Former Speaker, Bankole, launches political group, says he won’t quit PDP

A former speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, has announced his intention to revive the Ogun State Peoples Democratic Party, with a warning against the imposition of candidates by party leaders.

Mr. Bankole made this known on Friday, while hosting thousands of his supporters under the banner of Dimeji Bankole Movement, for a new year party at his residence in Onikolobo area of Abeokuta, the state capital.

Mr. Bankole was rumoured to be interested in the governorship race in 2015 in Ogun State, but suspended his bid after party financier, Buruji Kashamu, who is now a senator, allegedly imposed Gboyega Isiaka as the party flag bearer.

Speaking Friday, Mr. Bankole warned the party leadership against any form of manipulation during the forthcoming party’s congress.

He said any attempt to impose candidates would lead to the experience of the 2015 poll, when the party split into many factions.

Mr. Bankole said he had no plan to leave the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as being insinuated.

“It is almost two years now. I commend your perseverance. I now know the differences. The outcome of the congress would determine the political future of PDP in the state,” Mr. Bankole said.

The state secretary of the Bankole Political Movement, Johnson Fatoki, however declared that the group would leave with the former speaker to any political party he chooses in the state if the state leadership fails to unite all factions within the party.

The former speaker later went into a closed-door meeting with senior members of his political group from the various local government areas in the state.


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  • Julius

    Hahahahaha, this thief is coming back. He must have depleted his loots, broke and in need of money. This is pdp for you.

    • Yemi401

      What evidence do you have to show that he’s a thief. I think you’re just jealous of his achievements. This guy became the speaker of the house in his 30s. Just pray you can achieve such height in your lifetime.

      • Ola

        What achievement?

        • Yemi401

          He became the Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives before he was 40 years old. How many kind have achieved that height?

          • joe

            Turns out to be the most catastrophic decision our legislooter have yet made. This young man masterminded a mafia-style raiding of Nigerian treasury. He is young in age but as old as his father in sin. It is indded an achievement to twisted minds like yours. And wanna-be thieves like yourself has a reason to “jealous of his achievement” .

          • Yemi401

            How can he raid the treasury when he is not the President or Finance minister. The guy was taken to court and was discharged so that is to all that you said is not true. However, now that a new ‘sheriff is in town’ please send your evidence to EFCC.

          • joe

            Under Jonathan does he need to be “President or Finance minister”? was Dasuki “President or Finance minister”?

          • Yemi401

            Well, when Dasuki is given the chance to explain in court then we can start judging him.

          • joe

            Of course our country became the hell hole it is on its own! Nobody stole anything, the missing billions walked away on their own. Your paymaster Bankole, and all such people did not do anything wrong. And we Nigerian should not say anything, not judge them! We should rather let the compromised and shameless judges, some of whom even granted stay of proceeding injunctions after it was outlawed, to pass the judgement :). You know what? continue defending criminals and thieves, keep justifying and rationalizing their actions all over the internet, because of the crumbles they threw your way. But you can be sure it is also the future of your children that you are “eating” like a rabid dog. When next you and your family sit down on a table to eat a meal, remember those kwashiokor-devastated Africans you see on TVs and billboards everywhere – You and your masters caused their plight! You are one of those people that caused malnutrition and hopelessness of a whole race of people!!! The meal you are giving your children was the meal taken away from millions of other children! You and your family are like vampires, sucking life out millions of others in Nigeria!!

      • Julius

        sharrap !. He must have shared his stolen money with you, pdp style !. He should be praying that he can achieve what I have achieved, without stealing any money from nobody or entity .

        • Yemi401

          Well, I’ve never met him in my life. However, if you have any evidence that he stole money submit your evidence to EFCC or keep your mouth shut for ever.

          • Julius

            ‘Well, I’ve never met him in my life.’ So why you foaming in your mouth for him ? You must be a faggot.Get lost.

          • Yemi401

            Well, I am not foaming in my mouth I am only saying it is unfair to be castigating someone online when you do not have evidence that he is a thief. By the way, you do not need to be offensive to a fellow human being just because they have a different opinion. I have made my point and you have also made your point so let the public make up their mind based on our points.

  • Dazmillion

    Please how far with Bankole’s corruption case? Has he been found not guilty by a competent court for him to be parading around pretending to be a saint?

    • Yemi401

      He’s been discharged and acquitted for over two years now but because of your biased mind it’s difficult for you to hear about it.

      • True Nigerian

        Ibori was also discharged and acquitted, but pleaded guilty as soon as he arrived in a British court for criminal trial in relation to the same charges for which your useless Nigerian courts acquitted him. Acquittal in Nigeria doesn’t mean innocence.

        • Yemi401

          Well, if you have any other evidence to prove that he actually stole, you can as well write the Attorney General to commence proceedings instead of castigating him online.

        • Sabo

          Absolutely true my fellow citizen. It’s a mare legal dabaru with corrupt coloration

          • Yemi401

            Well, the same court also discharged El Rufai and today he is a sitting governor. What do you have to say about that?

      • Dazmillion

        Please prove evidence of this glorious acquittal that you speak of. A weblink will suffice sir.

        • Yemi401

          If you Google it, you’ll find it don’t be lazy do some research.

        • Yemi401

          Court acquits ex-Speaker, Bankole, of contract inflation, embezzlement of N874 million

          February 14, 2014Premium Times

          The judge said the prosecution could not establish a prima facie case against ex-Speaker

          A Federal High Court in Abuja, Friday, discharged and acquitted a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole, of contract inflation and fraudulent embezzlement of public funds totalling N874 million while in office.

          The presiding judge, Evoh Chukwu, cleared the former Speaker of any complicity in a 16-count charge brought against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

          The Commission had dragged Mr. Bankole to court for allegedly being involved in the purchase of two bullet-proof Range Rover vehicles, two non-bulletproof Range Rover, three Mercedes Benz S-Class 600 cars, 400 units of DSTV system, 400 television sets, 800 units of desktop computers, 100 units of Sharp Digital photographers, and 400 units of Laserjet 2600N.

          It said the purchases contravened Section 17 to 56 of the Procurement Act No. 14 of 2007.

          An Abuja High Court had previously acquitted the former Speaker of charges bordering on breach of trust and illegally obtaining loan of about N9 billion for the lower legislative chamber.

          Relying on the testimonies given by six witnesses called by the prosecuting counsel, Mr. Chukwu said no error was committed in the process leading to the award of the said contracts to warrant the Speaker being asked to enter his defence in trial.

          The judge said the prosecution, led by Festus Keyamo, failed to establish a prima facie case against Mr. Bankole to justify the demand that he should enter defence in the N874 million contract fraud against him.

          Mr. Chukwu also said that the prosecution could not also prove that the former Speaker colluded with others to commit the crime as covered by counts 3, 6, 9, 12, 13 and 14 of the charge.

          “From the totality of the testimonies of the six witnesses, nothing shows any act of collusion on the part of the accused person,” the judge said.

          “Nothing shows that he interfered with the process of the award of the contracts. No mention about anybody fronting for him was made by the prosecution witnesses and the process was also said to have complied with the requirements.

          “Based on the totality of these witnesses’ testimonies, I hold that there is nothing to justify his being called to enter his defence as none of the essential ingredients have been proved by the prosecution”

          Mr. Chukwu noted that the court would be engaging in inquisitorial trial if it insisted that the accused must prove his innocence.

          According to him, in line with Nigeria’s adversarial criminal procedure, the prosecution must prove its case against the accused.

          “In the end, the no-case submission of the accused person succeeds. The accused is hereby discharged and acquitted,” the judge said.

          • Dazmillion

            Bros sorry, I forgot he was discharged and acquitted Jonathan style. Just like Hamza al-Mustapha was discharged and acquitted.

          • Yemi401

            You are such a funny character. First, you said you wanted evidence and after seeing the evidence, you are saying something else. There is no point wasting my time replying you because you have already made up your mind. In any case, just pray that you can achieve half of what Dimeji Bankole achieved before he turned 40 years old.

          • Dazmillion

            Bros I said I agree with you that your righteous brother Bank’ Ole was discharged by the courts and thanks for the web link. So now you guys can enjoy his new political group without any fear. Congrats

          • Yemi401

            Thank you. By the way, I’m not a bros.

          • aisha ani

            Exactly what did he accomplish, please lets stop celebrating these kind of accomplishments.

          • Yemi401

            The fact that he assumed that position at a young age is an inspiration to young adults in Nigeria.

          • aisha ani

            This is true, unfortunately the accomplishment has nothing to do with what he as a person did.

  • joe

    Governor??? How about the money this guy stole? Is he not supposed to be in prison?

    • Yemi401

      Well, he’s been discharged and acquitted by a competent court of law.

      • joe

        You surely meant an incompetent, Jonathan era court of lawlessness, presided over by compromised cheap judges. We all know that guy was never tried in a “court of law”. That is what we want now.

  • Samuel

    i believe he is coming bk to make the wrongs right….or to right the wrong

  • sammyctu ode

    The criminal will soon be in jail.

  • Du Covenant

    Let the probe for the sell of NITEL begin please….

    • Oskirin

      and NICON Insurance as well.all dos companies stolen (all in d name of pdp privatization) must be brought back.

  • Mr Wonderers

    Imagine a small boy thief like Bank-OLE! Hmmmm….Imagine! Chineke! Is this not the same Bank-OLE who without official approval borrowed N10b on behalf of Nigerians and the House of Reps from UBA bank and the interest dissappeared tinto the thin air? Is this not the same Bank-OLE who only less than 2 yrs ago locked himself inside toilet in his Abuja residence for 3 days and 3 nights while EFCC was outside waiting for him? …and he wants to be governor. Sometimes I wonder how kidnappers chose their targets.

    • Yemi401

      I also wonder how El Rufai who was indicted by House of Representatives and banned from holding any political office because of the land scandal in Abuja during his tenure as FCT Minister, became a sitting governor in Nigeria.


    Bankole epitomizes the shameless expression of the corrupted politician in our country, and this move of his is in tandem with what they will normally do; that is,irrespective of the charges of corruption and murder hanging over your head,whether you are an Amaechi,Akpabio,Omisore,Nwobodo,Nnamani,Igbenedion, Farouk,etc or a Bankole,aspire for any office you like and damn the consequences if any!



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  • joe

    Choosing the “young smiley” guy as speaker, turned out to
    be the most catastrophic decision our legislooter have yet made. This
    young man masterminded a mafia-style raiding of Nigerian treasury. He is
    young in age but as old as his father in sin. It is indeed an
    achievement to every young aspiring looter. And wanna-be thieves have a reason to be “jealous of his achievement” .