Court grants former Zamfara governor, Yerima, N100 million bail

Former governor of Zamfara, Ahmed Yerima

A Zamfara State High Court has granted bail to a former governor of the state, Ahmed Yerima, who was arraigned on Thursday, by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, ICPC.

Mr. Yerima was given a bail of N100 million, after he pleaded not guilty to a 19-count charge of fraud alleged to have been committed during his tenure as governor.

According to the charge, Mr. Yerima diverted N1billion, meant for the execution of projects in the state. He also allegedly diverted N684 million alongside other accomplices.

After taking his plea, Mr. Yerima’s counsel, Mahmud Magaji, noted that the offences for which Mr. Yarima was charged with, were bailable, stressing that his client had no reason to jump bail.

Mr. Magaji further informed the court that his client was eligible for bail, even under the ICPC Act.

The judge, Bello Shinkafi, ruled that Mr. Yerima be granted bail for the said sum, with two sureties who own assets worth N150 million.

Mr. Shinkafi also ruled that one of the sureties must be resident within Gusau, the state capital.

The case was adjourned to February 29.


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  • Tritcall



    You can see that Southerners are fools. Metuh was granted bail of N600 million for unconfirmed stealing of N400.0 million but Yerima was granted bail of N100.0 million for unconfirmed stealing of N1.0 billion. You can see the different. That is to show you that Southerners are second class citizen in Nigeria. Metuh was in chain to court, but Yerima not in chain to court.

    Almighty God will destroy Buhari.

    • Mama Kay

      That curse should be on you and your family because Buhari is not the judge in any of the cases. He does not set the bail or give judgement.

      Surely, whoever curses an innocent person wrongly, curses himself because the curse must find where to go and it usually goes back to sender.

      • Abdullah Musa

        Thanks for maintaining your sanity.

    • ayo

      Your convoluted logic makes you look like a fool….What a waste of space….

    • Rommel

      Metuh ate the documents so he has shown capacity as security risk

    • Maria

      Hahahahahahahah your Almighty God na one wey dey destroy those fighting for just course? Your god must be a wicked god. Almighty God will instead destroy people like Metuh and the rest who ruined Nigeria…In Jesus Name!

      • tundemash

        Amen !

    • tundemash

      God will destroy those who looted your destiny !

    • Chuks

      You need some education. Yerima is an elected state Governor with constitutional mandate to utilise resources including money for good governance. Allegedly he ‘diverted’ or misapplied the sum of over N1 billion, but NOT TO HIS PERSONAL ACCOUNT. This is abuse of office. Metuh is not an elected officer and does not have any constitutional authority to request, cause or accept the payment of N400 million of public money into his or his company’s account without an open tender and award of advertised contract. Thus while Yerima is constitutionally empowered, Metuh is Jonathanly and Dusukingly rewarded unconstitutionally. Metuh should have contested for and won election if he wanted legal access to public funds! A friend of the president or his party is not a constitutional position. Further Metuh also attempted suicide by chewing non-food property of the federal government. Metuh’s bail bond was therefore very lenient.

      • Say the truth

        You Yerima was constitutionally empowered to loot?

      • Suleiman

        Chuks you should be ashamed of yourself. So a governor is constitutionally empowered to divert and steal money? where in the world did you go to school? When will you dumb headed people ever realize that there has been selective justice since this government came to power? Is it only the PDP officials that stole money? What about the nonPDP governors, Speaker Tambuwal, Kwankwaso who left a debt of 400 billion naira in Kano State? What about Fashola of Lagos, Ameachi of Rivers State? Please for God’s sake, if you have nothing to say, just keep quiet!

  • Pure Reasoning

    Former Gov. Yerima was arraigned for allegedly diverting about N1.7B and yet the court granted him a bail of N100M. What is the rationale for this? If he is convicted, beside serving a jail term and refunding every last penny is accused of, I hope one of his ARM is cut off. Remember, after introducing sharia in Zamfara, his was cutting he arms of defenseless petty thieves arms. Let justice prevail in this case and his arms and foots cut off given the amount involved. Hope justice is not delayed.

    • ayo

      Totally agree….

      • Peter_Edo

        same here

  • Cleartruth

    Why is he not handcuffed? What we have today is persecution of pdp so as to turn nigeria to one party state like north Korea. It can never work.

    • Rommel

      Because he did not come from prison,use your head sometimes my brother, while Mr Metuh was coming from EFCC detention,did you see him in handcuffs?

    • Maria

      Hahahahahahahahahah…mumu. Is PDP the only opposition party?By the way, there are conditions for cuffing…

    • tundemash

      He didn’t eat up his own statement so not a threat to the judge.

    • Chuks

      Metuh’s PDP ‘treated’ hands are like gum and he is a carnivorous danger to himself and others with his sharp teeth which he deploys at will as scissors, Yerima is instead a sharia apostle who is ready to surrender both hands to sharia scissors as punishment. Metuh is an inmate of a federal prison who has acquired some aggressive fighting skills from his colleagues, Yerima is resident as a federal senator who unfortunately has refused to acquire some decency from his disciplined colleagues. Thus Metuh’s handcuff is justly merited. Without PDP criminality, Metuh is already a failed and finished lawyer.


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  • Maria

    So, the father of sharia was also stealing?

    • TrueNja


    • share Idea

      That tells you the level of corrupt acts that are being committed by Buhari even in the mist of mouthing corruption fight.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Now, the bail amounts seem to reflect the reality of the crimes committed by these thugs.

  • TrueNja

    OMG, wonder shall never end in Nigeria. This is the same guy that introduced Islamic Sharia in the northern Nigeria and sponsor Boko Haram terrorist organization. He changed the secularity of Nigeria in 2001 and ever since, so many Nigerian innocent souls were killed or displaced due to his Islamic fundamentalism ideology. I pray to God that he should be convicted and both his hands and feet are chopped off and his corps shall eaten by pigs..

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    I wish he will be tried in a Sharia Court.

  • UYI111

    This perdufile child rapist stole this much and get 100 million naira bail .While Methu is accuse of doing a business worth 400 million naira and get 400 million naira bail funny country with different laws for different party people!

  • ijelejames

    This pedophile should be tried in a sharia court so that they can cut off his head for looting so much money. Thief!

  • FirecloudOFGOD

    Where is uniformity of our justice system here? Mr. Yerima diverted N1billion,…. He also allegedly diverted N684 million alongside other accomplices.” making a total of 1.7 Billion Naira stolen by this man that said a mans hand should be severed for stealing a goat! I wish it was one of those GEJ goat he stole! Yet“Mr. Yerima was given a bail of of only N100 million!.

    Whereas Metuh that “accepted” a ‘measly’ N400 million, he is given a bail of same amount. It LOOKS, sounds and smells like a political decision or possibly a vendetta to me. What yardsticks or guidelines do these judges use in determining the amount of bail imposed?

    • Say the truth

      It is the discretion of Justices Abang and Shehu or so they say. They chose to be used by the government to do dirty job. They chose to stake personal intergrity for political favors. For a paper less than 5000 Metuh has to deposit 300million. For 1.7billion Sanni is to deposit a meagre 100million. Shame on Aban

  • U. K. Charles

    Sharia law states that if you steal for the first time your right hand should be amputated from the wrist! When stealing is committed for a second time, the left hand should equally be amputated from the wrist!!


  • Say the truth

    It is the discretion of Justices Abang and Shehu or so they say. They chose to be used by the government to do dirty job. They chose to stake personal intergrity for political favors. For a paper less than 5000 Metuh has to deposit 300million. For 1.7billion Sanni is to deposit a meagre 100million. Shame on Abang and Shehu.

    • Suleiman

      Abi wuna no know se the man Yerima na APC member? At least dem don try sef to even de bring am to court. But may be the man don insult oga emperor! By the way, it is time for the Sharia Apostle to get a dossier of the law. He should have his two hands and two legs chopped of. If a man had his hand chopped off under the watch of Sani Yerima for stealing a cow, may be we should calculate how many cows amount stolen by Sani Yerima would buy and then cut the parts of his body that are the equivalent of the number of cows. Going by this formula, we might even cut his intestines off. Shame on this hypocrite and religious zealot who knows nothing about Islam but uses it only political purposes. No wonder, President Obasanjo called him thief, thief governor. This man drank so much blood during the sharia riots. In civliized socieites, this man would areadly be in jail for crimes against humanity and as a pedophile.

  • ayobamiba

    Nigerians were sceptical of buhari for 12 years until Jonathan political naivity and blind trust on the treacherous jegai allowed buhari access to the presidency . now that buhari have taken power,let him remember that power is not a constant possession for surely another citizen shall become President after buharis presidency. Upon all this macabre almajiri dance and corruption induced media trial,no single corrupt person have been properly charged with any convincing evidence that is capable of securing conviction under the kind of porous justice system we operate today. If buhari is fighting corruption and citizens like sanusi,timpre Silva, amaechi,fashola,fayemi,segun oni,tinubu ,obj are still walking as free men ,then this anti corruption crusade has a lot of questions to answer.again buhari should not be pretending that he is fighting corruption by arresting his political opponents and those who did not support his 16 years presidential aspirations and holding them under duress while tested and proved looters are dining and wining with him and he pretends not to notice the smell of corruption oozing out of them.again while buhari is busy chasing the shadows of the past ,decipating all his energies on the past,corruption is still having big owambe parties under his nose.let truthful Nigerians investigate the activities in government agencies like customs,immigration, police ,judiciary, universities ,nafdac etc and see if any thing have truthfully changed from what obtained before buhari.fighting corruption in Nigeria without a solid ,transparent and unambigus anti corruption framework is a waste of public resources and much more when all the efforts are geared towards the past with a biased ,discriminatory and malicious mindset ,while the present is left without any attention.
    Enough of all this corruption induced media dramatization, buhari should develope a clear and unambiguous anticurruption road map bill and send to Nass on the real and brutal war against corruption with a separate anti corruption agencies peopled by highly intelligent legal minds and tried and proved incorruptible Nigerians who are very passionately angry against corruption .let d duration for every corruption case be nothing more than 18 months .let specialized anti corruption courts be set up like tribunals and let them be fully independent from our normal judiciary, let them have powers to summon and stripe even the President of his immunity once prima facie case had been established against him after due diligence investigations by crack team of unbiased, untainted and uncompromising investigators.let both the anti corruption court, agencies, etc be insulated from executive, legislative and judicial pandering /interference and let them be fully independent with full powers to arrest even the President if he puts himself into corrupt practices.the appeal arising from the tribunals shall go straight to the anti corruption supreme courts which shall be solely established for that purpose and all appeals must be decided within 90 days.let total forfeiture of all life acquisitions and properties of a convicted corrupt persons and death penalty be the punishment for corrupt practices. Also corruption must be defined to include wilful marginalization or cheating of any zone or citizens of Nigeria because of their tribe,faith,religion or ethnicity in the discharge of government polices,appointments and sharing of political or government patronages in Nigeria. It is too shameful to associate this malicious bizarre almajiri dance with democracy and justice. corruption war in Nigeria shall not be successful when the actions and inactions of authorities concerned are tainted with bias,nepotism, wilful malicious tendencies, discrimination against citizens based on tribe /religion, political inclinations etc. A corruption war that is not fought on clear and unambiguous transparent framework is bound to pull Nigerians twards tribal,ethnic ,religious and parochial narratives. It is funny reading the reactions of some bewitched, jaundiced and ethnic /tribal malicious bigots hailing buhari for bastardizing our national institutions through this malicious vendetta. If we wilfully destroy all our national institutions, our nation shall be d worst for that.300 million bail for tearing a paper not a cheque leaf is like dancing naked at a market square. The difference is too glaring and utterly discriminatory for any sane mind to ignore. Under the same constitution, laws and justice system, a man accused of stealing $2.1b about 600b naira was given a bail for 250m naira,the one accused of receiving 400m and tearing his statement written on paper was given bail at 700 million, another one accused of stealing 1.7 billion naira was given a bail for 100 million naira.Nigerians who are beclouded with hate and tribal bigotry can’t see the danger of Nigeria fighting corruption on this kind of narrative but patriotic citizens of Nigeria are seeing the real danger in this kind of leadership because after buhari ,surely another President must arise.the worst form of corruption is d corruption of injustice, bias,discrimination, inequality, cheating and measuring with unequal scales.

    • Baba B

      Your stupidity must be as long as this rubbish you posted. If in the face of confessions from the likes of Dasuki, Dokposi and even Metu who claim they were paid billions for “jobs” executed for GEJ with money meant to purchase arms you see them as innocent while those whom you have only called thieves on paper are the ones proven guilty then your brain must surely be under your feet.

      • ayobamiba

        Dwarfed ,bewitched and ethnic, religious tribal blind like you can’t understand the points I am making with that long epistle. How on earth should I spend such a time,effort and pain with the intentions that a permanently damaged soul like yours shall be resurrected .continue in your wilful blindness,many years down the line you guys shall continue in lamentation.

  • smart G

    It is good that precedence is being set here.
    The only problem it will create is that an Incumbent will NEVER hand over to an opposition next time in Nigeria.
    The same allegations will surely be leveled against APC when another party takes over.