Angry PDP condemns handcuffing of Metuh

The National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Mr Oilsa Metuh, at the Federal High Court, where he is standing trial over alleged N400m fraud, in Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has condemned what it called in a brazen display of authoritarianism demonstrated by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC Government in handcuffing its National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, even when the court was yet to hear his case.

This development, the party said, betrayed “an extra-judicial, top political witch-hunt policy of the APC, carefully designed to humiliate, embarrass and portray PDP leaders as common criminals and set the stage to cow and decimate opposition and perceived foes of the government”.

The party in a statement by its national secretary, Adewale Oladipo, on Tuesday, said “if not to mortify, dehumanize and break our National Publicity Secretary, who has been very vocal against the APC administration, and of course to send a signal to others critical of the government, what else would have informed the decision to produce him in court in handcuffs, even when his case does not border on security threat?

“Is this an attempt to sway the court and ambush the judicial process against our National Publicity Secretary, all because of his stance against observed ineptitude and dictatorial tendencies of this administration?,” the statement said.

The PDP also called on all Nigerians and the international community to note the emerging “barefaced abuse of state power and violation of constitutional provisions” regarding the arrest, detention and eventual arraignment of its spokesperson.

“Nigerians by now, should be extremely scared that our country is fast drifting into a police state where being in opposition or holding views divergent to that of the government makes one a criminal and an enemy of the state.

“For now, the target of the on-going lopsided war against corruption is the PDP and its leaders. All APC members, including those with known corruption issues are immune from investigation, arrest and prosecution.

“However, more worrisome is the fact that institutions of government, especially security and corrective agencies have now fallen victims of dictatorial abuses. Our fear now is that in no time, ordinary citizens of Nigerians, who in the last 16 years have lived under the rule of law and constitutionally guaranteed personal liberty, would begin to suffer brutality and oppression.

“Under PDP administration, some Nigerians, including APC leader and former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu were tried but never humiliated; now we see security operatives under this regime being used to crush and humiliate the opposition.

“Finally, while we study the bail conditions, we urge all PDP members to remain calm, united, focused and continue to pray for the nation and her people. We also urge the media to remain on the side of justice, fairness and rule of law and resist the pressure of being used as a tool to promote arbitrariness and abuse of process in the so-called fight against corruption,” the party said.


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  • eclub

    Metuh stands head and shoulders above the custodian and his jailers, look at the picture.

    • Julius

      but in handcuff !, Niceeeeeeeeeeee !!

      • eclub

        That handcuff is metaphorical!
        It’s a good thing.

        • tundemash

          So why are your PDPig masters lamenting Mr. Career Liar ?

        • Julius

          lolz. See, you criminals are a funny bunch. Chie, there is no shame in your land.

        • Iskacountryman

          he is an eboe political prisoner…

    • Paul Graham

      In handcuffs, Methuselah beards and shredder mouth?

  • Ashibogu

    These politicians should leave us to enjoy our lives. They have become a pain in our necks. Na today dem start to carry people go court for handcuffs?

    • Shahokaya

      Abeg ask these yam eating hegoats that eat our yam.

  • Dodondawa

    Ain’t nothing wrong with handcuffing a suspect. That’s the practice in civilized countries. Mr. Oladipo, please stop whining because the allegation is that the guy stole public fund and it is a serious charge.

  • By these acts, Buhari would forever remained blighted. Methu has been tried, condemned and sentenced by Buhari and his Gestapo. Methu is the face of Nigerian POLITICAL PRISONER. Buhari shall forever remain the arch enemy of Nigeria democracy. He destroyed our democracy before. He cannot destroy our democracy again. Our democracy was solidified in the last 6 yrs. It cannot be destroyed again by Buhari. By these acts Buhari has missteped and his credibility lost.

    • Gugurus Ekpa

      Really? Be quiet.

    • Paul Graham

      George. In the United States if you are suspected of smoking common weed or any other reason the Police will hancuff you before questioning you. Suspect in felony cases are not only handcuffed but wears leg shackles at hearings. Are you sure you are resident in Georgia?

      • sanetalk

        Please don’t glorify the chap, he can’t be living in a civilised clime like the US and be emitting all the baloney. He must be a wannabe

      • IG

        Where he for know Georgia? He has never enter a plane in his life.

        • Paul Graham

          Shuo!!! i be like say you no di guy man?

      • tundemash

        He’s a resident of amnesty village camp.

      • ayo

        He may be one of those guys sent to the USA on the amnesty program to learn to fly single engine planes by Kuku another fujitive from the criminal gang of rogues now in exile in the USA….Yeye dey smell

        • Paul Graham

          Even if the guy man spend 8 hrs for any City not airport oh. He go know say cuffing of suspects na normal routine for America. For trial in criminal cases na jump suite with waist, legs and hands shackled. If the guyman no get eye watch television, is he deaf?

    • Dodondawa

      The thieves who claims to be politicians destroyed your democracy and Buhari is just trying to clean up the mess for posterity. You may not like the way he’s going about it. You are entitled to your opinion, but this is the kind of action we need to straighten things up. You gonna see more of this. Please, brace up.

    • Paul Graham

      Metuh is the face of NIGERIA YAM EATER!
      The REPO man is out to repossess public funds.

    • ayo

      Please continue your early morning Gburu in the USA and leave us alone here in Nigeria. We are the ones suffering the after effects from the actions of these fools. If this guy has stolen in the USA the amount we are talking about here he would be wearing a yellow boiler suit to court in both hand and leg cuffs.

      Abeg carry your yeye grammar commot for here o jare…

      • Until Buhari takes the gutsy decision to revisit the $16 billions Nigeria invested on power generation by OBJ, I won’t count on this speculative $2.1billions or is it really, on arms by Jonathan. Let’s fight corruption in Nigeria and be honest about it. Media lynching of political opponents is straight our of dictators mamual.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Did the mail man fail to deliver the memo to the PDP which discusses how the world does not care about the PDP and their endless wailings and political shenanigans?

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    The world is a better place with handcuffed PDP members.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    PDP is grieving. Please, can the Nigerian government help the PDP by providing a bearevement center to help them with their endless grief as the war against corruption moves forward?

  • yeko

    Why can’t they condemn the reason why the prison authority allowed his beard to overgrown without giving him a clean shave. Yeye de smell.

  • Across Miles

    who is Metuh? criminal!

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    Buhari is setting a dangerous precedence that would haunt generations of urborn Nigerians.

    In less than one year of an opposition party taking the mantle of leadership in Nigeria, we are seeing acts and predilections reminiscent of the concentration camps and gulags of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet/Communist Russia.

    We are watching closely

    • Akiika

      Are you kidding me? are you presuming Metuh is innocent? Do you know the number of soldiers and civilians that died in the hands of BH because of the greed of Dasuki and his fellow yam eaters? You have no conscience.

    • Du Covenant

      Why are you outraged?, Is this man too big to be handcuffed or what?. We have been linient with criminals in our country this is why we are in such a mess. No one should be above the laws of the land, no one should be too big to handled like any other criminal in the land, we must make bad behaviour unpleasant to anyone. In Nigeria only petty thieves get treated like criminals, the big crooks go free from bank CEOs to any idiots who things he/she is influential in this our stinking society. He is lucky his legs were left free, he should have been given the American treatment, fellow citizens died because of the actions or in actions of these scoundrels.

    • ayo

      It would haunt only the generations of criminals in our mist not mine or that of the majority of Nigerians who are law abiding.

    • IG

      Buhari is only setting dangerous precedence to Armed Robbers like you in our society.

    • tundemash

      The dangerous precedence is you making a case for those who looted your destiny. Your generations unborn might just curse your memory one day for this action of yours.

  • Preye Aganaba

    A man yet to be convicted in a court of law is brought to court in handcuffs yet a well known terrorist kabiru sokoto is strolling into court without cuffs.
    And they keep telling us that Nigeria is not a ZOO…

    While Amaechi who emptied the rivers state treasury to fund APC is made a minister of transport
    And our rivers monorail is still suspended at azikiwe road

    • Akiika

      If you fix your ignorance, you’ll find that anyone remanded in prison get handcuffed when appearing in the court.

    • ayo

      Please spare us your ignorance. In the USA and the UK if you are arrested for driving offence you are hand cuffed when arrested. Because you have lived in a lawless country you have never seen this.

      • IG

        How man wey never come abroad before go understand how rule of law work? No blame that Preye, na Jonathan cousin. What do you expect from a brother to Armed Robber

  • Timothy Aseer

    What this administration is doing is it right at all ? trying to humiliate the opposition in the name of fighting corruption while APC members whom everybody knew with corruption cases are walking free in the streets of ABUJA. I won’t be surprise if they starts coming for us that air our views here

    • Akiika

      If you have any illegal yam in your possession, they’ll come for you. Go to EFCC with evidence for the loot of the APC members, we all want to see them in jail too. How do you expect APC members to be given out of the Dasuki largesse? aren’t they the opposition PDP is running against (common sense).
      Una never see anything!

    • Höly Wähala

      Didn’t Marilyn Ogar’s DSS also humiliate APC leaders including Spokeman, Lai Mohammed and El-Rufai? Short memory is your problem. It’s not yet over, Hilaru Bello will be taken to the court in a wheelbarrow… Clowns!

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      If it turns out you were airing your view after collecting money from the NSA, then all bets are off. Free speech must indeed be free.

    • tundemash

      Is there no NEPA transformer in your area to hug ?

  • Höly Wähala

    Cry me an ocean and I will remind the PDP of ugly Marilyn Ogar’s wee hours arrest of then APC spokeman, Alhaji Lai Mohammed during Osun State elections… Mrs Ogar later called a news conference to tell the world that Alhj. Lai looked like a fish out of water. Our world is round according to Galileo… the world that goes around has simply come around. Odeku jare!

    • tahiti4u

      “Cry me an ocean” ke let ’em cry river first nah…………lol

  • Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu

    IN RETROSPECT… When Buhari overthrew NPN-led govt in 1983, he placed Shagari (Executive President) on house arrest and clamped Ekwueme (vice president) into prison. Nobody can hand-cuff Dasuki. My brother, Olisah Metuh take heart because you committed 2 ‘dangerous offences’ of: (1) being the outspoken pub sec of PDP and (2) you are a Biafran. Our kiths and kin in APC are mischieviously celebrating because they see Olisah Metuh as a vibrant and fearless mouthpiece of PDP that should be silenced, so that PDP would die before 2019.

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    This bail is total executive interference with the judiciary and this would spell doom for Nigeria in the long run. As at today the penal code on corruption has not been amended to my knowledge. when another person stole pension fund to the tune of 6 billion and the culprit was granted bail in lower ridiculous sum with an option of 6 months in prison, so how come somebody with mere N400 million was given a bail, in the same amount in question with additional N200 million in surety. Our judiciary has been compromised and i pity this country. A government of vendetta

    • Du Covenant

      Tough luck, he should have asked for the judge in Ibori’s case to handle his case. This is the kind of judge we want to be on the bench in Nigeria not some funny looking idiots in those their English wigs!.

    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      Blame Jonathan and his body language then. You also have not heard the last of that. You never know who and who he shared the money with.

    • Maria

      Go and ask Jonathan….lol…We told Jonathan to fight corruption instead he was teaching us how stealing is not corruption…

    • tahiti4u

      Sir, so what you think defense lawyers are for? If a client finds the bail terms atrocious then it’s up to the defense lawyer(s) to argue it out and present their case abi no be their job be dat??? 🙂

    • sanetalk

      And under whose regime was this ‘bail in lower ridiculous sum with option of six months in prison’ granted? Under PMB it is not business as usual, thieves and looters are in for a hard time, no matter how much corruption tries to fight back

  • Bara

    A thief is a thief…forget about the treatment… I loved the judge.. I hope other Judges will follow the trend… …those thieving bastards should not talk about human right….they stole our own rights… now they must pay

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    The All Progressives Congress, APC, has accused the DSS of resorting to the use of torture to obtain forced confessions from the workers who were arrested during the first raid on the party’s Data Centre in Ikeja, calling it a contravention of the UN Convention against Torture to which Nigeria is a signatory and a violation of the citizens’
    fundamental human rights.

    In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said for the avoidance of doubt, it is necessary to quote a relevant section of the UN Convention to put the DSS on notice that it may be treading on dangerous ground, as it continues in its efforts to intimidate, harass and weaken the opposition to give the PDP an undue advantage ahead of next year’s poll

    ”The workers remained in chains even at the dark detention cell where they were made to sleep on the bare floor for the 10 days they were detained illegally, while none of their family members knew their whereabouts all through their ordeal. Guns were pointed at their heads by DSS personnel who threatened to shoot them, while verbal insults were
    hauled at them as if they were common criminals. It is simply incredible that Nigerians can be treated like this under a democratic dispensation,”


    • Ajayi Ifayemi

      Thanks for reminding us about this. Those folks suffered for nothing. They did not steal any money. They were arrested while doing the legitimate business for which they were employed. Yet some folks here will accuse Buhari of high handedness, I don’t know what they would call what happened to those folks. By the way the God of those innocent people is dealing with PDP now and He is not done yet. Many more of them will be handcuffed for engaging in daylight robbery.

      • Gugurus Ekpa

        There was a pregnant woman among them too. PDP did nto care who was dying in the process.

    • tundemash

      God bless you !

    • Patriotique

      The records speak for itself. I am not saying it should be done cos “they” did it first, No! I say let there be fairness and justice in the enforcement of the rule of law – if the poor guy can be handcuffed for petty theft, why cant the rich and influential guy? Justice is blind, let it remain blind.

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    I like the sending signal to others part. No more hiding place for the looters of our common wealth.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Sister Enza moved to Nigeria in 1996 and is currently looking after the community of Igbedor, a river island between Kogi State and Anambra State.

    In 2009, sister Enza contributed to the creation of the Emmanuel Childrenland Nursery/Primary School in Igbedor, where about 400 children attend lessons. In the same year she and the bishop of Onitsha, Southern Nigeria, founded the NGO Emmanuel Family, aimed at providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Igbedor.

    Drawing on her years of experience in the country, Sister Enza thinks Boko Haram is the result of Nigeria’s internal instability and politicians’ lack of effort to promote the country’s development.

    “I believe Nigerian politics – famous for its great corruption – does not aim at promoting the country’s development,” Sister Enza told IBTimes UK.

    “Politicians’ only interest is to get rich by exploiting the country’s oil. There is a continuous fight over oil production.”

    Sister Enza said: “Boko Haram will stop only when politicians’ corruption will end.”


  • Peter_Edo

    Anyone notice that the entire message didn’t address the crime metuh committed? no mention of the sharing of blood money…

  • Rommel

    Olisa Metuh reminds me of Lawrence Anini

  • Ukpaka

    During the last administration, i noticed countless number of police arrests, mostly for petty theft. At each occasion, these low-class Nigerians were in hand-cuffs even before they’re charged in court. I have never read an instance where anybody complained about criminals being hand-cuffed.
    Now, Metu is accused of theft in the excess of 400 million naira and PDP wants Nigerians to take notice. Why should there be separate treatment for different classes of Nigerians?. The law is no respecter of VIPs. You steal, you will get hand-cuffed. I don’t feel sorry for him or anybody accused of grave crime against Nigeria.

    • Peter_Edo


    • Patriotique

      on point!!!

  • Gbenga Adebola


    The worst was Abacha.

    The second worst was Buhari (1984-85).

    The third worst will be Buhari now.

    If you study the history of human right abuses and regimes that abuse human rights, you will come to see certain common elements that form a pattern.

    One such element is that such regimes will initially start off on a populist tone.

    It would make promises to improve the lives of the people.

    These promises assure the people some dramatic improvements in their lives – eliminate unemployment, pay money to unemployed graduates, feed children in schools, achieve dollar-naira exchange parity, fix minimum wage, eliminate corruption, establish perfect courts with honest and fearless judges, etc.

    But is clear to both the regime and the few educated members of the country that these promises could not be fulfilled, and that the regime is actually misleading the people.

    With such promises, the people appear initially to love the government.

    However, as time passes and the government is unable to fulfill those promises, there will be some growing disquiet among the population.

    That grows to a point where more and more people begin to question the regime.

    In an effort to retain the original popularity it had at the beginning, the regime uses police to try to suppress those who are questioning it.

    From such initially police intervention to bolster the popularity of the regime, there will be a shift toward a wholesale repression of all forms of opposition.

    If you look carefully, you will see that this government manifest this quality a lot.

    It came to power based on promises of good time.

    It is clear that it cannot fulfill those promises, even if it were to try.

    It is also clear that the population are growing impatient gradually or that it will grow impatient soon.

    It is also clear that there is a growing opposition in the social media against this regime.

    It is clear that the regime is making certain silly mistakes that feed these opposition.

    What do you expect would happen next?

    The regime would need the police (conventional and secret police) to intervene with a view to suppress dissenting views.

    That has already started happening.

    • tahiti4u

      Who cares if Buhari goes down in history as another Mussolini or Stalin as long as he weeds out the bad elements in our society he got my vote any day……

    • IG


    • blow fissh

      Sometimes it is good to be bad/abusive while fighting evil. I will take a bad evil fighter than a good yam eater.

  • akezua

    We can talk about his human rights later. PDP should ask Olisa Metuh to return the money first.

    There is no human rights for stealing 400 million Naira. What sort of human rights is that one?

  • Gbenga Adebola

    And some mumus dey say Metuh chop him statement so he is presumed dangerous like say them be prison warden wey follow dey there when them dey interrogate am. How low can people go in this country for heaven’s sake. Make them no forget say today na Metuh turn, tomorrow fit be Lai Mohammed turn. People may not change, but time always changes.

  • Gbenga Adebola

    What I find particularly irritating is the inability of some people to separate what they want from what is right and true. There is nothing wrong with the fact that you want Metuh charged but let’s go about it the correct way. All the nonsense gist about chewing paper, setting unrealistic bail terms and whatever else is a disgrace. After all, Is this not the same loot our “dearly beloved” claimed at some point not to have been looted by another dearly beloved?

  • Pam Daylop

    The handcuff is rather unfair especially considering that Dasuki was not treated in the same manner. Methinks this fight against corruption will lose its value because aside being selective, there are so many people awaiting trial already, even in the face of available evidences.

    • Critical

      Why is the handcuff unfair. In the US if u commit a common traffic violation like DUI, they put you up in handcuffs immediately. They are talking about a man that stole several millions and you are saying it is unfair to put him in handcuffs.

    • Dumbo

      Jonah Jang’s supporter

  • Maria

    If Metuh were in the USA, he would not only be cuffed in the hands….he would wear jumpsuit and his legs, arms and waist chained like a war criminal….USA is the beacon of democracy…chaining suspects to court is by no means authoritarian… Armed robbers are chained to courts in Nigeria no one ever accused the government of totalitarianism in those instances.

    • Johnson

      PDP is delusional. Which international community are they appealing to? Which serious country fights corruption with our kind of justice system? We saw what USA did to Madoff and DSK, we know what China is doing to its “Tigers and Cockroaches”. What operates in Nigeria is the Rule of Crime, where criminals with the means dance around the rule of law.

  • Okafor Emeka

    How to be a dictator in democracy.
    1. Arrest your political enemies.
    2. Cook up charges.
    3. Stiff bail conditions.
    4. Fry another fictitious charge if they ever meet the first bail.
    5. Hold them permanently incarcerated.
    Unfortunately you can’t suppress truth for ever.

    • Maria

      lol! I am just loving the dictator…God bless him.

    • ayo

      What an ignorant fellow….

    • tundemash

      How to be cursed for life
      1. Protest and wail over the arrest of those who looted your destiny
      2. Claim those who looted your future are being witch-hunted unnecessarily
      3. Pray and fast for your looting masters
      4. Be satisfied with crumbs from the table of your looting masters
      5. See every issue from the prism of ethnicity and religion
      Unfortunately, these rogues might have just stolen the future of your generations unborn too,

  • Omotolaaraujo

    Handcuffing is a standard practice. Metuh is a criminal suspect, so he must be treated like other suspects. We must be careful to show Nigerians that all criminals will be treated the same.

  • Jikandalhayola

    Perhaps handcuffing Metuh might not be unconnected with his outrageous and uncivil behaviour in tearing up the statement paper he earlier made to EFCC. Extra precautionary security measures have to be taken in dealing with such loquacious persons in a situation like this in order to forestall any unsavoury emotional response from them. People like him feel they are above the law. A sensible person who genuinely feels he is innocent of what he is accused of should, under normal circumstances, co-operate and submit to any interrogations to allow his innocence to be established beyond doubt.

    • Omo Akin

      You got it right. If I may add, we have seen more than a dozen PDP stalwarts arraigned before court for trial and not one of them was put in handcuffs; not even Dasuki or Dokpesi. The PDP man speaking here who is a professor should have asked himself why all the others were brought to court without handcuffs but Metuh had to be brought in handcuffs. His reported violent disposition is the reason he had to be ‘cuffed.

      • Sir Demo

        Don’t you know Wake Oladipo? Pls stop wasting ur time on anything from such perfidious character. He is an older version of FFK. Incidentally both are from Ile Ife and belong to Omisore, the Killer, group.

  • Chuks

    Metuh should not be allowed a ‘free hand’ lest he eats up the court papers, judge or prosecution witnesses. He abused his freedom the last time by using his fingers to obstruct evidence, destroy government property, and impair justice. It is again for his own safety as Metuh has become a danger to himself or the court if he decides in full camera to ‘Orubebe’ the place. PDP leadership are dangerous and ruthless criminals!

    • Patriotique

      I was told he ate up missing budget too. hahaha

  • gboyegaa

    What makes the PDP officials different from all other Nigerian citizens? Are other Nigerians too not handcuffed by EFCC?
    You will tell us Buhari should build a new jail for him if he is convicted and sent to jail because he is a very special thief.

  • bjay

    PDP is crying wolf metuh is a criminal even without judgement, a man who eat statement papers should be hand cuff, buhari we ordinary people of nigeria want you to hand cuff every body that stole our common wealth or money.

  • tundemash

    Are those accused of armed robbery not handcuffed ?

    • Abiboss

      The difference between an armed robber and a looter is nothing. They both come to steal, kill and destroy!

  • Clairvoyance

    But nah thief, why ona dey yarn opata. Continue dey support them e be like say metuh share reach your corner that be why you pdpigs leadership always dey find fault with his trial nor worry hand go touch u soon enough.

  • Tunsj

    The handcuff and his attire should be displayed in a museum in Nigeria.

  • monti omeka-agu


    • Reymeline

      He even put the man inside the boot of his car not until pple started begging him. The man’s curse on the day is the result of what happens to him today – Hummilated someone in school premises and he is being humilated beforethe whole world. God’s judgement is not far.

  • The Leader

    This APC Govt has gone mad! They will not escape the repercussion for all this draconian acts.

    • Sir Demo

      Go and get your brain, if you still have it intact anyway, examined

  • Sir Demo

    Ekpas pls Google PERP WALK and get educated. For God sake, Metuh was sent to jail by the judge becos he is an accused, and was sent back after the bail hearing. If it is in US, the prison van will be packed far, to parade him in cuffs and wearing prison uniform!

  • Chris

    Your political wars should be resolved amongst yourselves don’t bring the people of Nigeria into this issues.

    • otunne steve gofrey

      Who was the governor CBN when all monies were transferred to private accounts? Why is he or why are they free?

      How do you investigate fraud without input of who authorized the transfer?

      Is APC government’s EFCC really fighting corruption? or being used to destroy opposition and perceived voices against the government?

      Lets be slow in passing judgement, The courts are still in session.

  • Patriotique

    Yeye pdp. Na only poor man them want us to handcuff. So bigman wey thief money should not be handcuffed? Ol0shi. Oya na, yams have been separated from the goats.

    • otunne steve gofrey

      Lets ask these question, Who was the governor of the central bank when
      these monies were transferred to private pockets against central bank
      legal functions? what was his contributions? why has he not being
      arrested? How can APC government’s EFCC conclude investigations on
      transactions handled by CBN without questioning the CBN governor on seat
      when the alleged crime was committed?

      Answers to these questions
      will educate us whether APC is actually prosecuting holistic war
      against corruption or chasing political relevance.
      I advise Nigerians to be careful in passing judgement now. Lots are covered with war against corruption uniform.

      • Patriotique

        who cares? half is beta than none. Did our brother fight corruption in his administration? shay he was even proud to say he had no enemies. wen thing got worse by the day then and the govt then was telling us that economy is at its best, where were u? maybe u don’t understand, let me tell u – many are happy to see the looters, who caused them untold hardship by stealing the country’s resources, being prosecuted. but there will be a greater satisfaction to see the looters return our money and chill out in jail. that is the first step. the rest will follow: abundance, discipline, prosperity. So man, find a seat and stay on with the movie.

  • Reymeline

    Metuh the School-Teacher beater…
    Metuh beat-up a school teacher sometimes in Abuja and put him inside his car booth only for pple to beg him before throw him hout of his car booth. The man’s curse on the day is the result of what happens to him today – Hummilated someone in school premises and he is being humilated before the whole world. God’s judgement is not far.

  • favourtalk

    They should have been angry when he stole our money but they allowed thieves to thrive during thier government and they are still at the side of corrupts men in thier government, it shows that PDP can never change and that is a major reason why Nigeria can never vote for them again. We need a better opposition not just clueless and continuous unimproved party

  • Artful ºDodger

    PDP, call it all whatever you like, Oliseh Metuh is not different from a petty thief who has stolen a goat who get brought to the court in arm and leg chain. He think he is above the laws of the land when he is a nonentity and a thief. He should have been remanded in the same cell like every other petty thief since arrest instead of being treated like a human being.

    • otunne steve gofrey

      Lets ask these questionw, Who was the governor of the central bank when these monies were transferred to private pockets against central bank legal functions? what was his contributions? why has he not being arrested? How can APC government’s EFCC conclude investigations on transactions handled by CBN without questioning the CBN governor on seat when the alleged crime was committed?

      Answers to these questions will educate us whether APC is actually prosecuting holistic war against corruption or chasing political relevance.

  • otunne steve gofrey

    Handcuffing of Chief Metuh publicly has no other name but evil, sadistc and satanic perpetuate by benefactors of decent and pure democratic precedent. PDP prosecuted arrests and trials without dis-respecting democratic norms, rule of law and fundamental human rights.
    EFCC, Indeed head of APC government has publicly shown that democracy is not in their dictionary nor respect to fairness of the law. The happenings and processes employed by APC government’s EFCC has shown that these accused persons have no chances for fair hearing, Nigerian judges are on trial or hot seat to either do the will of present government to retain the seats or defend the constitution and lose the appointments or be branded corrupt and jailed.
    Dasuki was charged to court unhand-cuffed, Haliru Bello was charged to court handcuffed etc, all the northerners that were charged were handled like human beings but the Igboman was humiliated in detention and publicly, the same indication that Nigerian President Gen. Buhari hated the igbos with unparalleled passion.
    Nigerians are shouting, Corruption war! corruption war!! but the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria who authorized the payments of these monies from central bank to private accounts, Mallam, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has not being invited or questioned. Is this how to fight corruption?
    We know that Central bank is backed by law to disobey unlawful directives, therefore, for the arms funds to have left central bank to private accounts need questioning of the CBN governor or governors that authorized them.
    I support holistic war against corruption but never a selective one.
    Those laughing today should remember that tomorrow is pregnant and that Jonatha laid a precedent for decent democratic setting future for Nigeran nation.

    • Bryan

      Please try to get your information correct. The central bank governor that approved the money for arms wasn’t SLS.

      • otunne steve gofrey

        Who ever that was CBN governor and all the CBN governors when these alleged crimes were committed are supposed to have being with EFCC by now, if EFCC is sincere and holistic in their purported war against corruption.

      • Burbank

        He’s confused, but tried to make an attempt to remain confused.

  • Gbenga Adebola

    I think some people here seem not to understand the difference between an accused and offender. Under normal circumstance an accused is presumed innocent until a competent court of jurisdiction proves him or her guilty. So if any f00l expect me to celebrate vendetta on the name of trying corruption that person needs a rethink in as much as am against corruption. If Buhari is sincere of getting nigeria free of corruption then there must be no holds bar or exemptions of which there is no doubt he will be equally guilty. Justice is based on equity. Although I can understand it if he gives himself a presidential pardon of which I will support. But the truth here is Buhari is on a retaliation return and has nothing to offer Nigeria.

    • Burbank

      Waling since 28 March 2015.

  • Burbank

    Taiwan’s former President Chen Shui-bian was handcuffed upon arrest for corruption
    Mubarak was tried in court on his bed
    Slobodan Milisevic was handcuffed in Serbia and the Hague.