Hameed Ali orders Customs officers to declare assets in 14 days

Comptoller-General of Nigeria Customs Service, Hamid Ali, addressing the agency's personnel

The Comptroller-General of Customs, Hammed Ali, has directed all officers and men of the Nigeria Customs Service to declare their assets within 14 days.

A circular signed by the comptroller-general and addressed to all deputy comptrollers-general, zonal coordinators and customs area controllers said the new measure was aimed at ensuring transparency and compliance with the rule of law.

According to the circular, the directive was in compliance with “the Bank Employees Declaration of Assets Act Cap B1 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004”.

The circular said although the act provides for asset declaration by all bank employees, it also empowers the president to extend its application to other categories of persons.

“Specifically, Section 12 (1) states that “The provision of this act shall apply to the comptroller-general, deputy comptroller-general, assistant comptroller-general, chief collector, principal collector and other officer, staff or employee of the Nigeria Customs Service as it applies to a chief executive or an employee of a bank,” said the circular.

The comptroller-general observed that many officers had not complied with the provisions of the act over the years, stating that the 14-day ultimatum for compliance would be strictly enforced.


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  • eclub

    You are aloof Kay; it’s not APC, that was just a vehicle. It’s Fulani occupation of Nigeria.
    They love customs, and oil.

    Your people are never gonna be in charge of those. You can display your glee all you want, but remember….the JOKE is on you.

    • Burbank

      Then stop wailing

    • pheliciti

      As usual, weighs in with ethnic coloured glasses…

      • eclub

        Me? noooo
        EXCEPT when the truth is ethnic : )

        • Burbank

          And an example of a truth that is ethnic is….

          • eclub

            …Buhari padded government cabinet and ministries with his tribe. It’s called nepotism. And ethnocentrism.

          • Burbank

            “…Buhari padded government cabinet and ministries with his tribe. It’s called nepotism. And ethnocentrism.”

            And are the following Hausa Fulanis in Buhari cabinet and ministries :
            Ibe Kachikwu?
            Isaac Adewole?
            Okechukwu Enelamah ?
            Kemi Adeosun?
            Kayode Fayemi?
            Osagie Ehanire?
            Cladius Omoleye Daramola?
            Anthony Onwuka?
            Pastor Usani Uguru?
            Chris Ngige?
            Rotimi Amaechi?
            Babatunde Fashola?
            Heineken Lokpobiri ?
            Udo Udo Udoma ?
            Ogbonaya Onu?
            Adebayo Shittu?

          • eclub

            Spokesmen and ministers of work…
            I’m talking defense, security stuff

          • Burbank

            So now you shifted the arguments to narrow only to just two “defense, security stuff” and NOT the “cabinet and ministries: earlier.
            Or Chief of Defence Force Gen Abayomi Olonisakin, Navy chief Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas and the Chief of Defence Intelligence Monday Riku Morgan are all Hausa Fulanis occupying NOT important “defense, security appointment” too?

            Racist tribalist bigots like you always have difficulty to make up your mind!

          • TrueNja

            You must be a joker. You want Buhari to appoint a Biafran as Defence Minister or NSO? God forbid!

          • eclub

            What about naming a Yoruba?

            Jonathan named Jega for INEC,
            Dasuki for NSA
            Those are Buhari’s people.

          • eclub

            This boy just called me a joker

          • share Idea

            Constitution mandates the president to appoint at least one person per state as minister and the list you provided were for that fulfilment. Pls can you provide us the list of other appointments that constitution allows presidential discretion.

          • Burbank

            The constitution does NOT mandates appointment based on tribes but based on regional states.
            The list given above (and below) was to debunk the racist fallacy that Buhari appoints only his tribe – Hausa Fulanis – in the cabinet and ministries.

  • @Kazkanye

    Soyemi, the property prices are already on the downward trend, in the last month, i was offered to pay 12million Naira for a property that cost the Civil Servant owner about 40million Naira (original purchase price) in 2013.

    His desperation to sell at all cost was aided by the need to pay children’s school fees – because the kids attend a very expensive school beyond his legitimate means.

    There are many more stories like that flying around, especially among the civil servants whose avenue for free cash had been blocked. Imagine the resultant effects of BVN, STA (Single Treasury Account) and ultimately the new Sherrif in town.

    • Burbank

      It does not matter even if they sold everthing that they had looted and corruptly acquired – Buhari will wash their hands with a meat grinder.

    • Tony

      I would be interested in purchasing the property for the 12million Naira.

  • eclub

    Corruption is fought with software, computers, database, cameras, inventory control, openness, laws, courts, education, fiber optics satellites, border control, equality and fairness, investment in society, good infrastructure, and so on…
    NOT army generals and machismo, think!

    • Burbank

      And a no-nonsense ex-army general president with the resolute machismo and moral uprightness to lead the war against corruption.

    • Not in your type of society. Tell me, your CCTV that was installed in Abuja when last did it work? Think bro. Nigeria needs iron hand from a non corruptible leader in the person of BUHARI.

      • eclub

        Are you seriously arguing against technology, and progress?

      • eclub

        There’s not a single individual that is incorruptible, since the world began.

        Everybody has a price; the currency may not be in cash.

        For example, a bald general may dispense of our money for hair growth; a jingoist could dispense for tribalism, and superiority; a vain one may covet a Nobel price; a religious one could give it away to Rome, or Mecca or Medina; and an expressive one may bribe the Fortune 100 for posterity. All mankind are the same inside.

        • a2ajayi_maxwell

          Why not speak for yourself. Fact that you are somehow, does not mean others have to be like you. If you are corrupt-minded, stop seeking for company in your nefarious proclivity.

          • eclub

            I’ll tell ya why!

            The Bible states in Romans 3:28 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”; what does “ALL” mean? All by definition is a predeterminer, a determiner, and a pronoun that holistically refers to the whole mankind, born, and unborn. Everybody! That includes me, you, Queen Elizabeth the second; it includes President Jonathan. Also, President Obama. Guess who else? Yes, President Buhari as well. It’s everyone, everybody, each person, every person …

        • Adebiyi Olufemi Olukayode

          you just contradicted yourself…. who will now be in charge of fighting “with software, computers, database, cameras, inventory control, openness, laws, courts, education, fiber optics satellites, border control, equality and fairness, investment in society, good infrastructure, and so on…” if not the strong man… maybe not in physical strength, but in will power

          • eclub

            The law, computers, and everybody.

          • eclub

            No contradiction

    • Amir

      You are right by half. You forget people man those computers, softwares, databases and enforce the laws. No amount of sophisticated technology can stop a thieving Dumbo’s government from cornering federal money, instead he will force NEPA to switch off to demobilise those technologies.

      • eclub

        That’s why our youth needs to start taking over from these computer illiterate generals, and old guard.

        No, you don’t install supercomputers and have them manned by col. Ali!

        The youth will know to have storage and backup.

  • Burbank


  • Burbank


    • Peter_Edo

      Ooshee oh!

  • Burbank

    And send those looting customs officers to Danladi Umar.
    God bless Nigeria.

  • objective

    Whatever has a beginning must have an end. Customs has been openly corrupt for ages; even when the whole nation was still sane. They are the most morally bereft government institution and their own is on industrial scale; such that it runs from the new recruits to their topmost officers. The Courts should get ready, because there will be massive false declarations.

  • objective

    No peace for the wicked!

  • Du Covenant

    Thank you and these declarations must be verifiable withing one month otherwise such should be voided.The Nigerian customs have been doing whatever they wanted in Nigeria for too long, they hire their errant boys as ‘clearing agents’ most of the money paid for clearance does not reach FG accounts, these custom errant boys play with our intelligence on top the stealing. Let employing the srevices of so called ‘clearing agents’ be a choice and not the rule, let the process of clearing imported goods be made transparent so that once I pay my import duties, I should be allowed to take my goods out of the ports without deliberate hinderance. Customs should have no right to mount road blocks to fleece fellow citizens. They can go to the markets and look for band goods, fraudulent prices, sub-standard goods and so on. Actually my recipe is to send most custom officers packing for doing alot of damage to our country, besides, many are not well educated in an era where we have plenty University graduates without employment……

  • What a reply! Bravo.

  • ToriolaOlufemi


  • Sir Demo

    Excellent. The CCB Act must be ammended to make it mandatory for the declarations to be published on the appropriate webpage!

    • eclub

      But the rush to kiss up, and kick down is unbecoming of a legitimate war on corruption.

      What’s to say that the looting doesn’t take place at the Comptroller’s level?

      So, if I understand this correctly, under President Jonathan, the presidency itself, and the NSA, and big honchos was the source of corruption, if not the epitome, but under Buhari, the corruption will stem from just the mid-level public servants?

      That makes no sense.

      If indeed the corruption stemmed from the presidency, and the big staff, then it is the presidency itself, and the big shots that should declare their assets, make such declarations fully public!

      You see, with the way the laws are now, and have been, Dasuki, Jonathan, the governors, and the assembly committed no crimes because, somehow they are voted in “security” funds that they can spend anyway they like.

      Well, use your head, if Dasuki can spend money anyway he likes, why are you messing with him?

      Change the laws. Makes sense to me. Stop relying on strongmen. Rely on laws. Make it difficult to spend money without appropriations, and balance the budget. Make sure many responsible auditors sign-off before money is released unless in emergency situations, where they have less than 60 days to reconcile and obtain such signatories. Trust no one, even the president. If they could, they would; so make it to where, if they would, they could not.

      • Burbank

        “somehow they are voted in “security” funds that they can spend anyway they like.”

        Including spending for their own personal use and benefits.
        What a marvelous argument!

        • eclub

          That’s what you chose respond to out of my comment?

          • Burbank

            “somehow they are voted in “security” funds that they can spend anyway they like.”

            Is this NOT your comment?

        • eclub

          It’s the truth. Security vote is the source of corruption, and it’s out of control. It should be reformed.

          • Burbank

            And you think Saraki and Ekweremadu will allow NASS to make such a reform?

          • eclub

            If they do or don’t, that’s up to them. Until they do, Dasuki is not guilty.

          • Burbank

            So Jonathan was right after all for saying stealing is not corruption and hence all thieves are not guilty.

          • eclub

            I had just finished explaining it to you, it’s nobody saying it, it’s laws, or lack of them saying it.

            Change the laws, or enact new laws, and make everything transparent; spell it out so they can’t be corrupt. Hold the national assembly accountable.

          • Burbank

            That’s will be done in accordance with due process. But while the laws are still to be amended if ever, criminals must still be punished and in the case of Dasuki, it is not just the security votes issue only, but money-laundering of Abacha’s loots, purchasing of non-existent helicopters and jets, price-inflation for personal gain and etc etc.

          • Burbank

            And until NASS changes those laws, these fraudsters are to be left alone to enjoy the fruits of their looting.

          • eclub

            You can prosecute any one accused now, with the laws we have, but I insist on due process, while strengthening the laws, and employing technology to curtail future incidents. So, you can do both.

          • Burbank

            I’ll do both.

          • Burbank

            That’s not going to happen and you know it.

      • share Idea

        Exactly my drift. APC gullible followers will not understand your point view and will think that people like us support corruption but failed to understand how societal ills are fought under democracy. Left for Obama, gun ban would have been implemented like yesterday but because it is rooted in their constitution he needs people buy-in for effective change of the legislation.

    • Burbank

      I second that motion, but am sure Saraki and his gang will not pass it in NASS.

    • share Idea

      For more than 8 months CCB could not verify Buhari’s assets, how long due you think it will take to verify thousands of custom officers. APC administration is very good at media propaganda.

      • Sir Demo

        If it is make available online, Nigerians will do the verification I promise u

        • share Idea

          Charity begins from home, lest start with Buhari and Osibanjo afterwards, his ministers before talking about civil servants

    • Contact Point

      I so second

  • a2ajayi_maxwell

    Better to hold yourself accountable for objectivity.

  • peaceometer

    Nigeria now operating like a country for the first time in 16 years

    • Burbank

      And that is the truth.

    • alliede

      Well, this is the only government unit that is doing the right thing. Buhari has not required the national assembly members to declare assets. He is allowing them to operate like a private company, with the people’s money.

      • Patriot01

        Have you ever heard about separation of powers before?

  • New Nigerian

    Hameed Ali – Thank you & Please keep up the good work of cleaning up customs so that there can be free flow of goods, unencumbered by sticky fingers at the ports of entry.

  • Contact Point

    Nigeria must sure be better, all we need is patience for our leaders.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Bruv, my eyes are firmly fixed on jealously protecting the CHANGE myself and millions of other Nigerians desired and fought for.

    However, in the process, I am not prepared to let GEJ supporters muddle up the water with innuendoes aimed only at restoring the old thieving order he represented.

  • Julius

    Thank you and who doesnt like it or do not wanna comply can resign. He/she should be probed after such resignation.This is one place, agency that need serious cleaning. Its a corruption headquarter ! Anybody that has had dealing with them knows these thieves.

  • Harry

    Great work from Hameed Ali. When will Amaechi and co declare their assets?

  • TrueNja

    Keep the good work going Mr. Hammed Ali. PMB, we need someone like Hammed Ali at the Nigeria Police Force now.

  • Daniel

    very commendable.



    Model: 1999 TO 2015

    Contact : CUSTOM STELLA ON 08165951876.

  • tarrif

    The man is sick period—Did he declare his assets in Public when he was appointed? Or when he was governor of Kano state—–?——-Ati when he executed Ken Saro wiwa———-A man who was illegally installed against the law which says no outsider should be made to head the Customs—- is now trying to show he is in control of how to read customs tarrifs—-Customs has been headed for the past 50 years by FULANIS. And the same goes for the Nigerian Ports Authority—owned by the Fulanis–meanwhile they do not have sea ports–but indirectly control the sea and oil wells

    • Manuel Tobby

      Plea at the NCSse try and get facts right before you comment publicly . It’s a civil service regulation And new invention. So enforcing it now at customs should be commended