Buhari appoints new NDLEA boss

President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Muhammad Abdallah as the new the new Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.

The Secretary to Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, made the announcement on Monday through a statement signed by Bolaji Adebiyi, Director of Press, SGF Office.

According to the statement, the appointment which takes effect from January 11 will be for a first tenure of five years.

Mr. Abdallah, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Nigeria Army, has a Certificate of Education from Nigeria Defence Academy in 1977, a Bachelor’s Degree in American Politics and Government from Sam Houston State University, Huntville, Texas, USA in 1989, an M. A. Public Administration, LLB and LLM Degrees from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 2005 and 2011 respectively and Bachelor of Law from the Nigeria Law School in 2006.

The statement noted that Mr. Abdallah is a Professional Security Officer whose public service career spanned over 30 years during which he served in various capacities and strategic positions in the military.

Born on November 13, 1954, the new NDLEA boss is from Hong, Adamawa State.


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  • Screw-em

    Can’t question this appointment. He is eminently qualified!!!

    • PeterPaul1


    • Mentor

      For where!

  • Adam

    Now it is time to sack that ex-convict ,Bode George’s wife, Roli George as the Director-General of NDLEA .She has no administrative experience whatsoever.It is only a “government” like badluck jonadaft’s that would make that kind of appointment.PMB please do the needful fast.

  • Dazmillion

    Only Jonathan will appoint a hairdresser as DG of a very sensitive and important government agency like NDLEA. Only a PHD holder suffering from epilepsy will approve such an appointment.

    • Maria


      • Otile

        Lol what? What do your fulani masters contribute to Nigeria. Adorable masters my foot.

    • TrueNja

      Though I’m not GEJ fan, you must be a low life person condescending hairdressing as a profession. What is bad in the appointment of a hairdresser to government position(s)? Hairdressing is not a profession? You can never and you will never achieve what some notable hairdressers have achieved in life.
      Just to mention few of some notable hairdressers who had or have become multi million or billion entrepreneurs and household names.
      1) Madam CJ Walker of America, the first Black woman millionaire was a hairdresser
      2) Toni&Guy hairdressing – Toni and her brother Guy were the founder of this successful world acclaimed hair dressing industry
      3) The legendary Hollywood hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, founder of Vidal Sassoon hair products was a hairdresser
      4) Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was a hairdresser and makeup artist

      • Dazmillion

        My friend I dont know where you got the impression that I am insulting hairdressers. My point which your blind as bat eyes did not see was that appointing a hair dress to Ndlea is like appointing an accountant to perform heart bypass surgery on a patient.


      IBB dashed a SS oil block to his wife’s hair dresser and dress maker Alakija…she is today the richest woman on earth.

  • Lanre

    It is high time this man called Muhammudu Buhari is impeached.There is no better way to declare a war on the South than these bigoted appointments. I call on Igbos and Yorubas to unite in the interest of coming future generations. We are the two main ethinc groups in the South. We owe it our leaders departed (whose mistakes we must correct) and to the unborn generation. This is slavery going on in Nigeria and the Hausa-Fulani are our masters.

    • Taster

      No way – Some love slavery so much that they can share their wives with a northerner just to be above an average easterner who guns for equity, justice and fairness.

      • Titi

        y u de cry like baby, you do not think of bigotry when going to the ballot box.. u people are very weak in thinking

        • eclub

          Although couched in crude terms, she actually makes a salient point central to everything happening.

        • Taster

          When you are a born idi0t just as you are, no medication works anymore.
          You are done as a slave and must go down as one.

      • Buhari4Ever

        Who wants to be like the indigenous thieves, armed robbers and kidnappers in the Sourh East?

        • Taster

          Then start campaigning for nigeria and the daura idi0t to let the chosen people GO!

    • whales1212

      Lol, you’re a real clown bruv,if you’re going to your country biafra, why worry about appointment in Nigeria then? I am offended with the name you’re using to spread all this bigotry. We “lanre” are usually “fairly ” well behaved.

      • Lanre

        Well-Behaved, as in slave. Got you.

        • tundemash

          Prove u aren’t a slave by using your real name first instead of propagating ethnicity under a false name.

          • Okolo

            But you are the real slave, perhaps an Awusa man who goes by ‘tundemash’.

          • tundemash

            Mr. D@ft, u all keep chorusing same thing these days. The election defeat must be hurting so badly .

      • Otile

        We all have a right to oppose Mohamed’s injustice. What does the North contribute to Nigeria?

    • Titi

      you are the only one complaining man, leave yoruba people out of your bigotry

    • Ajantala

      Hahahahaha. You never cry reach. You don forget your bayafara?

    • tundemash

      Mr. Ethnic bigot, this will ot fly.

      Did Yorubas claim they voted to be given appointments or for good governance no matter who is in position ? Those that dominated positions under Jonadaft, what did their tribe achieve ?
      Wail about your future and destiny that was stolen by Fortunato, Dasuki, Dokpesi and others.
      Be bold to use your real name, u are a coward and a fraud !


    The Buhari northernisation/Islamisation project is in full swing………Asiwaju, how market na ~~?

    • eclub

      Asiwaju and other Yoruba Muslims are indistinguishable from Hausa/Fulani people. So, don’t do any calculations based on rationality.

      That’s why only Muslims rule lagos etc.
      They’ve accepted that they are satellites fir the North.

      The stunner is why do the Christian Yorubas accept 3rd class status behind their Muslim brethren. Is it numerical advantage, what do they use to subjugate them?

      Even Abiola was Muslim, but the north considered him a wannabe. ..

    • adeade

      Report has it that Asiwaju has withdrawn his financial support..in fact APC as a party is broke.. He already knows that he doesn’t have a say but he doesn’t want to bite his fingers in the public…

  • Jimi

    I support PMB but these lopsided appointments are starting to bother me.

    • bjay

      Jimi we all make mistakes by supporting him, now that he’s northern president he should prepare to face the consequences

  • Ebubedike

    While the government of the North, by the North, and for the North marches on, its Yo-robber observers continue with their serious job of clapping and cheering their owner, illiterate Bokohari.

    • PolyGon2013

      …And iborokiti is hurt because of his. Mind your own business. We the Yorubas hold sway in this government. We dey kampe.

      • Judepolitics

        Smh….. You hold sway??? Really?? How so??

        • tundemash

          And why cry more than the bereaved Mr. Ethnic bigot ? Did Yorubas claim they voted to be giving appointments or for good governance no matter who is in position ? Those that dominated positions under Jonadaft, what did their tribe achieve ?
          Wail about your future and destiny that was stolen by Fortunato, Dasuki, Dokpesi and others.

          • eclub

            You are funny. Yes Yorubas voted for their interests.

            You may be trying to down play the dirty slap from Buhari to the Yorubas since he used them to take office, but that’s infantile reverse psychology.

            The Yorubas complained, falsely, that Jonathan did not appoint Yorubas to more high level positions, but rather appointed Igbos, that was the reason they gave for abandoning Jonathan to go for Buhari; so logic follows that is what they wanted, good appointments, so they MUST be disappointed. Even if they pretend not to be, they are just avoiding the Igbos from laughing at them, and say “I told you so!”

            So stop already, you sound irrational.

          • tundemash

            Keep wailing Mr. Career Liar. No amount of propaganda will work. It didn’t pre-election and it would not work now. May you wail forever and may your children lick it up where u stop.

          • eclub

            You are NOT yoruba, and everybody knows it. You are a cheap propagandist.

          • tundemash

            F00l, I am not only Yoruba but a proper Ijebu Ode ni ita n tebo ! Keep holding on to any straw, u drowning man ! Ethnicity is your next card ? It won’t work again!

  • kevenreal

    This is outrageous! Another retired Aboki soldier hired.

    • eclub

      They can’t compete in a free and fair country, so they have been yearning for their lost ‘glorious’ past of the 70’s and 80’s when authoritarianism and despotic military rule gave them an advantage. These people are illiterate has-beens, they forget the world has changed.

      It’s actually laughable.

      Once the Yorubas eventually have enough of Buhari’s crap, then the country will remind them that ‘you can’t go home again’.

      The strategic appointments show that the Fulani are preparing for war eventually, against the Yorubas. The tactical appointments are just a way to antagonize. ..

    • Simon

      You are a useless man. You are the reason why this country never go anywhere. I don’t care who is there as long as the person is competent. We have seen the performance of Fortunate (Jonothing) and it is nothing to write home about. Most of his appointments lack merit including the current head of NDLEA. Jonothing appointees are looters and criminals. If you don’t like PMB appointment wait until 2019 and vote against him again. Until then just shut up already!

      • Ochon

        Hope one day this our presidential system of government will not be turned into a monarchial one since this skewed appointment in favour of buhari muslim brothers is justified by u. If someone tomorrow feels no one is to be trusted and decides to select his qualified sons daughters uncles etc for sensitive position tomorrow hope it will be accepted. Pls let’s learn to give a spade its real name

    • bjay

      Yes the most dull president this why babagida send him parking.

  • PolyGon2013

    The woman is qualified. And to you wailers, just shut up.

  • Otile

    Accursed be Mohamed Buhari and those Yoruba sycophants who support his evil discriminatory appointments. Time has come when he should pay his fulani tribesmen with money from their land. Nonsense

    • Ajantala

      You guys still continue with your “sharing” mentality EVEN with the monumental frauds in jonadaft era. Shame. I am totally for who can re position Nigeria and get us of of this mess.

      • Awolo

        Infantile judgment based on concocted propaganda that has now backfired! What was the extent of the mess before Buhari came? This northern president will sink you into the worst mess.

        • Powerlessconscious

          when your brother and sister was there, How did it benefit you or entire nigerians? just a simple question please. Was nigeria sank or not?

  • International games

    This is exactly what Buhari did as a Dictator in the 80s. Only mostly Muslims could hold sensitive political postions due to his fear and apprehensions. Come 2019 he is gone, without a doubt.
    Most Nigerian Muslims don’t support this ethnic and religious bigotry.

    • Powerlessconscious

      who will vote him out? you only? when your brother and sister was there, How did it benefit you or entire nigerians? just a simple question please.

  • Cleartruth

    Dictator buhari, president of northern nigeria.

  • Say the truth

    Impressed by the man’s resume. That he is from the north east and had taken time to do so much academically is commendable. If he can deliver, its okay. Though it is another northern thing, but that position needs a thorough breed professional and credible individual. These breeds abound in other religions and region too. What many commentators may not consider is, that Buhari had NEVER been a pan Nigeria man, with allies and friends across Nigeria. He life, experiences, upbringing and existence revolves around his region and religion. Two, Buhari is a very religious person and a fanatical believer in the Northern Nigeria. So it’s easy for him to trust people of his religion and region first and above others. He is driven by desire and obsessed with passion to change things overnight. This is a good attribute if well balanced. While he means well and wants to get the job done thoroughly he also need to spread the net as far as possible and be open minded enough to identify and trust people from other religions and region for the good of all. The sensitivity of others should not be taken for granted even when we have good intentions is my point.

    • Peter

      Buhari is showing his true colours as president of Northern Nigeria. We warned you before hand.

      • bjay

        Let him appoint everybody from north we from south don’t care but if care is not taken buhari will be the last president of nigeria soon

    • Nationalists Awake!

      Hmmmmmm,your dissertation is candid and brings clarity and i hope others take notice.However while i concur with your take on PMB’s “sphere of socialization”,- he is a self confessed introvert afterall,i want to point out that from his antecedents he is at his core obviously Pan Nigerian and a Nationalist.Again outside of that i cemmend you for your Nationalist leanings and will look out for your contributions

  • Action_Nigeria


    I am very worried that Buhari is excluding some Northerners in his federal appointments

    For instance;

    1 Pat Utomi’s great grand father is a Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani from Katsina

    2. Oby Ezekwesili’s grand mother is a Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani from Borno

    3. Charles Soludo’s paternal great grand mother is a Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani from Bauchi

    4. Festus Odimegwu’s grand father is a Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani from Sokoto

    Disappointingly, none of these Northerners mentioned above have been given any appointment by Buhari despite their rigorous efforts to meet Buhari’s criteria for appointment.

    After all, what did Liar Mohammed do to merit appointment from Buhari as Federal Minister ? …. Liar Mohammed qualified to be Minister by just telling big, big unbelievable lies and by insulting beloved President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Okay, let’s assume that Mallam Pat Utomi has been quiet and has stopped writing all those his “protecting our revolution” rubbish nonsense articles …. but the same cannot be said of Alhaji Charles Soludo who has continued to be all over the place telling lies and insulting President Goodluck Jonathan far more than Liar Mohammed could ever do.

    Yet Buhari has not given any one of these his brothers federal appointment …. I am not happy oooooo!