What Buhari’s anti-corruption bills seek to achieve — Senate

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday requested the National Assembly to consider and approve Money Laundering Prevention and Prohibition Bill 2016 and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Bill 2016.

The bills are believed to parts of efforts to improve Nigeria’s legal framework to combat corruption.

The president of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, read the letters covering the bills at plenary on Wednesday.

Quoting the president’s letter, Mr. Saraki said the bill on money laundering sought to repeal the Money Laundering Prohibition Act 2011, and re-enact a more comprehensive legislation.

“This bill seeks to make comprehensive provisions to prohibit the laundering of the criminal activities, expand the scope of money laundering offences,” Mr. Saraki said.

“It seeks to provide protection for employees of various institutions, bodies and professions who may discover money laundering, enhance customer due diligence.

“It provides appropriate penalties and expands the scope of supervisory bodies.

“It also recognizes the role of certain self-regulatory organisations to address the challenges faced in implementation of comprehensive anti-money regime,” the letter, quoted by Mr. Saraki, read.

The second bill, Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Bill 2016, seeks to get relevant international assistance in cases of money laundering.

The Bill is expected to provide framework for “other countries to assist in provision of and obtaining of evidence, making of arrangements for persons to give evidence”.

“The biIl also hopes to elicit international assistance in criminal investigations, recovery, forfeiture or confiscation of property in respect of offences.

“The restraining of dealings in property or the freezing of assets that may be recovered, forfeited or confiscated in respect of offences.

“The execution of request for search and seizure, the location and identification of witnesses and suspects, the service of documents and other matters connected herewith,” it read.


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      • Wale

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  • Dodon Doya

    Very good PMB. First plug the holes through which the system leaks so profusely before crafting the economic blueprint – I think it is the logical sequence. The magnitude of corruption taking place in Nigeria is capable of shaking even the most profoundly grounded economies in the world. We expect the PMB to follow this with the economic agenda of his Administration.

  • Ukpaka

    Way to go!

  • Wale

    This bill should not only “provides protection for anyone who discovers and makes disclosure of money laundering”. It should also reward the whistleblower a percentage of money recovered from the looters of the money in question.
    The whistle blower law is what really keeps United States of America on track, not that they are no corrupt, they are humans as well, but everybody is watching everyone (citizen police) makes it work.
    Imagine a level 5 or 6 civil servant that’s privy to what was going on in ONSA and cries about the illegalities from that environment, for a cut of the recovered loot, in that case, you guys does not necessarily need people like Buhari in order to stop corrupt practices.
    People would think twice before they dip their leprosy fingers into the national piggy-bank, because they know somebody is watching.

    • New Nigerian

      RE: It should also reward the whistleblower a percentage of money recovered from the looters of the money in question…..This is a joke right? In Nigeria you dare not do this, for that in itself become a tool for stealing the people’s commonwealth…and NO, this is not how the whistleblower law works in the USA or anywhere, patriotism and recognition for that is the reward..not monetary gain. Virtue is it’s own reward…you just want to make sure that the virtuous individual is protected and not punished through direct or indirect retaliations

      • Wale

        I’m still waiting for your suggestion on how to “protect” a whistleblower in Nigeria.

  • Artful ºDodger

    Lets hope the criminals excuse for senators do not deliberately drag the passage of the bill until forever. This is the time when everyone must be patriotic as this government seek to move the country forward.

    • New Nigerian

      If they drag it on. The President can issue executive action. I bet he is just following the constitution and following through comprehensively on his mandate of killing corruption..delaying and stopping it is not an option.

  • “PMB would address the …750-member parliament from the 28 EU member countries. The official stated that the EU is supporting the war against corruption in Nigeria through a 35 million Euros project being implemented nationwide by the UN Office on Drug and Crime”

    Go Sai baba!

  • Odarije

    As good as the intention of these bills may look, I am of the opinion that the National Assembly should not work on the bills till tail end of Buhari’s administration. My simple reason is that Nigerians can’t trust mr president with fair and unbiased implementation of the law . His idea of justice is executing perseponal vendetta against opponents from his childhood. More worrisome is that Buhari in his unforgiveness, does not obey court orders but prefer extra judicial witch hunt of perceived enemies. It is very dangerous to grant this man more powers with his mindset of bestiality. A president who is lawless should not be demanding more laws!

    • Surajo Jafar

      Odarije, Zoo is for the Zoologists not other way round. Prepared your luggage before the law is enacted because such law is designed directly to pursue your so called perceived enemies but to us Nigerians such are the enemies of our Nation because instead to contribute they are looting and going free.

  • ayobamiba

    I want to sincerely commend buhari for beginning to take a bold step towards the real and holistic war against corruption. May God grant him more grace ,wisdom and courage to continue on this pathway till corruption is murdered in Nigeria. My take is that we have had
    enough of all this corruption induced media dramatization, buhari should develope a clear and unambiguous anticurruption road map bill and send to Nass on the real and brutal war against corruption with a separate anti corruption agencies peopled by highly intelligent legal minds and tried and proved incorruptible Nigerians who are very passionately angry against corruption .let d duration for every corruption case be nothing more than 18 months .let specialized anti corruption courts be set up like tribunals and let them be fully independent from our normal judiciary, let them have powers to summon and stripe even the President of his immunity once prima facie case had been established against him after due diligence investigations by crack team of unbiased, untainted and uncompromising investigators.let both the anti corruption court, agencies, etc be insulated from executive, legislative and judicial pandering /interference and let them be fully independent with full powers to arrest even the President if he puts himself into corrupt practices.the appeal arising from the tribunals shall go straight to the anti corruption supreme courts which shall be solely established for that purpose and all appeals must be decided within 90 days.let total forfeiture of all life acquisitions and properties of a convicted corrupt persons and death penalty be the punishment for corrupt practices. Also corruption must be defined to include wilful marginalization or cheating of any zone or citizens of Nigeria because of their tribe,faith,religion or ethnicity in the discharge of government polices,appointments and sharing of political or government patronages in Nigeria. It is too shameful to associate this malicious bizarre almajiri dance going on with democracy and justice. corruption war in Nigeria shall not be successful when the actions and inactions of authorities concerned are tainted with bias,nepotism, wilful malicious tendencies, discrimination against citizens based on tribe /religion, political inclinations etc. A corruption war that is not fought on clear and unambiguous transparent framework is bound to pull Nigerians twards tribal,ethnic ,religious and parochial narratives. Nigeria needs an anti corruption war that is all inclusive and encompassing and must not respect age,status,tribe,race,ethnicity, religion, political affiliations etc.we need to set up an anti corruption strong door where every Nigerian citizen must have to pass through without any discrimination or application of unorthodox manipulation and whosoever that got trapped in that door must pay the greatest prize for his /her corruption. This is d way to go about this war and all patriotic citizens shall buy into that war and support it with a burning passion. May God give our President more grace , wisdom and courage to follow this pathway. It is not good that an utterly corrupt citizens shall be parading their vile bodies on the media mocking Nigerians under the guise that APC is fighting corruption when indeed they are the same people that must be fought by Nigerians as the visible corruption that destroyed our nation.this is the mischief that is irritating reasonable Nigerians and making them opposed to this charade going on in our nation today.

  • New Nigerian

    This is strengthening the system to kill corruption before it kills Nigeria. The Presidency should follow through and ensure speedy passage of this bill by the national assembly and if there is a delay or it gets bogged down due to the inefficiencies of the legislative arm in fighting the good fight against corruption, the President should issue executive actions as stop gap measures to strengthen the system in killing corruption and recouping stolen commonwealth. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria

  • favourtalk

    In simple terms, we wants our money back and all the ones involved in the corruption system would be prosecuted immediately with great jail terms and no pity. What a great law, we believe the senate will act on time to bring the law to stay

  • ukoette ibekwe

    I don’t think the president’s has a constitutional authority go initiate a bill seeking to repeal a law that was passed by the national Assembly. And as it is it is dangerous territory to even allow Mr. President to initiate bills that are targeted to empower Mr. Buhari to have a seemingly unlimited power to continue to witch hunt his perceived enemies.
    Mr. Buhari has demonstrated a lack of respect for the rule of law, the court system and due process.
    He is a danger to our Democratic process.

    • IdiotsKilla

      Are you even serious? Do you even understand the legislative process? The Executive, represented by President Buhari, cannot initiate Bills? Where do you think the term “Executive Bill” comes from? What do you think is the job of the Majority Leader in a Senate?

      • ukoette ibekwe

        Did you read my opening comment? That the President does not have the constitutional authority to initiate a bill seeking to repeal an Act of parliament (NASS). That is the danger that we have because our legislators have very limited knowledge of the Democratic process.

        • Sadiq Garba

          Then you go and tell them (the legislators) what to do.

        • IdiotsKilla

          Yes, I read your comment. And no, you’re absolutely wrong to assume that the President does not have the constitutional right to initiate fresh legislation or seek to amend or repeal existing ones. I urge you to try to understand the legislative process. There are executive bills, those initiated by the Executive Arm of government (translation: President Buhari); then there are private member bills, initiated by individual lawmakers in either the House of Representatives or the Senate – once either chamber accepts a proposed bill for consideration, it is re-designated HB or SB (House Bill or Senate) bill. Even you, my brother, can, through your representative, initiate legislation to amend (strengthen or weaken) a bill or even canvass an outright repeal of an existing law! Once the bill is proposed, it becomes the exclusive constitutional right of the legislature to decide whether to consider it or even kill it without even taking it beyond a first reading!

          So, yes, President Buhari and any other presidents before him and those that will come after him, have the constitutional right to propose any kind of legislation to the National Assembly. It’s always only a proposal and the Assembly will decide what happens. That’s how it works.

    • Surajo Jafar

      Ukoette Ibekwe, as such then you urges to stop Mr. President from doing that by stopping the NASS to ascertaining the bill. You are the number one ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ayodeji Ajimisinmi

    If the senate was serious, this ought to be a bill the senate should legislate on and pass on their own. If it was a bill they will gain from, would have been passed in a jiffy. It’s a real shame that the presidency had to send this to the senate. It probably indicates huge corruption and greed in the senate. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, let see if they have the integrity to pass this bill