PDP denies asking Jonathan to speak up on Dasuki scandal

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has denied asking former President Goodluck Jonathan to speak up on the $2.1 billion arms scandal allegedly involving former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, and some top politicians.

Media reports on Tuesday quoted the party as urging Mr. Jonathan to comment on the diversion of arms money by his administration.

The reports quoted an official of the party, Abdullahi Jalo.

But the party, in a statement Tuesday, denied Mr. Jalo was speaking on its behalf.

The statement was signed by Victor Kwon, the party’s national legal adviser.

“The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says it has not changed its demand that the Party’s spokesman, Olisa Metuh, be immediately released or charged to court by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

“This clarification is on the instance of strange publications in the media credited to Abdullahi Jalo on the arrest, by the EFCC, of some of our leaders and particularly our National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh.

“Jalo was also quoted to have spoken on behalf of the PDP in calling on former President Goodluck Jonathan to speak out on the controversial arms deal scandal.

“The national leadership of the party wishes to clarify that Jalo is not a member of the National Working Committee and does not have the mandate of the party to speak on its behalf on any matter whatsoever. Under our constitution, only the National Chairman and the National Publicity Secretary or any body so designated by the National Chairman or the National Working Committee speaks for the party. Jalo, clearly does not have this mandate and could not have been speaking for our party.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the official position of our great party remains that our spokesman should be released or charged to court as he remains innocent until proven otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction, in line with the provisions of our constitution and the laws of Nigeria.

“The PDP is therefore resolute in challenging the continued detention of our spokesman for a week now, beyond the limits provided by the laws in violation of his constitutionally guaranteed rights as a citizen. We are solidly behind our spokesman in the demand for the enforcement of his rights and liberty. Our demand that he is immediately released or charge to court has not changed.

“Chief Olisa Metuh has the right under the law to his statement and the onus lies on the investigating agency to charge him to court and not to arrogate itself the duties of the judiciary.

“The PDP has expressly explained in various statements and press conferences that it is not in any way against fighting corruption provided it is done within the confines of rule of law and respect for the fundamental Human rights of citizens.

“We also wish to reiterate our stand that President Buhari-led Federal Government has turned the anti- corruption fight as a witch-hunt on PDP leaders, with a view to decimating the party and installing its desired one party state in the country.

“All lovers of democracy, including the international community should take critical look at the various breaches of this administration and the threat it brings to civil liberty and national stability and rein in this government to respect the values of democracy.


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  • r.r oxlain

    Editor Premium Times,

    I am a lover of democracy. I support the court order issued to remand Olisa Metuh in custody –
    until investigations are finalized on his diversion and theft of 400 million Naira from the treasury.
    A derogation from that remand order will be tantamount to violation of rule of law to fetter democracy.
    All lovers of democracy must therefore act in collective self-defence to assure that Olisa Metuh is kept
    behind bars for as long as necessary until the society gets restitution by his complete return of the ₦400m.

    • share Idea

      Why reducing the amount from 1.4B naira last week to 400m naira this week. Nigeria we hail hee

  • Chuks

    PDP is full of criminals. No shame. See what a legal adviser is vomiting as if Metuh’s N400 million went into PDP purse.

    • Peter_Edo

      DON’T YOU GET IT. it means the NWC shared the money!

  • Comfortkay

    GEJ cannot speak on the scandal because the Goodluck was busy with his Ogogoro and all those around him in governemnt were just first Criminal .

  • Akanakpa-boys-company

    PDP bigwigs are cowards. Why shouldn’t GEJ speak up about the arms scandal? And why should Dasuki be left to carry the can alone when he acted under instructions from his boss? As OkeyN opined in one of his piece, if care is not taken, the Dasukigate will drag on until Buhari tenure expires after which the case will die naturally.

  • Nkem

    What is it to anybody whatever Jonathan has got to say? Besides, what would he say? That he ran a rougue government on a policy of corruption, or that he was truly clueless as people said in addition to completely abdicating his responsibility in Aso Rock? The naked truth is that the man was just not up to the job. Add to that the damning verdict of institutionalised criminality and I doubt if this man would have been good for anything in his life.

  • favourtalk

    Who cares, we all need our money back and that is what matters, let him come out and tel us all how they sqautderedour money for 6years because he won’t be clean neither be exonerated unto we know how much and who they give all those trillions they stole under his watch

  • Dan Arewa

    This is the typical PDP of my time. Today a party stalwart will say this on behalf of the party and tomorrow another stalwart will say NO. Mr. A was not talking for the party. Keep giving out statements and retracting them. Jokers.

    • Julius

      Yet, they blaming Buhari and the APC for everything. They cant even get heir stories straight. If they care about the country, they should be shouting from the roof top for those that shared the arm purchase money to return the monies. I guess thats not important to them.

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Every single one of you know what PDP and their henchmen are doing.
    They are not portraying themselves as honorable individuals or even inncent individuals.. They are not saying they are innocent of what they are being accused of. All they are saying is that the present administration should be fair in prosecuting corrupt officials.

    Listen carefully because we are about to disabuse you of certain notions you have……….
    ………..pardon us, this has to wait. We will continue our talk soon!
    Our time zones are not in agreement.

    • Damilola

      You can well listen well to where he pointed it out clear that their accused members should be charged to court. Why is the General and his comrade goons afraid of the court? They have the whole evidence, didn’t they? What exactly are they waiting for? If an accused is the one crying for prosecution and the plaintiff is one reluctant begging and acting otherwise, I think the message is more clearer than thought. These people are so confident of going to court to air their explanations and for justice, why not their accusers? I think this is all about the masses and justice to the nation? As EFCC turned to a court to administer that?

  • Gbenga Adebola

    The Islamist APC has indeed taken us 30years back. Buhari has not forgotten his jackboot, soon dissenting voices may be disappearing, its unfortunate that the FG now arests Nigerians and lock them up in underground cells before looking for evidence, perhaps beat it out of the victims. Yet their militant arm, the Boko Haram keeps slaughtering innocent citizens and nothing is done about it. I know a religious fanatic like buhari cannot break Metuh, he may only try but the Islamist APC has given birth astride a grave.

    • Julius

      Maybe you should offer to take Methu’s place in jail. I wonder how would the families of those brave soldiers we lost due to inferior and in some cases old weapons due to Methu sharing the arms purchase money feels about Buhari . Put yourself in their places and see how it feels. Come on man , stop this bullshit about taking us back 30 years. How many years did Jonathan and the pdp took us back ?

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    Only in Buhari’s Nigeria will an anti-graft body arrest someone, keep him in detention with no access to his lawyers and family and expect him to provide them with information with which they intend to put him behind bars. I mean, you just arrest a suspect and usurp the powers of the court by detaining him and forcing him to admit to some crime even when he has repeatedly asked you to take him to court which is what is expected of you in the first place. What sort of madness is that??

    Instead of making sure you have gathered and prepared your evidence before arresting a suspect, you arrest a suspect first and keep him in your custody and expect him to give you the info with which you intend to put him behind bar. Which kind of analogue system are we running in this damn country??

    • Rommel

      Under the Jonathan administration,I can remember that the DSS constantly were raiding and confiscating materials belonging to opposition parties and news media yet I heard nothing from you and today,we are recovering our stolen money from rogue elements and you are talking about detaining someone that has agreed to have received blood money, wait until the corruption in the judiciary is opened then you can tell me exactly what you mean but until that time,let them continue anyhow they feel,we need our money back

      • Julius

        He is a moron that thinks we were born yesterday. This same Dasuki was given orders to raid newspaper, opposition offices and all. I guess it was okay then but, now, its not.

      • IZON Redeemer

        Name one state where Jonathan ordered–DSS to raid the opposition–camp——where one soul was killed because of election–like we now have in bayelsa state—– where the Buhari Gestapo murdered over—-32 Ijaws—–monkey–The saddest thing about these yr smelly regional vomit is that the same u will come out to say u want to align with the SS again–Under the very Buhari u are supporting that killed more than 20 Ibos during their call for the release for Kanu—the leader of the so -called IPoB—-Only a vagabond like u will ever plant lies in the name of–the dirty senseless stipends the Apes in APC pay u monthly–it is blood money—Sadly u are an Ibo man–with no conscience——at all————that is why—u think like a He goat————————-left alone in a china shop

        • Rommel

          Out of the abundance of the heart speaks the mouth,your soul is so dark and poor,just listen to the vileness of your mouth that constantly spews trash and nonsense,I feel sorry for you,really I do

    • Owenz

      They thought there will be no consequence. When a small clique in the past administration conspired to share money meant for arms purchasing, while pretending to be fighting BH, they did not know that there will be a day like this.

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    I admire the guts of Olisa Metuh, the PDP National Spokesperson.

    He’s got balls. I have been reading reports, some of which are obviously doctored by the opposition press, that he has a case of 1.4 billion naira to answer by the EFCC over the arms budget. Before he was arrested, he raised an alarm that he was being framed by the present government and that he would be arrested soon because he was a thorn in the flesh of the government. A few days later, he boldly responded to an invitation by the EFCC and thereon he was detained.

    To prove the allegations that he is being framed and perhaps deliberately detained to teach him a lesson, EFCC quickly got a curious court order to detain him indefinitely because ‘he is being investigated’. What kind of federal court gives that kind of order when the suspect is not even charged for anything? In a democracy? There are things this government have been doing since May 29 which alarms the civil sensibilities of the law keepers and no one seems to be talking.

    Anyway, they say EFCC having interrogated Metuh and seeing nothing so far about the 1.4 billion which they had deliberately leaked to the press through their Sadist Reporters, tried to make him sign a statement which he refused and tore to shreds because Metuh saw that it was a doctored statement. That’s what some papers have been reporting.

    They say Metuh told the EFCC bluntly that he would only reveal anything they wish to ask him in an open court of law and that if they have a case against him, they should charge him to court according to his constitutional rights. Just charge him to court to prove his case.

    That’s what is now getting the authorities alarmed. Olisa Metuh is showing an astute stubbornness which they underrated.

    It’s really a simple thing. You guys say I’m a thief. You guys went to the press to malign my name and put me on media trial and to embarass me and my party. You guys have tried to link me with the Arms Scandal which has no direct link with the monies I am being accused of. Ok. No problem. Do all you want. I don’t care.

    But take me to court and charge me. When we get to court, in an open court, with the media and world watching, I will make my statement and maje known everything in front of a judge.

    And that boldness is rattling the authorities.

    That’s gutsy.

    Even the PDP has waded in and have given the EFCC 48 hours to charge Metuh to court or the next steps will be taken.

    I’m beginning to feel a wake up by the party to the alarming subtle tyranny and disregard for constitutional order by agents of the government. They pick suspects and quickly leak stories to the press to gain media advantage. Everyone abuses the latest scapegoat and the public opinion is already biased. Then they hold the person for weeks against the law under the pretence of ‘investigating’. There is a law in place which forbids the authorities to detain anyone unless the authorities have a substantial case against the suspect for prosecution.

    They even tried a bit of media bullying on Femi Fani-Kayode by ‘leaking’ a story that he received 1.7 billion from the Arms Budget. Of course, FFK responded immediately through a statement denying that and laughing at the Gestapo tactics of the government. I’m ready for you, he said.

    The same is the attitude of Metuh.

    They see his spirit is not broken. In his book ‘ My Watch’, President Obasanjo speaks glowingly about Olisa Metuh who was one of the foremost youth vanguard members of the PDP from inception. I was able to psychoanalyse Metuh a bit from that book. And he’s no pushover.

    You see this Dasuki and the so-called Arms scandal, I have been researching on it from open reports and I will do a post on it soon. It’s getting to be a charade.

    Olisa Metuh is innocent until proven guilty. And he wants his day in court to prove that. The least the authorities can do is to give him that.

  • IZON Redeemer

    Confused Nigerians from the old regions of the country, rewarded a dangerous, insensitive, dishonest, mean, cruel, partial, egoistic, religious, fundamendalist, conscienceless human being like MOHAMMADU BUHARI with the presidency of Nigeria with his kind of track record. Then why are we shocked the Buhari is after the soul of Tompolo? And still wonder why Nigeria has not and will not make it to the promised land under the ruler ship of the Fulanis and Yorubas? Aware Buhari is a Fulani oligarch who does not believe in equality before the law. Has no respect for the rule of law! Given the way he jailed Lateef Jakande, Jim Nwobodo, Ambrose Ali, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Chief Ayo Ojewumi on cases that had no foundation in law-And allowed Awwal Ibrahim, the then Niger State governor, who was arrested in Heathrow Airport in London with 14 million pounds sterling and several millions of Niara and dollars to be freed–Just like his Fulani brother Isa-Prof Yakubu of Inec-who embezzled over 800m from UBEC-Rtd Col Al of Customs–Dambuazua–who stole over 4b-Amaechi 58b-Fashola 4 trillion—Fayemi—49b are the only evidence I need to show Buhari is a Fulani tribalist. Buhari equally allowed Shehu Kangiwa, Sokoto State Governor who conducted and supervised the famous Bakolori Massacre of poor peasant farmers same as he ordered his soldiers to kill more than 30 Ijaws-because of Sylva who paid for his nomination form—added to the murder of 300 shiuia Muslims—-While he chases Tompolo about the Niger Delta–and goes on to order his gestapo to beat up–Akpos former NIMASA boss under the supervision of Sagay the Itsekiri war-lord in his government-behaving like a drunken cow in a china shop———-with Buhari—