Nigerians protest alleged extra-judicial killing by South African police

Ikechukwu Ayene, President of Nigeria Union in South Africa

Nigerians living in Gauteng Province of South Africa have protested the alleged extra-judicial killing of a 34- year-old man, Timothy Chinedu, by the police.

Mathew Okafor, the Chairman of the Nigeria Union in Gauteng Province, told the News Agency of Nigeria on phone from Johannesburg that Mr. Chinedu was allegedly suffocated to death by the police after his arrest at 9.00 a.m. on Saturday.

Mr. Chinedu is a native of Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo.

Mr. Okafor claimed that another Nigerian, who witnessed the incident at Kempton Park in Ekulurheni Municipality, Gauteng Province, saw the South African police arrest the deceased, tie his hands and cover his face with a cellophane bag.

“We suspect that Chinedu died of suffocation. That is why Nigerians in the province mobilised and staged a protest against this extra-judicial killing .

“The South African police is alleging that he died after ingesting drugs but a Nigerian witnessed the entire incident and reported it to us.

“The case has been handed over to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) that investigates police misconduct in South Africa.

“We have been given the contacts of key persons that we need to be talking to as this investigation proceeds so that we can monitor the development.

“An autopsy is being carried out and we are waiting for the coroner’s report.

“We have also reported this incident to the national body of Nigeria Union and Nigerian Mission in South Africa.

“We have also gotten the contacts of the relatives of the deceased and we have duly informed them of the tragedy,” Mr. Okafor said.

The President of Nigeria Union in South Africa, Ikechukwu Anyene, said the body had received the report of the incident.

“We take exception to the continued torture of Nigerians by the South African police.

“The union believes that there is the due process to follow after a suspect is arrested instead of resorting to torture,” he said.

Mr. Anyene urged the Federal Government to intervene by persuading the South African government to look into the continued killings of Nigerians by the police.

“We also want to state that the Nigerian did not die of drug ingestion as being alleged by the South African police,” he said.

Nigeria`s Consul General to South Africa, Uche Ajulu-Okeke, said that the mission had received the report of the killing of the Nigerian.

She said the mission would investigate the incident and present a report to the Federal Government.

Ms. Ajulu-Okeke, however, appealed to Nigerians to remain law abiding and report any incident to the union and the mission.



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  • Sir Louis

    A very unfortunate incident. Police brutality is becoming a serious problem in this well- liked country. If it is proven by the autopsy that the Police is responsible for the death of this Nigerian, they should apologise and pay compensation to the family. Nigeria should insist on that.

  • Maria

    They travel to another country committing crime….they have no regard or respect for their host countries going around with empty boasts…forgetting that those countries are not Nigeria where you blackmail the authority…shame on you who export criminality to other countries. Nigerians were well respected people in the 90’s and early 2000’s until our brothers from other side of the bridge began to export crimes to that country…

    • Du Covenant

      I don’t understand why they do not call on biafra to come to their rescue?, after all it is the proceeds of crime in other countries that they use to organise, sponsor the so called agitation in Nigeria. Secondly, how can you call a Zoo to come to your rescue when everywhere you find yourselves you abuse your welcome?….

      • Maria

        I lived in that country for 3 years doing postgraduate…I never had any issue or incident…the only times I went to police office were for taking fingerprints for residency….and those police were very polite…If you are a law abiding in south africa…police respect you. I remember travelling from Joburg to Switzerland…the custom and police screening at the airport asked me basic questions about my trip …I said I was going for a conference and they demanded evidence which I provided…they gave me a hug and said do us proud…do africa proud!

        • FormerNigerian

          A man from Mozambique was killed by South African police by dragging him along the road with a car, several South Africans have been killed by their police force as they’re exceptionally brutal, even more than the Nigerian police. Your warped thinking doesn’t surprise me as it’s the routine thing in the zoo. An igbo person within the zoo would react as you have if the person killed has a yoruba name. So such a demonic entity called Nigeria aka zoo cannot continue for long. God has called time on it, the collapse would become visible with time. Meanwhile, God created you with a conscience so stop being so inhumane and wicked.

          • Maria

            It is not about warped thinking…it depends on where you live and who you associate with….boy stop your illegal business in that country.

          • Oseto

            It’s the money from their land that you are using to travel everywhere for your nonsense conference, while you deprive the indigenious people their God’s given wealth. Now you re calling them names so that you will continue to milk them dry. Wicked illegal Nigeria.

          • Maria

            Oh really… money from whose land? From igboland or where? Hahahahahahahahahah….you people are sick… I owe Nigeria or igbo no dime…rather it is igbos who besiege my own land like locusts reaping where they never sowed….by the way, my education was fully sponsored by South African government and I am grateful to them not Nigeria…idiot.South Africa has trained more Nigerians probably more than Nigeria did for them the time apartheid. Despite apartheid…South Africans did not besiege Nigeria looking for jobs or hustling….Nigerians who go to South Africa to commit crimes are a disgrace and shameless people.

          • Oseto

            You see your life, you are opportune to be trained by south Africa govt. or whatever, so you never know what ordinary people suffer on the streets. You have been spoon fed since your life and have not see the other side. No need to hit hard on you, enjoy your luck but don’t insult others who are victims of inhuman policies being practiced in Nigeria. Moreover, which land has igbo people besieged that belongs to you, r u from south Africa?

          • Maria

            Being poor is no excuse for committing crime.

          • Oseto

            Haba! u again, What about those your elders/rulers that r using force to control oil wells in eastern nigeria while they are from northern and western side. Are they not committing crime or its normal because you r the ones benefiting? As for me it’s all about pot calling kettle black. Who knows if you are a big time criminal pretending to attend conference here and there.

          • Maria

            I have no elder controlling any oil well…lol! A big time criminal…pretending to attending conferences here hahahahahahahahaha…that is how you commit crime now…you claim you live abroad with no means of livelihood except drug…olofo.

          • Oseto

            Those who shout crime, crime may be the real criminals. Just in case.

          • Maria

            Of course… like Okonjo was crying she was fighting corruption only to find out she was actually looting the treasury…

          • Oseto

            Then you are the criminal yourself, so far you know them

          • Otile

            Do you really believe the low life? She is lying her head off to draw attention. Listen to her: “they gave me a hug and said do us proud…do africa proud!” Do you believe the bullshit? Apartheid thugs hugging a stinking whore asking her to do them proud, that will be the day. These are the kind of idiots_the give the Yorubas bad name.

          • Maria

            Idi0t… “apartheid thugs”? You expose yourself as a f00l. Because in your dream… giving hug to a dirty igbo man, a drug pusher, in SA of course is a taboo.

        • Du Covenant

          Thank you, the same is going on in Europe, US, Canada etc….I was in Jakarta February last year for an assignment quess what the same attitude everywhere. They have no respect for others anywhere they find themselves, they are into everything degrading to humanity because of greed, from PIMPs, drug dealers to out right common thieves in other people’s countries, what do you expect?. Respect is a two way thing but never with these people and the saddest thing we all have to carry this baggage by accident of history.

          • Maria

            Nigerians in Europe have no dignity because of these same people….Nigerians are considered people untrustworthy in Europe…No surprise…

        • Otile

          Smelly cunt, verily verily I say unto you, the devil has taken the hindmost of you. Wallahi. Read the story again. The story is about police brutality in xenophobic South Africa not about you. As a self-imposing Yoruba impostor you will interject your pompous self to take the center stage of any international story you year about. If you hear about another event in Australia you will rush out to tell the world how you were pampered like a queen on the way from Australasia to Allegmane to receive a nobel award of some imaginary ‘dokitarate’ award waiting for you in Europa and Cisalpine Gaul. Shame on you, liar and impostor.

          Your poor English belies you, and your_silly punctuation of … is ridiculous. Pathetic.

          • Maria

            Hey… idi0t, point out the English that is poor and let’s debate it or else you remain a f00l you have always been…idi0t.

          • Otile

            First and foremost I am pointing out that you are a liar. Don’t hide under your poor technicalities of English usage to bury your exposed lies. Impostor.

          • Maria

            Hahahahahahahahahahaha…your accusation was…”Your poor English belies you, and your_silly punctuation of … is ridiculous. Pathetic.”…Now you changed gear…. ode.

          • Otile

            I mean to say …story that you hear about.

            Learn to use that … punctuation well, misuse of it depicts you as a dunce.

          • Maria

            “As a self-imposing Yoruba impostor you will interject your pompous self to take the center stage of any international story you year about.”…Hahahahahahahaha…. “story you year about”…see the idi0t trying to correct English…Oluwa gbami!

          • Otile

            I saw the typo and corrected myself Immediately. Attack my logic before you attack the typo_idiot.

          • Maria

            Hahahahahahahahah…..mumu…now you see your trying to claim my English was poor gave you out as worse, only to claim it was all typo…lol! Omugo.

    • Netanyahu

      May you and your type die a more miserable and painful death in this 2016 before the end of first quarter, Amen.

  • Richard Wall

    It is sad that xenophobia is rife in South Africa.However there seems to have been a mix up.The article states that a Nigerian was killed in South Africa, but having read the article,I know it is not so. The name of the poor victim is Chinedu (may his soul rest in peace ), from Isiala Mbano,in Imo, while the association officials are okafor and ikechukwu anyene.and the Consul-General is uche ajulu okeke.
    I am a full-blooded Nigerian and I know for a fact that these are not Nigerian names. Nigerians have names like Osagie, Esiri,Dagogo, Tsumba,Ndagi,Zagbayi,Kogbara,Adakole,Omeiza,Gyang,Goni,,Adebayo,Balarabe,Nengak,Modibbo,Zira,Gadzama, Akhigbe,Omatshola,Ocholi etc etc,etc. We dont have names like okafor,ikechukwu anyene and uche ajulu okeke.I also checked and there is no place like isial mbano,or imo in Nigeria.
    I would advise Sahara Reporters to make the necessary corrections. I however suspect that the a article is about a west African country called biafra,as those are the kind of names in use in that country. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.Amen.

    • Maria

      All those names are real Nigerian names….If you dont know that Chinedu, Ikechukwu, Okafor etc are Nigerian names then definitely you are not a Nigerian… Chinedu, Ikechukwu are Nigerian names… Okafor is a Nigerian name except you say those names are biafran names. Those names are popular igbo names in Nigeria.

      • Richard Wall

        I am 100% a Nigerian.There is no ethnic group called igbo in Nigeria. We have Berom, Efik,Itsekiri,Yoruba,Kanuri,Tiv, Angas,Urhobo,Ogoni,Ijaw,Bachama, Gbagyi,Taroh,Isoko,Bini ,Ishan,Nupe,Yoruba, Hausa, Chamba,Jukun,Idoma,Alago,Eggon,Mighilli,Igbirra,Igarra, Kataf,Fulani etc,etc,etc,etc in Nigeria.The igbos are from biafra.
        Regardless of the fact that they are not Nigerians,it is sad when any of our African brothers is a victim of South African xenophobia.There shouldnt be this kind of black on black violence.We should be our brother’s keepers.If the South Africans dont want the biafrans,they should deport all of them,instead of killing them.

        • Maria


          • Richard Wall

            My sister biafrans are something else.How we ever got to be in the same country with them is what I cant fathom,(an unfortunate accident of geography).They will start calling South Africa the ” zoo ” but they will continue flocking there with their evil tendencies.Have you noticed that anytime there is a report of Nigerians engaging in nefarious behaviour abroad,it will always be biafrans who are the perpetrators/spokesmen lamenting the well deserved punishment inflicted on them.Check it out.May God save us from biafrans.Someone shout halleluiah.
            Take care.

        • The Nigerian quagmire

          Funny. ….lol. …I see your point and I completely agree with you.

          • Richard Wall

            My brother these biafrans and their wahala.Always crying marginalization.I’m sure they will claim the South Africans hate them because they are the “chosen race” (chosen by lucifer no doubt).
            They will start calling South Africa the zoo.Have you noticed how quiet it has been on the “eastern front” after 8 of them were “euthanized” by Buratai’s boys last week ? No more protests and no more ultimatums for the release of mazi nnamdi kanu aka cry baby.Thank God for small mercies.

      • Wale

        You missed the point.

  • 2hf

    Is it by force to go to south Africa?

  • Shahokaya

    Is it only Biafrans that are into drugs , robbery and other crimes in South Africa, why only pick on Ibos?


      There is no mention of drugs by either side,it is on record that the Yorubas in SA are responsible for most fraudulent forgeries in that country and financial crimes of all descriptions.

      • Maria

        The police said the man was killed by overdose of the drug he swallowed…I am sure you have never been to South Africa… Igbos are well known in South Africa…In fact…igbos in South Africa is synonymous with fraud, forgery, drugs etc…Igbos go there with forged certificates claiming they are doctors etc only to be exposed…Many who go to “hustle” are every nook and cranny of the township selling drugs…


          So you live in South Africa, well I was there for the world cup and spent 3 weeks in Joburg and Durban. All Nigerians are not bad, the Igbos mostly do merchandising while the Yoruba do fraud…..and as for drugs,drug dealers are found from all tribes including Yorubas who go there to “hustle” all the forgeries in Africa from Nigeria especially in financial crime have origins in “oluwole” lagos island. Yorubas are responsible for the bad reputation blamed on the Igbo.

    • NoSpinEd

      You are implication a fellow tribesman and every other foreigner of Nigerian extraction in one careless swooping statement. It has not been established yet that this man was a drug addict. It might be at this point a convenient police allegation after an embarrassing extra-judicial killing. In any case if it turns out to be drug related, two wrongs do not make a right. The most effective way to fight crime and corruption abroad and at home is to disassociate ourselves from the few among us that make the rest of us objects for suspicion, even if they happen to belong to our particular ethnic group.

    • Maria

      Yes it is only biafrans… while other Nigerians go there to do legitimate business, go to school, go to work as professionals…other such as biafrans go there to “hustle” doing drug business….

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Why are we Nigerians a nuisance wherever we are found? Why can’t we remain in our country instead of travelling to other nations to perpetrate crime? Why are we Nigerians so criminally-minded? Shame on us.

  • takethebus

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