nothing less is expected of you so we are very unsurprised. We would have been more surprised if you people have done the one honorable thing, which is to distance yourselves from the crime at least, even if not from the criminal. What does it matter to you if one of you is a thief? The real news would be to find within your midst those who are not.

  • aisha ani

    Looks like we have finally found something everyone on this forum agrees on, Saraki must go. We are at 100%.

    • musa aliyu

      And we don’t need senators. We should all recall them.

      • whales1212

        What have they really done since they got there?

        • Truthometer


  • Outraged

    Monkey e no fine im mama like am

  • djay

    Just as they loved Gej when he was the president.

  • musa aliyu

    Before nko? Like minds. Mtchewwwww

    • Yunusa Abdulrahim

      Saraki is a charatered thief and the best place for him to cool off Kotonkarfe prison.

      • Truthometer

        Haba! Wetin be Kotonkarfe prison for ordinary corruption now? You no even wish am well. I beg, na “butter” thief o. I think Kuje prison will be good for his skin.

  • Dazmillion

    What Saraki doesnt understand from about all this flattery lips is that not one of these senators will go to jail with him when he is convicted at the CCT. His bodyguards like Dino will not even visit him at Kuje prison at the time.

    Let the senators continue telling Saraki they love him while he edges closer to prison.

    • I Hate Sycophant

      The funny thing is that when will he go to jail, even if convicted at CCT, he still has route to follow by appealing at appeal court to supreme court. So, it’s along journey and he might spent three years of his tenure. This is not an election matter that has a time frame.

  • Paul Graham

    For how long? If found guilty the music will change!

  • Sparzo

    What do you expect from a den of corrupt politicians and ogboju thieves?
    The senate like dan buran baya is shameless.

  • zung

    We’re not surprised. Birds of the same feather flock together.The Senate has never been viewed positively by Nigerians because of their tendencies.

  • Bambam

    I think to be honest I’m beginning to love him too..He makes the job look so easy and simple..but for an acclaimed national leader and his British MI6 helping him (without truly understanding the issues)..I believe Saraki makes a good senate president..he would need plenty of guidance and tough love not to revert to old ways..but there is nothing Ahmed Lawan would have done as senate president..that Saraki is not doing better..I believe Saraki would laugh last though..whether he remains senate president or not..Nigeria belongs to Nigerians..not to a national leader and British MI6!!

    • MaskedPhantom

      Well said Bambam. And I would hasten to add that, that national leader must be arrested, tried and hung on a tree for acts of subversion and colluding with foreign intelligence agencies.

      • Bambam

        The day of that national leader and his foreign conspirators would come..they are trying to frustrate Buhari’s government..using the system they have bastardised against him..and harassing him on social media..let them continue with their imbecilic ways and keep sulking as kids…whether Saraki stays as senate president or changes nothing..their day of reckoning soon arrive!!

        • MaskedPhantom

          Ahays, man. We wait eagerly for their blood to flow and for the vultures to feed on their rotting carcass. Keep the faith, comrade and be at peace. WE SHALL OVERCOME!

  • Truthometer

    Nobody should expect anything less from “Corruption-Loving-Senators” legislooting from “Corruption-Infested-Chamber”. With, preferable without them, Nigeria shall be great again. Shame on them!!!

  • gboyegaa

    All of you that love Saraki at the senate are shameless and what does your love for him brings an ordinary Nigerian anyway.
    When shameless senators go with a rogue senator, that rigged himself to the position of the senate president, to show support for him at a anti-graft tribunal where he is being accused of giving false declaration of his assets, those senators need their heads examined.
    All of you trying to cover up your evil deeds will be exposed one after the other. Most Nigerians are not proud of you. Dino Melaye is already known publicly as Saraki’s messenger and the handbag of Saraki’s wife.


    These criminals are holding Nigerians hostage!

  • ijelejames

    Fools! Why won’t you idiotic senators love him? Are you guys not criminals and looters like him? Rubbish

  • Hassan Lawal

    ….may God punish that your mouth,stupid old fools!

  • Ebaah Odibo

    ……’Saraki’s ordeal was politically motivated and not about any anti-corruption fight.’

    This is what APC Senator said about prosecution of APC Senate President by APC-led Federal Government. Please, take advice, fellow Nigerians; when next they tell you ‘Change’ and ‘Anti-corruption war’, take to your heels. They are about to hypnotize you with the latest and greatest 419 ever played on Nigerians. These guys; APC and/or PDP simply love corruption. It is their valentine!