Cleaning Dambazau’s shoes in public “mark of respect” – NSCDC

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, has explained why an officer of the State Security Service (SSS) cleaned the shoes of the minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, in public.

PREMIUM TIMES had on Saturday exclusively published a 30-second video clip showing an armed security official cleaning Mr. Dambazau’s shoes at the NSCDC Academy in December.

Mr. Dambazau, who oversees the NSCDC, police, customs, immigration and prisons, came under severe criticism by Nigerians, following the release of the footage by this newspaper.

But a statement by the spokesman of the NSCDC, Okeh Emmanuel, justified the action of the security personnel and absolved the minister of blame.

“However, the news being peddled by some online media houses, alleging that the Honourable Minister of Interior LT. General Abdulrahman Dambazau (rtd) converts SSS officer to a “shoe shiner” is baseless, fraudulent and malicious.

“It is a diversionary tactics of the evil ones to cast aspersion on the personality of the minister.

“The honourable minister who was on a visit to NSCDC facilities at Sauka never beckoned on any of his aides to come and clean his shoe as alleged.

“Rather, if the “aide” carried out such a function, it means it was done voluntarily without any iota of compulsion.

“The demonstration by the SSS personnel was a mark of respect for his principal since he was not compelled to do so.

“It should also be noted that a man of the calibre of the minister, who was one-time Chief of Army Staff is entitled to aides that could help in ensuring that he looks neat at all times,” said Mr. Emmanuel.

The statement also said Mr. Dambazau is currently on a “working visit to the North-East to assess the condition of the affected victims of insurgent attacks presently at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States”.


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  • Maria

    Nonsense…Sign of respect? The minister’s hands are not munitioning or what? We demand his immediate sack…nonsense..These socalled leaders think they are gods turning fellow countrymen into slaves…No way…

    • abodes_124

      What a pleasant surprise Maria!, I had come to assume that you were a member of the blind support the government [and all its functionaries] at all costs brigade.

    • Sir Charles


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  • PolyGon2013

    Dambqzzau may need another shoe shiner on his trip. Dambqzzau should be fired.

  • Spoken word

    No need for all these press statements.

  • Kekedu

    what a statement!!!

  • Fadama

    Bollocks! Whoever released this statement should bury his head in shame.

    • tundemash

      His name is Okeh Emmanuel, it is not whoever. Address the m0ron by his name.

      • hyperbole123

        e don tay wen i see your wonderful comment. where u waka go since?

        • tundemash

          Bro , I took a well-deserved holiday. Compliments of the season. May God strengthen the CHANGE the more this year and may the rogues and wailers continue to meet their waterloo.

  • tundemash

    The crippled minister might just need somebody to wee or pooh for him according to another misfit Okeh Emmanuel

  • The Nigeria Future Project

    A people in bondage don’t know that they are in bondage – Sad

  • TrueNja

    This press statement by Okeh Immanuel is absurd and he should be ashamed of himself. Dambazau has abused his office and power . He doesn’t fit to be a Federal Minister in this new government. PMB, PMB, PMB, how many times did I call you? Imperialist Dambazau is a stain in your government and must be sacked ASAP. The whole world is watching.

  • DOD

    Nigerians are sick in the head. Imagine this rubbish press release

  • Nkem

    I smell a rat here. I am suspecting that this press statement is a smart scheme the NSCDC devised to dissociate themselves from the brewing scandal. See how they kept stressing that “the SSS personnel” and “demonstration by the SSS personnel….” As if to say “the culprit is not one of us; we were not involved; it was the SSS people”. Now DSS people, over to you.

  • hyperbole123

    na useless assholes be leaders for dis country. proper bushmen

  • Remi

    Can one imagine a Naija federal minister so low in human, social and political IQ. The situation is made even so sad when the same man can’tsee.his misdeed and I stead pushed out one Okeh Emmanuel to speak out and cover him. When he was a soldier he was expected to embrace the life of the barracks. Now as a civil govt minister he should also learn and adjust. Arrogance, impunity both leading to corruption, those are what have killed us this far. Don’t wait for another time dear PMB, this man should be sacked now. This Nigeria.

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo


  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Is this cultural or “Oga at the top thing” ?

  • Lanre

    Some people refer to Nigeria as a Zoo. A Zoo populated by animals. How low can we go? How far down the abyss of shame will Nigeria go? From the shame of Babangida and Abacha, to Yar’adua’s illness and now this. The worst part of this whole charade is that Dambazau has a Ph.D. Just like Jonathan. Does that then mean when animals in a Zoo earn a Ph.D, they are better animals?

  • No big deal. After all Mugu is Buhari’s “shoe shiner”. That’s why he goes to collect list of those to lock up in the gulag.

    • disqusnews

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  • RestructureNigeria

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  • Ukpaka

    A grown man should be able to clean his shoes before he leaves the house. If it’s a problem of shoes collecting dust while at a function, well, it’s an opportunity for whoever is in-charge to tar the walkways. Enough said!
    I still support PMB government…………this is a distraction we don’t need.

  • Skillz

    This is just absurd, a true leader should express humility at all times, this man’s action has shown he isn’t fit for any political office. How can he actually emphatize with IDP’s to provide succour for them if he sees them as ‘shoe shinners’???

  • Bigtin


  • tsunami1earthquake

    Can you hear the reasoning of this sycophant who parades as spokesman? Dambazzau never beckoned anyone to come and clean his shoes but if anyone came ahead to do it, it was a mark of respect! This statement is an example of reason flying out the window! So if the person came to clean Dambazzau’s shoes, what stopped Dambazzau from refusing such mark of ‘respect’?

    Nigerians with their ‘sir-sir’ syndrome is responsible for all the atrocities we see all over the place. Dambazzau is now a czar in his little niche of the interior ministry. Maybe he is secretly planning to be a czar in Nigeria. Buhari to take note please.

  • Walter Debosky

    Sickening! Just sick,sycophancy at its best!

  • I did It 4 Love.

    I am shocked with this press release. Disgusting fellows.
    Buhari SSS need to dismiss who ever gave the order to the shoe shiner to enable him or her move on to shoe shinning biz.
    What a shame?

    • Dazmillion

      Dont be shocked. The oga and slave mentality has its grip on Nigerians

  • C3kwe

    Really?, mark of respect? This ‘security ‘ guard and the janjaweed interior minister should be fired. They have brought shame to the country. Is this the chanji we are looking for? Jonathan’s ministers never behaved in this way.