Amaechi, Ben Bruce in dirty fight

Ben Murray-Bruce

The Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, and a serving Senator, Ben Bruce, on Sunday engaged in a twitter fight over the activities of the current government.

The fight was set off by a tweet posted by a popular tweeter user, Japhet Omojuwa, who tweeted that Ben Bruce should not be taken seriously.

“The reason I will NEVER take people like Ben Bruce serious is because when they saw a leader (GEJ) do wrong, they kept quiet. Don’t be Bruce,” he said.

Responding, the Bayelsa Senator chose to use the recent comments credited to President Muhammadu Buhari that some Nigerians are giving the country a bad image by engaging in nefarious activities around the world.

While condemning the president’s comments, Mr. Bruce wrote on his twitter page that “Your own minister spent ₦80 million on a one day dinner, yet it is your citizens you accuse of being criminals #IAmANigerianNotACriminal”.

The tweet seemed apparently targeted at Mr. Amaechi whose administration was accused of spending N80 million to organised a dinner for Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka.

Apparently sensing the jibe thrown at him by the Senator, Mr.  Amaechi wasted no time in responding to Mr. Bruce; accusing him of being a coward.

“A coward who is not bold enough to name the minister that he alleged criminally spent N80M on dinner is unfit to sit in our senate chambers,” he said.

Mr. Amaechi’s spokesperson, David Iyofor, Sunday confirmed to PREMIUM TIMES that the twitter handle used in responding to Mr. Murray-Bruce (@ChibuikeAmaechi) belongs to the Minister of Transport.

He also said the Minister’s response was triggered by Mr. Bruce.

The Senator responded to Mr. Amaechi by referring to the recent Supreme Court judgment that upheld the election of Nyesom Wike as governor, thereby, stifling the hope of the APC candidate and Mr. Amaechi’s ally, Dakuku Peterside.

He posted another tweet on his handle @benmurraybruce saying, “When you have been Wike’d, you become wicked! But you will always be my beloved brother, no matter how much you transfer the anger on me.”

The Transport Minister reacted by accusing the Bayelsa Senator of only finding his voice on twitter while he is hardly seen contributing to debates in the Senate.

“I will not respond to innuendos. Be courageous, name the minister. We know you talk here & do ‘siddon’ look where you are elected to talk,” he said.


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  • Victor Aikhionbare

    Thank God for twitter. Best entertainment ever. Cmon you guys, keep sparing. I’m enjoying myself

  • Alpha

    Right! How does this affect the life of a citizen who spends an entire day on the road for a trip that should take 8 hours or the passenger who has to descend from an airplane using a ladder or the life of the fisherman in Bayelsa whose means of livelihood is shot to hell because the waters are covered in oil? These idiots should channel their energy to causes that matter and leave tweet wars to the jobless graduate who is trying to stay sane.

  • 24087

    Pls no attack of personality straight to answer issues riasied , that’s how civilized people do it . Wishing Nigeria blessed day

  • Audu Al-amin

    Senator “common sense”, where were you before now?

  • peaceometer

    Ben Bruce is always disappointing. He wants to prove he has knowledge but zero. Better go and continue to manage your ‘ashewo’ biz. aka miss this, miss that.

  • The facts

    I’m really enjoying the spat. At least they do what people do on disqus forum and it’s good for our democracy.

  • MilitaryPolice01

    It is time for Buhari to sit down and run Nigeria,it is clear he gets overwhelmed when he sit in front of the western media,he makes all sorts of gaffes that even his interviewers wonder what type of representative of his country is this man.How can you generally accuse your people of being criminals as the President of the country,people are laughing at Nigeria and they are enjoying the mockery.Yes there are a few criminals giving the country a bad name but you dont generalize with such sweeping remarks because they are in the minority, criminal Nigerians are not more that the hardworking decent ones.The west laugh at Africans with this type of attitude because they see disunity. Mugabe at the height of his people seeking refuge in Britain never played Zimbabweans down to scuttle their migration.Buhari should sit down and run Nigeria, he should send his Vice President on foreign trip because Osibanjo is more articulate,much more fluent,speaks better with excellent oratory,he thinks before he talks and he has brains which everyone finds impressive, Osinbanjo can stand toe to toe with anyone in the west and not be intimidated into talking nonsense.Please let Osinbanjo represent Nigeria on subsequent foreign trips so at least we can salvage the little that is left of our tattered diplomacy.

    • Jon Lawrence

      So Mugabe is your best idea for a good leadership? What a prat.

      • Kickboxer

        I would pick a Mugabi over brainless Buhari any day. Even the Western world would pick Mugabe. Do not get it wrong. The West respect Mugabe’s intelligence but for hardline posture on White. Not so about brainless Buhari. H can’t engage intellectually both at home or abroad. It is corruption, corruption, corruption, criminality….and when you open the dossier on the same HYPOCRITE you marvel at unaccounted $2.8billion he stole in 1978; unaccounted PTF funds under Abacha…brainless Buhari vowed that Abacha did not steal money until $ began to pour from Swiss baks and around the world. BRAINLESS BUHARI & CRONIES ARE STEALING AS WE SPEAK….let another govt. probe him and you would begin to discover that FOREIGN TRIPS ARE WAYS TO LODGE MONEY IN FOREIGN BANKS….just like ABACHA

        • Jon Lawrence

          Like I said, if Mugabe is your role model for leadership, then you have no business talking. If you hate Buhari that much, move to Zimbabwe where you need a barrow load of worthless Zimbabwe currency in order to buy a loaf of bread.

          • abodes_124

            The Naira unfortunately is heading the way of the old Zimbabwean dollar. Although we have a little way to go yet When it was finally abolished in 2009 people got $1 US for every 35 quadrillion Zimbawean dollars [ Z 35,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000] in their accounts.

          • Jon Lawrence

            No it’s not heading Zimbabwe dollar way if you know anything about economy. There are recession hovering over most economies for six months now especially those based on crude oil. The currency of Venezuela has lost 80% of it’s value, the Saudis has 60% hole in their budget, Canada economy have halved. Russians a bleeding and their currency has lost 40% value to the dollar. Even non oil economy like China, the world second biggest economy in the last two months alone had spent $175b buying its own currency to stop it falling further, their stock market indexes has lost two trillion dollars in value since December 2015. Why most of you are talking is lack of knowledge of what’s happening and the good luck that Jonathan and PDP wasn’t returned to power under this present global economic climate that requires total prudence from government to manage things. Nigeria would had been bankrupted by now and Jonathan and PDP government would had kept borrowing more and more, while hiding the real situation, cooking the books, while splashing out the borrowed money and running their phantom economic boom, just as they did between 2014-2015 presenting a rosy economic picture but in reality sitting on a gunpowder of $70b in external debt alone and trillions of Naira internal debt.

    • abodes_124

      No chance for Osibanjo . It is obvious Buhari likes gallivanting. I think it was Dubai, Kenya Ethiopia, France and then UK in the past 3 weeks. I understand he has 3 trips already lined up in the next few weeks once he recovers from his treatment. it is estimated that he has spent equivalent of ten full working days in his actual office since his inauguration. Documents to sign off on are said to be piled everywhere.

  • Oyeniyi

    Self acclaimed senator ‘common sense’ is a mere rabble rouser who is so docile on the floor of N/assembly but too vocal on twitter in his usual bid to perpetually swindle unsuspecting followers of his sinister and unpatriotic rants most especially when it has to do with issues concerning Pres.Buhari

    • Darlington

      Comparing Ben Bruce with Amaechi is like comparing Bill Gates with Tompolo. Ben Bruce was self-made before venturing into politics. He has thousands of people on his payroll via his companies. Can you tell me any reasonable Job Amaechi has done since leaving school outside politics? Amaechi is a tout when compared with Ben Bruce. It is obvious that Amaechi lack common sense which Ben Bruce is advocating for.

      • Jon Lawrence

        He cannot not be brainless if he can steal $2.8b in 1978 and got away with it. You must be brainless yourself to have believed that. Do you know how much $2.8 billion worth in 1978? What is Nigerian total budget in 1978? Lol

    • Nwo Odoli

      Anybody talking Ben being dormant on the floor of the Nigerian senate must be ignorant of what is going on in the Senate. Just recently I saw Ben dominating that floor for double the normal alotted time. Several times he shut Melea Dino or whatever is his name down as he cautions him not to interrupt him. Keep yourselves in the know Peps.

      • Jon Lawrence

        So shouting someone down is your idea of achievement.Lol

      • Man_Enough

        Talk abou empty vessels.

  • Chuks

    When you have been bruised by an ex-Governor, you chose to remain brother Bruce. Don’t be Bruce! The man is another ‘ineffectual buffoon’ at the senate where he is elected to talk, instead he turns a Twitter expert which makes him more connected with campus girls than his constituency. Politics or leadership is not the same with body sampling of beauty contestants or being ‘fortunato’ under PDP. Remain bruised or brace up.

    • Darlington

      Comparing Ben Bruce with Amaechi is like comparing Bill Gates with Tompolo. Ben Bruce was self-made before venturing into politics. He has thousands of people on his payroll via his companies. Can you tell me any reasonable Job Amaechi has done since leaving school outside politics? Amaechi is a tout when compared with Ben Bruce. It is obvious that Amaechi lack common sense which Ben Bruce is advocating for..

      • Chuks

        You guys have very terrible ‘you know who I am’ mentality. This is about leadership not beauty promotion. Bruce had better remained the Bill Gates of Nigeria’s campus girls where he made his mark rather than politics where he may turn out clueless no 2.

      • Man_Enough

        I prefer the smell of leadership than the aroma of wealth. Criminality always lurks in the corner beside the later, while the first exudes integrity. I want to be like the hard knuckled hero, amaechi.

  • Darlington

    Comparing Ben Bruce with Amaechi is like comparing Bill Gates with Tompolo. Ben Bruce was self-made before venturing into politics. He has thousands of people on his payroll via his companies. Can you tell me any reasonable Job Amaechi has done since leaving school outside politics? Amaechi is a tout when compared with Ben Bruce. It is obvious that Amaechi lack common sense which Ben Bruce is advocating for… Amaechi should bring back $150 million dollars taken from Rivers State treasury to sponsor Buhari’s primary and general elections.

    • Adewolu Kazeem

      Agreed, Ben Donald Trump Bruce became made after wacking NTA’s money to start that local station called Silverbird.

    • Jon Lawrence

      That is why the proper Bill Gate doesn’t do politics, he doesn’t take money from the public under the disguised of being elected politician. Ben Bruce had always been a toy boy for the military guys since 1817. That is how he makes a living. Like most Nigeria so called business men, he is no serious businessman but a front for those in power.

    • Danny Melvin Edheluebo

      Don’t u think Bruce’s common sense would have been more impactful if he dissipate half of his energy in the #Senate than on #Twitter and FB? The senate is the platform through which he can bring positive change and touch lives. Brother, #CommonSense is not really Common.

  • plassy

    If Nigerians are criminals is their President not no.1 criminal? Its better Tthe Nigeria Government conducts a census of Criminals so that the world would know them better. But a President who calls his country people criminals is not fit to speak for such a country unless himself is a criminal and speaks for his class/group. If 80m currency was not spent in an unacceptable way, I wonder if the mention of it will prick people the way it had unfolded. And if Buhari does lose sight of one who placed 80m govt money on a burner to cook a dish for Soyinka, then he is really dumb on what corrutption and criminality means..

    • Oyeniyi

      People like u have really got to learn how to pull off the wool in ur eyes whenever u to make common sense comments. Pres.Buhari didn’t tag patriotic Nigerians criminals rather he opined that Nigerians have got to stay put in their country and not going to foreign lands to perpetually bastardise the image of Nigeria. You guys who are Buhariphobia will do urself a great deal if u learn how to sieve the grains from the shafts and not masturbating every statement made by pres.Buhari.

  • Where was Senator Ben Bush when the Senate contemplated on passing the anti-social network bill?
    Did he voice his opposition?
    Who made Senator Ben Bush a Twitter warrior?
    Did Senator Ben Bush fulfil his promise of sharing his wardrobe allowance to the poor people of Osun state?
    What positive contributions has Senator Ben Bush made so far in the Senate?
    Has Senator Ben Bush started flying commercial just like he promised?
    The senators are about to purchase posh cars for themselves, what is Senator Ben Bush saying about this?
    Senator Ben Bush is a hypocrite, a Machiavellian; he has a calm demeanour and a phlegmatic disposition but his heart is full of deceit.
    Senator Ben Bush is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. a green snake in a green grass.
    Senator Ben Bush should focus on the affairs of the members of his constituency and stop acting like a busy-body.

    • Oleku

      Nonsense. Ben Bruce is the man of the people. Alhaji Amaechi is anti people of Niger Delta ati must be dealth with at the appropriate time.

  • Maria

    Ben Bruce is an idi0t…I Mr Ben Bruce as one of the those running organized crime cells in Nigeria. Now he found himself sitting in the senate representing organized criminals….I have no regards for criminals who parade themselves as senators…this guy serves no one interest except criminals.

    • Oleku

      Alhaji Amaechi is a bigger criminal. The most idiotic criminal from the Niger Delta who diverted state funds to fund the janjaweeds APC presidential camp ati impoverished his people. Amaechi is the real criminal. Cheers.

      • Maria

        Wailing wailer….Just as Jonathan diverted money meant for military for PDP…the most corrupt party in the world. The janjaweed are now ruling you, dont you know you are in trouble?

        • Kickboxer

          “technically intelligentsia” minion would blame their parents for giving births to them than admit to committing any transgression. Now brainless Buhari & “technically intelligentsia” looked the world in the face and informed us that MAFIA sent the 2016 budget to NASS….

          Oya…….Technical intelligentsia” e-robot…over to you…begin to defend brainless Buhari and his “Mafia.” hahahaha

      • Smarty

        The elections was lost 10 months ago and you are still wailing.

  • Jon Lawrence

    Ben Bruce, campus girls thinks he looks like Obama but thinks and tweets like Obanikoro.

    • Basketmouth


    • yitzkh

      It seems like that may be the case

    • Babso

      Apt my guy!

  • Kelly Tefiemine

    One million Amaechis can not be as intelligent and as good as Ben Muray Bruce.

    • Old No7

      Go sleep

  • SAM .A

    Yea , talks loud & dramatizes outside the gallery , but goes inside where he is paid millions to talk and debate , he does ” siddon look’.What a deceptive Bruced coward

  • Omeiza Abdul

    Tweet this Tweet that. Rubbish!!!

  • Paul Graham

    If Wiked today take heart who knows tomorrow but if your goodluck ran out, you are weakened because your shield is broken!

  • dabars

    Yes Nigerians know the minister, & the minister knows himself, Nigeria’s problem Begins from leaders

  • agbobu


    • IZON Redeemer

      As for your brainless head it does not need a response-yr trouble has a lot to do with your poverty of mind-u are still making babies at 67–u must be insane–mumu buharimice

      • yitzkh


    • yitzkh


  • michael

    Ok let us accept that senator ben refuse to advice goodluck on page of news paper like OBJ deed, but he has never been connect with corruption like achechi who stole rivers state dry. no matter what ben is far more better than amechi, amechi may be enjoying now because his man is in power, i think he will cry when another government that is not his friend take over.

    • Danny Melvin Edheluebo

      If he had had the chance he would have. Now he has the #Chance to #CHANGE things, he is busy #Wasting on #Twitter

    • yitzkh

      A possible scenario

    • Jon Lawrence

      I will equally be asking for Amaechi’s head if you can present evidence to back up your allegations against him. Who did Amaechi gave this loot and where was it banked and who with? We knew were Dasuki got his cash from, whom he gave them to, what the money was spent on, how much was given, how it was given, where it was given, all receivers had admitted receiving, many are willing to give evidence. The same applies to Metuh, Bafarawa, Haliru Bello etc. That is how to make a factual allegations. If Wike and his side kicks have these facts, that’s what they should do instead of making unfounded allegations without backups. When a true facts are presented, it shuts up even the ardent defence.
      Not one single person linked to the Dasuki gate starting with Jonathan had denied the charges, only that in a typical Nigeria rogue fashion, they still believed in their warped mind that they haven’t done anything wrong, despite the overwhelming evidence in front of them.
      Even Olu Falae had the audacity to make public that he is entitled to the money he received, even after knowing now that the money was stolen. That’s a typical Nigeria rogue attitudes. In most countries, he should be on his knees now apologizing but look at his arrogance despite knowing now that he received a proceed of crime.

      • michael

        it will be a sucide for buhari to probe thoes that put him in power, just wait and see what will happen in near future, u will hear how APC member stole money. I think u r ignorant to believe that only PDP members stole money.

  • Jacky

    Bruce is a pretender who claims to have public interest in his heart but only has his heart in his pocket and bank accounts. He’s only deceiving himself not Nigerians. We know him better now.

    • IZON Redeemer

      Monkey—-are u trying to compare yourself to members of the Bruce family or what—?–The father created wealth for Nigerians–He was the owner of DOMINO STORES—–in Lagos and all over the South west—so shut up unlike an Amaechi whom we do not know if he was picked as an orphan by an Ikwerre woman—I mean he Amaechi started life as a house- boy to Odili—-Ben Bruce like his father created wealth–started putting Nigerians on the global map long before Amaechi a thief left school-

      • Basketmouth

        So where are the stores now?

      • yitzkh

        Ameachi has come along way from being a house boy to being a Governor and now a Minister. What an awesome track record.

      • nick

        who is this Bruce family are you babbling about?…Amaechi may start as a slave or a]boy boy as you have said…the important question today is who is Amaechi today? who was GEJ before now . think before making not suprised though at all your posts..ethnic bigotry as been your surname..know today that no be how far na how well!

        • yitzkh

          True talk

      • Man_Enough

        You mean while ben was a spoon fed ajebutter, amaechi is a hard fighting spartan who has seen 99, looking for 100. A man like amaechi will remain my hero.

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    ijaw pikins …………………….

  • dis na Ijaw pikin or Ibo pikim

    Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has alleged that his predecessor, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, spent a whopping sum of $150 million dollars to finance the elections of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

    He said the former governor spent the huge sum between December 1 and 18, 2014 to sponsor the national election campaigns of APC.

    The governor made the allegation while speaking at a thanksgiving service held at Saint Peter’s Anglican Church, Rumueprikom, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, on Sunday.

    Vowing to recover all the stolen money belonging to the state, he called for a comprehensive fight against corruption and canvassed support for the prosecution of all those who allegedly behind the looting of the state fund. Unquote—-Buhari is a curse to Nigeria–

    The same Buhari who some few hours ago, blamed poor civil servants who are yet to be paid their Decemeber Salaries for the mess in the budget now says he is open to criticism again via the doors of his GESTAPO DSS?–The song among policiticians in Nigeria today is that, if u want to be free of Buhari Gestapo the EFCC and DSS–join the Apes in APC-in stealing Nigeria dry–Buhari stealing habits can only be comparable to that of Abacha-9jas were fooled by the CIA–into allowing them to impose monsters like Buhari on us-Nothing good has ever come out of his pisoned mouth-it has been one lie or the other–for the past 8 months-

    • Jon Lawrence

      I thought they said it was Tinubu that paid for the APC campaign? On a different day, they said it was Rochas Okorocha that paid for it. Today it’s Amaechi’s turn to get the payment certificate. They should by now make up there mind, some one even claimed that it was Kwakwanso that footed the bill. Lol

      • o’pak

        They might be wrong, but why not help and tell us who financed the campaign of APC? Was it from the N100 per member as in their membership card? Was it financed by Buhari himself or foreign interests? Or was it financed by Jon Lawrence. The fact remains that APC and Buhari spent some whooping sum to finance their election campaign and as they are probing the PDP campaign fund you should also do them some right to also probe APC campaign funding so that the speculations can stop.

        • Jon Lawrence

          There is a difference between using facts and using goose guess work. It’s not wrong to admit that you and I knew where APC got some of their money. But we all knew where PDP got theirs, from Aso Rock ATM machine called Dasuki.
          You also forgot that INEC gives each party money for the election. APC was a merger of many parties who also brought along the former party’s fund with them.. Each candidate running for office pay huge refundable sum to obtain a nomination form. They sold rechargeable cards, personal credit card, bank draft personal donations. All these put together is enough to run a campaign. The only reason PDP had to resort to stealing arm purchase money was because they decided to buy every traditional ruler and whoever they can afford to buy, they almost bought AIT, they bought all the newspapers. Some of you should use your brains properly.

          • Babso


      • yitzkh


      • abodes_124

        simple answer they all contributed to APCs huge war chest

    • Jon Lawrence

      We knew were Abacha cash were. Buhari is 72 or 73? So when will he starts spending this his loots you are alleging.

      • yitzkh

        The guy is a clown

      • Burning Spear

        Another sick brain-out in the open with his dirty vomit———————–if age had anything to do with money why is Buhari into the presidency–then Is it because of service to humanity?—————or to steal—————Why did he accept 5 vehicles- and 300,000 from Dasuki-And are u God–to know when Buhari will die–Monkey–No wonder u support apes like him in APC–cause u are also another brainless mugu!

        • Jon Lawrence

          Because in your family the person that make the final decision is the oldest guy or guys. Its called wisdom and Nigeria is no difference.

  • Action Group

    Ben Bruce is truly a bench warmer in the senate,we have not seen him espouse his “common sense” quotes on the floor of the senate but rather on radio and television.If he wants to make common sense to Nigerians let him sponsor bills that will alleviate the sufferings of the common man not just speaking grammar and tweeting to distract the government from its anti corruption war.

    • IZON Redeemer

      Is that the issue at stake now-in your head?-Have u not read comments on the way forward by him–if only mumus like Buhari had followed his common sense ideology he would never have sneaked into the Senate at night to steal budgets—and increased the budgetry allocations to Ministries and blamed poor cvil servants for his Abacha like thieveries-of the budget-

    • PlusOne

      I say, we say – BMB for President! Not PMB!!

      Honestly, Ben Murray-Bruce is a no nonsense Nigerian, we need someone like him at the helm of leadership and not herdsmen, who’s pocketed a professor.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has alleged that his predecessor, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, spent a whopping sum of $150 million dollars to finance the elections of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

    He said the former governor spent the huge sum between December 1 and 18, 2014 to sponsor the national election campaigns of APC.

    The governor made the allegation while speaking at a thanksgiving service held at Saint Peter’s Anglican Church, Rumueprikom, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, on Sunday.

    Vowing to recover all the stolen money belonging to the state, he called for a comprehensive fight against corruption and canvassed support for the prosecution of all those who allegedly behind the looting of the state fund. Unquote—-Buhari is a curse to Nigeria-

    • Babso

      Let Wike do all within the ambit of law to recover the money from Amaechi if indeed he meant all he has been saying. He is already sounding like a broken record.

      • Darlington

        Wike is exposing Buhari’s lopsided fight against corruption. Amaechi and Fashola with all the weighty allegations were appointed as Ministers to serve in the same government that is suppose to fight corruption. What an irony!

        • Jon Lawrence

          Am glad you called it allegations and not charges and there are huge difference between them. Am never going to say they are clean as am not in possession of any vital intelligence about individuals but if your claim is right, why didn’t Jonathan do something about it when he was there?
          Lopsided war agaiinst corruption is the language of the corrupt and their brainwashed goat supporters. The main is issue is: are you guilty of what you are charged with? And not who should be charged along with you before you believe that you had done something wrong.

        • yitzkh

          What are the alternatives?

    • Rommel

      I heard that stealing of public funds is a virtue that is reparded highly among the Ijaw,how true is this?

  • favourtalk

    I really like the response of the minister, the Ben can be shouting on Twitter but doesnt know how to represent it people in the senate ND always keep quite whenever issues that bother Nigeria are discussed.. Kudos to Amaechi to that reponse

    • tandi

      try watching the senate seats on NTA, AIT CHANNELS Tv stations in tuesdays then you won’t say such….bruce is known 4 his loquaciousness on the floor of the senate……

    • IZON Redeemer

      Amaechi should tell us how he has represented the Niger Delta people–or the SS? Is it by making a Fulani man head NIMASA- Or helping the Fulanis and Yorubas to cancell the Maritime University–for the Niger delta—under his watch? There is no way Amaechi can use his leprosy fingers to compare himself to THE FAMILY OF BEN Bruce-in the Niger Delta- or in any other area of his life-Amaechi will forever remain a House-Boy to Ben Bruce—-even in the next world-Who is Amaechi–in the SS—a traitor————–was he made by the wealth of his father–mother or cousin–who is Amaechi–picked up from the slums of Pitakwa as an orphan-?- Again who is Amaechi beyond Aba?

  • Samozalla

    I would vote for Ben Bruce over GEJ, PMB or Amaechi any day of the week. Ben Bruce has remained in PDP and has articulated clear ideas on what should be done to move Nigeria forward, I am yet to see Ameachi’s plan for he transport sector, why attack the person we should face the issues raised by Ben Bruce in the first place. I would appeal to Ben Bruce to stay out of the corruption discussion, that is APC and PMB only asset, PDP should be preparing for 2019 with an alternative, and what is the significant that Ameachi spent 80 Million naira for a dinner in the scheme of things? I am sure that Rivers State got value for the association with Wole Soyinka and we should learn to celebrate our leaders. Ameachi what goes around comes around… javu.

    • tundemash

      Please tell us what bills Ben Bruce has sponsored on the floor of the senate abi it is noise on twitter that you meant by “articulated clear ideas” ??

      • Samuel Okpolagha

        Two Biils actually: one on ALTERNATIVE ENERGY and the other on World Security Watch. For those of you who would rather castigate than help to convince others from your constituency to move the bills forward, what solutions do you have for Nigeria’s problems of electricity?

        At least this man (Ben Bruce) has made an effort in just 6 months of his being there. Although I am not one to support his latest quarrel with Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, but let us also concede the fact that to speak in the senate, the presiding officer (Senator Saraki) must approve that you speak before you can make your contribution. Older and more senior senators come first. So if Senator Bruce is seeking for public support via any medium available to him, it is an innovation worth looking into.

      • Tafida Gadzama

        He is a beneficiary of Jonathan’s administration looting.

    • Jon Lawrence

      Am sure you said that when you voted for Jonathan twice. PDP if Nigeria is serious, should not smell power again in 20 years for some of them who will survive Kirikiri. Return 2019, after what they have done? Just like that? Are you kidding yourself?

  • Chukwudi

    Ben Bruce all the way

  • Burning Spear

    The immediate past Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi stole $757 million, reliable sources at the Government House told our reporter in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, south-south Nigeria.

    It would be recalled prior to the general elections in Nigeria, Mr. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi had issues and a running battle with the former Nigerian First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, that snowballed into a full-blown quarrel. This precipitated a political crisis in the state that led to his defection from the then ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, (PDP).

    Rotimi Amaechi, our source revealed, had no option but to align himself with those opposed to Dr. Jonathan presidency. His fear was that should Jonathan, by chance, be re-elected as president of Nigeria he would suffer a great persecution which, our sources say, is unlike the courteous and gentlemanly nature of the former Nigerian leader to seek revenge or respond to every injustice done to him.

    Findings from our investigative reports revealed that Rotimi dug deep into Rivers State coffers and doled out piecemeal a whopping $757 million part of which was used to fund Buhari’s campaign and every hue and cry that has been raised so far to have Rotimi Amaechi investigated in spite of the glaring evidence against him tendered by the Rivers State Government has fallen on deaf ears.

    Our efforts to reach the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the (EFCC) Nigeria’s anti-graft body did not yield any result as calls put through to their office for inquiry and clarification on this very sensitive matter were rebuffed in no uncertain terms.

    Irked by this frustration at every turn to get Rotimi Amaechi refund this ill-gotten gains, some non-governmental organizations, (NGOs) have resolved to retain the services of foreign prosecutors by dragging Amaechi to the International Criminal Court, (ICC) or ECOWAS Court in the West African sub-region to prevail on him and his accomplices to return the looted funds belonging to the people and government of Rivers State, DailyGlobeWatch was reliably told.


    Leave the fight with Amaechi for us to handle-Ben Bruce-u are too important to us—to be allowed to trade words with animals like Amaechi—-

  • FreeNigeria

    “We know you talk here & do ‘siddon’ look where you are elected to talk.” Now, that’s an upper cut or a knock down.

  • His Royal Highness1

    Ben thanks for your outspoken unlike the criminal Amaechi who looted River state fund to sponsor buhari election. He is guilty as acused that is why he pick up a fight with you.

    • Tafida Gadzama

      Thanks Amaechi

  • Toughie Man

    Hi, Ben and Rotty Ltd, hope the business of Niger Delta vs Niger Delta is going on well? Keep fighting yourselves. You have eyes but cannot see, ear that cannot hear. Ride on and keep selling yourselves.