EFCC wants to force arrested PDP spokesman, Metuh, to write statement — Fayose

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti state governor.

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has challenged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to charge the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, to court if the commission has evidence of fraud against him.

“The EFCC appears to be operating a system in which an accused person is first arrested, detained endlessly while the anti-corruption agency goes about looking for evidence,” the governor said.

Mr. Fayose, who maintained his support for a genuine fight against corruption, challenged the EFCC to also act on petitions submitted to it against All Progressives Congress chieftains and President Buhari’s election sponsors.

Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, on Friday, Mr. Fayose cautioned that nothing untoward must happen to Mr. Metuh, adding that the APC’s desperation to decimate and silence the opposition has dragged the Buhari-led government in the mud of lawlessness.

The governor said, “In saner climes, you don’t arrest people for alleged fraud and start to look for evidence to prosecute them.

Rather, before you arrest anyone for fraud, anti-corruption agencies must have established a prima facie case and arresting the suspect will only be to enable for his or her arraignment in court.

“However, what we are witnessing in Nigeria today is a situation whereby the EFCC will arrest PDP leaders, humiliate them by subjecting them to media trial, detain them for weeks in the process of trying to force them to make statements during which the commission will be looking for evidence.

“For instance, in the case of Metuh, we are being told that the EFCC is insisting that he must write statements and one begins to wonder if it has now become mandatory for an accused to write statements in law enforcement agent’s custody. Shouldn’t the EFCC have simply charged Metuh to court based on its own evidence? Or is Metuh’s statement the evidence the EFCC requires to prosecute him?

“The international community, especially the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), European Union (EU) and others are put on notice on this condemnable act of arresting and detaining opposition leaders by agents of the Buhari-led government before fishing for evidence.”

While challenging the President Buhari to extend his anti-corruption crusade to those who sponsored his election, Governor Fayose said any anti-corruption effort that targets only members of the opposition and those with axe to grind with the government of the day can never succeed.

“If President Buhari did not wait for any petition to move against PDP chieftains, asking people to come forward with allegations of corruption against APC chieftains, especially those who sponsored President Buhari’s election is clearly hypocritical.

“Most importantly, that the EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu even said the commission do not have any petition against APC chieftains when indeed there are loads of petitions against ministers serving in Buhari’s government and other notable APC chieftains goes to show the hypocrisy of the fight against corruption.

“It is even more hypocritical and anti-democratic for the President to have turned himself to the accuser, prosecutor and judge, carrying on as if those he accused of corruption have already been convicted,” the
governor said.


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  • Hassan Lawal

    …..eh! you this moron,the anti-corruption flight is on the way to pick you up…..wait! dont rush.

  • Spoken word

    Fayose don’t worry you will be next and I trust you will be singing like a canary.

  • tony10

    Fayose is running mouth now because of the immunity he still enjoys. The moment his immunity expires I know he would check out to UK just the way he did when he was impeached during his first coming. Only cowards talk like this all the time to up his false courage.

  • musa aliero

    Let the rule of law take control! Many pdp members decamped to APC and most of the are corrupt! Pls buhari should lead by example! Fight corruption on both sides! This onesidedness is becoming too much

    • tundemash

      Was the looting not one sided ? If there is any APC member Dasuki gave money to, let you or Dasuki say so .

  • Babatunde

    A bunch of thieves and looters cannot constitute themselves into a political “opposition” in a sane climate. It doesn’t work that way. In order to sanitize the Nigerian environment, these looters and destroyers of our commonwealth must be made to account for all the chaos/pain they have caused us this last 6 years. As for you Mr. thug “governor”, don’t worry, you will vomit all the yams you have eaten in due course Insha Allah. The more you talk, the more we know that you are a thief/rouge trying to cover up your illicit deeds. So, keep talking.

  • excel

    You can keep wailing, na turn by turn. Your time will definitely come.

  • ed

    We started the year 2016 not about how much improvement to expect on the power supplies.
    No, not about the clean water that will be made available to stop our people from getting sick by drinking dirty water.
    No plan on improvement in security of lives and property.
    The entertainment of DSS and EFCC show on Dasuki goes on : featuring President Buhari and DSS as judge and jury. Which seems to be upper most in importance.
    That being the situation the president should tell us how much of the missing $20 billion dollars U.S has been recovered.
    Why is Aluko, Diezani or whatever her name is and other thieves not here.
    IMF should not be required as part of our future.
    Account for the recovered money please. Publish how much we’ve recovered.

    • Oh!

      Is it your fathers ‘blockus’ you want Nigeria to use to finance all these things you are talking about? or can you not sincerely see that DSS and EFCC are engaged in a process aimed at recovering looted funds? Funds that if recovered will go a long way in alleviating the problems faced by the common man (some of which you have highlighted above)?

      Think before you talk.

  • Truthometer

    Metuh Watch:

    • band olu

      He had some amala with ewedu soup this afternoon…

      • Truthometer


  • Ayodele Fayose, the unofficial spokesman of PDP.
    No need to panic, the military has set up a panel of enquiry to determine the culprits in the Ekitigate saga, so let’s wait and hear their report so we know how to proceed from there. Besides 2018 is not too far from now. By that time, we won’t have to contend with the immunity that you’re enjoying now.

  • bjay

    When Fayose and pdp people was taken what belong to nigerians don’t Fayose know there’s UN and others, please Mr clean Fayose tell metuh to write statement if he’s not corrupt. Children yet unborn knows what pdp stole from nigeria, Jonathan is very very very good man but it’s weak to jail people that stole under him.

    • baron

      Now APC members are saint……..PDP member are the thief right?where did APC get dia money they use in campaigning FROM? Rember the so called “APC SAINT” were among those that run the affairs of the nation since democracy came to Nigeria. And were all PDP members……..pls dont judge dat way

      • Sunday OGUNKANMI

        Your life will be run the way Jonathan and PDP ran Nigeria in Jesus name. Amen

  • Kuku

    Ekiti people have entered one chance with this Agbero. Everything possible should be done to remove this plaque from ekiti land and any of such efforts will be morally constitutional.

  • Biola

    Fayose is right. FG should follow due process in fighting corruption. So far EFCC is Mr Buhari’s attack dog, it will all back fire at the end of the day. APC criminals are spared cos they sponsored the campaign of BUBU. God is watching!

  • Creative Mind

    is EFCC a tool or a Commission?…is this the Change Nigerian voted 4?

  • rex

    It takes an agbero to identify another agbero. This is simply obvious in this autocratic regime of the APC led federal government.

  • Abdul

    Buhari-led government is lawlessness.

  • aturo

    It is a pathway of jungle justice

  • ola

    EFCC should know that they cant force him to write what he did not know anything about, if really they don’t have evidence against him then they charge him to court. not by keeping him and trying to manipulate him to say what he know not…

  • Ebuka

    The Stupidity and foolishness of this present administration will be their doom. Buhari the TYRANT

  • kings

    come guys lets face the fact not been sentimental if the EFCC did not find any evidence then they should let him

  • Nigeria4u

    Arrest of one APC chieftain by EFCC in order to deceive the public that
    they are not after PDP only is not enough at all. EFCC should learn to
    do things right according to the constitution of Nigeria, they should
    learn to respect the rule of law and human dignity, instead of taking us
    back wards and acting foooolishly like our selfish President Buhari who
    have no respect for human dignity and the law of our land.

    • Sunday OGUNKANMI

      Rule of law and dignity my foot! Do Dasuki, Metuh and those beneficial of the Boko Haram security money ever think you are a human being or believe you should be dignified? I pity many so-called commentators on this forum

  • Golden Heart

    EFCC is really working on the game plan of APC. they want to do anything to get rid of PDP as a party, intimidate them and make it less a threat to them. all these are the evil scripts by the APC ppl to have an easy run by next election…but Nigerians have proven that they are smarter and their vote can now count…2015 elections is a reference. APC be warned!

  • adam

    It thus appear that for once Ekiti State governor has raise an objective view of public concern. Your Excellency, it is sadening for our democracy. Better still, Lamorde was a no fit for rubbish. Hence the enthronement of MAGU; an accuser without facts or premise. This is a denial of natural justice.

  • Ebuka

    This one na commando style. EFCC should be charged for kidnapping. You do not hold someone and not give him access to his lawyers. The president should be educated that we are in democracy and military regime

  • monicaterna4u

    i support gov fayose on this one because their must be fact of prove and evident b4 one can be charged to court why detain am innocent man at lease untill he is found quity is this the change we are taking about , if this is the charge then we are doom

  • Ebuka

    This one na commando style. EFCC should be charged for kidnapping. You do not hold someone and not give him access to his lawyers. The president should be educated that we are in democracy and not military regime

  • Josef

    Some of you talk/write like you’re not really that bright upstairs, the EFCC arrested an APC chieftain yesterday on this same issue & he was released same day because he’s under the protection of the FG. Metuh who was brought in for questioning even before him is still being detained, whether he’s dead or alive we know not. PMB has decided to flout court orders because he feels he’s now bigger than the court since he’s C-in-C. Someone just has to voice out on this rubbish this present admin is doin all in the name of ‘anti-graft war’. & Fayose is rightfully doing so. PMB loyalists will never see anything wrong when things like this are done.
    Really sad & shameful to say the least.

  • joe

    fayose is only man standing for PDP and I think the tyrant will come for him but they can only try but will not succeed, once again MR fayose more grace , keep ur voice on them n will surely bow

  • benjamin



    When are we gonna stop all this media trials? APC! dis was how they started by forcing Dasuki to give a statement and wen dey failed they established media trials for him and the game came in seasons. i bet u. Metuh is a more Brave, sophisticated person. so if u sabi APC advice dem not to even try any bad deal…#freeOlisaMetuh

  • monicaterna4u

    is obvious the EFCC is working for the APC

  • Job

    Ayodele Fayose is right Buhari is siding just one side which are the apc by not doing the right thing even the APC are judders them self, & very corrupted once are among them but buhari is too blind to see it. self center

  • musa

    must this tyrant buhari show himself that he is clearly sentimental about this fighting corruption haba face pple like ameachi also now cos we all know what he did in his state

  • ty

    you dont need to like fayoshe because he may not be your kind of person.you have no option but to listen to him.because he speaks the fact and he just spoke it again and will continue to do so.

  • Gbenga

    National Assembly should start impeachment proceedings on Mr Buhari for not upholding the constitution he swore to uphold. For blatantly degrading the judiciary and for pushing Nigerians to lawlessness and anarchy.

  • Hellen

    Am very sure that the EFCC are be bribe by Buhari to keep on arresting the Innocent once & most of them are pdp members. A good leader should show a good example.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    There is a rumour making the round that governor Ayodele Fayose collected some billions of naira from the former national security adviser on the instruction of former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.It would soon be Ayo Fayose,s turn to undergo EFCC and DSS interrogations at the end apart from the special military panel invstigating Ayodele Fayose,s 2014 re-election sponsored by former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and major Coli,s confession of pre-planned election rigging and manipulation of the 2014 gubernatorial poll.

  • musa yusuf

    like fayose said is it a crime to be PDP cos all those that left the party to APC are now saint and all other APC members are untouchable, why must they make it clearly sentimental, come on we are not blind, we are not in the 80s again ooooo

  • Creative Mind

    APC ……Ehmmmm i mean EFCC….i know u are all the same. working for same purpose. but its onli shameful to fear ur rival to the extent of not wanting a confrontation…dat is cowardice……Stop all dis intimidation. do ur work and wait for PDP in the next elections. Obviously APC have resumed the duty of ruling party, and opposition at same time…una weldone we are watching.

  • Kelvin Toryila

    its quite unfortunate the happenings in the country,EFCC has become partisan,then you wonder where we are going with the fight against corruption#AMEACHI spent billions of Rivers people,why is he not answering questions and drafting statements for EFCC?

  • benjamin

    Petitions against Amaechi, they’ve swept it under the rug. Meawhile for weeks now, they’ve been distracting gullible Nigerians with this fake DasukiGate story that is none existent. Lai Mohammed, as his first name implies, will come out to tell us that the Presidency has nothing to do with all these DSS & EFCC arrests of members of the past admin because he thinks we’re fools. Security Agencies playing to one big script given to them by the FG.

  • atahiru

    A system in which a citizen is arreested, detained and subjected to media trial clearly shows the incompetence been displayed by the EFCC and our law enforncement. It is a proof that they are not operating in the powers confered on them but rather been tossed like a donkey by the current administration. The time has come when Nigerians must stand to their rights. Forceful leadership cannever be an option for us

  • Danladi Umar

    Targetting opposition party alone in the quest to fighting corruption is an ill-practice by Mr Presidence and this is only successfully sinking the legacies of our country’s democracy. If the likes of amaechi, IBB, OBJ and others have not been interogated, the fight against corruption is simply a sham

  • mose mohhamed

    is this the change Nigerians voted for, change of brutality , hunger , paint and suffering

  • Pius

    This APC are so clueless, they don’t even know they have a country to rule. Don’t know their left from their right.

  • Baron

    I support Fayose,U jst dont arrest someone and keep dat person in prison b4 finding evident,take him to court ,that how civilized country operate,APC are trying to silent the PDP whch is not goin to work……..

  • idu

    EFCC should be fair in handling this kind of issues and I also think tyrant should try build a sector first not by witch hunting the opposition with federal power

  • Ada chinedu

    is high time the EFCC be put to check honestly and also should be restructured

  • Sambo

    It has become glaring that the fight against corruption is a fight against the opposition (PDP). One thing Ibrahim Magu and PMB must understand is that Nigeria has developed beyond the level where punishment will be rendered with a genuine course. If Metuh demands that his case be taken to court, why don’t the Efcc grant that request. Our human rights must be respected even in the face of corruption fight. God bless Nigeria

  • godwin

    It is rather appropriate that EFCC shout be sent to STUDY at Kuru- National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies. MAGU should proceed on further studies in Jos.

  • Aliyu

    “The EFCC appears to be operating a system in which an accused person is first arrested, detained endlessly while the anti-corruption agency goes about looking for evidence,” APC!!!! which way Nigeria. If we all keep quiet the lawlessness of this administration will affect everone of us one way or the other. if you ses something thats not right, say it, dont be a hypocrite and a sycophant

  • prince

    APC using the media, security agencies & their ignorant apologists to sell their propaganda, same way the rode into power. It’ll all definitely come to an end, that’s for sure.

  • Susan

    Buhari has not been doing well since he has been elected as president all he does is to take side, has a president you do want we please you country. Buhari should take USA president has an example & learn from him.

  • Kelvin Toryila

    i hear uninformed nigerians talking like some of you commenting here,then you ask yourself,who do think is fooling who,if as a young nigerian you Can’t tell when the ruling party is manipulating information in the name of fighting corruption,am deeply saddened by these young nigerians our supposed leaders of 2moaw


    EFCC and APC should remeber the promise made to Nigerians. its about doing things positively. not about doing a negative change. let all the structures and offices be used for the benefit of the Nigerian people and not for personal or party interest…God bless Nigeria.

  • angelina

    this lawless has to stop before it gets out of hands

  • JEY


  • timi Godei

    international community like United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), European Union (EU) etc should put this Government to check b4 they get out of hand

  • angelina

    the international community has to step in…….since Nigeria is paying deaf ears to all dis mess

  • MARK10

    today EFCC on this man tomorrow on another, that’s just the news keep seeing on paper, tv social media but APC have forgotten their campaign mandate, pls APC do something to show.. now our economy is going down on a daily bases but all we see is witch hunting PDP. why whyWHY

  • joy femi

    is jus because metuh refuse to keep quite that the APC are just trying to silent him, Nigerians where is our freedom of expression is this Democracy

  • Ifyboy

    APC members are “SAINT”,they have no atom of corruption on them,while the PDP are the “DEVIL” in human clothing….Rember this APC members was once PDP member that control the affairs of these country,My question is WHY are they not called to the EFCC? These are reasons why i say these govt is fighting corruption the wrong way…..

    • Burbank

      It’s called “due process”
      Ask Jafaru Isa and Saraki

  • Rinze

    in d name of fighting corruption things are going worst in d country. well if its to write statements its ok but he shouldnt be forced to write statement in the terms of EFCC.

  • JEY

    God bless fayoshe for informing the efcc of their commando style

    • Julius

      Yea, they will be raiding him soon as well.


    WHAT IS RIGHT is not what an individual believes, but what the law of the land says…..PMB should be guided with the use of Government agencies for personal batle.

    • Julius

      what personal battle ?. Stealing arms fund is Buhari personal battle ?. If it is, Im with him.

  • grace

    I wonder the purpose of
    all dis arrest they have been making.

    • Julius

      You will find out soon. Relax !, Hint, Dasuki is no longer distributing monies.

  • atahiru

    Some say that Gov Fayose is the Lai Mohammed of the PDP, this could be true but one thing distinguishes them, Fayose is a true human activist that believes in the right of every citizens. This are the kind of people we hope to breed for our future generation. Nigerians must exercise their rights at every cost

    • Burbank

      And Brig General Aliyu Momoh is the Nelson Mandela of Ekiti.

    • Sunday OGUNKANMI

      Yes, both are similar, except Fayose is a thug and a glorified illiterate. He is also a pure Ara Oke who allows a facebook fanatic in Lere Adeyinka to reason and shout ignorance for him. Enlightened guys like his media adviser, Idowu Adelusi would never pen shocking press releases on behalf of Fayose

    • Julius

      Really ?. The man that led thugs to the court house to beat up a Judge is a true human activist ?. I hope your children, if you have any, look up to him. Where do you people come from self ?

  • Burbank

    “The international community, especially the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), European Union (EU) and others are put on notice on this condemnable act of arresting and detaining opposition leaders by agents of the Buhari-led government before fishing for evidence.”

    And the international community replied “Sorry Fayose, but Buhari just sms and he said that you’re next.”

  • Bashir

    If democracy were to be redefined in the face of PMB administration, it is no longer a government of the people but a government of one man. The purpose of fighting corruption has been defeated already

  • Kelvin Toryila

    fighting corruption entails a detailed prosecutions of all those involve in stealing away the fortunes of the country,the SENATE President has a case to answer,FASHOLA also does,the same with GEORGE AKUME,ROTIMI AMEACHI,BOLA AHMED TINUBU,CHRIS NGIGE,FAYEMI,TIMIPRE SILVA,but ofcus all these names mentioned are all saints in the EYES of the SITTINGDOCK CALLED OUR PRESIDENT.

    • Burbank

      And Nigeria like it the way things are going.
      Sai Buhari.

      • Cleartruth

        You are certainly an evil. Nigerians don’t like it that way. Anti corruption war must be wholistic and the law of the land followed. We don’t want dictatorship. Investigate, arrest and charge to court. When court convicts the person then you jail. That’s the way democracy works. Get that into your evil skull.

        • Burbank

          “Investigate, arrest and charge to court. When court convicts the person then you jail. That’s the way democracy works.”

          That’s the way a democracy like USA runs Guantanamo.

          • Cleartruth

            You are very ignorant. No American president can detain an American citizen in guantanamo bay for any reason whether corruption or terrorism. If he tries it, he would be impeached immediately. Those in guantanamo are prisoners of war from foreign countries. Emancipate yourself from ignorance.

          • Burbank

            “No American president can detain an American citizen in guantanamo bay
            for any reason whether corruption or terrorism. If he tries it, he
            would be impeached immediately. ”

            Wrong again.
            Yasser Hamdi was an American citizen detained in Guantanamo!
            Emancipate yourself from ignorance.

          • Julius

            You are such a moron. You really need to follow the news. Everything you said its a lie.Im tired of educating your dumb ass but, yes an American citizen was detained in Guantanamo.

  • kate

    Buhari came in with packaged deceit propagation change………little did we kno…….

  • ben

    Someone please explain the law to EFCC and PMB.

  • jennifer

    I think they have not even one evidence on him that’s why they are trying to make him under force to say something or write,so that they will use it against him or his party

    • Burbank

      Like Guantanamo.

  • kate

    injustice cant fight injustice

    • Burbank

      Nope, but in the end both will be reduce.

    • Julius

      You meant the people that stole the weapon funds , sent soldiers to their early grave ?. Yea, you are correct. They should be executed . Then we can sit down and talk about injustice.

  • tazo

    if we want probing then it should be done to everybody and not just a party. cos dis wasnt how PDP treated d APC wen they where in power. and remember almost everyone in APC where once in PDP but because of their selfish reasons they left. just to see they destroy PDP.

    • Burbank

      One at a time, just like you queue at the ATM machine.

    • Julius

      ‘dis wasnt how PDP treated d APC wen they where in power.’, That was the problem. Buhari will not play that game. Thank God for that.

  • Burbank

    Bravo to the EFCC
    The people gladly handled the power on March 28 2015, to Buhari to fight corruption, “by any means necessary.”

  • Sanmi Falae

    But Ayo Fayose, you are a different breed of thieves in Nigeria. You have perfected the science of stealing without leaving a trace. So we need you to provide the trail. Bushman governor, passing off Welder’s- goggles for spectacles.

  • Reason-ability

    After reading half-way through the comments on this page and seeing the way the wailers reason, I am beginning to think that we truly need to split in this nation, but the split should be along ideological lines and not tribal. All those who will pledge to abide my values of good morals, honesty, integrity, lawfulness, etc will be Nigerians and all others will secede to whatever nation they wish.

  • eclub

    To Fayose:

    You almost got it right. I agree with everything you wrote.

    The only missing is to inform this country, and the international community that Nigeria has been taken over by Sunni Islamists known as Boko Haram, and that you all are taking up arms to defend Nigeria. This is not a democratic government. They are committing genocide against religious sects, disobeying court orders, jailing christians, and opposition. Stop talking and organize.

  • Julius

    How da fck would this tout know ? . He is scared, he knows anytime now his time will come.

  • Spoken word

    This most be the most jobless governor ever.

  • eclub

    Like I said last week, start a clock of number of days, months, and years that Buhari will NO longer travel to respected world capitals since he committed genocide. He has been isolated.

    • Artful ºDodger

      Igbo moron, who isolated him? Is it the Americans that have just given Nigeria $11 million worth of MRAPs and a promise for $8 million dollars worth of more? Or is it the UK that is currently perfecting her own aid that will soon be on its way? I think the evil spirit that possessed all of you the f00lish among the igbos turned your brains backward as your rolled off your baby factory production line which is why you cannot reason like sane and normal humans.

      • eclub

        Well, when’s the last time you saw him hop a plane?

        • Dan maikoko

          He doesnt have to. The Americans and British are hopping planes to come to him with the state of the arts weapons.

        • Julius

          A couple of weeks ago when you were ranting about him traveling too much. Remember ?

    • Julius

      Where did you get all these nonsense you spew daily on here ? You ok ?. Who isolated him ?

  • Arabakpura

    Just keep getting ready Fayose!

    • adeade

      As a sitting governor? You are kidding..

      • Arabakpura

        He will be out of office while Buhari is still in office! Understand now? That’s the whole reason why he has been making noise; so that when that time comes, people like you will believe his witch hunting defense! The man has a lot to answer both past and present!

        • Julius

          The tout will be in jail soon. No mind these fools.

  • Artful ºDodger

    Call the EFCC whatever you like, dem only dey wait for your immunity finish den you go go answer your name. Your mouth no loud reach Metuh or Fani Kayode own, since when dem see say dem no smart dem don silent like worm when dey piss on cotton.

    • Damilola

      Bros why ur blood de boil like this? You taking these pple matter personal. Easy and reason man. Just for a moment. what you see is what you get. What if they all come out clean? What if the APC goons and their shenenagians are break loose to the public? Will you still be shouting these unlucky ones in their reckoning days? Let me ask you this before you kill yourself with hate and irrational thoughts: study the 2016 bugdet carefully with the mind of ur own, please take the time to do that and identify the areas your interest have reserved. Then tell me how this war between the successful goats (albeit via taxpayers money) is intended to benefit you if the issue remain “one EFCC source” story without em being charged by the authorities whose onus is to pronounce adequate judgement and see the justice done for you and I- the volurable masses. If you can’t benefit from this, as I’m sure of myself, then our call as the subjects at the receiving end should be, a quick and effective court processes that will see us move to the next case ASAP, as we’re made to believe a lot have been destruction by the 16yers PDP rule, especially the “Clueless GEJ era”. Joining the rants without purpose of our interest is a victory recorded by the political cabals, a witness of their effective manipulation of wit and courage. The consequence of which they’ve always been eating fat with their families, and what do we get?

      • Oyadefufolly

        You put the clueless GEJ era in quotes? That says all about you. Better pack your overnight bag ready.

        • Damilola

          Yes cos it’s a debatable issue. Don’t be a cheap bigot my friend. To you Buhari is a god, but to me he’s an outright deceitful terrestial conman, it’s also debatable. Get that? Have a nice day sir

          • favourtalk

            Because you so much believe in those that stole our money, you will always see PMB s your enemy but e is your saviour. Let your master return our money first

          • Damilola


          • Oyadefufolly

            The jury may still be out on Buhari (you see now he’s not a god unto me?). Why hurry to pass judgement? At least he is barely seven months into a four-year presidency. As for your idol, the best we can say of his concluded tenure is that he befittingly enriched our public service vocabulary with the word ‘clueless’.

      • Julius

        Yea, from looting/ sharing the arms fund to the budget. Very nice genius !

    • Dan maikoko

      Artful Dodger indeed!

  • Damilola

    But sincerely we still have HR Groups and activists in this country? Is Falana dead? Any news from the man? There is absolutely nothing money and ambition cannot do. Like someone wud say Nigeria we hail thee.

    • Julius

      Whats the crime here that the HR folks should be yelling about ?. Should they also be yelling about the people that shared the money meant for weapon and welfare of the soldiers ?. Did you call HR when those soldiers were complaining about the lack of weapon and got locked up ? Nonsense.

      • Damilola

        You don’t deserve my reply. But I’m replying so you know why I don’t reply some of your comments. Speak sense that I can reply not just ranting without a point definition. Why will you ask me of the crimes here? Why will you ask if HR and activists didn’t rise to the support of soldiers without weapons? Where you alive then? Who is standing for those soldiers now? Why will you sound so ignorant on issues yet to be cleared? Arms deal Arms deal, what are they using in fighting now? Have they bought any in 7months still? How much is stationed for that purpose in the 2016 bugdet? The copra jet that crashed in sambisa months ago is gotten from where? The drone that crashed couple of months ago is from heaven? How did they gained 22lG before the elections without new weapons? What’s the new form of cooperation with Russia all about? What have they been delivering? The SA black market trip was for what? Why did the govt of that day opted for such dark deal?… Do you expect the opposition now in govt that had been critical of the then govt on every strides to eat up their words so soon? Or what exactly are you asking me? If you’re not well informed, it’s better you do before joining the minions charlatans here in ranting. Doing otherwise is only to your detriment and applaud to the manipulating agents of the govt. Learn man. It is left for you and I to discern the game in play here man.

        • Julius

          Are you saying that you know more than those soldiers that were protesting in due time then ?. Were they APC party member ?. I would believe those soldiers before I believe Buhari himself. By the way. they were going awol when Jnathan was the president and they made their reasons known at the time. So, what are you blabbing about. Now, tell me who is not informed ? Mr know it all !. You keep blabbing in here daily about APC and Buhari as if everything was fine before he got to Aso rock. I read your nonsense rants here everyday and Im not the only one reading it by the response you are getting. Get serious !

    • Ade Omowest

      HR Groups and activists are not set-up to defend criminals like those that embezzled/shared/diverted the arms and armament procurement fund to bribe people to vote PDP in the last general elections. All those who swallowed “Dasukigate yam” must vomit the money.

      • Damilola

        Okay!!!! …Who declared them “thieves” please? What’s the evidence they’re criminals? What is a criminal doing in detention without being charged to court to enjoy his/her days in girigiri serving the lifetime sentence of the charges? Were you there with them when they decided the arms procurement funds shud be diverted? If you weren’t there, what gives you the certainty that it is, the same way it’s being reported by the govt and “one EFCC source”? Why is the govt afraid of court that could deal with the goats? With the kind of ” cat and dog” Politics between the past govt and the then opposition, do you expect em, the then opposition, now ruling, to eat up their words so soon? To fathom this your brains needs to be wide open and detect issues beyond media statements.

  • Man_Enough

    When efcc receives a petition or stumble on an incriminating evidence, they invite the accused to clarify (so called arrest). To further prosecute the case, it is necessary to ask the accused to put his explanation in writing (statement). This is normal.


      …But the miranda rights also offers the chance to maintain silence so the EFCC is duty bound to conclude investigations if the suspects chooses to keep mute.

      • Dan maikoko

        Thank you Tawanda. Now we are inside the same cage! The key here is Buhari must lead by example. If you trample on the right of people who are honest enough to admit the crimes they commit against the people of Nigeria, then you automatically become as them in crime.

        • Julius

          So when they admit to their crimes, they should let them go ?. When did criminals became honest ?

          • Dan maikoko

            My friend Juli us. They not ONLY admit. They return the money intact and collect their receipt from the CBN

          • Julius

            My friend Dan, in a civilized world, they go jail after all that. A governor here used $7,500 public money to pay for some renovations on his personal house. When he was caught, he refund the money with interest, got impeached and sent to jail for 3 years. Thats how its done !

          • Ade Omowest

            They returned the money and collected receipt from CBN, and so what? They must be made to face justice to deter others.

        • Ade Omowest

          Those so called ‘honest’ criminals must be punished and nothing like their rights being trampled on.

      • Julius

        Miranda rights in Nigeria ?. Niceeee !!


          We have exactly the identical here therefore it is a question of semantics.

          • Julius

            lolz, okay. Some of our policeman/women cant even read. So, what are you talking about ?

  • Oyadefufolly

    Metuh admitted to collecting the money on newspaper pages and bla blah. Why can’t he put that down in writing now.
    Abeg, EFCC, I go send una the newspaper make una carry am go court.

    • Julius

      He doesnt want us to know the special assignment he did for Mr president. Im thinking, he did nothing hence, nothing to write down. Jonathan heard him defending him and the pdp and called Dasuki to give him some money. Simple as that.

  • Dan maikoko

    I think Ekweremadu is right here. Most of those detained are honest people they did not deny the crimes for which they are accused. It is clear that they are honorable people,( notwithstanding they consciously took billions meant for the prosecution of the war on BH), and wont run away if released on bail. Some like Dasuki when further to prove his integrity and scrupulous book keeping skills by naming where every naira of the 2.2 billion dollars he took went! What more do you need? Why cant we arrest those he named and release him? Why should Buhari not allow him freedom after the courts have determined that can be free on bail? Look at the case of Metuh, he did not deny what he was accused of all he wanted was to let his lawyers take up the case while he enjoy the freedom to gather evidence to defend himself. But because of the wickedness of Buhari he is forcing him to write a statement while in detention. In effect Metuh is forced to help EFCC in convicting himself(Metuh). Where is the fairness? Where is justice here, Buhari? Now some mischief makers may say that when they stole the money they did not follow due process. Yes. And is that an excuse for Buhari not to follow due process as well? Two wrongs dont make a right.

    • Oh!

      Honest and honorable people that did not deny their crime?

      We would like ti hear how you gauge honesty and honor. Did these people become honest and honorable before, during or after they committed the crimes?

      Or have they been honest and honorable all along? If so, how do you explain honest and honorable people committing crimes?

      • Dan maikoko

        Relax. Were you there when they took the money? Some were threatened if they refuse. Have you heard any one of them say he has spent the money? Most of them kept the money separate from their legit cash. Some even return the money when they heard that Buhari won. But because of the wickedness of the man Buhari, he wants to expose them for everybody to know. Try to be fair to all.

        • Julius

          So because they refund the money their names should be kept secret ?. You are one of those people that is holding this country down. Where in the world something like that is done ?. Try to be fair ? . Were they being fair when they were stealing the money that is meant for the soldiers fighting the BK ?. Be serious !

      • Ogbeni Leke Olowe

        Honestly God bless you for these questions, a thief no matter how smart he is once caught no honor for him again. You can’t be a thief and still see yourself as honorable. They must all vomit our yam.

    • favourtalk

      You are the most fun guy I read his post this year, supporting the looters bacasue they confess, I wonder what you teach your children at home

    • Dan maikoko

      Ha ba favour talk. When you don’t deny an accusation and you confess the judge will be so happy that he will make your sentence lighter.
      In fact who is more honest than the one who steals billions and is not only willing to confess but is able to return the money intact!

  • favourtalk

    I don’t know why this guy is still talking, what example is he to the world, useless and confuse lad like him. He now a brain surgery to see him think right of e even know what is right again after the Evi him and his party had done for years. What a shame to him.

  • Chris

    We are just sliding into dictatorial rule, in fact we are in the soup already.change my ass