Dasukigate: How we helped Metuh exchange $2million – witnesses

Olisa Metuh

Two witnesses brought before a Federal High Court in Abuja by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have told the court how the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, and his company, Dextra Investments Limited, transferred the sum of $2million allegedly collected from the office of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

The first prosecution witness, Nneka Ararume, a wealth manager dealing in management of equities, fixed income instruments and real estate, said she collected the sum of $2million dollars from Mr. Metuh sometime in December 2014.

She said she changed the dollars into Nigerian currency and had it transferred to Mr. Metuh’s account.

The second witness, a bureau de change operator, said he had the sum of $1 million dollars exchanged to N183 million and transferred to the account of Dextra Investments Limited.

He however said he had no knowledge of either Mr. Metuh or his company, Dextra investment Limited, before that time.

Mr. Metuh is standing trial for allegedly collecting N400 million from Mr Dasuki’s office.


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  • nick

    So your frequent press releases was just to cover up all these .Haba Metuh…

  • Ukpaka

    The picture is getting clearer now. Now we really understand the transformation agenda of Nigeria according to Johnathan and his shameless crooks.
    The more they insult Buhari, the more they collect and the rest of Nigerians are fooled. Poor souls!.

    I’ve always wondered why these guys believed so much in Johnathan despite the reality of life in Nigeria. I was thinking maybe it was because they had these well-paid jobs but now I have a much better understanding.

    • Gary

      Jonathan’s transformation agenda is all about transforming Nigerian’s wealth into the private pockets of a few politically connected individuals!

      • Amir

        Jonathan, the calamity every country must pray against. $2 million is more than 3 years salary of the US president! This is what a man that grew up shoeless was not afraid or ashamed to donate to his party friend.

        • Gary

          Happening in a country with a life expectancy of 52yrs and people die everyday from diseases and conditions that would otherwise be easily preventable.

  • Gbenga Adebola

    So far,it’s yet to be proved that the money came from Dasuki. It was quite irresponsible for premium times to link the story to DasukiGate. The only thing I see here is persecution but EFCC is desperately clutching to straws. They will fail.

    • o.o. esquire

      Olisa Metuh may be facing 14 years imprisonment for STEALING and MONEY-LAUNDERING.

      • Netanyahu

        He will be facing two years jail, the counts will run concurrently, even if there are 100 charges..

        • F E R A N M I

          bros gone are the days of a slap in the wrist and the judge will tell the convict to go and sin no more, incase you dont know there is a new Sheriff in town.. Cant you see the bail given to Metuh that shows he will serve the maximum time according to the law and that is 7yrs in jail.. Shikena

    • The truth will set you free

      I think Metuh confessed to receiving the money. Also in any sane country no one can provide you with $2million cash unless that person is a criminal usually drug dealers to be precise

      • Julius

        Exactly !!. Illegal transactions ! Money laundering !!

    • Gary

      The prosecution says that the money came from Dasuki. Dasuki says he gave N400bn to Metuh so the ball is in Metuh’s court to prove that the money did NOT come from Dasuki. Even if he succeeds in doing that, he will still have to refund N400bn of government’s money he illegally received from Dasuki. It is similar to receiving stolen goods.

    • Powerlessconscious

      You are not current.

    • Julius

      Really ? Methu nailed himself, in case you forgot. He said Jonathan instructed Dasuki to give him 400mils. Where do you think that money came from ?. Guess why he was trying to eat his confession papers.

    • Jacob

      Please understands the charges against Metuh, he facing prosecution for receiving stolen money and money laundering

  • Action_Nigeria

    SO WHAT ?

    • The truth will set you free


    • Julius

      Genius, there is a law that you do not carry that much cash. Individual or company .Basic principler my ass. Talk about Basic principle, he should be using checks. Easy transactions and easy to document and traced if need be.Stop citinga case law that you know didly about.

    • eromsy

      Mr intellectually prowness, make a research on money laundry

    • JSA1


    • Jacob

      Hope u also know about unveiling a company, if not, please study more to update ur knowledge it.

    • Ajantala

      You are so RIGHT, but ONLY when you operate your business as such. But when you “co-mingle” your personal transactions with business, then all bets are off. Metuh sets up the business as a “shelter” for his “looting” ventures. Got it???

  • The truth will set you free

    $2million in cash, haba. Sometimes I wonder how Nigeria has survived this long with beasts and monsters in control. Our country was run by criminals, it got so bad that other criminals became afraid because it was no longer organized crime or looting just plain senseless looting.
    I doubt Bill Gates has $ 2million cash available

  • Nwade Chudi

    Is the witness saying that the money was collected from olisa Metuh and not from Dasuki .EFCC has not being able to link the money with Dasuki , their evidence is very weak by international standard .EFCC is being used by power that be to destroy Olisa Metuh but there is God who watches over the a fares of man.No travails last forever ,it is but a little time.

    • Henry_Itopa

      Corruption fighting back.

      Sadly only the dullest people like you are recruited for such a soulless task. Read the article and hopefully your brain can comprehend the article on 2nd reading.

    • Peter_Edo

      wettin you dey talk?

    • Africa

      No standard six, no common sense!

    • eromsy

      man, u at daft

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      We don’t know what to do with you or say to you!

      The only thing that even approaches a satisfactory reply to your 1diotic comment is for somebody to bite you out of frustration!

  • Chuks

    1. According to our laws, carrying such amount of money about is illegal and punishable by imprisonment. 2. For those who are confused: Metuh received the money in Naira from Dasuki. He bought dollar with it at a lower (CBN) exchange rate and changed it back to Naira at a BDC rate thereby making more profit from the loot. These are Jonathan’s type of ‘investors’.

    • Julius

      Money laundering !!. Another count .

  • Netanyahu

    For what reason did Dasuki give Metuh money? Are they gay partners? Of course not. When they appear in court the details will be out and may be somebody somewhere will bear the brunt.

    • Africa


    • Shugaba Nkasa

      We don’t know how you gay people do you things but that is besides the point because Metugh can now only either deny the transactions or explain how many goats he sold to acquire $3 million.

      • aisha ani

        That’s telling the fake Israeli boy.

  • tunde

    The birds are singing.Thank God!

    • Tunsj

      Agreed. But we need all those rogue vultures to sing too.

  • sammyctu ode

    This metuh of a boy has no shame at all. He was milking us and killing Nigeria underground while at the same time talking thrash daily against PMB and APC government who were trying to clean up their criminal activities. PMB we Nigerians want to let u know that u can’t shield Jonathan anymore cos it’s him we elected as president not his criminal aides. I hope the NBA will de-register metuh as a lawyer once he is convicted. That girl- ararume is a crook like her dad cos the dad is a known cocaine carrier in the 80s, a very corrupt boy who went to the Senate as a criminal. He was one of those being referred to when a retired AIG said there were a lot of criminals in the Senate of 1999 to 2007.

    • F E R A N M I

      God Bless you im sure if we look deeper in to the owner of that so called ARM it may be Infeanyi Ararume…..

  • Dazmillion

    Metuh goes to school

  • F E R A N M I

    Now who is going to safe mr Metuh from making Kuje prison his permanent
    home for the next 10yrs…. When PDP was in power this Anambra man will
    be doing as if he is God… Now that the chicken don come home to roast
    we will see his end… All the wailers shouting witch hunt where are you

    • Tunsj

      Well said. The people that are going to save Metuh are the trolls in this forum that are backing the rogue.

      • aisha ani

        The trolls are in there living room or bedroom enjoying airconditioner, Metuah is in OYO

  • ilesanmi

    The trial has just resumed..

    The prosecution witnesses confirmed helping Metuh,s company (not metuh in person) exchanged $2m to naira.
    Dasuki claims he gave N400m (not dollars) to Metuh and not his company, may be other witnesses may fill the missing link.
    By the way, why have we resumed the trial of a subsidiary case at the expense of the main case?

    • Reason-ability

      Did you read the statement from first witness that “she collected $2M from Mr Methu?

  • FreeNigeria

    No wonder dollars is now scarce in Nigeria. These PDP people finished Nigeria

  • skyfortunes

    EFCC is doing the bidding of their paymaster as was the case with Ribadu/OBJ…i am not saying the suspect is innocent of corruption, all Nigerian politicians are corrupt even the president and those backing him now

    • Usher

      So because all Nigerians are corrupt we should sweep all evidence under the carpet? Wait…. we should also release all criminals as most nigerians are potential money launders. Smh

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      What else would or should EFCC or any other institution be doing besides the bidding of its paymaster?
      You think you scored a low blow against the current administration. You don’t know that you have never in your life uttered any words truer than the ones you just wrote!

      EFCC is indeed doing the bidding of its paymaster. For your information, that paymaster is the entity comprised of those individuals we all know as Nigerians (including even you- our little impolitic friend).

      • Amir

        You are very correct. Nigerians pay EFCC, they should be doing our bidding. Previously they were doing the bidding of Dumbo a Fortunato which was to sit idly incompetently and receive recurrent budget with no output.

  • Segun

    I was at the court today to witness this trial.
    I think the EFCC has done its work properly.
    While we were told that Dasuki paid 400million naira into Metuh’s account, the witness said Metuh gave her dollars which she helped convert into naira and paid into Metuh’s account.

    So while EFCC is talking, of Naira, thier witness had a dollar transaction with Metuh.

    The witness too doesnt know the source of the dollar Metuh gave to her to exchange.
    This is difficult for EFCC to prove.

    • Chuks

      It is not difficult. EFCC have details of Metuh’s account withdrawals. Metuh withdrew the naira Dasuki paid into his company’s account, bought dollars with it at official rate and changed back to naira at black market rate thereby making more naira on the loot.

      • Segun

        Chuks I stated what transpired in the court room today.
        I do not know where u got ur own information.
        Maybe u work with EFCC

        • Aminu

          Metuh got igbo sense, he even made some gains on looted funds.chei there is God woo.

          • aisha ani

            This has nothing to do with Igbo sense, a thief is a thief.

        • Ajantala

          You’re right. BUT I think Chuks “assumption” is also right. Most, likely Metuh would attempt to cover his track. If looters were to do thinks according to book, then they would be making EFCC job easy.

    • Comfortkay

      Bros you don’t have a job that you do ? Instead you went to court to see Chief Olisa Metuh. Na waao

      • aisha ani

        It’s possible that the man is an attorney. Whatever the case may be Segun, thanks for going to court today.

  • True Nigerian

    Olisa Metuh, your comeuppance is here. As bitter as it may seem, drink the cup and swallow the mouthful.
    If it begins to feel painful and hard to bear, console yourself with a reminder that you had 16 years of sheer impunity…yes, 16 odd years of horrific, systematic, relentless, callous, and arrogant destruction of this country.

    You were my friend on Facebook, and you befriended me just in order to monitor or hack my account as you knew how I had become a ferocious critic of the horrendous banditry and roguery which you and your party sacrilegiously called “leadership”.

    Don’t drag Igbos into your travail. Igbos, as a people, were not the beneficiaries of your crimes and stealing. They, like other Nigerians, are victims instead. Besides, in our culture, stealing is an abomination. When you go into prison, use the time to remind yourself of what true Igboness is. Stealing is not one of our cardinal values.

    • Bie

      I must say I am impressed with your comment as it is one of the most detribalized comments I have seen in a long time. It’s like what I have always said about my state, there is a one time governor who is a family friend that come bomb come sleep, my family will never support him because of his questionably character with respect to integrity. So for me It doesn’t matter where the person is from. Once the person’s character is questionable he/she should face the dance.

    • ayo

      Nwanne m Chineke ga gozi gi…He did not chop the money on behalf of the Igbo people….

    • aisha ani

      Neither is it a cardinal value of any of the other tribes.

  • clairvoyance

    How much was the dollar to the Naira in 2014 that the bureau de change would exchange $2million for 183million naira. Was the dollar the official currency of the country under unfortunato?

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      one would think it was ….what with how he went around spreading the currency trying to buy votes.

  • Victor Aikhionbare

    Nna the chopping was the bomb. Dats why okupe call Jonathan Jesus Christ. CBN to dem na like eat as much as you like (buffet).

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Why is EFCC carrying on with this charade?
    Metuh’s family has already come out publicly and told us that he did not do it.
    WHat are you waiting for?…………….RELEASE the innocent man!!!
    Did you not hear his family???!! Release him abeg!!

    • Akpabio

      We heard his family alright. They added that Metuh is a titled man in Nnewi, if we have forgotten. The government is making ‘finishing touches’ to release him to his family before 2026. We must follow rule of law.

    • Peter_Edo

      something tells me you are being sarcastic!

  • Olise Sandra


  • Gugurus Ekpa

    So, now they have witnesses to corroborate the EFCC story, in which case, Metuh is closer to ending up in jail than he expected. cross-examination of these witnesses will not be helpful because Metuh is yet to show what services he provided to the Nigerian government in order to receive N400 million.

  • Peter_Edo

    Anyone notice the surname of the “launderer”? araraume… and her father is in APC and there is no way in hell or heaven that her father didn’t manipulate her into that position that she can help clean $2mill. and Metuh is PDP. corruption nor get political party or tribe oh!!!

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Why will the PDP not come to the aide of Olisa Metuh? The man needs bail and his beloved party will not help him to become free. What a PDP shame.

  • share Idea

    EFCC and their janjaweed story, someone collected Dollar from Metuh and changed it to Naira and paid same back to Metuh’s account and then it became money from Dasuki.

    Please can someone explain to me how the statement from this article suggests that the money changed was from Dasuki’s (NSA) before being paid into Metuh’s account. Does it mean that Dasuki gave Metuh dollars which was given to the people that changed it and paid into Metuh’s account or that Metuh has two accounts under the same name (one for Dom and the other one Naira) and Dasuki credited the Dom account which Metuh withdrew from and gave the witnesses to change, and was later paid into Metuh’s naira account. Nigeria we hail thee

    • ayo

      Dealing in that amount of money in any clime is money laundry my friend……

      • Omoba1

        Because they didn’t eat the money with him

      • share Idea

        Keep exposing your ignorance.

  • Malchine

    The report is so shallow.It hardly adds up, if you re-read it. And it deceives hungry people. Hope there are wise judges to dig for the truth.

    • Customer Satisfaction

      Please dont blame the reporter. He wrote what he witnessed in court. Abi you wan make im manufacture evidence?

      • Malchine


  • Malchine

    Under one dollar to three hundred Naira, it is possible that most hungry and unemployed Naija youths can believe any story that says a member of PDP swallowed three hundred billion dollars,for his supper; and for his breakfast, twenty billion Naira, then for lunch, ten trillion pounds. Let the courts prove if there was such money in this country. We cannot close our eyes that there are false witnesses and people could be bought to give witness.

  • Damilola

    Anyone with brains, no matter how meagre, will never find it difficult to understand this people are not ready for prosecution of their accuse. Anyone that eats will definitely excrete, why the concern and waste of energy about where and how he defecated instead of the legitimacy of what he ate? If not for waste of time and mediocrity, how Metuh changed his dollars is less of headache in this case, as how and for what purpose he got the money. I think that is what we’re supposed to hear here. I hope we’re not to hear this same story of how he changed his dollars to Naira or whatever currency tmrw. Besides I can’t remember Metuh denying receiving any money here, in lieu, he told us it was for a job done, so of what purpose is this drama pls? Are we not suppose to channel this wasted energy to get witnesses on the purpose and whereabouts of the money?

    • Customer Satisfaction

      Lol… My thoughts exactly!

    • bjay

      You people just make comments anyhow you imagine a man told nigerians he was given money and refused to explain what for, suddenly a witness told the court she was given $2 million to save him then you are getting headache for that.

      • Damilola

        It’s either you don’t fathom simple expression or u’re just as confused as ur friends here. My statement is asking d same question as yours. However, my point what has the witnesses said that indicate the money is from the Dasuki yam? Why are we concerned about the person that exchange the money, when we can use that energy more on getting to know on what purpose was he paid and the traces of such. What the woman said here doesn’t indicate the money is form Dasuki yam. If in wrong, point out where in this statement, that indicate that. Also tell me y the mallam that changed the money is more relevant than knowing the purpose of the money he got from Dasuki. My point is, looking at this closely, it doesn’t take us anywhere in this case yet

  • Aisha Sani



    Premuim times, I am not a fan of Metuh but you don’t have to invent stories just to nail the man. Nobody, not even the EFCC has ever said Metuh collected $2m cash from Dasuki as you reported, Nobody has linked the $2m to Dasuki. The fact in court is that Dasuki transferred N400 million to Metuh which the EFCC said is saying is for arms deal and Metuh is saying it was given to him for a national assignment. so let us try to report facts, while the court decides