Fayose cautions Buhari over probe of military chiefs, says $2.1bn arms deal is a scam

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor.

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari on his order for 18 military generals to be probed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over their alleged involvement in the $2.1 billion arms deal.

Governor Fayose, who reacted to the president order through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, said the military officers ought to have been probed in accordance with the armed forces rules of engagement.

The governor, who reiterated his support for the fight against corruption, said “the $2.1 billion arms deal is a scam because all that they are just doing is to brandish figures to deceive Nigerians and demonize the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and those opposed to his dictatorship in the All Progressive Congress (APC). Till today, the amount they have charged people for stealing is not up to N10 billion and $2.1 billion they claimed was stolen is about N600 billion.

“The president must let Nigerians see where the arms deal is in the 2015 Budget and publish details of the imaginary $2.1 billion scam. Also, the President must tell Nigerians how his friend, Jafaru Isa, was able to return N100 million to the EFCC within three days because there are insinuations that the N100 million refunded came from the Presidency.”

He said it was strange for serving military generals to be interrogated by junior police officers, adding that”The president should not act in a way that he will be perceived as ridiculing the armed forces.”

He said; “Even though I am not a military officer, but I know that there is what is called orderly room trial or court martial, which military men who erred in the performance of their duties are made to go through. It is until they are found guilty and probably dismissed that they are made to face court trial.

“In this case, how does it feel for a serving military general to be interrogated by an assistant commissioner of police (ACP)?

“I think we should not destroy our democratic institutions, especially the judiciary and the armed forces because we are fighting corruption.

“Already, the president has ridiculed the judiciary by disobeying the courts and coming on television to say that orders of the court do not hold waters.

“He is also destroying the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) by turning it to commission for inconclusive elections. He should not ridicule the military, and men of goodwill should advise the president to thread cautiously.

“Also, the international community, especially the United States, United Kingdom and the United Nations should caution the president against actions capable of bringing down institutions of government under the guise of fighting corruption.”


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  • Jimi

    EWU short up!

  • dami

    Olodo fayose…haven’t they retired from the army?

    • Dazmillion

      Please tell him o, the man is just seeking relevance, But I like the way Buhari is treating him by totally ignoring his rantings

    • Observer

      Dami, you are mouthed and brained, Fayose fall my hand mehn…Retirees for that matter, he just talks without thoughts

  • Debust

    Fayose is planning a coup d’etat, DSS over to you guys..

  • Sparzo

    Jaw dropping stuff. Is this guy for real?
    Ode, the relevant arm of the police are there to investigate crime.
    Is the general above the law of the land. Untouchable?
    This guy is the dumbest or the most insincere believer in the war against corruption.
    He does not believe $2.2b was misappropriated? NURSE!!!

  • Uromipikin


    Muhammadu Buhari is the only deceiving himself that he is fighting corruption.

    No other country’s government abroad concurs that Buhari is fighting corruption.

    A true fight against corruption would have been remarked overseas in under 90 days.

    A genuine anti-graft war would have been so obvious and convincing for everyone to see

    • Sparzo

      I think Fashola just beat you in the grey matter dept by an amoeba.

    • Sunday umah

      As American would know if GEJ stole money or if billion was missing: quotes GEJ, you are another GEJ in diffent name and you know what that means been another GEJ? It means you are a big fo#l and imbecile of the highest order your thinking ability can’t be compare to that of a goat as in goat would have scored 87% in reasoning and using Brian while I give you 13% your brains seems rusted you need wake it up.

  • W.W.W

    An alliance of certificate forgers and school drop-outs interspersed with lots of treasury thieves
    an never ever fight corruption. Anyone expecting a true war against corruption is still dreaming.

  • tony10

    Fayose now claims to know more about the military than PMB right? This guy is full of brawn and not brain all the time.

  • eldorado222


    But guys, see it this way. All this debate we are having would not have happened if Goodluck Jonathan
    made right choices. He was carried away by the office of president and became reckless by choosing to
    flock together with people who could never have elevated him – mostly crooks and thieves. There was
    nobody with Goodluck Jonathan who had solid reputation as a good thinker – not one! For a Ph.D
    holder that was a very personal tragedy. He flocked with thieves! Jonathan desecrated the entire
    purpose of education so much so that he began to stink badly that Nigerians fled with their hands
    to their noses. It was so bad Nigerians were saying even if Buhari did not do school certificate exam,
    and only lied about it they would still vote Buhari if he presented NEPA bill in lieu of Wasc. That was
    how much Nigerians hated Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that his deeds and speech disgraced schooling.
    By presiding over gross un-accountability and grand thefts Goodluck Jonathan added insult to injury.

    • Kehinde Awolaja Ph.D


      You are spot on. It’s good thinking that leads one
      away from moral hazard; and moral hazard includes theft, yes! Had Goodluck
      Jonathan set out with good thinkers his mother would not have been packing
      disgracefully out of the presidential villa last year 29th May. Jonathan would
      still have been president and remain president until the the year 2019 because
      clarity of thought would have produced sterling results that Buhari would have
      had no chance at all in any state. Too late now! Jonathan has lost it all and has
      disgraced himself. I don’t see how Buhari will ever let him go without adding a
      jail term to Goodluck Jonathan’s curriculum vitae. There is no way Jonathan
      will escape a prison term. If he’s praying he’s just praying in vain.

    • ikejibeji

      “Nigeria is no longer a country. It is not a country where people can live to survive.

      Nigeria is a place ruled by criminals and thieves, as well as by those who believe

      in plundering and looting.”

      ……Mbazulike Amaechi

      (Nigeria’s First Minister of Aviation)

      [September 14th, 2014]

      • ed.ed


    • share Idea

      Your comment is personal to you and undiscerning minds but for people like us GEJ is a hero who worked very well under the circumstances he found himself.

      Please enjoy the fruit of NEPA bill leader and propagandist and posterity will be the judge.

      • okenwa

        Bros they forgot dictator buhari overthrew a democratic govt and now an acidental democrat about to be overthrown by another dictator. He think he is in control of the army and thats the message comrade fayose sent acrose.

  • ‘keem

    Ayo Fayose always tells me the other side of the story that APC journalists hide from the public!

    • Olu from South Africa

      Please elucidate. no sense in this statement.

  • Omo Akin

    Ekiti State is unfortunate to have these types of characters calling the shots in a state that is supposedly most educated in the country. From all the facts in the public, Fayose and his spokesperson do not know that Jonathan administration have fraudulently been spending large sums of money outside of the budget appropriation process which in itself is a crime? The $300 million Mrs. Ngozi Iweala said she released to Dasuki from the Abacha loot was not in the budget and so are other withdrawals from the CBN.
    Fayose and his spokesman do not know that when a military officer, whether serving or retired and regardless of the rank, steals public fund, he/she commits a criminal offense under the various criminal laws of the nation. The Police, EFCC or ICPC as the case may be investigates such crimes and offenders are prosecuted. After conviction, the army may still discipline their members. But the criminal laws of the land are not enacted for civilians alone.
    How can a sane man claims he supports war against corruption but turns round to fault the investigation of an Air Force general who fraudulently bought faulty chopper for the war against boko haram and the chopper crashed and killed a Group Captain and another officer?
    I can sense that Fayose is already apprehensive because this probe will certainly bring in Obanikoro and it will be revealed that Fayose’s election was financed by the arms money.

    • Action Group

      Please tell him o,the guy is a daft.He needs to go back to school,he is a disgrace to Ekiti State.He should pocket his advice and stop ranting.

  • Sunday umah

    I think Fayose have a mental problem so the military should be above the law because they are military and that give the license to be corrupt, can someone tell this imbecile that the era of impunity is over, the era of military carrier military officer is over, and in all professionalism should take precedence.

  • Arabakpura

    Very good Ayo Fayose! If you do not undress yourself in the public arena, there is no way we will know that you are mad! Well done!

  • pheliciti

    This retarrd didn’t destroy the military when he and his colleagues made a General practically sit on the floor when they dished out instructions for him to right elections?
    Or he was building judicial and democratic institutions when he led thugs to attack sitting judges?

    King of jesters and clowns. …ode!

  • Abiboss

    What do you expect from the man the generals helped to win election. He is scared every time he hears military probe because he always thinks of how he got to power. Conscience is killing this man silently. He is very paranoid right now. The man cannot sleep at all. He knows one day his file will be open and the judgement will be served.

    • smart G

      It baffles me when people like you reason from the anus.
      So you don’t see the point Ayo is making?

      • bjay

        Keep quiet what point is making he because he was rig into power by the general, so for Fayose to admit 10 billion pdp stole their hands should be cut off.

      • Customer Satisfaction

        How will he? His blinded by sentiments. What happened to Imo citizens who voted overwhelmingly for Rochas, then overlooked all his constitutional and procedural breaches after he was sworn-in. They have now realized a MONSTER has been created and cries of woe is everywhere.

  • smart G

    Very soon all the missing stuff in the country will be discovered to be all scam and fraud.
    It will start with the missing Chibok girls, then missing $2.1 billion , missing 20 billion from NNPC, missing 2016 budget etc

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      hopefully, they will find your missing brain as well.

      • smart G

        Your analogy is horrible. It will not be found because it is never missing.

        • Maria

          It is obvious your brain is gone…it is missing.

  • Original_Raskal

    Fayose the wise one. God bless you! Buhari is cursed. Same thing that happened to him in 1985 will repeat again!

    • Shugaba Nkasa


    • SAM .A

      Original Were.

    • Maria

      You and the rascal called Fayose belong to the gutter… 1985 coup in 2016? lol! Wake up from day dreaming!

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Fayose, relax! Why are you in such a hurry?
    Don’t worry, there’s no point in jumping the queue. Your turn is coming.

  • SAM .A

    Ekitis one of the most educated have closed their eyes & hears as they chose an illiterate , an ignorant Danfo Driver as thier leader, spokesman and representative. The $2.2b Dasukigate , this mumu governor called a scam and people brandishing numbers , Pa Falae in your backyard confirmed he got 100million , Batafara of Sokoto confirmed he got N2.1b for rituals , Anenih just confirmed his 250 m, Raymond Dopkesi confirmed his N2:2 b ,Your PDPig pub /Sec Olisa Metu is in jail for 400m . I cannot wait for Musliu Obanikoro to tell the World how much he shared with you in Ekitigate. .when it eventually comes to your turn , I will want EFCC to use Wheel barrow to carry Ekiti illiterate to court like they did for El Zachyzak.
    I hope you will not convert Ekiti to the center that is producing more illiterates , danfo drivers , Okada riders etc at the end of your 4 years.