Metuh issues first statement since release from prison

Olisa Metuh

The National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Olisa Metuh, has issued his first public statement since his release from prison custody Thursday.

Mr. Metuh was freed on bail after over three weeks in detention. He is standing trial for alleged corruption.

In his first public statement since leaving the Kuje prison, Mr. Metuh said the PDP has since overcome the initial trauma that accompanied the electoral setback of the 2015 general elections, and is now poised to regain power at the center in 2019.

Mr. Metuh said the, “recent variance of voices” from its members is as a result of the party’s foundation of liberal democracy, which he described as a mark of strength, adding that the party has adequate internal mechanisms to resolve all issues within its fold.

The comments were contained in his opening remark at a meeting of the party’s Publicity Directorate with some visiting parliamentarians from the United Kingdom, led by Mark Field, member of Parliament and Chairman of International Office of the Conservative Party, and Colin Bloom, Director of Outreach-BCP in Abuja on Friday.

He told the visitors that the PDP faced serious challenges soon after it lost in the elections, culminating in the resignation of its National Chairman, a development that created some challenges within the party, but assured that every issue would be resolved by the party leadership by next week.

In his remark, Mr. Field advised the party to ensure that it does not trash its brand in the face of challenges. He noted that while it is common for some party members to demand the removal of leaders after electoral defeat, care must be taken not to jeopardize institutional memory in the party.

“Never trash your brand no matter whatever the government of the day is saying about you”, he said.

The interaction was attended by PDP publicity staff, social media workers of the party and officials of the International Republican Institute, IRI, who facilitated the visit.


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  • Akin

    You are one of those heartless people who have been sucking Nigeria dry so your political analysis is not relevant as of now. Get to grip and refund the money looted.

  • Paul Young

    Ok we have heard. Can we have our money back now?

    • The facts

      Which money? Did you lend him money?

      • Paul Young

        the money he fraudulently received. we will like it back if the both of you dont mind

        • Tunsj

          Prove it. If not. you are a CLOWN.

      • Tunsj

        He got nothing to lend President Buhari. Paul Young is just jealous.


      How much did you collect of the $2.8Billion stolen by Buhari?

      • Burbank

        Did GEJ provide any proof in any court for even 1 kobo stolen by Buhari?

        • Tunsj

          NO and NO.

      • Julius

        When did Jonathan say Buhari stole any money ? He was the president for 6 years.

  • tundemash

    These same UK “parliamentarians” dare not steal common £10 of tax payers money but asking a Nigerian rogue party not to lose their brand after mismanaging $2.1b arms money out of which Ole Metuh got N400m (£1.4m).
    We know they are on contract, let them come back in 2019 and vote.

    • Burbank

      And that’s the truth.

    • concernednigerian

      Maybe you have not heard of the expenses scandal in the UK from which some MPs are still reeling. You people misuse the internet to malign and defame your own people who have not been found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. The oil boom has done more harm than good because it led to explosion of universities in the country whereby everybody has had perfunctory education without the rational thought process that would have accompanied acquisition of higher education.

    • Tunsj

      Lol. “Ole Metuh”.

    • Cleartruth

      A member of the gullibles. Keep ranting and worshipping dictator buhari your god who budgeted 800 million naira just for website upgrade.

      • tundemash

        Keep wailing!!!

    • I sigh

      The same UK cannot let a senile mind rule them.

      • tundemash

        But at same time you cl0wns claimed UK and US rigged election for Buhari. What a confused soul.

        • Julius

          lolz. Yea, I just said almost the same thing. Ibos are funny losers. They bend with the winds ! Remember their fake cry about the rule of law and when the court refused to grant kanu bail, they dont believe in the rule of law any longer. What a curse people. They never take responsibility for anything. Its always something, somebody else fault. Blame the UK, USA, Russia, UN, ICC, Fulanis, and their main obsession the YORUBAS !.

        • I sigh

          That means that they can offer you garbage that they can never entertain or go for.

          • tundemash

            Confused soul ! Whatever they mixed up with you people’s food at the amnesty camp isn’t good for your mind.
            Buhari would be addressing the European parliament next week. Give us the story behind that ?

          • I sigh

            It is a fence mending mission and it is too late. He is so worried about the pro referendum of Biafrans by the EU.

      • Julius

        lolz. Now you like the UK you hate so much for siding with the Nigeria Government. See how a hypocrites like you expose themselves without even trying to ? You are a joke !

        • I sigh

          I just stated a fact and it does not in no way shape or form indicated my like or hate for the UK. Why must you interpret a clearly stated fact to mean what ever you wish.

          • Julius

            You wont know a fact if it hit you in your face !. Your fact is what you wanna hear or see. You stated your hatred for the UK, now you in love with them simply because some member of their parliament said something about PDP that you love so much .What a joke !

          • I sigh

            I thought you could read and understand prior to now. Let me repeat what I said and give you another chance to redeem yourself on this public forum “The same Uk cannot let a senile mind rule them” Let me bring it back home to you; If you say that the Igbo cannot let Okorocha rule them, does that mean you love or hate the Igbo for that matter (Even though you hate the Igbo In Nigeria).

  • persona

    How come the judge didn’t see that Metuh is also not remorseful like Kanu?
    Dem for no leave this basket case alone. The man is here already fighting for jersey.

  • Africa

    He looks better with the beard, I wonder why he had shaved it all along…

    • Aloa Akan

      He’s just keeping it pending the time he will return to his base in Kuje.

  • ayobamiba

    Even the west have seen through this charade called dasukigate,a calculated conspiracy against pdp and those who refused to buy into the axis of evil party fraudulent games called CHANGE.
    But let me sincerely commend buhari for beginning to take a bold step towards the real and holistic war against corruption on his recent bill sent to NASS against corruption. May God grant him more grace ,wisdom and courage to continue on this pathway till corruption is murdered in Nigeria. My take is that we have had
    enough of all this corruption induced media dramatization, buhari should develope a clear and unambiguous anticurruption road map bill and send to Nass on the real and brutal war against corruption with a separate anti corruption agencies peopled by highly intelligent legal minds and tried and proved incorruptible Nigerians who are very passionately angry against corruption .let d duration for every corruption case be nothing more than 18 months .let specialized anti corruption courts be set up like tribunals and let them be fully independent from our normal judiciary, let them have powers to summon and stripe even the President of his immunity once prima facie case had been established against him after due diligence investigations by crack team of unbiased, untainted and uncompromising investigators.let both the anti corruption court, agencies, etc be insulated from executive, legislative and judicial pandering /interference and let them be fully independent with full powers to arrest even the President if he puts himself into corrupt practices.the appeal arising from the tribunals shall go straight to the anti corruption supreme courts which shall be solely established for that purpose and all appeals must be decided within 90 days.let total forfeiture of all life acquisitions and properties of a convicted corrupt persons and death penalty be the punishment for corrupt practices. Also corruption must be defined to include wilful marginalization or cheating of any zone or citizens of Nigeria because of their tribe,faith,religion or ethnicity in the discharge of government polices,appointments and sharing of political or government patronages in Nigeria. It is too shameful to associate this malicious bizarre almajiri dance going on with democracy and justice. corruption war in Nigeria shall not be successful when the actions and inactions of authorities concerned are tainted with bias,nepotism, wilful malicious tendencies, discrimination against citizens based on tribe /religion, political inclinations etc. A corruption war that is not fought on clear and unambiguous transparent framework is bound to pull Nigerians twards tribal,ethnic ,religious and parochial narratives. Nigeria needs an anti corruption war that is all inclusive and encompassing and must not respect age,status,tribe,race,ethnicity, religion, political affiliations etc.we need to set up an anti corruption strong door where every Nigerian citizen must have to pass through without any discrimination or application of unorthodox manipulation and whosoever that got trapped in that door must pay the greatest prize for his /her corruption. This is d way to go about this war and all patriotic citizens shall buy into that war and support it with a burning passion. May God give our President more grace , wisdom and courage to follow this pathway. It is not good that an utterly corrupt citizens shall be parading their vile bodies on the media mocking Nigerians under the guise that APC is fighting corruption when indeed they are the same people that must be fought by Nigerians as the visible corruption that destroyed our nation.this is the mischief that is irritating reasonable Nigerians and making them opposed to this charade going on in our nation today.

    • Adeola

      Is it conspiracy against them when they were diverting money meant for procurement of arms into election campaign money? Buhari is too lenient with these rouges called themselves PDP. In advanced country, hundreds of them would have been behind the bar. If it is a country like US where the wife a fraudulent police officer that killed himself is arrested and being tried for knowing about her husband fraudulent acts, Metuh and others and some of their relatives that are making noise on Internet would have been sentenced to various years imprisonment.

      • Cleartruth

        Obviously you are one of those gullibles, cardinal okojie spoke about.

        • aisha ani

          Cardinal Okojie should go and face his work, did he just wake up or something?

      • Julius

        lolz. Thank you, well said.

  • Say the truth

    Word on the marble ‘Never trash your brand no matter whatever the government of the day is saying about you”,. For those of you in PDP that is a word of wisdom, never forget that. No matter and whatever, retain BRAND and preserve MEMORY. It is good for democratic development and history.


    Olisa if you are reading this,I want you to know that this country cannot be a one party state,and whilst I am neither member of the two foremost parties in this country,I’m urging you PDP guys to put aside all these whimsical differences and begin to strategize better. Stop painting PDP as a corpse that is being adorned for burial. We need a vibrant opposition to speak up and blow the whistle when the Govt of the day is missing it and you cannot do that when after 7months,you are having 4 Party Chairmen(some are claims). A democracy without opposition is not a Democracy,but an Oligarchy.

    • Jujubeans

      But you are talking to the wrong people. Don’t you get it? Metuh and his kind are skilled in very little besides stealing and rent seeking. All they have been doing their whole lives is “hitting” money. They don’t have the skills to strategise, analyse, plan, execute and build because they haven’t done the things that develop those skills. If PDP is to survive, they need to get rid of all these criminals, touts and ex prostitutes/mistresses who have been parading about with such authority. Then push decent, hardworking, skilled and talented people to the front, to run the party.

      • aisha ani

        Getting rid of the criminals and touts will be a good step in the right direction, next thing will be to register a new party and let PDP die a natural death.

    • Powerful

      Dasuki stole the armsgate money not Metuh. You tend to criminalize Metuh because he’s a Southerner and free the real thief Dasuki because he’s a Northerner. Shame on you.


        Bros,its a Shame you neither understand the contexts in which these comments were made,nor do you understand the comments themselves. Try reading the thread carefully

  • clairvoyance

    Metal so you nor learn anything from tour 3weeks sojourn in Kuje abi, you still dey hallucinate about Poofs returning to power in 2019. Don’t worry before then you will be serving your sentence till 2030, and you could be spokesperson of the sentenced politicians of PDPigs extraction in 2019.

  • SkyAboveLimits

    I dey laff in chapters…Olisa Metuh the Presidential Candidate of Nigerian Republican Party, 2019.

  • Cleartruth

    “Never trash your brand no matter whatever the government of the day is saying about you”, he said. This shows the UK government is very much aware of the persecution of the opposition in the name of anti corruption war while thieves in apc are rewarded with ministerial positions.

    No wonder cardinal okojie said that it’s only the gullible that are deceived by the selective anti corruption war. The yoruba e-rats are always happy to be deceived.

    • Julius

      The Ndibo red cap delusional criminals are all too happy pretending that all is well even when just getting out of jail. Shameless maggots !!

  • Taiwo Taiwo

    PDP remains the only national party in Nigeria and must never bend to the fascist regime of the confused grandpa

    • MammanJiyaVatsa

      Were this Gran-pa stupidly and willingly able to open the CBN for free money sharing like Jonathan, you’ll be praise singing Grandpa by now…. the issue with Nigerian’s is that of literacy, economic literacy of how and what to do with money…. if people like you have a basic understanding of how Jonathan has mortgage the future of Nigerians for the next 20 years, you’ll shoot at sight any PDP member at sight, man go get education bro !

    • TrueNigerian

      Your PDP is a citadel of corruption, period!

  • Romberg

    See what ‘strong head’ cam push someone into? He’s lost his steam, his money, his voice and reputation. The N400m he said he was not going to pay, he paid double and was humiliated in the process.

  • Pause

    I dey laaaaf in PDP. A beg thank you Metuh and PDP. The ongoing tribulation would make PDP the best party ever. Given PDP’s connections, if the party can’t pull a good one before 2023, latest, then no party can….again…I dy laaaf in PDP

  • favourtalk

    If anyone ever belive this thief and criminal again, he or she doesn’t really want a good thing for this nation, imagine how bad this people milked this nation when given chance to restructure it for early 20yesrs. They are a big disgrace to the nation

  • The statement credited to the visiting team and that of Chief Metuh can only be swallow by gullible minds.

  • Joe igbokwe


  • Biazowa

    I believe you metuh. Surely PDP’ll bounce back !

    • TrueNigerian

      Continue to believe Metuh and live in self deceit about the PDP bouncing back. Who will believe them again with how they have plundered our national resources without the slightest conscience? I dont see this happenning any soon.

  • Julius

    Hahahahahaha, this dude is trying so hard to still be relevant. After the party disassociated themselves from him. Somebody is delusional indeed. Typical of his kind, claiming winning while losing. Pretending like everything is going well. Na wa oo. Soon he will be claiming the government released him because they were afraid of the red cap Ndigbo .lolz

  • smart G

    We need a new National party. PDP should start the process now.
    There are enough bad things going on in APC that they can capitalize on.

  • ilesanmi

    Surely the PDP will bounce back because this contraption called APC which was thrown up by conspiracy, ethnicity, envy and religious bigotry can not endure for a term.

  • I sigh

    They cower in the face of terrorism. You scared them and PDP with Boko Haram. Why are the international news not asking Buhari for Chibok girls the same way they did GEJ?