Metuh goes to court, challenges prolonged detention

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

A Federal High Court in Abuja on Thursday turned down an application by the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, to speedily hear his suit challenging his prolonged detention by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Mr. Metuh is accused by the EFCC of receiving N400 million, a part of diverted arms money by the office of the National Security Adviser, and has been held for more than one week.

The EFCC has yet to arraign him, saying Mr. Metuh refused to refund the money.

Mr. Metuh filed a motion at the court, through his counsel, Ifedayo Adetibe, on Wednesday, demanding the immediate commencement of hearings on his suit.

Mr. Adetibe told the court in his interlocutory application that the arrest and continued detention of his client were unconstitutional, saying that the EFCC has no right to arrest and detain any one, without charging the person to court.

But the presiding judge, Justice Okon Abang, said the matter was merely an interlocutory application, not a substantive issue and so cannot be granted an accelerated hearing.

“I so hold that in such an interlocutory application parties before a court can only be heard within the confines of the rules of court,” Mr. Abang said.

He noted that the respondent to the application, the EFCC, had five days to respond to the application, if they are not opposed to its content.

He said the request by Mr. Adetiba that the matter be heard, Thursday, could not be granted, since the respondents have five days to respond, excluding Sunday.

Mr. Abang therefore adjourned the matter till January 20.

Speaking to journalists after the hearing, the counsel to the EFCC, Rotimi Jacobs, said his client had already filed a charge before the court against Mr. Metuh.

He added that Mr. Metuh’s arrest and detention were followed an order of court.

Mr. Adetiba called on journalists to be objective in their reporting and avoid frivolous publications on the matter.


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  • Höly Wähala

    Olisa Metuh should forget it… he destroyed his own statement to the EFCC which by itself, is a violation of the law.

    • maranatha

      Which law? the one that your president refuse to obey.

      • tundemash

        Same law he violated by getting paid with pubic fund for a “personal job” done for Jonadaft.

        • eclub

          Your job is to tarnish Jonathan’s name, but you over do it; if I’m the one that hired you, you’d be FIRED and asked to refund every penny because you are so daft, and low class…

          Give it a rest already! You’re the kind of kid that got bullied alot.

          • tundemash

            Mr. Career Liar, did Oloshi Metuh not claimed he got paid for a job done for Jonadaft ?

          • eclub

            I challenge you to go one week without mentioning Jonathan, or any of the silly names you call him; just deal with this administration, let’s see how useful you are.

          • tundemash

            Mr. Career Liar, I challenge you to stay off PremiumTimes for 3 days if your amnesty stipend would not be stopped by your looting masters. The effect of Jonadaft’s misrule would be felt up to your 4th generation!

      • Julius

        What law does ‘our’ president refused to obey ?. Please , point it out to me .

      • Fadama

        Your talk lacks logic. Just because Mr. President did not “obey” the law as you have alleged does not give Mr. Metuh the right to violate the law. The earlier Mr. Metuh stops this child’s play, the better for his sorry ass!

  • Shahokaya

    Metuh has graduated from Yam eater to Hunger striker to Paper eater .

    • Fadama

      lol. One can wonder what is next for him to eat. Maybe the polyurethane or polyester the mattress he is sleeping on at the EFCC custody

    • Holy truth

      Soon he will graduate into eating pen & pencil.

      • takethetrain

        who is he? any relation to kanu?

  • 247don007

    Unfortunately, most people on this platform are so childish to think that all the monies in the office of the national security adviser are meant for arms purchase. That office also controls the security vote. Of the amount so mentioned by the EFCC, how much were meant for arms and how much was the security vote? That’s what we should try to figure out before pronouncing everyone guilty of ‘eating yam’.

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      No one said anything about ALL the money in the security advisers office. What money is in the security advisers office? Maybe you meant all the money available to the security adviser. Even then, no one said anything about that.
      This case is specifically about $2.1 billion earmarked for arms purchase. Your problem is that you do not read, and in the few instances when you do, you don’t understand what you read.

      Go read again.

    • takethetrain

      don’t now what yam is , but since you’re such a know it all why don’t you contact them to coach what they should be doing?

    • ayo

      The point is you cannot use tax payers money to carry out an election campaign. I have a huge issue with security vote across all the tiers of government in Nigeria. It has become a huge conduit pipe for corruption. Justification for the heist unraveling in the public domain in the NSA office is just so sad.

      • 247don007

        I totally agree with you on security vote. I also have issue with that fraud called security vote. But it is important to put the record straight here. How true is the claim that the sum $2.1bn mentioned by APC/Buhari were meant for arms but diverted?

    • Awarawa

      I’m wondering how EFCC is charging Dasuki for only $300m while they sing $2.1bn in the media. I feel the balance is security vote which the office of the ONSA controls for the presidency. Maybe that’s why GEJ said he never approve any $2.1bn for arms purchase.
      This could be the reason the EFCC want a secret trial and Dasuki want it in the open. Just thinking…

    • Joe

      Maybe you would have educate us more about the ministry of Defense and the office of security adviser.

    • Burbank

      “Unfortunately, most people on this platform are so childish”

      I told you not to be childish.

  • Say the truth

    In 1983 Nigerians welcomed Buhari’s intervention, arrests, rearests and indefinite detention of suspects. We celebrated and encouraged the then messiah until he became despotic. Ambrose Alli, Bisi Onabanjo, Adekunle Ajasin et al paid the supreme price. Journalists like Nduka Iraboh et al suffered in various cells for questioning the method of the emperor, nursed and urged on by ignorant folks. Today BUHARI is back and the same method is being deployed undisguised. A people with no regard for history and memory are we, if we don’t check the excesses. We may give birth the second time to a monster. Don’t get me wrong. The sinners must be punished but according to the law. That is the meaning and beauty of democracy and the rule of law.

    • takethetrain

      dont know anything about them or who you refer to? would it be frank and paul?

    • Burbank

      “A people with no regard for history and memory are we, if we don’t check the excesses.”

      What checks did you do when GEJ looted Nigeria?

  • Dazmillion

    Metuh should return 400 million as a starting point before we can conclude that EFCC dont want to release him. By the way Metuh claims he was paid by Jonathan for an undisclosed job. Where did Jonathan get 400 million from? His total salary from deputy governor to president cannot equal 400 million.

  • favourtalk

    Let him vomit our yam that he ate first before acting weird. We don’t care about his attitude, all we want is the loots they did and let them face th law

  • excel

    Metuh don’t want to vomit the yam, it seems he’s getting used to life in kuje prison. Enjoy your stay until you vomit the yam.

    • Damilola

      Only if you can think twice looking at issues from both sides. How can a man who is afraid of justice calling for justice? What has he eaten, I mean what concussion has he taken that grant him such confidence?? Why don’t you wait to the babalawo dt has given him such confidence? That an accused is the one dragging his accusers to court is someti that calls for reflection. Let’s see how this ends I bet we’ve not seen nor heard anyti yet.

  • When these cases get to court, everything would blow up in the face of Buhari and his Gestapo and APC fraudsters. All the media shenanigans by these APC fraudsters will be exposed. Security vote can be used for anything at the discretion of the NSA office with NAS oversight.

    • Damilola

      I can’t wait and see these irrational goons reactions. I know what they will say: PDP paid the judges. Meanwhile, I’m dead sure Buhari must be afraid of GEJ by now, cos who ever tells a lie knows b4 he does. GEJ like other leaders showed some acts of cluelessness in office no doubt, but Buhari and top APC chiefs know better , they will fear and respect him for that, though never to show it publicly, it’s politics, it’s game of d survival, they’re just trying to survive.

      • Burbank

        “they’re just trying to survive.”

        Every one does.

        • Damilola

          Sure thing. The path we chose differs, while it defines us.

          • Burbank


    • Burbank

      “Security vote can be used for anything at the discretion of the NSA office with NAS oversight.”

      Which in Dasuki’s case was without NASS oversight.

    • simon tor gideon

      You are talking out of ignorance because the money involved here is not security vote but a loan secured by the past govt to procure arms to fight insurgency.

  • Omole Isiaka

    How could PDP Agents squander our resources in this manner. It is very unfair.

  • Dr.Suleiman Abdulahi