Nnamdi Kanu attends trial in handcuffs as court postpones bail ruling

Nnamdi Kanu

A Federal High Court in Abuja has adjourned ruling on the bail application filed by the embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

Mr. Kanu is facing a six-count charge bordering on allegations of treasonable felony, maintaining an unlawful society and illegal possession of firearms, among others.

The Biafran agitator was brought to court by the Nigerian Prisons Service officials in handcuffs on Monday.

During the hearing, Mr. Kanu’s counsel, Vincent Obeta, told the court that the offences for which his client was brought before it was bailable.

He cited sections section 158 and 162 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA), stressing that the sections contain his client’s statutory right to bail since he (Mr. Kanu) was not charged for a capital offence.

He said the offensc borders on civil right issues, adding that the right to agitate is guaranteed in a democracy.

But the prosecution counsel, Mohammed Diri, argued that the application did not meet the conditions stipulated in section 162 of the ACJA.

Mr. Diri, the director of prosecution in the office of the Attorney General of the Federation, expressed fears that Mr. Kanu would escape trial if granted bail.

He stressed that the defendant had dual citizenship.

The counsel therefore urged the court to deny the bail application and proceed with accelerated hearing into the matter.

In his ruling, after accessing the arguments of both counsel, Mr. Tsoho said the application for bail would be decided on January 29.

Shortly after the session, Mr. Kanu, along with some of his supporters, engaged in an argument with the prison officials as he was led out of the court premises.

Mr. Tsoho had on January 20 ordered that Mr. Kanu be remanded in Kuje prison pending hearing on his bail application.

Mr. Kanu was arrested in October 2015 by officials of the State Security Service, shortly after he returned to the country.

Calls for his release have resulted in violent protests in some parts of the country.


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  • tunde

    What did you expect? Did you expect him riding limousine to court?He was charged with treason and should be treated as such,simlple.I witnessed biafra war, the horrendous carnage and do not want a repeat performance of that bye-gone episode in nigerian history.Reach out to the federal government instead of causing trouble.

    • Betty John

      Why is the North and West afraid of the IBO’s leaving Nigeria. They said they want to leave and all hell is breaking loss because of that, You people from the North and West will surely one day suffer for all you are making the South South and South East go through while you have been living and looting our GOD given resource and the same parasite have the nerve to say he is fighting corrupt instead of say he is fighting PDP. To me that is the reason the oil price is falling and will continue to fall. When the goodies from the region stop and I am sure you will let them go because it will soon stop and by the grace of GOD once the IBO’s leave we from the South South are also leaving and I believe GOD that Oil price will pick up again only after we have left Nigeria

      • Richard Wall

        So the price of oil is falling because PMB is fighting corruption ( or as you so so elegantly put it,fighting PDP ?I dont know how to respond to this.Are you saying that you are happy with the way PDP looted our commonwealth?Why are you supporting criminality? I strongly suspect that you are a biafran masquerading as a Nigerian ,because it is only biafrans that support criminality.
        If biafrans want to go ,nobody is stopping them.They should all pack up and go. After all they declared biafra in 1967 without needing permission from anyone. Why do they need permission now?
        If you are truly from the south-south,it will appear that you were not old enough during the civil war. Please ask your parents about the events of the civil war. They will tell you that the non-ibos of the defunct eastern region did not support biafra.The few who joined the biafran high command like phillip effiong, kurubo (who later defected to the Nigerian side) were regarded as traitors.
        Civilians like n.u.akpan, m.t. mbu etc were also regarded as traitors.I would encourage you to read archives and you will find out that the igbos killed all non-ibos between Benin and Agbor when they were retreating from Benin. ?You will also know that Itsekiri ,Ijaw and Urhobo swimmers assisted the federal troops by sabotaging the biafrans at Forcados,Sapele,Koko etc

        • logmein2nite

          Cut the crab, we’re tired of the old story. Niger delta and Ibo’s are brothers and sisters. 1967 is a long time ago. People have grown up; they’ve seen Ken Saro Wiwa, they’ve seen the Odi massacre, they’ve seen the oil spillages and environmental destruction, they’ve seen the owners of the oil blocks, they’ve seen marginalization, they now know who are their real brothers of the same faith and those of strange culture and religion whose only true interest lies in keeping them divided while they cart their God-given resources away. A child born in 1960 you can still trick him by 1967, but if you still trick him in 2016, he’s the biggest f0ol the world has ever known.

          • Richard Wall

            Which “crab” do you want me to cut? Why dont you learn how to use English properly before coming out on public fora to expose your stupidity.The non-ibo in the south-south are only biafrans “brothers” because of the oil and the outlet to the sea,without which you bastards will be landlocked.You bastards only supported badluck jonadaft because he allowed you biafran criminals to hijack his armed robbery gang ( miscalled a government ).If he had been an honest leader, he would have been your enemy, so cut the ” crap” (notice how the word is spelled) about the south-south being biafrans ” brothers”. Nobody is your brother. The only brother you know is money, known as “ego ” in your accursed language.
            I am not from the south-south but I can tell you authoritatively that the Ijaw,Ogoni, Efik, Oron, Ibibio, Annang,Itsekiri, Urhobo, Bini-Edo, Ishan-Edo, Afenmai-Edo, Isoko, etc,etc,will never go with you animals.They will prefer to go on their own if it comes to that.It is only the anioma in Delta that may decide to go with you, in which case they will be asked to cross the River Niger and relocate to your evil biafra. They will not be allowed to be fifth columnists like Lt-Col conrad nwawo during the invasion of the defunct Mid-West region.After all Lt-Col joe achuzia and other anioma officers fought on the side of biafra, so we know where their loyalty lies.
            You biafrans want to exterminate the non-igbo in the south-south so that you will take over their land.You bastards even have the temerity to include the Idoma and Igalla of North-Central in your accursed biafra. Did they at any time beg to join you? Morons like you are living in “Wonderland” . You animals are just fantasists who refuse to wake up and smell the coffee.
            Pack your things and go.Nobody is stopping you.Did you bastards ask for anybody’s permission before you embarked on your suicide mission in 1967 ? I can assure you that if you all leave Lagos,Benin ,Warri,Port Harcourt, Sapele, Kano, Jos, Bauchi, Makurdi, Sokoto, Ibadan, Auchi, Oturkpo, Yola, Jalingo , etc,etc,nobody is going to ask you to come back. Try that and see.
            You can all go back to that your evil enclave called biafra and be kidnapping each other and robbing each and selling fake drugs to each other.
            We Nigerians will collectively go on our knees and thank the good Lord for His Mercies. It would be good riddance to bad rubbish.Criminals like you. You have already caused problems for Nigerians abroad with your criminal behaviour.While you are are it, please burn all the Nigerian passports you bastards have since I know you must be ashamed to be associated with anything from the ” zoo “.
            Moron like you.

      • Ayuze

        Lol. Of course we’ll let you all when the Oil dries up, Not before! How about that? Ewu!

  • Rollingdollar

    Buhari I am IGBO. Please prepare my own handcuffs @ #handcuffsonly4igbos. But make NO MISTAKE we shall fearlessly continue to expose the fraud that is Nigeria. Our weapon will remain THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      … noise disseminated from the mouth of an id1ot.

      Full of sound and fury but no significance.

    • blackdove

      All your noise making begins and ends in your small cell phone with internet data inside your small corner.

    • Ayuze

      No, your weapon will remain blakmail, kidnapping,oil bunkering and treasury looting. No handcuffs for you, Some legislators are proposing amputation for thieves,by the time they implement it you won’t have hands to wear cuffs. We may have to shackle your indolent legs instead. Lazy coward! Your criminal hero Kanu will be regretting his folly of allowing treasury looting politicians to sponsor him to scuttle the war on corruption. All you bigmouths cheering him on have your freedoms while he’s crying his lazy and dumb ass off. You cowards have not brought on the war you threatened. A big lesson for easily-led, lazy opinionated boys who because of their greeds fall into the trap of thieving politicians. I bet the peanuts financial incentives he was getting has dried up as all fugitives treasury looters are being rounded up one after the other.

      • Dr.Manny Ajebs (Phd)

        Ayuze, you comments to Rollo dollar smirks of hate.You can’t and shouldn’t make hateful, fighting comments in a civilized dialogue.
        Everybody is entitled to their opinions but when it boils down to insults, it conveys disrespect and nastiness.

        Although, I am Nigerian who lives in the United states – I was a boy of 7 years during the last Biafra war living in Lagos with my parents. Growing up in a federal state like Lagos, we were always scared because we were light-skinned.
        Don’t ever pray for war or wish that another man’s hands should be cut off.

        What are you guys really fighting for? Nigeria? A country that never gave a damn about its citizens!

        What you be agitated is how to bring all the thieves and looters from 1999 to date to justice so that all the stolen funds should be channeled into meaningful development and a safety net for the aged.

        Tell u what, the Western world : Europe and North America detest and can’t stand Nigerians. Even Ghanaians sell Nigerians cheap abroad.
        They are only interested in our natural resources, men!
        I suggest that we look in wards and ask ourselves:”Whence is it that we have come’..

        Wake up guys and smell the coffee….

        • logmein2nite

          Grow up and support your people in their quest for self-determination. You were living in comfort in Lagos during the first Biafran war, and now in the States as the 2nd is brewing. When are you ever going to fight for your people? The freedom you enjoy in the U.S was paid for by millions of martyrs.

        • Ayuze

          Dr Manny Ajens, I do agree with you to some extents that civilized dialogues should be devoid of insults. However , I make bold to tell you that there is nothing civilized about the bone of contention which is the Biafraud issue if you would excuse my language or block your civilized ears.
          I am usually coy to engage in using the type of language you described,but when you see a tribe targeting others and describing them(including myself) as animal and Nigeria a zoo, then the gloves go off!
          Myself and other patriotic Nigerians will not fold our arms and allowe!people that have just benefitted immensely from the goodwill of Nigerians to be so rude. I personally voted and campaigned vigorously for Gej just like most Nigerians did. Igbo people never complained of marginalisation then.
          Jonathan and his South South people went on rampage and bastardised our economy by looting Nigeria’s money . All their elites and thugs became billionaires overnight at the expense of their now protesting region. These boldfaced people even had the audacity to threaten Nigerians when it was obviously a performance issue that made Nigerians to vote out their man Jonathan who was behaving like Igbo President instead of Nigeria’s.
          It is therefore most obnoxious and a slap on our faces for anyone in his right senses to think they can shove down a non performing President on Nigerians irrespective of what tribe or region he came from.
          I personally would have voted for Gej if he had performed,and I believe it’s the height of bullying and intimidation for anyone or tribe to start throwing tantrums and threats for not voting a non performer.
          I would have probably be sympathetic to their course if they started their protest during Gej”s regime but not when they see an Hausa man as President. That is grossly irresponsible!
          My point is that all the blame game should stop and tribalism should not be elevated at the expense on Unity.
          I personally don’t care who governs Nigeria as long as the needs of Nigerians are met.

      • logmein2nite

        Before you talk about “oil bunkering” let’s return all the oil blocks to their original owners of niger delta; before you talk of “looting” let Babangida return the $12 billion oil windfall; before you talk of “kidnapping” let’s rescue the Chibok girls, end terrorism and stop Fulani herdsmen slaughtering farmers all over the country.

      • Dan Arewa

        You make my day.

      • PolyGon2013

        Ibos are cowards. Foolhardy is stupidity, and this is what ibos know how to do. When the chips come down, they run. Ojukwu, Zik, and Achebe were typical examples.

      • Mr B

        Shut up you big mouth. You can go and hang yourself, BIAFRA is here already just that you are so dump to see the handwriting on the wall.

        • Ayuze

          Mr B, your crime ridden hell hole should be call Biafraud. You bandits and fugitives living there will now be hanging yourselves high!

    • Arogbo

      There might be a lot of Hausa Fulanis and Yorubas who might be sympathetic to your course, but you guys must stop your hate comments. Please don’t be mad at me, I am just trying to add my own two cents.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    The most important thing here is that Nnamdi Kanu was in hand cuffs. It is important that he stays in hand cuffs to send a strong message to future Biafra clowns.

    • logmein2nite

      Why are they “clowns”? Because they want a separate country of their own?

      • Gugurus Ekpa

        Clowns are people who will print passports before they even have a nation.

        • logmein2nite

          And you’re not a clown when over 50,000 of your own people had been ruthlessly butchered by the worlds most wicked terror group not a single killer has been found, tried and jailed but you’re busy looking for fake passport. Your 219 young school girls are still missing you’re worried about a a fake passport that is probably less than 20 copies. I guess the world will not see you as the clownest country on earth, they’ll see you as the smartest and wisest people. Zoo!

          • Dan Arewa

            This came too late. The 219 girls were kidnapped at Dumbo’s watch and you did not complain at that time. Azubuike Ihejirika was named as one of the sponsors and financiers of Boko Haram by Mr. Davies and that was the time when GEJ was the president and nothing happened. The money meant to procure arms to fight BHT were shared among GEJ’s cabals and you people never complained. WHY NOW?

            Fake or dual passports is not my concern. You people are real clowns. Look at all the conditions surrounding the biafra agitation and you will laugh to yourselves. Or, do you want me to highlight some?

          • logmein2nite

            Dumbo’s watch? I thought the all-powerful General has been watching now for 8 long months? Infact I thought he’d tell his brothers to release the girls? Or are they not his brothers again? Blame, blame, blame. I guess the election campaign in 2019 (after 4 years) is going to be the blame game. Clowns. The 2019 election is going to be about economy, terrorism (the Chibok girls), jobs and infrastructure not about passports. So please allow the Almighty General to concentrate. Clownish clowns.

          • Gugurus Ekpa

            who do you suppose are my people? Are you on drugs today?

    • PolyGon2013

      I don’t have any problems with agitation for Biafra, all that they needed to do is go for it via referendum. If their current leaders disagree, they can always recall them or vote them out in our next election. Then, they can submit their referendum. As for those states that they are trying to annex, they must be brought to the table, unlike what Ojukwu did by invading his neighboring tribes. Thank God for Buhari.

      • Egbu Yugo

        You echoed my thought but I’ve some questions about the referendum. In which states in the present day Nigeria will the referendum hold? Will people from those states but living elsewhere(not in the proposed Biafra) be eligible to vote in the referendum? Will the diaspora be allowed to vote? Do we use our PVC or will a new card/registration be done? Who conducts/finances the referendum?

        • PolyGon2013

          At least it will be a start. Then, its modus operandi can then be spelt out, rather than the current mode of protests.

    • Otile

      Diaper sniffer, it is the same way reptiles and parasites had Obasanjo, and Oladipo Diya in handcuffs and fed them with feces until the inevitable happened. The worst that can happen to Kanu is if Duncee sends his yoruba slaves to poison him in the dungeon as they did to Abiola.

      For once try to make sense in your life, don’t respond with your childish diaper babble as usual.

      • Gugurus Ekpa


        For how many hours has your diapers been soaked?

        • Otile

          Diaper sniffer, have you been to Sambisa forest baby factory to lick diapers lately?

          • Gugurus Ekpa


            Are you having diaper rash with those soaked diapers?

  • GbemigaO

    Sorry Kanu, you ave to be in cuffs. Olisa Metu’s cuffs is becoming indefensible that is why it had to be applied to you too. I bet the next corruption arraigned people and the book haram suspects will all be in cuffs going forward. Hail Sai Buhari, our modern day saviour!

    • Peter_Edo

      na so!!! in the US and the developed world over, state or federal criminal suspects are brought to court in hand cuffs, no MATTER WHO THEY ARE

      • GbemigaO

        Thank you for the foreign insight except that in the US and the developed world over, they are consistent ,no matter who they are , wether they are Kanu, Metuh or Jafaru Isa !!!

  • favourtalk

    Kanu cannot excape this issues and he will be there for years, he and his family with supporters should put that at the back of thier minds nobody Wil bring up arm against the unity of Nigeria and go scot free he will surely face the consequences of his actions

  • Dan Arewa

    Namandi Kwenu, you have not start paying the price yet. You are just Ojukwu part II and you will definitely be OJUKWU PART II, and you know how it will end. The one million year dream will continue. You may wake up from your dream, may be after 1,000 generations passed.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Nothing new in that. I think he deserves that. You cant be threatening fire and brimstone on a country like Nigeria. You can only do that in your bedroom. CHANGE is here.

  • PolyGon2013

    Maybe we should bring him to court in a limousine! Kanu is a criminal, and should be brought to court, handcuffed.

  • Otile

    As always the case, Duncee, his slaves and parasites are giving Kanu the cruel treatment apartheid oppressors gave to Mandela. Slaves are mockingly rejoicing at their master’s cruelty forgetting that this kind of thing always ends with the liberation of the oppressed. God is charge, not Duncee, not slaves, not parasites.

  • Cleartruth

    Nnamdi kanu we love you. God bless you. God bless Biafra

  • Excisionist

    This government releases Boko Haram terrorists on continuous basis without trial. They are looking for who to accuse of terrorism when they have world renowned terrorists in their custody being released. This is hypocrisy at it’s highest.

    Guess who is behind the public humiliation of non-Fulani-Hausa politicians and activists :

    Abdulrahman Dambazau – Interior Minister


    1. Danbazau is a blood sucker.

    2. His term as army chief of staff would be remembered for

    a. The convoys of military equipment delivered to Boko Haram in Mosques and other places with full military escort.

    b. Danbazau is the former Army Chief of Staff the Australian lawyer referred to in connection with sponsorship of Boko Haram and supply of equippment to them. It was not Gen. Ihejirika as the Hausa-Fulani propaganda machine deceitfully made it out to be. Bad news for them – Western Intelligence Agencies are fully aware of this.

    b. Militarization of Fulani cattle herders who wore military uniforms and, using sophisticated weapons (including machine guns), slaughtered thousands of people in the Middle Belt areas and razed town after town and village after village.

    c. Extension of the heinous acts of the cow herders southwards to SS, SE, and SW as far as Suburbs of Port Harcourt and close to Lagos. They destroyed farms, raped women, engaged in armed robbery and kidnapping with impunity

    d. The beautiful city of Jos and surrounding towns and villages were destroyed during his tenure.

    e. Mismanagement of funds meant for equipping the army and building modern facilities such as hospitals for them

    3. Danbazau’s place should be at ICC not in Nigerian government.

    Doesn’t this video confirm what kind of man he is. Keep your eyes open because there are worse things to come from this man .